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  1. Ben:No, I do not regard Trump as a saint. To be clear. I hardly said after acknowledging your adverbs, that you think Trump is a saint. I said your key premise that Trump is anti globalist is just false. Ben: I define my preferred US foreign-military policy as "non-interventionist." Well you might be surprised but from what I've gathered most people here want at least a much more non interventionist U.S. foreign policy. Ben:I would like Iraq and Afghanistan (or any other nation) to blossom into democracies, and even to have large private-sectors. What I want and what can
  2. You're definitely the only here obsessed with that Brian Sicknick story, Benjamin. You've mentioned it a number of times even injecting into other detailed thesis of yours to the point that I was wondering. "How did this get here?" You are certainly sure of yourself about this.You certainly wanted this to be your "scoop" What are your sources? You've written a lot of stuff here. It would a long while to respond to every thing. I'm going to try to focus on a few things.I appreciate your scope. When I first came to the forum, The devil always seemed to be the exact same deep state governm
  3. This to people who are curious about the U.S. political process, like I am is fascinating. And even more so because it comes from a quarter I don't like. If this was aired on PBS, I didn't see it, but I haven't watched a lot of TV lately. What can I say, as not necessarily a "dyed in the wool" Democrat, but always as the loyal opposition, I've always hated ace Republican poster Frank Luntz. A few years back when we had the latest incarnation of Democrats advocating that the super wealthy should pay more their fair share of taxes, they proposed a bump in the inheritance tax of taxpay
  4. All very cool, Robert! I always wondered if Phil Ochs might have been the initial inspiration for that opening socially conscious Dylan stage.
  5. My cage is rattled Chris? I wasn't driven to call you a N-z-! It sounds like you're coming unglued again, like you've very embarrassingly done with Cliff and Kerry, hurling slurs, and then not owning your hostilities and in this case, trying to project them on me.
  6. No time for cuteness, Do you think you're fooling anybody including the mods, by calling somebody a "n-z-" here Chris?? You notice my comment was a joke. But most off us want to keep people from countries with dangerous variants who refuse to get a vaccine from entering our country. That makes sense. As I said earlier, the biggest expat populations are from 1)Mexico and 2.The U.K. and their most common destination is the U.S. And we can pick and choose, and what's in it for us? And for that, no one deserves name calling. What I see is earlier I brought up the fallacy and the natura
  7. Everyone has the right to refuse vaccination. (Just keep out of my country, you filthy slobs!..heh heh) And people who might be ashamed to disclose they're not vaccinated or fear some reprimand certainly don't have to reveal their choices under everyday circumstances. But if you're a public figure, that's out the window! If President or even non President Trump gets vaccinated, the public has a right to know and he's a bum for not revealing it when it happened! Similarly, we have a whole group of Fox newscasters who have now been eligible for vaccine who, for a year now have been poking
  8. Wow Dennis, that was like a very delayed corona virus vaccine adverse reaction,(which I'm sure you're an expert about) but actually infinitely less clear.
  9. I know Paul, I was just trying to keep it somewhat informal. 😀
  10. Jim Di has never been one for nuance, grey areas or both sides of a story and at least use to push his narrative like inbox boner pills. How nice it must be to be so certain! Jim said: Those nutty neo Nazis we backed in Ukraine are about to light tinder to a conflagration they will lose in spades. Yes Jim and Ollie Stone, like Putin have been warning us about a fascist takeover for about 6 years. But what happened? The Ukranian people overwhelmingly elected a comedian no less, and overturned over 80% of their parliament. You got to admit, that sounds pretty cool! It wou
  11. What I've always said about Yanukovych was, become elected as president. pilfer your Mother country to death of perhaps billions of dollars leaving behind an huge estate, and you get rewarded for it with................................................... an interview with Oliver Stone! Stone. normally a rather taciturn figure, have you ever seen him so happy?
  12. That's really funny Richard. i like those phone calls. Hey Pam, I tried to PM you.
  13. Boy, I'm not sure if this guy, Greenberg whose ratting on Matt Gaetz could be any more of a screw up. "Tiger King gets elected Tax Collector?" https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/11/us/politics/joel-greenberg-matt-gaetz.html?campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20210412&instance_id=29131&nl=the-morning&regi_id=61798350&segment_id=55394&te=1&user_id=48552702f942aacb0810b9de5ca41c55
  14. Yeah, Sturgis was the first I had heard about that. Jim, you didn't know Sturgis was the inspiration for Secret Agenda? heh heh
  15. Police Say an Antifa Activist Likely Shot at Officers. His Gun Suggests Otherwise. This is about the antifa guy in an Aug. 29 shooting death of a supporter of the far-right group Patriot Prayer during the summer’s street protests over race and policing in Portland. Investigators said that Michael Reinoehl probably opened fire before officers killed him last year. But some key evidence raises questions about that conclusion. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/10/us/michael-reinoehl-killing-investigation.html?campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20210411&instance_id=29113&am
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