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  1. Once Posner was quoted in the piece, I walked away. You are correct Jim.
  2. So, to be clear, government regulation of business when it comes to speech/content ok -in your view-on other media such as books, magazines, newspapers, film and tv. Government regulation of hiring/firing practices, insurance, pay rate all ok too in your view. But in your view social media is a special entity which enjoys immunity from government regulation? lol, ok. I’ll have seconds in the cafeteria line. One cannot have enough ambrosia.
  3. I have to correct you Ron, regulated seatbelts which are up to code and proper applicable standards save lives. A rope is not a good seatbelt.
  4. So Cliff, just to make sure I understand you, you would not want any government regulation over social media moderation. Is that correct? Yet are you perfectly fine with government regulation of other business actions, i.e. whom to hire/fire? The government currently regulates so many areas of private business. Thus, this seems odd because if you want private business to be regulated by the government in some areas but say they are free to do what they want in other areas, despite the fact that business actions Both affect, and have an effect on, freedoms, then you are are viewing the c
  5. Cliff, what is social media? By its name one assumes media and therefore not necessarily press but simply a medium for people to contribute her/his opinions on a matter. Assuming it is more like the press -which lacks the social media public input but is more output by the entity- this “media“ can be regulated to some extent by the government, i.e. newspapers, television, radio, magazines etc. If it is not press, but more of a forum for discussion, it is more like a business and can be regulated by the government. It is odd that people are concerned with the government regulatin
  6. Rabbits don’t create holes that deep Cliff. Avoiding them can be a good choice.
  7. Well maybe Joe because Hill was protecting Jackie and she was in another room during the autopsy. So it makes sense for him to be in the building.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Grassy-Knoll-James-Files/dp/B08LSK6NQR
  9. Correct. It is odd that some ague Dealey was actually a mini-Republican convention that day. I guess to these individuals their conspiracy is shaped by their political views while glossing over LBJ and associates.
  10. Lots of reading. I will let you know after I get it read.
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