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  1. I'm a Danish teacher. My English isn't that good, I apologize. I have puzzled with a small piece of software. I need some teachers to give me some response, advise regarding this program because I would like to make an English version if it makes any sense. I have made it but I'm sure there are a lot of errors. Would anyone like to participate or could anyone tell me where or which forum would be interested please send me an email? If this is a wrong forum I apologize. Regarding the program: The intention is to stimulate the reading process of children. In the program you can combine images, text and spoken sound. In the program you work with a book, where you decide the contents and number of pages. There are two fields: an image field to the left side and a text field to the right side. In the image field you can draw pictures, paste an existing image or video. In the text area you can write a text to the image. You can record/speak the whole text and/or single words. The idea is: - that children make there own images and texts. - that children first of all will look at the image field. What kind of picture is it? Which information does it give me? Then they look at the text. They look from left to right which supports the reading direction. - that children point and listen to the text. Michael Tillgaard post@multibook.dk
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