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  1. Hey there Adam.... Had you considered the amount of film removed at locations where these shots occur? We've been thru the testing (Livingstone) which shows this movement in 1 frame (302-303) is not humanly possible... It happens again just after 313.... (below) this - among quite a lot of other evidence - proves the alteration of the film and the removal of reactions and shots talked about by those seeing a more intact film. Now add Harley's burping along within 20 feet of the driver - and what do you suppose he'd hear as shots rain down on that limo?
  2. And then the FBI SS tries to explain a bullet fragment embedded in the the front seat was the result of a fragment hitting the CHROME above the window and deflecting into the seat... when the FBI reports the same thing (this is SS) yet concludes the projectile which caused the hole was embedded in the seat... Below is yet another report of yet another bullet which was never made public... With both the FBI and SS describing this as a HOLE and not just a cracked windshield - it's hard after the fact to claim there was no hole...
  3. Not according to Cunningham... ”cracks on outside layer of glass” “no cracks inside layer” he does say “struck from inside” yet this view is looking at the windshield from in front of the limo.... “point of impact” is described here as the outside of the window.... And an opinion it surely is Adam... the Evidence I’ve already posted in this thread proves the opposite.... as to WHY again... I posted that too... the shot would not be at such an angle but virtually straight on... as long as McHugh as gone. Ce350 and Dallas images match as to that impact. Altgens7 match
  4. Fair enough David... yet after driving and flying and driving again and parking... the crack looks about the same as Altgens 7... isn't this in the garage in DC?
  5. the 404 is STREET LEVEL... adding 3.27 feet brings us to the top of JFK's head in the limo. The height of the overpass railing is 428.4 - 404.8 = 23.6 feet... the overpass itself where a truck can pass under is probably 16 - 18 feet given that railings and width of the overpass take up 6-8 feet... those railings don't look much more than 3 feet high based on how people are leaning down on them... The SS agents on the running boards are safely 6-7 feet high... while the bottom of the overpass appears to be about 2 or 2.5 times that height... makes sense?
  6. The lines on the plat are 9 feet apart so that every 2 lines elevation drops 1 foot
  7. The street directly under the overpass is elevation 404.8ft.... simply subtract from 428.4 to get distance above STREET LEVEL for the top of the railing... at 3.27 feet for top of JFK's head... Position A (prior to z133) is actually HIGHER than the railing as is the intersection of Elm/Houston... If that helps at all
  8. I posted this already John. "your" image may simply not be as good as others... It's quite obvious here
  9. John... the 20:1 and 10:1 plats give us the height of the overpass railing.... 428.4ft there were half dozen surveys done we know the heights of everything... We also know the heights of the top of JFK's head at various points along the way by removing 3.27 feet from the road elevations. the official data is complete rubbish... jury-rigged by Shaneyfelt... but the WEST data is accurate and will give you relative height to the 428.4ft elevation of the overpass railing... First official shot, JFK's head would actually be only 1.4 feet lower than the overpass railing... (427.02 vs 4
  10. zframe 2? What's up John? No crack in Altgens 6... crack at the exact spot in Altgens 7.... Crack/Hole must occur between the 2 photos... nothing else hits the windshield except blood and debris. The replacement of the windshield occurs after the limo is in DC....
  11. Both 6 & 7 show the "original" windshield while still on the limo... I agree there were many witnesses who saw a hole, I posted their statements, what I'm saying is that by z255 (or there abouts) - Altgens 6 - there is not yet a cracked windshield. In 7 there is so it must happen between the frames z-numbered 255 - 375...
  12. Hey there John... Looking at Altgens' famous photo #6, there are no marks on the windshield... yet. Altgens 7 does show the windshield cracked... so it has to happen much later than z225
  13. That would be midline of JFK's head showing the direction he was facing. The Top of the rail on the overpass is 428.4ft... Top of JFK's head as it enters the Killzone was 420ft and getting lower as it moves forward... (front bumper is 1.2ft lower than the rear bumper due to Elm's 18:1 foot run/rise) Over the windshield was surely possible, depending on exactly where a shooter was.... the Cancellare photo gives a good look... and I did this composite to show the entire thing... certain parts of that south knoll have the limo coming straight at it...
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