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  1. This guy could get away with saying things no other comedian could. He actually lost his job at SNL news for his news commentary about OJ at the bottom, because he stepped on NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer's, toes, who was a friend of OJ. Norm Mac Donald dead at 61. RIP
  2. Coulda, shoulda, woulda!--- Ben what you neglect to mention in the article is that Trump tried to get us out of our military commitments on Nov. 9th, 2020, out of sheer desperacy after he lost the election. At that point he had no power at all and was a lame duck President who no one would follow. The irrefutable facts are that Biden got out of Afghanistsan and did it in the first 8 months of his Presidency and is facing the heat Trump do didn't have the courage to face . From your article. When it came down to it, Trump was indecisive. In the view of top officials, he did not seem to want to own the consequences of a precipitous withdrawal. That's because he's never taken an action he had to be responsible for.. By the spring of 2017, two generals Trump had installed in top positions — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in an interagency process run by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster — had begun working on an option to send 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. What President whose really serious about withdrawing troops would put 2 generals as Defense Secretary and National Security Advisor? And he'd actually bragged about it, that he had the 2 toughest guys in the toughest posts! Like he was going to be the tough guy President , and he actually bragged about increasing Defense spending. Obviously he was confused. There are many stories about how Presidents select certain cabinet members. Some were just from articles that were previously published. Unfortunately Trump doesn't read. He just wasn't prepared to be President. McMaster was replaced in March 2018 and Trump's third national security adviser, John Bolton, was a notorious advocate for U.S. military interventionism. Then he hires Bolton , the biggest hawk in Washington! You can't make this stuff up. Do you think subconsciously he just wanted this whole disarmament thing to fail? Just like people around Nixon ignoring his attempts at martial law. Is it really just another stock "military deep state conspiracy". Sure they didn't want to hear his occasional disarmament rantings amongst his tough talk about things such as seizing the oil from Iraq?He appointed Generals for chrissake!. While in office, he could have truly made his peaceful intentions known to the American people and been consistent, but he didn't. . Since you always seem to come back to Trump and the raw deal you think he got, It sounds like you had great hopes for him. I would have given him credit had he wound down the war state. If he wanted to reach across the aisle to the Dem doves, he was in a unique position to wind down the war state and also get credit for breaking the R&D stalemate in Washington. I honestly believe that was possible. Blame the Deep State for the umpteenth time for holding back Trump for something Biden in part accomplished in his first 8 months.But one's character and presence actually matters, and the fundaments just weren't there, and as an executive, the guy just couldn't string anything together.
  3. Doug: The number of Afghans in the two priority groups could surpass 145,000 when including family members, according to an estimate by the Association of Wartime Allies. 145,000 people? I'm sure there are a lot of Afghans who once gave us a cab ride who would like to relocate to the U.S. even if they're in no political danger. Did you ever count on us evacuating 200,000 Afghan people? I don't think the U.S. ever counted on processing all those people. They're doing a lot of this on the seat of the pants, but now under increased international political and media pressure. Doug: Elon Musk twitted when Biden’s fiasco first emerged that world war is now likely, maybe even inevitable. Elon Musk? War between whom? He does says off the wall crap sometimes, amidst some good stuff about things he knows about. The commentator in the Sky News video also implied that this could occur and that the U.S. might initiate a nuclear was when we realized all was lost and that we had been cornered. Cornered? Explain the chain of events by how "all will be lost" and we'll be "cornered" into starting a nuclear war? So Blinken resigns, then what? What do you propose? ***** Doug:The Trump Surrender Treaty plan was devised some time ago by Putin and his think tank in Moscow. It was presented to President Trump for implementation with the Taliban, which he as their faithful agent successfully undertook to accomplish. That wouldn't surprise me at all. Particularly given that it was negotiated without the presence of the Afghan government. But a lot of time has elapsed. Why hasn't anybody said a peep, at least about what a poor negotiation it was? Doug:Today I think many American would say “better dead than Red” although there are also many who think highly of Putin and of authoritarian government. That sounds like a lot of cold war rhetoric to me. So how are we in danger of going red?
  4. Right on W.! Bret Stephens has always been a silver spoon neocon! But Doug's other link was about as bad. Of course who would be more scornful of us than the Brits. Doug's link is from this old Brit, cold warrior fossil, Andrew Bolt and his "Bolt report".. "Yes very telling indeed!!!" .It's American "wokeness" that now translates as to the U.S. having "no backbone", and is now "completely untrustworthy to it's allies". " It's not just a political decline , it's a cultural decline". "A delicious irony!" It's like the last days of "the fall of the Roman empire". And are now "vulnerable to Russia, China and Iran!" "Catastrophic for the U.S.and Biden must own it!" Yes, very delicious indeed! Bolt hits upon this story that American left zillions in armaments and bundles of money to the Taliban, then shows a news clip of a room where there's all sort of confiscated arms, and there are big grey bricks of cash in rows that look to be at least 10's of millions of dollars that allegedly the Americans just forgot and left!!. The only thing is, I'm pretty sure I remember that film clip as being from around 2006 in Afghanistan during the Bush administration, Subsequent guests made reference to the U.S. leaving arms but didn't mention the bundles of cash because I'm pretty sure their film is 15 years old! Doug, I'm not sure you should be watching so much satellite TV.
  5. Ben, I like that appeal to W. as far as Liz Cheney exhibiting "earnestness and fairness" at the hearings! As if she has "super woman" powers and going to run the table. If you've seen any of these hearings, they're all permitted about 5 minutes. It's mostly just a show trial. She'll be intense in her questioning and make the nightly news, but she'll be pursuing questions any of us would have. In the end, whether she was there or not, I'm not sure it matters much. As for the hearings, I have no idea effective they'll be, but I have my doubts. In the last impeachment trial they didn't call a key witness John Bolton, it seems because they didn't want to play spoiler for his upcoming book.. They're certainly talking tough like giving subpoenas to the Trump family, Kevin Mc Carthy, Jim Jordan,and also getting extensive phone records from Boebert, Greene, Gaetz, Gohmert and Biggs, Gosar and Mo Brooks who I'm particularly curious about.. I'd expect at least that, otherwise it's a joke. But of course, they'll either fight it, or they can just take he witness stand and lie about their communications anyway. But even if they couldn't prove there was extensive planning, if the President was revealed to be dragging in his response to stop an insurrection he started, to most Americans that is a big deal. I know you're worried about the national security state, as we all are, but I have no idea what an individual, including a President, could possibly do to upset you Ben. In The America I grew up in, if you were a crook, you better be good at it, or you lose! But there was at least a quest for excellence.Now a President can foment an uprising to nullify a legitimate election and we forgive him because he's so inept at it. heh heh Re congress: It's like a third of the country's in a grade school that's been taken over by a bully, and even the janitors are fleeing. Then we should send a message out to the Republican Trumpies, that we don't care how absurd you are, BS walks straight into a jail, but I don't think the hearings are designed to do that.
  6. Lawrence, I thought your letter hit the spot. Biden has campaigned under a slogan that government can work for the people. Obviously if government is hiding secrets. It's not working for the people. Unlike issues such as the Sirhan parole, Biden could use a freer disclosure policy to his political advantage as in theory, everyone wants freer government disclosure, and particularly now, there is a clamoring for it by both the right and the left. Even if Biden was another cynical politician, if he was capable of thinking out of the box enough. I think this issue could actually be a small winner for him.
  7. That's where your heartaches begin, Elvis Ben: My take on US politics these days is exhausted resignation, I am disappointed that the first US political movement to challenge to national security state-foreign policy Deep State prerogatives in 50 years...is the regrettable Trumpers. Yes, and that's why you were always doomed to failure. Mostly because you're initial premise is wrong. Ben:My take is Liz Cheney loathes, detests and reviles Trumpers most of all for...not their domestic politics, but their "isolationist" foreign policy Trump js not, and never been an isolationist, he's personally more a globalist with global interests throughout the world than any previous President. He is absolutely not an ideologue at all. But reacts internationally mostly from the perspective of how it effects his personal interests. Similarly the rank and file people who follow him are not at all ideological other than some,misplaced anger against the "government" or authority that you've sort of glomed on to as ideology. .. There was never anything more to it. Whatever sort of anti globalist populist rhetoric Trump had in speeches was not from Trump himself but was given to him by Steve Banon. Though I do have some sympathy for your misdirection, I've tried to dialog with you about a world without globalism and the U.K."s role in it , and history without it , but you choose not to.. The same condition to the prospect of anti globalism doesn't really exist as much in the U.S. as the U.S. is this biggest world consumer bubble that foreign countries cutthroat vie for a piece of, but few can compete for. Just sayin" As for your lead character, Liz Cheney and now endless speculation about her sympathy to some role her father had in 911, I won't even address. But your previous assertions that she's become a kingpin in the Democratic Party was honestly wacko. Liz Cheney is a politician, without a political party, whose operating under the present illusion that she can bring her party back. Her chief antipathy to Trump is not that Trump pulled off any coup in world anti globalism, though regarding U.S. foreign intervention, it's true that she was more concerned about Trump's rhetoric then the eventual reality, but far more than either of those is her anger toward Trump for destroying the Republican Party.
  8. You're right Steve, If they didn't believe they were conspiracies, they could hardly be called gutless. When I say "gutless". I'm referring to those who were silent for many years and have recently come out this century. If they believed that, why were they quiet for so many years? I suspect the Kennedy's are like a lot of families, they have some believers, some agnostics and some skeptics.
  9. Like Ben, not being a photo expert. I've been rather agnostic about the fakery of the BYP, and that could easily fall within the biography build of Oswald.. The shadows argument I was never sure of, but I didn't think was as clear cut as the photo skeptics alleged. I always thought it curious that they would insert an Oswald head leaving the old chin. Why not just import Oswald's whole head and let the shadows below on the neck play to your obvious advantage? Yes it seems to me the chin could look different. but that kind of variation exists within photos that have been taken of ourselves. The posturing angle, that Oswald was so so off balance never impressed me much. The scope missing in the retouching of the photo and the being casually passed off would appear to me to be the the strongest point for fakery and resembles Gerald Ford's admission of altering the location of the JFK neck wound, and in any mind should arouse some suspicion.. I'm not making an argument against the fakery. I'm an agnostic. But nobody yet has given a substantive critique of the fakery critique. The closest Jim alludes to about points 2 and 3. Though he doesn't get specific. As usual the next thing is to a attack the messenger. Having said that, I think Anthony's background check of Farid is valuable, and well worth mentioning but not conclusive of any conspiracy to debunk the photo. I think the guy probably sincerely believes it's bunk. Isn't a big point made for the BYP fakery about Buddy White, or what's his face?? I don't want to look up his name, but the cop who died and left the doctored BYP photos and his son claims was involved in the JFKA. Those stories will always be hard to dissuade to people who believe them. I'm a bit of an agnostic as well on that. .
  10. Geez, Ben, what's with your hero Glen Greenwald?? Is Biden's pulling out of Afghanistan making him lose income, and then his mind? Why would he choose to retweet this quote from Alexandra Chalupa? Hasn't he always seen Putin as a hapless victim of the U.S. Deep State's Russia Gate? And now he agrees that Putin holds all the cards and was in fact, controlling Trump and now Bernie as well?. I'm confused. Is this a sea change? Or is Glen just getting bored with the old conspiracy roles? https://twitter.com/intent/retweet?ea_u=3236227254&ea_e=1631899499&tweet_id=1433799641104007168&ea_s=51f1be2f798d01fe92958977ce8a7128703463a5&cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjcw%3D%3D&refsrc=email It’s time for the media to admit Bernie, like Trump, was cultivated by the KGB decades ago and part of Putin’s hybrid warfare against the U.S. Both campaigns had top advisors who influence peddled for the Kremlin together and ran complementary playbooks; i.e., Manafort & Devine.
  11. Well if what you say is true Ben, then this reluctance to get out should boil over pretty quick. And I'd like that. But if the msm is nonstop coverage of "misery and unrest in Afghanistan" for the next few months. . Because I wouldn't want to go back into Afghanistan , that doesn't mean I don't care about Afghani atrocities. After all, they are people. Just like you were saying fondly about the rioters in 1/6, that you like them because, to you they represent "the downtrodden, the unprivileged, the disenfranchised," etc. Oh that's right you've had a change of heart and now they're "cretins", right?? heh heh!
  12. Doug: The bottom line is that virtually everyone who closely follows foreign affairs as much as domestic affairs believes Biden has committed a geopolitical error of incalculable magnitude that puts our country in mortal danger. I concur in that assessment. **** Ho! virtually everyone Doug? Or maybe....anybody whose anybody??? Just like virtually everyone who believes JFK was killed because of the Alien Presence? Huh! Well uhh.... thanks for the dialog Doug! Whoever would have thought that Joe Biden would become the next Eugene Mc Carthy, and we'd become a nation of hawks and doves again?. ***** I was saying this awhile back. People here project that all presidents are hostage to the Defense Establishment which is largely as powerful as it was during the JFK era. 50 years have passed. Times actually change! -We got into the Iraq War and our extended occupation of Afghanistan through George W. Bush and his PNAC group. He was under no pressure from the militarily or politically to start a war in Iraq. He did it to himself, and all of us and the rest of the world. Each successive President, Obama, Trump and Biden could have taken the heat and gotten out of Afghanistan and only Biden chose to, and he's taking the heat. i could see particularly from a foreigner watching the U.S. aggressive foreign policy over the years. It would seem very spooky. What is it that prompts all these U.S.Presidents to invade countries and continually perpetuate war, then the next thought is what's this, some ungodly cabal similar to the ones that killed JFK that force the President, or else? To demystify this from the military dictating policy to each successive President, the truth is there's a whole other factor involved, and that is the complicity of the American people. There are whole towns and medium size and rather large cities where the Defense industry is the chief employer, and the entire economy revolves around the federal defense budget. This is more true in red states , where the defense industries dominate the general output because their overall economies are smaller. To the extent that the American people also buy into this false narrative of every successive President's beholding to the mighty Defense establishment, That's really not taking responsibility. Americans, themselves are a very security minded people. There are many people in the U.S. who buy this credo of American Exceptualism, and have a mindset that they are indispensable to the free functioning of any world that they would ever consider living in. The problem lies largely within ourselves.
  13. That's true Ron, but that's nothing new. This is going to sound harsh, but the Kennedy family always been rather, I would say gutless. Certainly no one can say, they spoke out with courage. And after the JFKA, many were looking for some grasp of a hand. They've never really been any help, or source of encouragement to the JFKAC until relatively very recent history. We have the presupposition that RFK was keeping silent until he planned to open an investigation into the death of his brother once he was elected President, which could be true, but I never really bought into it much. But still, that could explain a few things. But what possible political reason could the successive generations have for keeping shut?. No one would necessarily begrudge the Kennedy' clan for using their resources to further pursue investigating the assassinations of their family members. In fact they would have been a very potent force at keeping the outrage and the skepticism fresh in the public mind when the trail was fresh. I'm not sure what future political aspirations would hamper them as in the alleged case of Bobby, but certainly none of those aspirations ever came to be played out.
  14. I'm not sure if subsequent posts were pro staying in Afghanistan or not , but I'll try to address what Doug's saying. Doug: In my opinion America and the free would will pay heavily in geopolitics for what Biden had done. In his speech yesterday he claimed he had ended the "Forever War." Ok, so what do you propose? Are you making the argument we should stay indefinitely because after all it's only 20-30 billion a year to employ a small force of 2500 who keep things reasonably stable in at least Kabul? Doug: In my opinion America and the free would will pay heavily in geopolitics for what Biden had done. In his speech yesterday he claimed he had ended the "Forever War." Then he went on to declare a new war, this one on terrorists who threaten America. But that's not a new war, presumably isn't that what we say we've been doing for the last 20 years? But we don't know the working reality of that statement. He's done the deed and how do we know he's not just trying to assure the hawks that America just won't roll over in the future. We don't know how much commitment that statement entails. RE New Yorker article:200,000 people Doug? So we're a lot better at making friends than I ever thought we were! So we owe it to everybody whoever co operated with us? I'm not going to trust the Taliban , but is there any point in them seeking reprisals on 200,000 people? They've got a country to run and have to understand to keep it from crumbling they are going to need some cooperation from world community. Doug: China now knows it can move against Taiwan. The terrorists now know they can move against America's homeland, maybe as proxies for China and Russia. I'm not sure what you mean specifically by the Middle East terrorists moving against the U.S in our homeland as proxies, but we certainly can't be sure to be safe , from terrorist attacks based within the U.S.. China moving against Taiwan is the big one, isn't it? But of course Taiwan has the "silicon shield" . In some senses Taiwan Semi conductor has the whole world hostage and if it was, for any reason, to stop production, the world would be shut down. So they hold some chips against a Chinese invasion. Of course, you have an impressive resume Doug. I've won a couple of Mandarin Speech contests and was considering being an interpreter many years ago, but decided i didn't want to go that route. But it did leave me some knowledge about the Chinese culture. This could sound Pollyanneish , but they've had a long history of being invaded but not being an imperialist power. They seem to be intent on taking over the world economically using far less weapons and bombs than our history shows we have. We'll see if that's where history's trending. We largely gave them Hong Kong. But in the meantime,let's hope we'll l be hearing mostly a lot of saber rattling about them taking over some largely uninhabited South Seas Islands.
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