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Another nice application of wireless equipment is a wireless projector and tablet PC. We got one of these through our local City Learning Centre.

Rob I was really interested to read about your use of the tablet PC.. These must be fantastic in the music classroom - even for mundane things like assessment. We put our department assessments onto the computer on a basic excel sheet. However as I like to see what the kids are doing this would allow me to be able to walk around the classroom monitoring pupil's and write my assessments at the same time. I can definately see how these could be much better than the use of a laptop.

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Sorry to go off-topic a bit.

Tablets are very nice because they are so portable. They are like a laptop but in two separate pieces; screen and keyboard. You can detach the keyboard and write directly on the screen which looks indestructable. The pen acts as a stylus and also as a mouse.

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