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  1. Don't forget that DCM also briefly held a radio to his ear and then put it in his back pocket/waistband before walking away.
  2. Quite true. That does say a lot, doesn't it?
  3. I don't really know what to say. I've re-read these threads and tried to look carefully at all the photos. There's just so few of them, and going by the pictures alone, I don't think they're conclusive. I don't think there's anything specifically dissimilar about Umbrella Man and Hargraves, and it's possible that they do look a lot alike. That one picture of Santiago matches up with DCM better, I think. Same body type, same shape of head, same prominent nose. FWIW, I read up on Hargraves first, and when I saw he was giving interviews in the '90's I thought that was a possible strike again
  4. Unless I'm mistaken, the LN's don't really have a unified theory either. They've never been able to say definitively which shot missed, what caused the missed shot, or even if any shot missed. I've debated LN's who seem to imply the injury to Tague could have been caused by a fragment.
  5. These are interesting questions, and the discussion here and on the other thread has been fascinating. I think at the time there was a lot of psychological value in having the world know of the existence of the film and people for the most part were reassured knowing it was in the hands of a private institution as big and well-respected as Life. People knew it was in the hands of investigators, scientists, ect. and probably felt it would be an invaluable aid to finding out exactly what happened. So the known existence of the film adds to the credibility of Life for whatever it reports on
  6. It really is. To me, it just screams conspiracy at a volume level that very few other things do in this whole case. He was the President's personal physician and the only medical professional to see Kennedy's body at Parkland and at Bethesda. There's only one reason that he wouldn't testify, only one possible reason: he wasn't going to support the official story. What he would have said under oath was not going to be favorable to the story of a lone shooter from behind. There's just no other reasonable way to interpret the lack of him testifying to the Warren Commission. I have to admire
  7. Thanks very much. It's a shame that so many pictures are missing.
  8. This is old news to many, I'm sure, but it was something new I learned from Larry Hancock's 2021 book "Tipping Point." I was curious to hear everyone's thoughts about the possibility that Felipe Vidal Santiago and Roy Hargraves were Dark Complected Man and Umbrella Man. I didn't know much about these two and I haven't read much else beyond "Tipping Point" and the information contained in the links below: https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKsantiago.htm https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKhargraves.htm Thanks!
  9. Nobody says he was totally uninvolved. No one. Why do you think the only options are him in the snipers nest or him being a 100% innocent bystander? In your scenario he was a professional part of a professional fake flag operation. Why wasn't he in place on the sixth floor at 12:25, the time when Kennedy's car was supposed to pass? In your scenario, in five minutes he ran up five flights of stairs, ran the entire diagonal length of the sixth floor from the nw corner to the se corner through a maze of boxes, grabbed a rifle of some sort, and fired at the last few possible seconds. Tha
  10. This was my view from behind the fence in 2010, arrow pointing to the x on the street.
  11. Benjamin, why do you persist in believing Oswald was on the sixth floor shooting? Oswald was seen on the first floor at 12:25 and on the second floor at 12:32, and he was not sweating or out of breath. That's just not possible. Do the facts not matter to you at all?
  12. Wasn't the rifle that was found a Mauser?
  13. And yet the new Republican Party ceaselessly, and without apology, tells us that Democrats are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-led socialists hell-bent on imposing socialism, taking away everyone's hamburgers, and cancelling everything. Certainly an accurate way of describing a party that is walking hand-in-hand with Wall Street and multinational corporations, wouldn't you agree? Unless I'm mistaken, I think it would be fair to say that a reasonable percentage of people in the "national security state" could be described as either military, former military, or at the least military-friendly. And
  14. On my Amazon order at this moment it says July 20 is the release date.
  15. In a just world, a certain someone and her husband would have done some time in prison for being [title of book by Sylvia Meagher].
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