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  1. It's plugola time!

    THE Jim Tague is an e-Bay seller specializing in JFK assassination-related books, magazines, and ephemera. Search for the seller identified as:


    I've made many "buy it now" purchases from Mr. T., and in every instance the transactions have gone perfectly.

    I don't recall seeing Harvey and Lee for sale on the site, but Tague does sell bound collections of documents related to Armstrong's research.

    Well worth the visit.


    Yes. Those bound collections are the Denial books put together by Jerry Robertson.

    Thanks to everyone who replied to the thread-I did receive an e-mail and its still available-Harvey

  2. I am an apartment maintenance supervisor responsible for 329 apartment units.I have followed thecase for about 24 years now, and I read everything I can on the subject. I live in the D-FW area and attended the JFK Lancer conferences in 1999, 2001, and 2003. Im currently reading Doug Horne's 1st volume about the ARRB.Very

    fascinating material.I hope to obtain the entire 5 volumes.

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