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  1. Dear Colleagues, I am writing this post to ask for your assistance. I am a postgraduate student in Russian institute in Saint-Petersburg. I am about to write my thesis concerning Distance learning and E-learning in foreign education. I investigate theories, experience, problems and their solutions concerning using ICT in distance learning. What I need to do is to concretize the exact topic of my study. So this is what I would like you to help me with. Please, share your thoughts and experience about the topics that are very topical in your country concerning distance learning, E-learning o
  2. I am Russian and now I am living in Saint-Petersburg. In 2004 I graduated from high school in Nizhnevartovsk (a city in Western Siberia) and entered the Herzen's State Pedagogical University in Saint-Petersburg. My major was: "Theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages and cultures". After graduation in 2009 I entered postgraduate degree in Institute of Pedagogical Education in Saint-Petersburg to the laboratory of informatization of education. Now I am working on my research about distance learning by means of ICT. From hobbies I can mention: languages, computers and travelling.
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