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  1. At 11:49 AM Eastern Time on January 20, 2021 the one-term presidency of Donald J. Trump finally came to an end. The discussions and debates over Trump will probably continue for decades to come. Now we can begin putting the Trump Presidency into the past. What will history record about former President Donald Trump? In addition to losing the popular vote twice and being the first President to be impeached twice, I believe Trump leaves behind a legacy of division, violence, and broken promises. Trump said he would be too busy to play golf as president, and criticized his predeces
  2. I've held my tongue for four years on the subject of the current president. I don't blame others for discussing current political events. It's natural for intelligent individuals to want to talk about such a historical and controversial political figure. But I must say something. I think what is happening right now in Washington, D.C. is ridiculous and shameful, and it has all been encouraged directly by the current president. He has tirelessly worked to undermine the peaceful transfer of power, the very bedrock of American democracy. He is encouraging violent, criminal activity. He wante
  3. Of course it's easy to point fingers at people. You yourself pointed to hundreds if not thousands of nameless ones in one sentence. It's harder to use the process of elimination to narrow a list, but it's possible. Unless I'm mistaken, hundreds or thousands of people could not just call up and issue directions to the doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital like one would call a pizza place and make an order. I believe if we are to look for suspects, we might consider looking at those that did have that access and authority. Your point about Bobby Kennedy also influencing the autopsy
  4. That list is considerably narrowed when you consider how many people wanted JFK dead, benefited from his death, and also had the ability to influence the autopsy at Bethesda, had the ear and support of the top law enforcement official, and could handpick the members of the commission investigating the crime.
  5. I'm not so sure anymore that the JFK assassination was supposed to lead directly to Cuba/USSR and a military confrontation. With JFK out of the way, the conspirators would have free reign to do whatever they wanted at their own pace. They didn't necessarily want to be hemmed in to one specific course of action. But the fear of the consequences of a possible foreign conspiracy was used as leverage to implement a cover-up from the beginning. From what I can see in Larry's work and in other's, Dulles and Helms are identified as the ones likeliest to have been at the top of the conspiracy foo
  6. Very interesting and educational. Thank you for posting your book, Larry. It was exciting to read possible names for Umbrella Man and DC Man. That's something I hadn't seen before. It's unfortunate that information was in a footnote. I like the idea of using the process of elimination to identify potential suspects. It seems to be a logical approach at a time when new information is scarce. I think it's also wise to examine the other assassination plots for clues as to how the JFK assassination probably played out, as Larry does here.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone, all the best to you and yours.
  8. Greer's testimony on this seems to be compelling, in my opinion. Apparently Greer had been driving JFK in this specially built limo since it came out in 1961, and he was involved with attaching and removing the tops during all that time. Is this a fair and accurate description? For someone to have occupied the driver's seat in a professional capacity in a two year period and to have also been involved with attaching/removing the bubble tops during that time and not noticed that indentation is difficult to believe. It seems to me the only way that indentation could have gotten t
  9. The picture of the dent is in Robert Groden's "The Killing Of A President" page 41. It looks to be maybe an inch or less to the right of the rearview mirror. It sure looks like a bullet hole to me.
  10. You'd think this would be an easy issue to resolve. There just aren't enough high-res photos of the limo with this portion visible, I guess?
  11. I'll have to get both books! It looks like there will be at least four new JFK books on my reading list in the next few months. The best thing about Bugliosi is that he sabotaged himself. I guarantee you that not a single person new to the case read that thing all the way through from beginning to end. They might have made it through the shorter version, but the original? No way. It's fascinating to me that he spent all those years writing it and ended up with such an unreadable mess, especially since he should have known better. His publishers could only find the strength to stand up to
  12. The JFK assassination case is likely never going to court again. If it were that easy, it would have been done many times over in the past. Nearly sixty years after the event, you'd be fortunate to have a small handful of elderly witnesses. And go through "all" the evidence? Good luck on that. You're going to find a retired judge, an empty courthouse, somehow a jury of the most enlightened minds on the planet, and think the case will be officially re-opened? Again, best of luck. If it is that easy to do, we look forward to hearing your progress in organizing it. I'll give you moral support, bu
  13. I'm curious. How useful do others find Max Holland's book "The Kennedy Assassination Tapes"? I have heard that Holland is untrustworthy (red flags went up for me just reading the introduction) ,so I am not sure how I should regard using it as a source.
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