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  1. Wow. it appears if this doesn't convict Trump, then we have to accept nothing will. Trump in the last weekend tried to oust the acting AG Rosen, to install this Jeffrey Clarke to invalidate the Georgia election results but all the heads of DOJ would have resigned so Trump backed off. So there was some cause for the Trump fanatics to believe the inauguration day "storm". That Trump would have taken control, invoke martial law and hold on to power. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/politics/trump-doj-attorney-plan-replace-acting-ag-false-election-claims/index.html
  2. I noticed Fox News lead their broadcast yesterday with antifa rather than the changeover of power, emphasizing how the left can't control itself, even though just 2 weeks ago, the Trumpies overthrew the Capitol. At this juncture it's so counterproductive. Most people just need a rest and to reflect.
  3. Unfortunately It's a hard time for Q anon supporters, who believed that Trump would use the military yesterday at the last minute and initiate the "storm". They could swear Trump was dog whistling them to that effect. It could have been so awesome! Now the hard core Neo Fascist, White Supremacy groups are swooping in online to convert the Q Anons. https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2021-01-20/inauguration-sows-doubt-among-qanon-conspiracy-theorists
  4. .Doug, I was going to ask you in your "Profiles on Spartacus Thread", you talk of the Tom Huston and his Huston Plan which Nixon at least partially implemented, which sounded rather ominous,"The Huston Plan gave new domestic and international powers to the intelligence community, including break-ins, domestic surveillance, and surreptitious entries. It remains classified "Top Secret' I was going to ask you at the time if you knew which parts were implemented. So Huston is the originator of a plan that greatly increased surveillance on both foreign subjects and our own citizens. Yet now h
  5. Right on Cliff, It's not over yet. Now we have to deal with Jim's wacko conspiracy theories! Sounds like a Harris Navalny- Putin nightmare!! heh heh heh heh heh
  6. Really Andrew, If Trump just issued a pardon and Biden just accepted Trump's pardon, and just pulled out and conceded now. Maybe we could just go on with our lives!! I still believe it's possible! But the way it is now. No way can I accept this!
  7. This is a pretty good article about how an Obama supporter turned Trumpie and died of a heart attack at the Capitol Riots. https://www.propublica.org/article/the-radicalization-of-kevin-greeson
  8. Mac Connell's talking tougher. The real issue with him is how much power does he have to preserve the future Republican brand by purging Trump? In the house he'd have little sway because they're 2/3 Trump in favor of the recount.. But in the Senate only 14%of the Republicans favored the recount.
  9. Yeah, didn't you hear Dave? the mods killed him. Paradoxically, both him and Spector will always be geniuses, in their own mind!
  10. Right on Dave!, actually I hate any thread with Wheeler's name on it, though I take it that was a sincere post election reconciliation gesture to Wheeler, by Cliff that events have shown was never truly accepted by Wheeler. Jeff's fine but what is he going to give us, Canadian Mountie Punk? We know he wasn't well. We've heard the stories for years. That's why they put him away. The first one with Specter's "Wall of Sound" the Crystals "Uptown". where they successfully rhyme "tenement" with "pay much rent". Still the great string arrangements with a little piccicado! I love these wom
  11. You are starting to hear about these Trump cult stories from family members and neighbors. It's not exactly the same,as this guy has been a right winger before Trump. Paul Gosar, Congressman from Arizona is being investigated as an inside man in the Capitol riots, along with Andy Biggs and Mo Brooks. Their connection is to Ali Alexander who claims to be the first one to conceive of the Jan. 6th, "Stop the Steal" Capitol Protests. Some interesting background about Gosar. His re election was opposed in campaign ads from 6 of his siblings! , who in this ad highlighted in th
  12. It's turned out just as I said, total protective overkill! Washington is an armed camp with 25,000 troops, more than they ever had in Baghdad!, some sleeping on the Capitol floor! These Trumpies are certainly crazy, but anybody would have to be Jonestown , suicidal crazy to take on Washington this weekend, or even the day of Biden's inauguration. It could easily be a total non event. But that doesn't preclude separate acts of terrorism. If they were really cunning they might be refocusing on State Capitols. I notice Newsome here in California has called out 1000 National Guardsman. *
  13. Wapo said; They've now determined by piecing together the timeline that Pence came within one minute of being killed, and even less time if the group that swore to kill him recognized him down a hall! This because these uninformed morons actually believed Pence had the power to throw the election to Trump because Trump told them so! https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/15/dc-capitol-rioters-nearly-reached-vice-president-mike-pence.html
  14. Yet another insurrectionist who lives with his mother. And took this picture with Rudy Giuliani.
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