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Info re Jack Ruby lawyers

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I received the following from a professor who was contacted by
a lawyer who was acquainted with Jack Ruby's lawyers. If any researcher
wants more info, follow up directly:


Dear Professor Cashion,

Jack Ruby's trial in Dallas, Texas for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald,
brought together a cast of able lawyers for the defense and the
prosecution. These lawyers, many now dead, were interesting in their own
right but together they litigated the most important criminal trial in
my lifetime and I am now 67. At the time of the trial I was a third year
law student. I remember seeing the TV news cast of the shooting in the
basement of Dallas City Hall the first time it was aired. Before the
clip ended I said to myself, "Phil Burleson will be involved in the Jack
Ruby trial." I then clerked for the firm Abney, Howell, Abramson and
Burleson. Phil started his law practice as a clerk for the Texas Court
of Criminal Appeals, and later worked for Henry Wade who was the Dallas
County District Attorney. At the time Ruby was tried, Phil was a
criminal defense lawyer in private practice. He knew everyone in the
Dallas County Courthouse that had anything to do with criminal law and
they knew him. He was the only lawyer that represented Jack Ruby from
shortly after the crime through Ruby's acquittal. was Ruby's lead lawyer for a time and then Melvin Belli from San
Francisco California, a published author who was known as the King of
Torts. I can also remember Sam Houston Clinton who later became a judge
on Court of Criminal Appeals, Bill Kuntsler of Kuntsler and Kinoy who
defended one or more members of the Chicago Seven, and Saul Dann, Henry
Wade was the lead lawyer for the State, assisted by Bill Alexander whom
I believe is still alive, and Jim Bowie.

As Phil's practice grew he needed help so I recruited a law school
classmate named Tom Keene. Phil and Tom became fast friends and Tom came
to know personally the lawyers for the defense as well as Richard Haynes
who later teamed with Phil defending Cullen Davis in Fort Worth. Tom is
still alive and in my view his observations of the Ruby trial and the
lawyers involved in it are worth recording because of the trial's nexus
to the assassination of President Kennedy. If you are interested in this
subject or know a colleague who might be interested please have them
contact me.

Ernest Conner

9665 Brentgate Dr.

Dallas TX 75238-1813

(214) 340-4769


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