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    The JFK Assassination Debate - Gov Cointelpro - Disinformation

    Other techniques used to supress truth and achieve "consensus" include the Delphi Technique of group control. http://www.learn-usa.com/transformation_process/acf001.htm http://www.premier1.net/~barkonwd/school/DELPHI.HTM http://www.carolla.com/wp-delph.htm http://instruction.bus.wisc.edu/obdemo/readings/delphi.htm There are many teachers hare that may also be aware of the specialized Alinsky Method of control along the lines of the Delphi technique. Knowledge is power and in this case only he knowledge of these methods can help posters free themselves from the bonds of "control and disinformation"
  2. Many people have posted various different theories and ideas on the JFK assassination debate only to find wild replies that attack them personally, ridicule their work and sidetrack the debate totally, leaving the author stunned and confused, wondering why they ventured into a shark pit in the first place. This appears to be rife on all popular Internet discussions on JFK and there is probably if not certainly a genuine reason why. Government Cointelpro - counter intelligence program. People who are trained in certain techniques to knowingly destroy theories, ridicule and make others fearful of posting more ideas due to the vehemance of replies. But why would there be such a contigent would be an obvious question and there is an obvious answer tothat. If even one small iota of some of these theories prove to be correct, then like a house of cards, the official line will crumble, and left in the ruins will be the guilty parties with nowhere to hide. High Treason is punishable by the death penalty (the very punshment Bill Miller told me I deserve the first time he posted a response to me) and when the truth does come out over the matter there will be a huge fallout, after all all these castles have been built in sand. It is big and as more and more people discover truthes throughout the lies and red herrings then there is more and more "sock puppets" running around to putty fill the gaps. This thread is for those genuine people, who are really searching to reveal the truth, some may have read it before but I personally find it is very enlightening when compared to some peoples posting styles. I will post it here in it's full entirety with author credit as per copyright proceedures. It may help genuine posters understand and deflect the distraction caused by disinformation techniques. I know when I re read this article after stepping into the JFK sharkpit, it certainly opened my eyes to much deviousness.
  3. Margaret Holborow

    Valuable Info for US Members

    http://www.informationweek.com/story/showA...SSfeed_IWK_News http://www.sptimes.com/2006/01/23/Technolo...umber_rel.shtml This site Hoaxbusters is great to check on those sort of things. http://hoaxbusters.ciac.org/HBUrbanMyths.shtml#donotcall http://hoaxbusters.ciac.org/HBUrbanMyths.shtml
  4. Margaret Holborow

    Michael B. Green and Jim Fetzer

    Oh my misbehaving keyboard has apparently added an extra 0 all by itelf. Clever little keyboard it is, with a mind of it's own *grins.. 600 million sorry.... Even I feel that is high but that is the figures the creaters quote as to downloads.
  5. Margaret Holborow

    Michael B. Green and Jim Fetzer

    Honestly the personal attacks are way out of line but are after common delphi techniques and disinformation tactics. http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a394fc1cf0ba9.htm 25 Rules of Disinformation. Disinformation apears rife in the JFK debate in an effort as previously said to keep the status quo and stop people from finding the truth. http://www.pentagonstrike.co.uk/pentagon.htm Apparently the above film is great. i havent seen it myself but 6000 million viewers so far.
  6. Margaret Holborow

    Zapruder film alteration poll.

    Thanks for that one Ron. I hadnt picked that point up before but its a grin seeing it now....i bet he had blisters
  7. Margaret Holborow

    Zapruder film alteration poll.

    Hello Len I answered the question and gave a brief reason of why. I am sorry if you didn't like me popping that info up in here but oh well. I consider myself chastised. I'll add to my post by a suggestion. You are saying by the first response, do you believe the film was altered BECAUSE. I think a poll question should be just plain old. "Do you believe the Z film was Altered". and it might be an idea to present a list of reasons from the alteration camp that shows their points and evidence to alteration and also a list of reasons that "prove the film is genuine" from the anti z film conspiracy camp so people reading the poll can get an idea to formulate responses. One can't take into account that all people responding know the main or even half the points from both camps. I know you have politely pointed out to me debate threads are available but it would be nice to see it presented fresh and neat from both sides for your poll. ' Mr Purvis in his answer, minus the pics and extras from my post pointed out another fact. How altered? So another question could be "if you believe the film was altered do you believe it was altered without conspiracy to change the truth, like for example simple enhancements or was it altered with conspiracy to change the truth to support the official theory. and thats ok, you don't have to see the discrepancies if you don't want to. and thanks for advice about reading careful, I always do read very carefully, it helps me really understand who is who in the zoo and what is what. Like stepping through a bog or a minefield really and I have read both sides of the debate from many quarters including this forum and others. I am good at multi tasking but alas I can not be in all places at once and will get to them in time to post my own "twobits".
  8. Margaret Holborow

    Michael B. Green and Jim Fetzer

    Everyone seems to go to such great lengths to discredit Jim Fetzer.. why is this so? Could it be possible that he has kicked the can and its opened a tin of worms? Could it be that he is right and many many stand to lose big time if even 1 iota of what he says is proven to be correct? Fetzer's research can be insulted, put down, ridiculed and all other methods of disinformation that has been used but the facts remain. Things don't add up and Fetzer has done a fantastic job in pointing that out. 9/11 doesn't add up either, Fetzers once again done a great job dissecting that one.
  9. Margaret Holborow

    Suite 8F Group

    I can't get past Root & Brown AKA Haliburton AKA present day scandal. Oh how it's grown.
  10. Margaret Holborow

    Zapruder film alteration poll.

    I am firmly in the corner of Altered and badly so..... At the risk of sticking my neck on the chopping block here is an example. Yeah ok I know its a jpeg image, but really even the lower quality does not account for the discrepancies. I also believe that the jpg format shows the errors up because of the pixelization effect. The list of reasons and evidence that the film was altered is to the point that I scratch my head and frown puzzlingly at the detractors of alteation. The problem is the film is taken as such definitive evidence of what happened when and if the film is proved to be altered because of the chain of evidence there is at least two gov departments that have high treason charges to be answered. Plus many researchers have made their findings and lifes work including books around the events in the film, so there is many quarters that wish to keep the alteration evidence under wraps and ignored and forgotten about. 1, Green grass pixelation where the back of the neck of person at the back is standing. Appears head to be pasted on 2, Man at front has face blacked or browned out, it doesn't match the back of pic 3, something is going on in the middle of the photo, it appears there is a person in the middle that has been edited out. 4, sunglasses in the middle. Can be seen easier when using a solar filter to find the edges of the photo. I wondered about all those apparent sunglasses until I rered John Costellas page where he saidabout the way it could have been done by pasting other images in places. In this case looks like sunglasses. Perfectly defined too. Taken from ... http://www.rejectz.com/jfk2.htm
  11. Margaret Holborow

    Biography: Margaret Holborow

    Yes It really is the best place in the world to live. I call it my little Eden, I like the heat but many find it too hot and wet. It truly is nature at it's best though with beaches, tropical islands, great fishing, rainforests, secluded waterfalls, bright blue butterflies and mostly untouched territory. I have some series of photos that I took of the area in the last year or so. I will find the link and post it so everyone can see the pure beauty of this place. Port Douglas is beautiful to. Im cranky at the moment because they are taking that lovely quaint waterfront church away and developing the land. Im not religious but that little by the sea chapel was a place of serene beauty and calmness in a world gone mad with tourism and developing the tourism dollar. Daintree and Port Douglas - Cooktown Cape York Trip A few pics above of the Port Douglas markets, beach and that lovely church I was talking about. Don't mind the horrid ones of me, I had been travelling and camping for a couple of days by that point. The link above has pics of my children on it but this photo below is the all time classic picture of my baby girl Choc Coated Cookie http://www.rejectz.com/lw50.jpg http://www.rejectz.com/lw072.jpg http://www.rejectz.com/lw67.jpg Pics Of My Home Town Marina http://www.rejectz.com/crystalcascades.htm
  12. Margaret Holborow

    Biography: Margaret Holborow

    Occupation - Part Time Computer Technician and full time mother of six. Studying for Advanced Internet Degree part Time. Location Cairns, Tropical Australia. 39 Years Old.