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  1. the key evidence relied on by the WC to link LHO to Walker shooting was Marina's testimony and the alleged note found in the Russian book. The timing of these developments raise serious quesitons. November 22nd at about 3:00 o'clock, Dallas and Irving police show up at the home of Ruth Payne. Joined by two Irving policemen, they spent the next two to three hours searching Paine's home. According to detective Richard stovall who supervised the search the six officers went through the entire house (includng Marina's bedroom, Ruth paine's bedroom ,the den the kitchen and the closets). No not
  2. Very thoughtful post but I have following comments: 1. Oswald could have been told to hang by the first floor phone for a call. it doesnt make sense to have him fire a shot and then have Del Valle take his shots. too much time for Del Valle to prep and sight his prey. there was no reason for LHO to be on the 6th floor if there was a false flag operation. no need to convince him its ok since there will be a Grassy Knoll distraction. he was there as the patsy. he didnt need to fire a shot. 2. How does del Valle stick out his head in the tiny opening that existed much less fire a rifle
  3. BTW- unlikely records will be released this year on time because of processing delays due to covid. Some of the agencies have asked for extension but intend to comply. The CIA is still non-cooperative.
  4. the Haldeman/Erlichman/Helmes conversation has been well know. The Nixon/Helms lesser well known. at the time, the issue that made news was that the CIA refused a request of the President to see files.
  5. great piece by a young researcher! The WC supporters always try to explain away conspiracy theorists as being emotionally unable to accept that a nobody could take down a president. But it is the WC supporters who are operating under emotional bias. Indeed, in his own book Bugliosi revealed what is really the animating reason for supporting the WC. It is called "false patriotism". Buglosi bared his soul at pages 986-87 where he discusses the implications of a conspiracy. it would mean that America is no different than the Europeans and that its institutions would be no better than a third worl
  6. what a bunch of crap! just more disinformation. On the otherhand, Eladio del Valle and Herminio Diaz Garcia were both in Dallas on 11/20. and yes- the strange co-incidence of Del Valle and Ferrie dying under strange circumstances on the same day............
  7. what college is holding Manchester's papers ?
  8. Based on testimony and the two books that chronicled the events (Manchester and Bishop), the coffin was never unattended on the flight back to DC. Lady Bird’s baggage was delivered after the coffin was placed on the plane. They waited some time for Judge Hughes to arrive. From the time the coffin was placed on the plane until the swearing in, either Jackie or Ken O’Donnell were always present with the coffin. When Jackie went forward to the State room for the swearing in, Godfrey McHugh (who was very loyal to JFK) stood next to the coffin. Powers and O’Donnell stayed in the walkway by the pre
  9. i was interviewed by Len Osanic about McKnight and his book last week.
  10. he claims he would have loved to find something. the truth is it would have killed his career. That is why experts hired by the government have always sided with the official position. it is also why FBI agents didnt look for exculpatory evidence for oswald. Their boss determined on the afternoon on 11/22 that they had their man. finding contrary evidence would have put an end to their FBI career. Likewise, the autopsy doctors had to go along if they didnt want to lose their pensions.
  11. this is an opinion masquerading as an expert. Many of his statements are wrong (the FBI didnt have taps on all of the key mafia suspects. Carlos was indeed a smart guy but that would not prevent him from killing a president if it was necessary to take the heat off.
  12. sorry to hear this. i spoke with him in 2017 during preparation of the CAPA mock trial. His book was an important contribution.
  13. does anyone know if his papers were donated or where they now be stored?
  14. nothing really suspicious about limo coming to a stop. Greer was not experienced driver. normal human reaction when he was turning around to see the president was probably to take foot off the gas pedal or perhaps even apply brake when unexpectedly hearing shots. Shouldnt make a mountain out of this molehill
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