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  1. Dear Colleagues, I am writing this post to ask for your assistance. I am a postgraduate student in Russian institute in Saint-Petersburg. I am about to write my thesis concerning Distance learning and E-learning in foreign education. I investigate theories, experience, problems and their solutions concerning using ICT in distance learning. What I need to do is to concretize the exact topic of my study. So this is what I would like you to help me with. Please, share your thoughts and experience about the topics that are very topical in your country concerning distance learning, E-learning or using ICT in learning process. For instance, to my mind, “learner-centered principles in distance learning” is quite interesting topic to investigate. Please, write me about this or give me any other tips of what topics concerning ICT will be interesting to investigate because of their actuality. I am very interested in the following qurstions: 1. What do you understand by learner-centered (student-centered learning)? 2. Do you use learner-centered approach in distance learning? 3. Do you think this theme is topical? 4. What other topical subjects can you advice me concerning distance learning or using ICT in learning? Please, provide some references If possible. I would like to thank you once again for you time and attention. I am very pleased to talk to you. Thank you in advance.
  2. I am Russian and now I am living in Saint-Petersburg. In 2004 I graduated from high school in Nizhnevartovsk (a city in Western Siberia) and entered the Herzen's State Pedagogical University in Saint-Petersburg. My major was: "Theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages and cultures". After graduation in 2009 I entered postgraduate degree in Institute of Pedagogical Education in Saint-Petersburg to the laboratory of informatization of education. Now I am working on my research about distance learning by means of ICT. From hobbies I can mention: languages, computers and travelling.
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