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  1. I am shocked and deeply disturbed by this development. Richard has been very helpful in the past and I trained with a former student of his. She now teaches History and Politics and has nothing but praise for him. There appears to be no consideration for the well-being of the students nor for Richard as a professional.
  2. Ah, that is a different story. Maybe they have been busy deciding what to do with coursework at AS/A2!
  3. John, it has been 'up' for some time now. I remember using it last year (2005)!
  4. Just in case you were interested, Apple Macs (which can also run Windows, by the way) have their own free editing package called iMovie, which in my opinion, is much more student friendly and powerful. You can already export the clips you make to the present video iPods.
  5. Roy, I never said that you explicitly said that it was a new kind of pedagogy but the tenor of the comments in the following discussion, and in part your replies, suggested that it may be seen as such. Partly this stems from your defence of the techology but I wanted to make clear the point that I think you were getting at - it is an adjunct to good teaching. John and Andy's points that it reinforces traditional modes of teaching qualifies my statement. The implict assumption in their arguments is that using an IWB challenges the traditonal mode of teaching. I think that in your defence and w
  6. I can see what Andy and John are getting at. The board is interactive for the teacher, not really so for the students. I think there are two seperate issues here. Does the technology help to make it easier to teach/illustrate/reinforce concepts or does it mean a new kind of pedagogy? I would say it does make it easier to teach concepts/ideas as it allows me to access a whole range of material/resources very quickly. Importantly, it allows me to annotate and save notes on diagrams and pieces of text and bring them up of a series of weeks to show how far ideas/understanding have changed/remain
  7. After coming across his work in my PGCE, I eagerly watched a documentary on Reuven Feuerstein on Teacher's TV yesterday. I wondered if anybody has used his work in relation to history teaching? I know it has influenced the teaching of thinking skills, but do not know if it can be used to teach historical skills. Would such a move diminish the power of these techniques?
  8. I must return to the point that the question is a non-starter as the state already does these things (and others). The only way to protect your religious/moral sensibility is to use the apparatus of the state to keep the encroachments in check. Government is also affected by groups and pressures from inside and outside the state. As for the idea of Enlightenment allowing us to blossom from our self incurred immaturity, there are two things I would add here. Kant, was coming from a christian perspective. Second, this is a process that has still to be realised. Finally, I turn to the question
  9. Having come to this thread late... The question: Should governments pass legislation that might encourage behaviour that is contrary to religious teaching. For example, abortion, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, etc. Governments do so already. The real issue is how to deal with such legislation on a personal level and use the other facets of the state to pursue/protect your rights/beliefs. As to questions about Enlightenment, I'll come back to that in detail, but I would say that the belief in Reason is as much a universal as the belief in God (whatever faith you have) is.
  10. I really think this has got out of hand. No one is saying anyone is racist - my discussion, and Ed's reporting of it, was to link to the idea of racism(s) with PAST uses of the CSE. When I spoke, it was from personal experience without pointing the finger at anyone. It is unfortunate that this has really become a matter. Regarding my point about politics, I have always maintained that it is integral to the process of history teaching in ALL its forms. The Gramsci reference that I made to you before would make this very clear. We may disagree, but I'm certainly not trying to make enemies. I'm
  11. Roy Huggins has reported the outcome of his meeting with Jerome Freeman here. Worthwhile reading.
  12. Why would he want to post? It would mean that we would have evidence to pin him down with when the review goes against everything we suggest! Re: John's point about politics, I made a post earlier in the discussion (Ed picked up on that!) just in case people were not clear what was really involved...
  13. Right - after having a chat with Dan I'm making a display based on Alan Llywd's book 'Black Wales: A History'. Any ideas for famous black people linked to Wales? I think I have Shirley Bassey covered!
  14. I hope Arsenal do well this year but cannot help the sneaking feeling that the players as a squad do not have the quality to match Chelsea. I Wenger is able to buy: 1) a new 'keeper - Lehmann is good, but we need someone who is commanding 2) another striker to help Henry score the goals - and who would offer a threat in the air 3) A right back who can actually keep up with players - as much as I love Lauren, I wince everytime I see him skinned on the outside... With another (heading) striker, maybe we could actually put some more crosses in and mix up our fantastic passing game. That wou
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