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  1. Trump was a major disappointment. My guess is someone had some compromising info on Trump. But it may be Trump just acted irrationally or transactionally.
  2. At this late date, it sure looks like someone is still planting anti-JFKA research articles and books, and yes likely as PR prior to Biden's decision on whether to release 50-year-old docs pertaining to the JFKA. I used to think there must nothing in print that would be of value at this late date, due to scrubbing, and initial procedures to not put key matters into writing to begin with. Now, I am beginning to wonder. Maybe something is in the docs, when pieced together with other info would yield solid clues.
  3. Jeff C.- I entirely agree with you; the horrid prosecution of a Julian Assange, or a Carter Page, for that matter, is an example of the US Deep State in action. So, like I said, "What moral high ground?" Apple-Disney-BlackRock-NBA-Tesla-WalMart is happy with the US Deep State and the Beijing commies (who are even worse).
  4. Paul B: What moral high ground? The CCP has thrown a Hong Kong publisher, Jimmy Lai, into prison and left him there. For publishing newspapers. Google it. Did Apple announce it would back out of China? BlackRock? The NBA? HSBC? I happen to prefer largely free-market systems, and democracy. That said, one weakness of capitalism is that it is an amoral system (not immoral, but amoral). If Apple makes money working with commie dictators, then they will. But problems can arise when amoral multinationals control US foreign-military policy. As they do. This obvious moral failing is smoothed over 1,000 times everyday by corporate PR, or the painting of "Black Lives Matter" on NBA courts. Apple's PR is impressive--in image-making, they are against the 1984 state. Except in real life, not in China and Hong Kong. To be sure, many nuances to the issue, and there would be no winners in a nuclear war. That Trump threatened and upended the parts of the cozy relationship between US capitalists and Beijing is a fascinating tale. My guess is JFK would be a non-interventionist in general, and would have counseled all along avoiding too much commercial dependence on foreign nations, as dependence breeds entanglements.
  5. W.- The "guilt by association" meme is older than either of us. Phone calls? Meetings? As I said, Trump the person is indefensible. But the idea of peaceful co-existence with Russia, or meeting with Russians, or even tacit co-operation with Russia on a transactional basis, is certainly defensible. (BTW, I think Putin is a thug). Trump seems to have grasped that the global security state-media blob wants an enemy, and that enemy is Russia. But being Trump, he bungled and garbled everything, stepped squarely into every booby-trap and road-turd possible. If Reagan was the teflon President, Trump was the velcro President. As a digression (but not really, stay with me), China's GDP is about seven times as large as Russia's, and their population is about 13 times the size of Russia's. China is the largest buyer of commodities on the planet, and everyday exhibits manufacturing prowess. China is run by overt communists, the CCP, and getting more commie by the day, and now claims the whole South China Sea as Beijing's, along with parts of India and Taiwan. Russia is run by klepto-capitalists, the kind the US power elites usually makes alliance with, and has a shrinking population, and a one-trick-pony economy of selling oil. But...until Trump, China was the good guys and Russia the dangerous bad guys. Many still see it that way. How did this happen? How did the Russian capitalist nation become the enemy, and a Chinese communist nation the good guys? Why? BlackRock, WalMart, Apple, GM, Disney, the NBA et al are tight with the CCP, using their manufacturing platform, or investing in China land, or hoping to sell entertainment product. Trump endangered that relationship. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/17/technology/apple-china-privacy-censorship.html And now the Donks are calling for more internet censorship. Russia meddled in the election, and the kooks are posting untruths. Anyone who opposes the Donks is a Moscow stooge or a racist. W.- We just have different views on this matter. That's OK. I thought George Will's column was establishment PR, and an angry shout from the national security state. Oh gee, do you suppose Will carries water for the establishment right?
  6. Hey Paul, nice to hear from you. I hate to be so cynical, but both establishment parties are deeply embedded into networks of sponsors, the media and, of course, the global security state. So who gets to direct the largesse of federal outlays, the capricious application of taxes, and also control the vast regulatory state and foreign-military policy apparatus? There is an old saying: "First you have a movement, or a real cause. Then the movement becomes politics. Then politics becomes a business. At last, the business becomes a racket." Washington long ago entered the racket stage. I am not here to defend Trump, or Trump's ugliest backers. Trump is not defensible as a person. But the mainstream media and establishment Washington had their long knives out for Trump from before the day he set foot in the White House. The Donks and 'Phants fight for control of the treasures, whether against each other or Trump. The whole Russiagate story is a cotton-candy confection, a nutritionless gossamer of fantasy that melts away into nothing. And the Wuhan lab leak theory was "debunked"? Really? I could go on. The narrative was what mattered, not the reality.
  7. The fight in Washington is over who controls the selling, and who is the honored buyer.
  8. Kirk- Your advice is divine. But this is no joke---these are the ads through which Russians collusionists tipped the 2016 election to Trump. So we are told. So be forewarned. Also, one of the Jan. 6 rioters-insurrectionists tried to sell Pelosi's laptop to Russia's SVR. See how the Trumper's are? They steal laptops and give them to the Russians. Just like the Biden laptop. So wipe that seraphic grin off your face, and get down to business. Trump-Moscow is no joke.
  9. Trump strikes me as a nut-job. The government can maliciously prosecute a nut job and his cohorts, and the media can maliciously prosecute anyone remotely connected to a nut job. As for the 'Phants or the Donks, please start a third party. I hope all 'Phants or Donks take Trump's advice, and do not run in the next election.
  10. Congratulations to the JFK Lancer team for "toughing it out" and still putting on the conference, and here is to success in getting to website up and running....
  11. W.- You mistake my motives. I am not defending Trump. I am viewing the modern government-corporate media state with a skeptical eye. You are skeptical of the approved party lines, government press releases, and media coverage of 9/11 and the JFKA. But now you cite a government press release?
  12. https://taibbi.substack.com/p/konstantin-kilimnik-russiagates-last?token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxMTY3NzcwMSwicG9zdF9pZCI6NDI1MzIwNTksIl8iOiIvL3EyRCIsImlhdCI6MTYzNDE2OTU3MywiZXhwIjoxNjM0MTczMTczLCJpc3MiOiJwdWItMTA0MiIsInN1YiI6InBvc3QtcmVhY3Rpb24ifQ.0GW7AI3Yu4NYRULhQ6kQ5L_vP5K7mMkTqU0I76XNUzk "There is no there, there." Apologies to Gertrude Stein.
  13. I viewed from afar Dick Gregory, and enjoyed this review of the Showtime documentary. And yes, political assassinations are still not a polite topic of discussion.
  14. Joe B. Oh, I agree. As you know, many posit LHO never went to Mexico City, and if he did, he was impersonated at times. But, dang it, I saw this TV clip somewhere along the line....which indicated to me that Kostikov met with the "real" LHO...
  15. Thanks for posting. I see Eladio Del Valle named in the tabloid. He has always interested me.
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