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  1. Wasn't the Bay Of Pigs invasion a CIA funded mission designed to be blamed on Cuban exiles who were in reality assets of the CIA?
  2. Googling this name under both spellings seems to just lead back to the same website. The only other reference I can find is this one from a book called DE GAULLE AND LATIN AMERICA https://books.openedition.org/pur/42542?lang=en Translated from French: Not much to go on, but still interesting. I can only say that I believe the second picture does resemble the "tramp" in question.
  3. In Josiah Thompson's "Last Second In Dallas", Thompson quotes a 2002 oral history by Olan DeGaugh, one of assassination witness Lee Bowers co-workers at the Union Terminal Railroad. DeGaugh said that Bowers shared details that hadn't been shared with the Warren Commission or in interviews with Mark Lane. "Last Second In Dallas", pg. 66:
  4. Corrections and additions are welcome. This was a little tougher because of the poor audio, many instances of crosstalk, and noise.
  5. Transcript: DALLAS DISTRICT ATTORNEY HENRY WADE: The purpose of this news conference is to detail some of the evidence against Oswald for the assassination of the president. This evidence was gathered by, largely by the Dallas police who did an excellent job on this, with the help of some of the federal agencies. And I’m going through the evidence piece by piece, uh, for you, number one as some of this you will already know some of it you won’t, I don't think. Uh, as all of you do know first … there’s a number, we have a number of witnesses that saw the person with the gun on the sixth fl
  6. I'm happy to do it, thank you for all your research and your willingness to share!
  7. Transcript: James Sibert: They got this sheet unwrapped off the head, there was a big gaping hole in the right rear of the head back here by the cowlick part. And he said in, apparent surgery of the head, in the head area. So, we made notes of this. Gerald Ford had the description of the wound to the back, which actually had entered five and a half inches below the collar, changed to describe it as having entered at the base of the back of the neck. He, he admitted this when the, uh, AARB (sic) people contact him by phone, he admitted that he had made this change. Specter said “Sibert sai
  8. Here's a transcript. - HOST: Let’s go to our final caller with you Alex, first time caller. Hi there. VELMA: Hello? HOST: Yeah, go ahead please. VELMA: Uh, I am, uh, Velma, and I live a hundred miles from Dallas, I was living in Dallas at the time, and I had my car parked behind that Texas Depository book building. HOST: Yes, Velma. VELMA: I saw the shooter came out, and he had a very high powered rifle, it was no bolt action. And uh, that… HOST: Now let me ask you please, because that rifle that they said Oswald used to kill Kennedy was apparently left
  9. Your disdain for the author, the subjects, and the book you haven’t read is noted. Personally, I would not put the Dictabelt evidence in my top ten indicators of conspiracy, maybe not even in my top twenty. But, as far as the US government is concerned, the Dictabelt is not just their number one convincing piece of evidence, it is their only piece of evidence. The Dictabelt is why the US government went from saying that they found no evidence of conspiracy to saying that JFK’s death was probably as a result of one. That’s an official conclusion that stands to this day. As the sole reason
  10. I'm sorry, pardon me. What's the point of this comment? That we shouldn't read "Last Second In Dallas" or that we shouldn't discuss it? "Avoid" them? So you are apparently also of the opinion that we shouldn't discuss this book or the subjects contained within? If this is what you believe, then why did you post on this thread? One bullet with a pointed nose was found on a Parkland stretcher not linked to Connally. The pointed nose bullet was given to the Secret Service, and was later replaced with the rounded nose bullet that we know now as CE 399. Exactly how deep is that particu
  11. Sure thing. I recreated the images attached to this post. After the assassination, a bullet was found along the edge of a mattress pad on a gurney (a gurney that was ultimately not linked to Governor Connally but rather to a two-year old boy named Ronnie Fuller who was being treated that day for a cut on his cheek.) The bullet was found by Darrell Tomlinson, an engineer working at Parkland hospital. Tomlinson gave the bullet to the hospital security director, O.P. Wright, who then in turn gave it to Secret Service agent Richard Johnsen. Thompson reports interviewing Tomlinson and Wr
  12. I got a copy earlier this week but have been busy at work and unable to read as much of it as I would like. I do enjoy it so far. I like that it's a narrative of Thompson's first book, much like Mark Lane's "A Citizen's Dissent" is a narrative of the writing of "Rush To Judgement". It's also profusely illustrated throughout, which I think is a smart way of referring to pictures without having to send the reader to a different page or not include an image at all. Showing something like the rounded bullet CE 399 next to the pointed type bullet O.P. Wright said was found is worth a thousand words
  13. Not even 24 hours had passed and even from the earliest reports, people were already detecting discrepancies in the official story.
  14. I first noticed that on the audio at the Sixth Floor Museum. Looking at the video, it seems the first honk of the horn is coming just as Oswald passes through the doorway, and of course the second honk comes just before Ruby fires his gun. I'd say it is exactly what it appears to be, an accomplice, in a nearby car, with a good unobstructed view of the scene, alerting Ruby. It would be interesting to know how many of the cars in the garage at that time were police cars and how many were civilian cars.
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