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  1. I wonder if Weisberg was taken out of context when he was quoted by Bugliosi as saying in 2001 that "In all my decades of research, I never found one shred of evidence that Oswald was an agent working for somebody".
  2. It was a similar situation in the last 4 years with the New York Times reporting on Trump's failings based on sources who did not want their names revealed.
  3. "Oh, I'm sure the New York Times just got that quote from crazy Dave behind the gas station"
  4. https://www.gofundme.com/f/publishing-final-charade-seq-to-best-evidence Back in September, David made a gofundme for publishing Final Charade! I didn't know until now.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VPtLpr6XiE&t=2m42s From Mark Oakes' 1993 video On The Trail Of The Mystery FBI Man. The rest of these videos are great and very interesting. Didn't know there was so much information about this alleged bullet.
  6. It's practically the entire show, it starts at about 7 minutes in and continues from there. But, Armstrong points out that there is still evidence against the Oswald theory in these statements even if we discount all of the information presented by Barry Ernest.
  7. I am not sure if Tom Robinson was correct in saying that he witnessed the entire autopsy. Maybe he arrived later. We do not have enough evidence at this point.
  8. John Armstrong did not agree with the notion that the transcripts of Victoria Adams' statements were an outright forgery. https://blackopradio.com/archives2021.html show #1030, 2/18/2021
  9. The Gawlers people were also interviewed by William Manchester for his 1967 book. Some of Manchester's files, the ones that aren't sealed until 2067, are about interviews with Gawlers employees. Hopefully when the university library opens up again somebody can make scans of these files. Im surprised researchers haven't pounced on them already. Too bad Connecticuit is too far away for me.
  10. We have many statements from the Gawler's people indicating that the only casket they handled was the Mahogany casket. https://old.reddit.com/r/JFKsubmissions/comments/drvjkm/discussing_jfks_torso_wounds_part_251_timeline_of/
  11. Jenkins is also the only autopsy witness to claim to remember the entire spinal cord being removed. And the only record of him saying this are his talks with Harrison Livingstons, he didn't even mention it in his book.
  12. In Jenkins' original HSCA and Lifton interviews, there is no record of him mentioning anything about seeing a brain in the cranium, or the story about the pre-cut brainstem.
  13. I am wondering if there's any chance the point circled in red could be a light reflecting on a shiny object in the foreground, like a retractor. See all versions of the skull photos i could find: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uvGaBl2_EanXn4OwQrr083_yiLVrNGYK?usp=sharing
  14. By any chance do you have any new opinions on the passage from The Death of a President that reads: The call to the seventeenth floor was made by Godfrey McHugh. He said, “Bob, the casket we have is cheap and thin, it’s really shabby. One handle is off, and the ornaments are in bad shape"
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