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    I am a coordinator for learning and ICT at the Australian Science and Mathematics School in Adelaide, South Australia. This scho
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    I have 3 passions, my family, my work and my sport. In regard to work, my interests are centred on using ICT as a partner in the development of a person's understanding of any concept. I have a strong interest in trialling ideas and evaluating their effectiveness in the classroom. I am currently participating in a Masters in Education degree centred on profesional learning with the use of ICT.<br>My sporting passion is cycling but being of the wrong physical dimensions to be any good.
  1. The uptake of technology has always been dependent upon two factors 1. the technology has to be easily adapted to the current environment. (eg. the ball point pen was easily adapted to schooling because it removed the issue of ink being everywhere) 2. the environment needs to change to allow the technology to reach it full potential. (eg to watch movies when intro duced we needed to provide dark areas to make viewing easier) I believe e-learning is the next phase of development. It requires a restructuring of the environment and thus a restructuring of traditional pedagogy. At the Australi
  2. Hi I am a Teacher at the Australian Science and Mathematics School in Adelaide, South Australia. Our role is to explore interdisciplinary and contextual methodologies to promote effective learning about Science and Maths in an ICT rich environment. I have been a teacher since 1985 and have played many different management roles in a variety of schools. My purpose for entering this forum is that I am participating in a Masters degree in Education, with special emphasis in how to integrate ICT to learning. I have a family with three wonderful children and my partner is an Early Childhood educ
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