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  1. Page 1: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=62251#relPageId=103&tab=page Page 2: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=62251#relPageId=104&tab=page 11/25/1963 memo from J. Edgar Hoover to Tolson, Belmont, Mohr, Conrad, De Loach, Evans, Rosen, Sullivan: "I told Mr. Jenkins that Oswald had four shells and only fired three shells; that we have one complete bullet found on the stretcher on which the President was carried into the hospital, which apparently fell out of the President's head; that the other two bullets were prett
  2. The brain photos show the right cerebellum to be slightly disrupted - could this be caused by a bullet passing through the right parietal area? The autopsy protocol also says there was some bruising of the brainstem.
  3. Hank didn't bother responding to either of my suggested talking points against the official shooting. 1. The EOP wound, 2. the unlikelihood of the HSCA's interpretation of the skull photos being true, 3. the throat wound ignorance story, 4. the chest tubes, 5. witness evidence for missing photographs, or 6. witness evidence for a small frontal head wound. Pick one and the topic will stay focused on that specific issue instead of a gish gallop.
  4. Prayer Man is half way between being inside and outside. Jeesh.
  5. https://old.reddit.com/r/JFKsubmissions/comments/ds3q7h/discussing_jfks_torso_wounds_contents/ Part 8-27 of this post discusses the "Throat wound ignorance" issue in a lot more detail.
  6. Seriously, Joe Rogan's occasional jab at the JFK case reaches a lot more people than all of the Black Op Radios and websites and newsletters combined.
  7. Haven't you seen Pat Speer's chapters on the Dealey Plaza witnesses? There aren't really any good reasons to think a loud report happened any time before the z180-220's
  8. Which topic? The thread you linked goes on for three years. Your best hope is to say the body should be exhumed for another autopsy. Without Arlington, there can never be any hope of disproving multiple shooters.
  9. The case for a conspiracy in Dealey Plaza is stronger than it has ever been. What more can there be said about problems in the medical evidence such as the EOP wound, the "throat wound ignorance" story, the chest tubes, the reports of a hole in one of the temples, etc. The only thing left to do is exhume the grave at Arlington and see what there is left.
  10. Page 5 of the Warren report states "The transcripts of this testimony, prepared by qualified court reporters, were reviewed by members of the Commission staff and, in most instances, by the witness concerned. Editing of the transcript prior to printing in these volumes was confined to correction of stenographic errors and punctuation, and minor changes designed to improve the clarity and accuracy of the testimony. In the few cases indicated, brief deletions have been made of material which might be considered in poor taste and is clearly irrelevant to any facet of the Commission's investigatio
  11. Let's see if we can tally the forensic evidence that has not yet been made digitally available to the public: Numerous items stored at the National Archives, some of which may have not been released to the public yet. Numerous recordings of researcher conferences Wesleyan University library's William Manchester collection, some of which is due to be sealed until 2067. University of South Florida library's Kathleen Cunningham collection Harrison Livingstone's collection (one day will be made fully digital by Bart Kamp) David Lifton's collection (some stored at the
  12. With some witnesses we don't know which side of the head they were talking about.
  13. I wonder if Weisberg was taken out of context when he was quoted by Bugliosi as saying in 2001 that "In all my decades of research, I never found one shred of evidence that Oswald was an agent working for somebody".
  14. It was a similar situation in the last 4 years with the New York Times reporting on Trump's failings based on sources who did not want their names revealed.
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