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  1. If your editing window isn't big enough to fit all the command icons along the top (Bold, Italic, Underline. etc.), some of the leftmost ones won't appear. And so you cannot change a font size or color, for example.) If you are using Windows, temporarily maximize the window and then you should be able to change the font size.
  2. LOL you have no idea what you are talking about. My proof doesn't do what Pat thinks it does. I've been thinking of how to explain the proof in a way that non-technical people can understand it. I'll write up a formal proof so you guys can go at it and try to find a flaw in it. I'm confident you won't be able to.
  3. Jonathan, Would you care to explain to readers of this thread how what Tom said has any relation to my statistical proof? Here's a clue for you: ZERO
  4. I'm glad you read my proof Jonathan. Though I'm surprised you found a flaw in it, given that nobody else has been able to. What exactly is the flaw? Or are you just making stuff up again?
  5. Roughly 40 of the 45 gaping head wound witnesses said early on that the wound was located on the back of the head and not at the top. It is statistically impossible for that many witnesses to all get the location wrong. So Jeremy is wrong in this instance. This is proof that the Z film has been altered. As has the back-of-head autopsy photo.
  6. Matt, I watched this video a day or two ago. If anybody wants to know the truth about what's happening with congressional Democrats regarding the Biden presidential run, AOC will give it to you straight. I didn't post the video here because it is long. But I did watch the whole thing. AOC wants Biden to stay in the race. She doesn't ask others to feel the same way. She just explains why she does. Bernie Sanders wants Biden to stay in too.
  7. @Jeremy Bojczuk I understand that you believe it was the U.S. government that covered up the assassination and chose Oswald after the assassination to take the blame. Following are my questions for you. From your point of view: How did the coverup artists plan to handle any films or photos that showed up indicating there were other shooters? Or showing Oswald outside during the shooting? How did the coverup artists plan to handle any witnesses who might have seen Oswald busy doing something else during the shooting? It is a known fact that McGeorge Bundy radioed LBJ on Air Force One while he was flying back to Washington and told him that there was no communist conspiracy and that Oswald had been arrested for the crime. In other words, the government had already chosen a patsy to take the blame. My question is, how was it possible for the government to have made that decision so quickly if the assassination plotters played no pre-assassination roll in setting up Oswald as the patsy?
  8. Truman was known for his integrity, not his charisma. The modern presidents with the greatest charisma were: FDR JFK Reagan Clinton Obama
  9. Well sorry Bill, but there isn't always a handy JFK around to nominate. You're upset with Democratic primary voters? Since you're so smart and know who the most JFK/Truman-like candidates (whatever that means) have been, why don't you tell us who the best Democratic candidates for president have been. (BTW, Truman had little charisma.) Huh? First the voters pick the best candidate in the primary, and then the voters stay home because they won't vote for this (the best) candidate on election day? That doesn't make sense. Or, maybe your point is that the primary voters don't vote for the best candidate. They vote for someone they each like the most, but there is disagreement and so the candidate(s) they like don't win the primary. All I can say is that that is the way voting works. I personally have extremely little say who gets nominated, and precisely nothing to say on election day. I live in a red state.
  10. It wasn't for not trying, Bill. You seem to think that Democrats can pass any legislation they want to. Well they can't. These days we can count on Republicans to obstruct most anything Dems like, and supermajorities are often needed to pass bills even when we control Congress.
  11. Ron, I like that song and was curious how he got "it out of that," as you put it. So I did a little research. According to Wikipedia, when Paul Simon 's dog died he wondered how he would react if his wife died. Also from Wikipedia, Simon liked the phrase "mother and child reunion" which he got from a Chinese dish made with chicken and egg. (Mother/child, chicken/egg... get it?) "Mother and child reunion" represents the two reuniting once both have died, just as is the case with the Chinese dish. (Both the chicken and the egg are dead.) mother and child reunion (metaphor) ---> afterlife reunion (literal meaning) Replacing the metaphor with literal meaning in the lyrics, we get: No, I would not give you false hope On this strange and mournful day But the mother and child reunion afterlife reunion Is only a motion away Simon doesn't want to give himself false hope that he will reunite with his wife in the afterlife (because that is just something some people believe), but it could happen and it's only "a motion" (an accident, stroke, etc.) away. If you read the full lyrics after that single exchange of words, it all makes sense. Makes me want to write to Simon and let him know what his song means.
  12. CORRECTION: There were no witnesses to Oswald shooting on 11/22/63. Cliff, Your correction appears to be identical to your earlier, uncorrected statement. (Except that it includes the date.) Am I misunderstanding something? <scratching head>
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