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  1. Jim, Armstrong talks about Victoria Adams' late claim that she did NOT encounter Shelley and Lovelady in theTSBD between 38:00 to 45:00. He calls this reversal a hoax, which is a serious charge against Barry Ernest. Armstrong claims that Adams indeed did see Shelley and Lovelady upon exiting the flight of steps on the first floor. I don't buy it. We have a number of films and photographs showing Billy Lovelady standing on one of the upper TSBD steps, on the western half of the steps. We can see him move around a bit, but he stays in the same general area. We last see him before th
  2. I don't think so, Dennis. After all, you had to throw in James Garfield to complete your list of ten. He served only six months before being assassinated... perhaps he wasn't in office long enough for you to learn to hate.
  3. I suspect that Pelosi feared that everybody getting $600 checks signed by Donald Trump would help him win the election. And so Pelosi was in no mood to compromise. I suspect that McConnell felt the same way. He wasn't interested in a longer Trump term that would only serve to further split the party. Trump was already too powerful as it was. And so McConnell was in no mood to compromise.
  4. Kirk, Thanks for your comments... I found them to be enlightening and amusing. One of my reasons for asking Dennis and Jim D. for their top 10 presidents is because it seemed to me that they'd be unable to pick that many whose presidencies they could stomach. If not, I don't know if that would indicate that their expectations are unreasonably high, or if the Democratic platform doesn't align well with their ideologies.
  5. Thanks W. It's good to see that I'm not the only one to take note of Obama's greatest first-term accomplishments. Thanks also to Cliff for noting his greatest second-term accomplishments.
  6. Sandy, if you re-read that list I rather hastily concocted, Jefferson was on there and LBJ was not. Dennis, When I first posted that poll showing Obama at #8, you said that Truman didn't belong there and that several others on the list were overrated. I crossed all those off my list to make it agree with your sentiments. Jefferson was one of those you'd said was overrated. Later, when you posted your top 10, you apparently changed your mind and put Jefferson on your list. I didn't notice that you'd changed your mind, and that is why Jefferson remained crossed off.
  7. Jim, You make many good points. But the following is where I am coming from: Scholarly polls -- like the presidential rankings -- are useful for people who aren't knowledgeable enough to form their own opinions on a topic, and don't have a pundit whose opinions on the topic they trust. Even if the scholars are influenced by "the establishment," their opinions will surely be more reliable than those of some opinionated stranger walking by. And so I use them at times. If you don't mind my asking, who would you list as your top ten presidents? In deciding, please do not give qualif
  8. A year or two ago I heard that Willie Nelson sold his 100 acre ranch near Birdseye, Utah. We pass by it on Memorial Days to visit my parents' graves. (My mother was born in nearby Fairview, current population 1247.) I wonder if that sale was to help pay off his IRS debt. It a nice area for horse riding, if that's your thing.
  9. Dennis, Thanks for your reply. The reason I asked for your presidential rankings is because you so quickly dismissed the list I presented (with Obama at #8) because it has Truman in the top 10. And then said the list was too generous with the rankings of T. Roosevelt, Jefferson, Eisenhower, and Reagan. So in the list I presented, you rejected those that I've crossed out here: Lincoln Washington F.D. Roosevelt T. Roosevelt Jefferson Truman Eisenhower Obama Reagan L.B. Johnson I was surprised because T. Roosevelt, Jef
  10. Hey Dennis, if you don't mind my asking, how would you rank your top 10 presidents? I'm curious.
  11. We don't NEED this thread... we LIKE it. It's like the office water cooler where we can hang out and shoot the breeze. And so far the boss (admin) hasn't complained. It's only one thread which disinterested members can choose to ignore.
  12. That is what Dennis Berube thinks of Obama's presidency. Let's see how it compares to a poll taken of 170 scholar members of the American Political Science Association in 2018. Here is the ranking according to them (click on the link for the complete list of presidents): Lincoln Washington F.D. Roosevelt T. Roosevelt Jefferson Truman Eisenhower Obama Reagan L.B. Johnson o o o o o 44. Trump Surprise! It's nice to see that well informed ex
  13. Quoting from this Investor's Business Daily column by Robert Samuelson: There is no mystery about Barack Obama's greatest presidential achievement: He stopped the Great Recession from becoming the second Great Depression. True, he had plenty of help, including from his predecessor, George W. Bush, and from the top officials at the Treasury and Federal Reserve. But if Obama had made one wrong step, what was a crushing economic slump could have become something much worse. I was watching a lot of CNBC at the time and there were a lot of economists and other financial experts worried ab
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