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  1. If false, this is the craziest misreporting on the case I've seen.
  2. Not necessary? Scientifically proving a conspiracy in the JFK assassination would be a big deal! Is there any way somebody could make money off of that - investing all of their money on commissioning separate, independent 3D models of Dealey Plaza? Any potential prizes involved?
  3. An "end-all-be-all" to the medical evidence would be to A. create a perfect 3D model of the films taken in Dealey Plaza, and B. exhume JFK's body.
  4. IMO some of the most basic autopsy information is even worst than CE 399. Who hasn't imagined the months-long clusterfucc that would be a fully-budgeted evidentiary trial of Oswald.
  5. Don't know any good reason to think the lapel flap is an optical illusion.
  6. Basically, when people ask for "examples of proven conspiracies", this guy helped expose some of the "smaller" stuff nobody ever heard of?
  7. Looks like the best gamble right now would be to try and replicate more 3d models that match the pictures taken in Dealey Plaza, and seeing if the geometry is compatible with the SBT. That's a few thousand dollars in exchange for what may become a game-changer for how the western establishment is viewed.
  8. It would be hard to explain some of these forensic quandaries in a way that is easy for any audience to quickly grasp
  9. As explained by Dr. Purdy of the HSCA, it is impossible to see beveling on the x-ray. The HSCA panel only contended that the x-rays show some kind of small "shadow" ~4 inches above the EOP (they actually use the word "Radiographic shadow"). An equal number of medical professionals, as listed by Pat Speer, have looked at the X-rays and didn't report finding anything special in that area. Yes, the photographs of the scalp do appear to show some small laceration in the upper back of the head. And yes, the HSCA panel did note a small grayish discoloration around the edges of the red spot. But these do not add up to a bullet entrance wound. Boswell said that he thought that red spot was a small wound connected to the large head wound (The HSCA claimed this couldn't be true because the red spot seemed to clearly have it's own borders, but wounds of the scalp can start from the inside-out just like they can outside-in). We do not even know if the red spot on the photos is directly on top of the small x-ray "shadow". Congress had little basis for declaring the official theory that this cowlick thing represented the one and only small wound in the back of Kennedy's head.
  10. What do people mean when they ask for proof that Oswald wouldn't be convicted in court? I like to think I could be a reasonable member of a jury, and I wouldn't feel comfortable with any of the official theories for obvious reasons. The opinions of average people ARE the court!
  11. Never heard of this. I think it was Gerald Posner who found somebody willing to claim they once heard an audio recording of the shooting.
  12. I have seen some others speculate that the first loud report could've been at the z180's. Pat Speer puts it at z190-224. 224 is Connally's apparent label flop.
  13. As far as Pat Speer showed, the closest thing to credible evidence for a pre-180 shot is Connally's fast head turn. The witness evidence, on the other hand, seem to strongly support the first loud report happening at that time. I don't know if there have been experiments showing how unlikely it would be for the fast head turn to be coincidental. Otherwise, seems obvious to be that all of the witness evidence shows the first loud report after z180. God I wish we had an audio recording of this event.
  14. Connally's testimony is most significant when viewed under the lens of there being no loud report before the z180's
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