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    Nagykanizsa, Hungary
  1. The role ICT has played in my teaching

    Hi dear friends! It was nice to read your kind words. It's absolutely sure that in the future whenever I feel a need to boost my self-esteem I'll just get back to this page. Sorry for not having reflected on the Bratislava meeting and on your comments earlier. It was really great to meet you guys in Slovakia. Thank you once again for inviting me. I've enjoyed very much your company and have found the meeting very productive. As you might know, I've sent Terry my SWOT analysis of the E-HELP project. Congratulations on pulling off a great project! I'm glad that I could take part in it and even contribute to it. As for the new tools that you could find useful in your teaching, well let me put here some links to sites where you can harvest great many links. You get a short description there about the applications. Let me first recommend this link: The Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education — 2008 and then this one: Top tools for e-learning Well, that's all for the time being. I'll definitely get back to this page since it is a real ego booster.
  2. Associates at Bratislava

    Hereby I'd like to confirm my participation at the meeting in Bratislava. I'll get there by car. It will be an about five-hour drive from my town. I'll arrive around 4PM. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. Best wishes, Janos _______________________ Janos Blasszauer Nagykanizsa, Hungary web: http://www.eltandict.com
  3. (13) Workplan

    This is just a quick note to let you know that I will be able to fit this into my schedule.
  4. (A9) Other Costs

    I agree. E-HELP also set aside 3,250 euros for a Forum. We can get this free via this Forum. At our meeting in Worthing, Janos suggested that he could deal with the Domain/Webspace issue. Therefore we will have to wait for him to tell us what this might cost us. Sorry for this delayed message. Well, here comes the cost I have calculated. 250 MB webspace: EUR 189 500 MB webspace: EUR 290 750 MB webspace: EUR 377 1000 MB webspace: EUR 435 These webspaces would go with a free domain name registration and they contain MySQL database, and I could install almost any kind of Content Management System like for instance MOODLE. (see e.g. http://www.eltandict.com/mosaic/ )
  5. (A8) Venues of Meetings

    I am almost absolutely sure that we could organize a meeting here in Nagykanizsa, which is in the south-western part of Hungary close to the Croatian and Slovenian border.
  6. (A7) Work Days

    Sorry for saying so but this is something that I have no idea, either.
  7. (A6) Summary of the Project

    I agree with the summary of the project.
  8. (A5) Equipment & Materials

    I also agree with these gadgets. Very good recommendations indeed.
  9. (A4) Budget for Meetings

    I cannot comment on this one, either for lack of experience. Nevertheless, I am absolutely positive that our institution would be glad to host a meeting.
  10. (A3) Staff Costs

    Sorry for chiming in late in this thread. Nevertheless, I cannot but agree with Carlos's proposal but I must let you know that I have very little experience in such projects. :-(
  11. (A1) Section 1: Project Title

    I like the title "Teaching Citizenship in a Globalized Europe Using ICT" and I also like the E-Citizen term. :-)
  12. (A2) Details of Organization

    Dear All, Here goes attached the required info. Best wishes, JanosBatthyany_Lajos_Grammar_School__Hungary_.doc
  13. Citizen Project Application Form

    Sorry for this delayed message but I was out of town. Hereby I just want to confirm that I am still committed to the project. I must also apologise for having kept a low profile lately. Cheers, Janos