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  1. More like a complete lack of funds left having blown it all on the first team! I have to play the long game as I won't have many opportunities to play about when I am in deepest India!
  2. I've signed up with a team called Arsenal (I didn't realise that you couldn't change your name after submitting otherwise I would have something more interesting!). My team is: Peter Cech Gael Clichy Martyn Skrtel John Terry Jonathon Woodgate Michael Ballack Nigel Reo Coker Stephen Pienaar Cesc Fabregas Peter Crouch Fernando Torres Reserves Ben Foster John Spector Nigel Quashie David Connolly Total Cost 100 million.
  3. The two films that I made for Teachers TV will be shown on May 19th at 15.00 and 15.15 and you can find out about them here
  4. That's very interesting John, I wonder if the army could suggest any reasons why there was no Black Officer in the Infantry before Tull (I believe there were 2 Black Officers in the Medical Corp during WW1). Surely it can't be because there were no other Black British soldiers before Tull who were capable of being in command of White soldiers.
  5. By a wonderful coincidence, I happened to be filming a lesson for Teachers TV about the death of Walter Tull on March 25th and it was only when one of the boys pointed out that it was the 90th anniversary of his death that I realised. We finish filming tomorrow and I will post up details of the two films that we have made as soon as I know any more.
  6. Dan Lyndon


    Really!? when was that?
  7. Dan Lyndon


    I totally disagree John, that was a block rather than a tackle and Terry broke his foot as a result of the impact of his own action rather than that of Eboue. And I am not sure what you mean by this Stephen what old boys network? I don't see how a bit of petulance is bringing the game into disrepute?
  8. Dan Lyndon


    I hardly think that we are comparing like with like, a pathetic piece of idiocy from Eboue, which may have scratched Evra's thigh, with a leg breaker of a tackle.
  9. Dan Lyndon


    I have to say that I find it absolutely astonishing that so many people have decided to have a go at Wenger and Gallas when they were simply reacting like human beings in the heat of the moment (Wenger retracted his statement in anycase, which is as usual overlooked). Is is just unlucky or just a coincidence that two Arsenal players suffer almost identical, potential career ending injuries? I am sure that those players and managers never set out to harm Edu or Diaby, but would it surprise me if they had it in their minds to rough them up? not really. Is that what football is about? No. Football should be played the way that Arsenal play it, not kicking the crap out of other players and the ball. As for Gallas, I saw a man of passion who was clearly very frustrated, as all Arsenal fans were, that we had dropped two points which should have been ours, and who was also aware that one of his teammates was in hospital. So what if he sat down on the pitch, no big deal.
  10. Dan Lyndon


    I think that this is one of the most sickening tackles (or at least consequences of) that I have seen, at least since another Arsenal player, Diaby was kept out of the game for nine months. You have to question whether a 3 match ban is anywhere near enough for something like this, where a player clearly is not going for the ball and must know that he is going to injure his opponent. What a tragedy it would be for Eduardo if his career is over, as a season ticket holder who has seen most of his games, he is definitely a class act.
  11. It is also worth remembering the English players that Arsenal bought up in their youth system who are now playing at other Premiership teams as they were not good enough for us - Steve Sidwell at Chelsea, Harper at Reading, Pennant at Liverpool, Bentley at Blackburn, even Ashley Cole at Chelsea.
  12. There's a long way to go yet, but I can't be happier with the start we have made. I shall ignore Walker's jibes and look forward to our trip to Anfield in a few weeks time, scene of our famous victory in '89.
  13. "It's all gone quiet over there!"
  14. Always there John lurking if not posting ! The glorious run continues, Fabregas is becoming an absolute icon, Adebayor gets stronger every game and bear in mind that we should have beaten Blackburn if it hadn't been for Lehmann's cockup so I am confident our Northern bogey is over. The only downside is the form of Theo Walcott - he had a shocker yesterday, totally lacking in confidence, making the wrong runs and poor passing - he needs a good run in the reserves. Bring on the Hammers!
  15. Great result tonight 3-0 against Sevilla, the impressive run continues against one of the top teams in Europe.
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