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  1. Well maybe Joe because Hill was protecting Jackie and she was in another room during the autopsy. So it makes sense for him to be in the building.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Grassy-Knoll-James-Files/dp/B08LSK6NQR
  3. Correct. It is odd that some ague Dealey was actually a mini-Republican convention that day. I guess to these individuals their conspiracy is shaped by their political views while glossing over LBJ and associates.
  4. Lots of reading. I will let you know after I get it read.
  5. Your arguments are not scientific merely because you proclaim them to be. I have tried to discuss the issue with you but you resort, time and time again, to your “analysis” on anyone that disagrees with you. When you have proof Waldo was there feel free to answer my questions posed to you. Until then I yawn, regret my wasted time having to type these responses, and move to more intelligent pursuits.
  6. The above “analysis” is why the media, academia, etc. frown on conspiracy theories. Reread the analysis. Basically, if you do not agree with a Harvard trained expert you 1-are weak minded 2- need your eyes checked, etc. I could share more examples but why? When someone resorts to name calling to win what should be a professional discussion, well it is not so professional. Many people here have stated it is not him but apparently are mocked both physically and cognitively. Well, sometimes the loudest person in the room is the most incorrect because factually that person lacks any basis
  7. You will probably get photographic “evidence” from some members. Lol. At least your posts show you are trying to follow real evidence. Cheers Mervyn.
  8. “The man’s bona fides are very hard to dismiss out of hand.” That is what they said about DeLorean. Joe, your above statement is applicable because you are hearing what you want to hear. Applied to JFK, for example, there are a lot of people with whom you should agree have bona fides but they support the Warren Commission and/or the view that LHO did it. Yet you would not accept their viewpoint simply based upon their bona fides. Did you consider this news story could be a hoax?
  9. I think I have been very clear. Not sure why you are asking me what I meant. Stick to the evidence. These photo comparison arguments are subjective. You are going down a rabbit hole. Not sure how much more clear I can be. Mark’s excellent post and Cinque’s argument show people disagree on photos.
  10. Joe, Joe, don’t open up a can of worms. Cinque writes on his site how that picture was NOT Ruby. Not saying I agree but... stick to the evidence.
  11. Aliens? Oh my! But were they in Dealey Plaza? LOL. Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it (nbcnews.com)
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