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William Cowart: Oswald Prototype?

Greg Parker

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Anyone familiar with my research knows that i have continued a trail blazed by Ohio researcher, Jim Olmstead regarding the importance of the Korean POW investigations and outcomes.

Here I will introduce the man who may have been the model for Lee Oswald's legend.

William Cowart was the first POW to undergo "brainwashing" techniques. He had been identified by the Chinese through the background details they were all forced to provide over a period of time.

Cowart had been a bed wetter - which points to possible psychological factors/ trauma in his home and social life, he was not well educated, though intelligent, and had few, if any friends. He stayed behind as a defector after the war and was given a court martial and dishonorable discharge as a result - eventually overturned by the appellate court which ruled he (and two others) had to be present for the trial. He eventually returned to the US.

Which raises a secondary issue: Could Oswald's discharge be downgraded by a tribunal in absentia, given the similar Korean cases?

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