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  1. Joe said: Biden's eventual improbable "plurality" only win, made possible because Bloomberg diluted Warren's and Sander's vote counts, which before Bloomberg entered the field were actually ahead of Bidens. First off, it was not a "plurality", or it would have gone to the second ballot at the convention. Joe, you're the only person in the world who believes that. Bloomberg never harbored a ghost's hope of taking votes from Warren or Sanders. He's a very ambitious guy whose aim was to take votes from Biden because Biden started out so poorly, he thought he could take over the centrist
  2. Ron,I know you're no supporter as you've said. But instead of Texas Governor Abbott being completely embarrassed and going off to lick his wounds after the Texas power debacle. He's doubling down, saying school's out for summer and lifting all mask restrictions in Texas right when we're making progress on the virus. https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-lifts-mask-mandate-opens-texas-100-percent Will I ever stop seeing General Barry Mc Caffrey on TV as a talking head, when they're "some threat" we should al know something about? Mean people suck!
  3. Why are you directing this at me? The only thing I said even remotely concerning Biden was really about Manchin and the $15 dollar minimum wage. But I do remember you showing us an editorial you wrote your readership in October where you praised Trump when he jumped on the Democrat bandwagon toward a $2000 payment to everyone, after he was party to denying you any kind of check from May to October, but you didn't tell your readership that. You made a reference to Trump caring about them when in reality it was a very transparent move to try to give everybody a check that he insists mus
  4. Fighting? Tanden 's been dead for a week. Biden met with Manchin probably saw it useless. It just wasn't at all a progressive victory for the Dems in the 2020 election. It was the narrowest of margins. The political reality is if you're a person who wants the biggest stimulus check you can get and a $15 minimum wage for all. Your person in Washington is Nancy Pelosi, believe it or not. If she had her way, you'd probably be $6000 dollars richer by now! She probably would have cut you a $1500 check starting last May, and every quarter since, or maybe $600 every month. People would have be
  5. All very cool. This was the R&R hit version of Apache with the warm Gibson hollow body sound that popularized Apache by Jorgen Ingmann . More rock history. This was the first big R&R hit that featured the synthesizer sound. Named after the first communication satellites. Actually a pretty song. Telstar
  6. Damn! Jim and Jeff can rejoice! Old nemesis Navalny won't be able to mouth off anymore. Putin sends him off to Gulag! Foiled again! https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/01/world/europe/navalny-prison-russia.html?campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20210301&instance_id=27632&nl=the-morning&regi_id=61798350&segment_id=52604&te=1&user_id=48552702f942aacb0810b9de5ca41c55
  7. ahem..I say Cliff, this word "butthole" leaves me rather flummoxed! Even more so the phrase 'Butthole surfing" though it does sound rather exhilarating indeed! Are these American colloquialisms? Anyway, a bit back we did a bit of a Byrd a thon that was largely of the early Byrd Dylan folk era. Here's some later Byrds. Hey where's Hugh? I always liked the intro. A little Byrd country action.
  8. That's a good thing. Doesn't really surprise me much as Biden started out more pro Labor. Definitely a good political opportunity to try to put some distance between the Democrats and the tech titans that's always such a blight from our Hollywood Foreign Press Association. heh heh
  9. I saw the middle half of that. I didn't see one reference to the JFKA. But I suppose all of them believe in the JFKA Conspiracy. We're like the originals, dude! They a see you Pat, and you tell them your work on the JFKA, they'd probably rip your clothes off! But inevitably if they talk with you they will end up feeling betrayed and disappointed that you're not down the wacko wabbit hole they've gone down, much as Wheeler was with his visit here.
  10. You'll probably have as hard a time proving that as we are pinning down if JFK was said he wanted to" scatter the CIA to the winds." I'm not sure anybody really "coined" it anymore than someone coined "philosophical theories" or "stolen election" theories. What else would you call a hypothesis involving a conspiracy that is yet to be proven? While I understand that it is a pejorative term for us, as it tends to throw us in bed with wackos such as Q anon. But what tight little phrase can you use to describe "the why" behind Q anon.? It's fueled by conspiracy (adjective) theories (noun).
  11. It's a cycle that started first with spikes of exposure during the holidays, then spikes of infection, followed by spikes of hospitalization, then spikes of death. The cycle from from Xmas is finished. Now a good number of people are seeing a much greater effort toward vaccination. More people are being vaccinated and more people are behaving better anticipating vaccines. Now, There's a race to get more people vaccinated before the one thing that poses the biggest danger, the most dangerous of the variants enter the population.
  12. Wow Joe! So only Trump gets the lifetime opportunity to install a post master just like he does Supreme Court judges? I suppose he just can't ask him to resign? I think Biden's going to end up stepping on some Republican toes anyway. **** Clarence Thomas was probably the most mediocre pick for Scotus ever! George Bush was eager to be the first Republican to first nominate a black judge who was a conservative Republican. But there was just one problem. There were no good judges fitting those criteria! His few written rulings I've read all seem to sound sort of the same.
  13. I don't put much faith in it, but that is interesting Benjamin. I've always thought Woolsey most looked the part of a tortured CIA chief of any chief in the last 40 years. As I remember the story. During the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 90's, Nicolae Ceausescu', head of Romania came back from a short trip and found the population had turned on him, then escaped in a car into the countryside and were hunted down. Eventually him and his wife were hung. His wife's final public words. " I was a Mother to you all!" .
  14. I bought a generator a long time ago for power failure up in the Mountains. It works well, but it doesn't give you heat and you have to get an ice chest, for food. It's kind of loud because logistically I can't dig a hole for it. But it's been quite a security blanket.
  15. Cory said: If it is not press, but more of a forum for discussion, it is more like a business and can be regulated by the government. Cory, I first started writing this. Then this thread became so bloody personal. I know you see yourself as a conservative, which doesn't obligate you to dot every "i" and cross every"t". A classic conservative, makes no distinction between the social media platforms and the Press. They are both businesses and the government should keep out of private business-period!. . One criticism by the Left of conservatives as hippocrisy is their insisten
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