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  1. Bureaucracy always exists primarily to protect itself and reproduce. Intelligence bureaucracies are no different except that their area of responsibility is explosively sensitive to freedom of the citizen / subject.
  2. It is a similar approach to how my firm takes its funding public. I would love to say that it's part of the digital cinema revolution that is democratising cinema but in fact it has more to do with the utter lack of imagination of most traditional film fund sources. Also a couple key reasons to do this sort of thing are 1. your film has an absurdly small budget compared to its competitors in the marketplace - the paradox of being too economical for your own good... wtf 2. you have a fanbase that is rabid enough to support direct appeals Good luck to them and the more times people succeed at this the more often traditional film industry profiles and the public media which fawns on them will fail to suppress genuinely alternative viewpoints. -Jonathan
  3. I worked as a lawyer, behavioural profiler and private detective before retiring to become a full time writer. Subsequent to publishing my first few books I have become a film and television producer, although I still write. My main areas of interest are justice, governmental reform, philosophy and bridging technological gaps through interdisciplinary open channels.
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