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  1. in the reflection on frame 345 the man to his right has his hands to the bottom of his chest, the reflection shows someone with the camera to his face like altgens.
  2. on the reflection of the limo ,frame 289 you fist see Brehm, frame 300 is Hill , frame 303 is moorman, 316 is the lady in the mid grass, 345 is altgens, but the reflection is in the wrong frame it should be in frame 351 or 352
  3. she said on t.v. replays of the assassantion,nbc, abc . i found it myself hard to beleive too. she said she watched cronkite cry and then later the replays of other films too. she recalls jfk raising hes arms and connally leaning to hes right after the first shots. i ask if she studied jfk, she said no.i asked her if she seen the z-film since 63-64 she said not that she remembers. she beleives lbj had something to do with what happened, and that was the day everyone lost confidence in the gov.
  4. My mom swears she saw the Kennedys at love field, the motorcade, and when she told me jack was slumped into jackies lap i was shocked. i asked if they saw the z-film, she said yes except the head shot, broadcast the same day or the day after.she also talked about other film of the assassination that where to fuzzy to see. My dad was in vietnam at the time but he said he seen it also, when or where he seen the film i don't recall.
  5. Hi Andrew, did they say they watched replays of the actual shooting? What I think they may have meant was that they watched the assassination coverage during that period, which would have included almost endless replays of the arrival at Love Fields and parts of the motorcade. It probably also included many interviews with witnesses and police, along with replays of Oswald being shot and highlights from JFK's presidency.
  6. i asked my parents about jfk and i was told they watched replay of the assanation from thanksgiving to christmas. how could they have seen the z-film if time had bought the the film two days later?
  7. My names is Andrew Wiessner, and I just became interested in the research of John Kennedy. I wish I had more knowledge of jfk to help this forum but I'm still learning. I wish to learn more and hopefully to ask intelligent questions.
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