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  1. W.-- BTW, see my response to Ron. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty, regardless of political stripe. This has to be the standard. Yes, there are times when this is a difficult standard to uphold. But the option is...witch-hunts. A witch-hunt is declaring people guilty who have never been found guilty in a court of law. Manafort was found guilty of violating tax and lobby laws, but nothing else. If there is evidence Manafort was actually an agent of the Kremlin, did that evidence hold up in a court of law? My recall is that he was never even prosecuted in that regard. On Mr Buffalo Horns, it is possible he was involved in a government entrapment. I would like to know. He may be the gullible sort. Who gave Mr. Buffalo Horns $500 to go to Washington? As you know, many government cases against "terrorists" seem to involve suspects who would not have engaged in any acts without extensive government-agent facilitation. PS I am not a Trump supporter. Nor a Biden supporter. In fact, I have lost faith in both parties. To me, the Donkettes, the 'Phants, national security state, the aligned media, the globalists, are a blob.
  2. No, Jake Angeli, aka Mr Buffalo Horns, is innocent until proven guilty. I would defend that standard for you, or any other citizen, of any political stripe, charged with a crime.
  3. "Prosecutors have alleged that Angeli [Mr. Buffalo Horns] believes he is an alien or higher being and is destined to ascend to another reality.[57]" Wiki
  4. In fact, if news accounts are accurate, Jake Angeli, aka Mr Buffalo Horns, aka Jacob Chansley, is being kept in solitary, which some experts say is a form of torture, and will drive a person crazy. "Angeli, who was charged under his legal name Jacob Chansley, has since been held in what his defense attorney said was solitary confinement, which has done damage to his mental well-being. Angeli was transported to a Colorado facility in June to undergo a court-ordered screening to determine whether he would be mentally fit for trial." ---30--- So, Mr Buffalo Horns was incarcerated in the Phoenix area after he turned himself in to the local FBI. To evaluate his mental health, he has been shipped to Colorado. From Wiki-- "Angeli has stated his belief that televisions and radios emit "very specific frequencies that are inaudible" and "affect the brain waves of your brain".[14] Angeli also stated his belief in the Bilderberg conspiracy and his belief that Freemasons designed Washington, D.C. according to "ley lines" that amplify the Earth's magnetic field.[14]" ---30--- This is the threat to the Republic? Mr Buffalo Horns was leading a regime-change operation?
  5. I have no idea who gave $500 to Mr Buffalo Horns, who apparently was a Phoenix gadfly known for standing outside the Arizona state legislative building and ranting, never violently. The reason I ask this question is many "terrorist" groups in the US turn out to have been organized and funded by federal authorities, through informants, plants and infiltration. The news articles seem to indicate Angeli has no previous arrest record, let alone convictions. But Angeli may have mental issues---exactly the character traits of other terrorists who have been arrested in "anti-terrorist" sting operations. Stay tuned. Maybe nothing there...or maybe something ugly.
  6. All the same, I wonder who gave Jake Angeli $500 to travel to Washington. Also, I prefer to consider fellow citizens (of all political stripes) innocent until proven guilty, a principle that should trump authoritarians using an individual to send a message. As of now, Jake Angeli, aka Mr. Buffalo Horns, is legally guilty of nothing and behind bars for six months and counting. Really?
  7. Oh, the cabalists had bigger plans for Mr. Buffalo Horns aka Jake Angeli. He presents such a threat to the Republic that he is being kept behind bars. For your safety. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-breaking/2021/07/06/release-denied-jake-angeli-qanon-shaman-who-raided-us-capitol/7877846002/ "In court, Watkins said that Angeli traveled to D.C. in a car with one other person and that an unnamed person gave him $500. Angeli, Watkins told the court, has provided the name of that person to the FBI." ---30--- Gee, I wonder who would give Mr. Buffalo Horns $500? Maybe the Gretchen Whitmer plotters? I am afraid, very afraid, of domestic subversives and foreign enemies. All the time. Afraid!
  8. I would like to know the true role of the man in the Buffalo-Horned Hat. If the Jan. 6 revolution-coup-insurrection-regime-change operation was successful, would he be the next Secretary of Defense? CIA Director? Mr. Buffalo Horns is playing dumb, as if he is some sort of half-wit rabble, with some mental issues. I am not buying that.
  9. That's a fair review. I have had reservations from the start on the acoustics evidence, which gives critics grounds to label the JFKA research community as "conspiracy nuts." I mean, if you place faith in the ever-evolving mumbo-jumbo of acoustics analysis, then what else do you believe in? There is hard evidence in the Z-film, and the fraudulent CE 399, and the fact that JFK and JBC were struck by separate bullets, beyond reasonable doubt. The work of Dan Hardway and John Newman all but confirms LHO as a CIA asset, at least. Perhaps a manipulated unwitting asset, but an asset. So, why was a CIA asset charged in the murder of JFK, and how did so many bullets get fired in such a brief time span? And who gave the word to Jack Ruby to do what he did?
  10. As Benjamin Franklin said, if you seek seek security before liberty, soon you will have neither....
  11. "Before JFK Revisited premiered to a hungry Cannes audience, Stone took the stage to rapturous applause...We sat down with him on the French Riviera to talk about it."---The Film Stage. Maybe a little rich, but after some of the poison darts, a welcome breather. And Jim DiEugenio finally gets a mention and acknowledgement.
  12. John Butler: While I am convinced a bullet struck JBC from behind, went through his rib and exited his chest, you raise a point I have not considered---the diameter of the bullet. The hole in JBC shirt is no larger than the one in JFK's shirt, see my post. It is a smidge larger than the diameter of a 6.5 bullet. But there is no proof that JBC was shot by a 6.5 bullet. I had assumed that for post. What if JBC had been shot with a Mauser 7.5? Even more so, the hole in JBC's shirt would be exactly sized to fit the bullet, from a non-tumbling shot.
  13. Well, I guess we have to disagree on this one. Not on global warming--though an amateur, I am concerned. Hey, I grew up in L.A, when it was a poison gas chamber, and the smog obscured objects a half-mile away. Long ago, I concluded no one has the right to poison air other people breath. Or the water. BTW, looks like solid-state batteries are on the cusp. This a major improvement, and should usher an end to the ICE. I hope it does, and most of Europe is banning new ICE sales in a just a few years. I was hoping to see Biden at least test-balloon the idea of an ICE ban, but nothing yet. A big X-prize for the first outfit to commercialize solid-state batteries is another idea. I mean big. Meanwhile, plant a lot of trees. Mulberry bushes and trees are very hardy.
  14. Slippery slope? I would say an "icy precipice." Egads, once censorship is in vogue...which it is becoming....
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