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  1. W Tracy--- I am sorry there has been umbrage in your JFKA work. McAdams was dismissive of my inquiries, but not abusive, as I recall (been about 10 years). What puzzled me, was that I wrote the McAdams that Connally did a full 180 in his seat, to look back at JFK, after JFK raised his hands to his throat. Around frames 260-280, you can nearly see the left profile Connally's face, from the perspective of the Z film. It is a concerned face, but not a face in agony. That does not look like a man who has been shot through the chest. McAdams said Connally did not really tur
  2. W. Tracy-- Impersonation does not sit right. Harm? You can say "little" in the circumstance under question. But such an action decreases trust, and rents the social fabric. So, the next time people convene, there is some distrust. Are you who you say you are? Do you have a hidden agenda? Are you gaining my confidence under false pretense? I realize in modern America, no one seems to care anymore about the social fabric, or to have reasonable national pride, and feel they have civic duties. Maybe I am naive, I think one should be straight-forward.
  3. Ron B- Oddly enough, McAdams is one of the reasons that my interest in the JFKA was re-ignited. Years and years ago, I was just anew nosing around the JFKA again (the first two iterations of my JFKA interest involved reading books, which is about all one could do. I might not have even known about JFK conferences, etc.). I had discovered the internet had radically changed the landscape (and 90% for the better) and discovered McAdams. I reviewed the Z film online for myself, and noted Connally did a 180 in his seat after JFK moved his hands to his throat. Connally is seen lookin
  4. If this description of John McAdams behavior is accurate (and James D. places an emphasis on accuracy in his writing) I do not see how McAdams can be defended. I feel sorry for McAdams, who has befouled his own memory, but as he has passed on, probably less said the better.
  5. Great stuff, the old b/w photos, and the picture of JFK with Willy's widow, Willy being a vet who perished with Joe Kennedy, JFK's older brother, in a WWII bomber. Those were the days when the elites actually wore uniforms, and we had a draft, not a mercenary force. Of course, JFK served in the Pacific. You won't see that again.
  6. Mark W--- Thank for reading. Yes, an accurate telling of the Walker episode raises more doubts than it closes off.
  7. Yes, I mean the Zapruder does not show anyone inside the limo, or a follow-up car, shooting at JFK. No eyewitnesses reported as such, including the Connallys, Jackie etc.
  8. Ron B. and others: I try to be as open-minded and gentle as I can be in JFKA discussions, as the hard details of what actually happened are not nailed down. In addition, there is planted disinformation afoot, and any of us can be fooled on some matters (including me). But, after all, we have the Zapruder film and numerous witnesses. I see no indication anyone inside the JFK limo was shooting. Beyond that, who would plan to have someone inside the limo shoot a President in public and get away with it? And no one saw the Secret Service man with the automatic weapon shoot JFK? R
  9. John B.- Thanks for your comments and posting that always-gloomy picture of the Walker house. It looks like Halloween of Friday the 13th every time.
  10. Richard B.--- I suspect as much, but have never found compelling evidence. Yes, a few examples are in the official iterature, under limited, perfect circumstances. I did attend a live show once, where a hypnotist on stage apparently hypnotized bona-fide audience members. I happened to be sitting in the first row, and felt myself falling under the hypnotist's sway, but jerked out of it. I suspected the hypnotist was using a gas sedative or something to that effect (without any proof). So, I believe I saw first hand how a hypnotist can in fact put someone "under" and they will w
  11. Richard Booth--- Well, Westbrook did end up in Vietnam, or at least so I read. Likely, he was another CIA asset, or contact. As was the Mayor of Dallas. That said, I think (as I always do) Westbrook was complicit after the fact, but not before. After the fact, the official story line was "LOH did it, and leftie-commies want to change the narrative to protect one of their own, and score PR points." This official narrative is in addition in addition to the "WWIII virus" making the rounds in the White House. This was effective is suppressing a real investigation of the JFK
  12. Joe B- I suspect it was warmer inside the building than out. On the street, Rowland described wearing gloves, and other people are seen in coats. Inside the TSBD, Mr. Brown Coat was probably unique, at least in wearing a coat. But then not many people were on the sixth floor. I wonder if anyone noticed if Mr. Brown Coat was bald. Maybe he put on fedora when leaving the building. Also, remember, there were four publishing companies with offices inside the TSBD, all of whom could have had executives in on any given day. So a man entering the building in brown suit coat w
  13. Joe B.-- Yes, I think there was time for people to shoot, and then walk down the TBSD back stairway and leave. Very simple explanation. Descending stairs rapidly is no great feat. I wish I knew how bulky or long the brown coat was. Could someone secret a short rifle under said brown coat? Who knows?
  14. Add on: What rattles me about my "smaller is better" scenario is LOH's wallet showing up at the Tippit murder scene. This means--- 1. Of the thousands of street murders committed every year, only LOH helpfully dropped his wallet at the scene of the crime to aid investigators. 2. The wallet was planted at the scene. That means someone had the wallet, got clued in about the Tippit murder, then made his way to the scene. Supposedly Phillips was in Dallas on the day.... 3. LOH intentionally dropped his wallet, as a signal to handlers to come extract him from the deepen
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