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  1. I have wondered for a long time if Oswald's entire role in the plot was to deliver the rifle to the TSBD and nothing else (in his own mind at least)? IMO that would explain the brown package (if we assume that Frazier is wrong about the size) and it would also explain why Oswald could be another place in the building at the same time as the shooting.
  2. Thanks Michael, I think you make a good point. I do think LHO is a very interesting person, and I'm still intrigued by who PM could be. But I do agree that the entire answer to the mystery surrounding the assassination should be found many levels higher than LHO.
  3. Thank you very much for your detailed reply Alistair, much appreciated. The reason I joined this forum is because I feel (like many of us I'm sure) that my mind won't come to rest until the JFK murder is totally solved - will it ever be, or has it already been? But now I feel my mind won't come to rest until I know who Prayer Man is, so I guess that would have to be step number 1 on my way to rest my mind
  4. Please tell us what you noticed Alistair!
  5. Aside from the whole Prayer Woman discussion, has there ever been other theories regarding the identity of Prayer Man - except for LHO and Lovelady? I guess we can discard the Lovelady theory as he has been positively placed elsewhere on the stairs right? But who else could it be other than a stranger then, who walked past and wanted to get an elevated view of the motorcade? But one would think that any other person than LHO would have been ID'ed by now? And I can't see how it could have been LHO since no one saw him there..
  6. wow, this is an amazing still photo..feels a bit eerie to watch Prayer Man standing there and watching everyone, when we're still not sure who he is..
  7. yes, I think you are absolutely right..
  8. hi guys, this is my very first post on the forum. My apologies in advance for quoting an old post in this thread, but I have been wondering for quite some time about what Prayer Man is doing with his hands in this GIF. To me it looks like he is in a hurry to button his shirt. Is it just me?
  9. double post
  10. Interests: music, culture, literature, music and in particular the events surrounding the JFK assassination