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  1. Do you not believe in the virus, or in the vaccine, or both?
  2. All I see in the link is a picture of the cover and a summary. Is everyone else getting the full article?
  3. That's something to look forward to. I hope this film gets distributed. I've always thought the film "Rush To Judgment" needed an update and recontextualization for modern audiences. Some of the interviews in the original are still very important.
  4. I don't think the entire 1\6 investigation hinges on Pence, so it's academic to me. Religious people like him can justify anything as long as they ask for forgiveness. What's interesting is seeing Pence try to straddle the division between the new Trump wing of the GOP and the conventional establishment Republicans. It seems he needs the Trump wing support, but those same people wanted to hang him in broad daylight. If my boss tried to have a mob murder me, I'd be pretty annoyed at him or her. I'm just weird like that. If my boss tried to have a mob kill me and tried to overthrow the government at the same time, well, that's just rude.
  5. One of the earliest things anyone ever said to me about the JFK assassination was "Guys like Lee Oswald don't just 'make friends' with guys like George DeMohrenschildt."
  6. I'd like to read the article too. Congratulations, James!
  7. "The Russian Speaking Woman" If it's not Marina, who is it? Ruth Paine?
  8. I'd say that's a positive review. They couldn't find much to criticize, it seems. It will be interesting to see the full four hour version.
  9. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading the book.
  10. The fact that a police car pulled up in front of Oswald's rooming house, honked lightly twice, and then left, makes me think that you're not reaching very far at all on this particular point, at least.
  11. Definitely. Remember that the Paines were too hot to be named in JFK.
  12. I see the Daily Beast is trashing it. Their review is for members only, so I wasn't able to read beyond the first two paragraphs, but they certainly didn't like it at all.
  13. That is fantastic, Jim, congratulations are in order. Will the 4 hour version eventually be available for viewing someday?
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