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  1. If the means of production goods belong to the working class, this is a socialism. These element exist inside a capitalist society - employees owned enterprises. The next step on the way to communism is destroying classes which on the Communist leaders opinion, are hostile to the Communist ideals: Cleric, intellectuals, Government structures, high-ranking managers etc. In the other word, according to the Marx' and Lenin' theory, Communism should destroy whole economical and political establishment. Lenin first tried to implement these ideas into reality: in 1918 he declared "The red terror"
  2. Born in the USSR in October 1937. Worked as an engineer then professor for the Technical University, Novosibirsk, Siberia. Area of interest: 1. In the USSR: mathematical modeling of the social behavior; artificial intelligence; philosophy. 2. In the U.S.: art, religion, history, social and psychological problems of the Russian émigrés, political, social aspects of relationship Eat-West. Leonid published science articles, essays, short stories in magazines and newspapers 1989 came to USA and worked as a computer specialist. Published books (fiction): • On Both Sides of a Bering Strait
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