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  1. Please e-mail me at edforum@wildlifeservices.co.uk for any advice you need in creating nature areas and wildlife gardens and ponds within (or outside) school grounds. E-mail advice is free, and we can supply everything you need if required.
  2. Hi, I am an ex countryside ranger, and I am involved with environmental education and outdoor activities for kids in the UK. I specialise in advising teachers on implementing environmental initiatives in their schools, such as school nature areas, nature activities, etc. I also take groups of children out into the countryside to explore the natural world. Our local 'river walk' is very popular!! I supply native (UK) wildflowers, nestboxes, pond liners and other items to schools and others throughout the UK, via my website at www.wildlifeservices.co.uk where we have just started a discussion forum. Please feel free to contribute. Free e-mail advice is available at edforum@wildlifeservices.co.uk. Regards, Martin Bailey Wildlife & Countryside Services 0845 2300 WCS (01745 720733) 0 70 90 80 WILD (07711 839741) www.wildlifeservices.co.uk
  3. It is alarming that many schools do not have an interest in this cross-curricular topic. Unless the science teacher has a particular interest, it seems that many children miss out on this vital aspect of their education. The environment is probably the most important topic that children can learn about, as all of us depend on a healthy environment to live. Many aspects of our environment are severely degraded, and wildlife is disappearing fast - many previously common species are in serious trouble - but without the knowledge of this subject, children will not be able to address the problem, both now and later in their lives. I would be interested to hear the opinions of others on this subject.
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