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  1. The authors of this book and their prior book have simply served as journalists who were simply transcribing the stories of people they are interviewing. they really do engage in any critical analysis. So these books should be read with the viewpoint that they simply tell stories of the subjects as they rememeber (or misremember or engage in disinformation as the case may be). Their books help create a baseline for serious researchers to build upon. For example, i did some follow-up with some of the interviews from Voices from the Shadows. Some of the accounts/claims did not hold up under
  2. he says in his book " The physical evidence and eyewitness accounts do not clearly indicate what took place on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository at the time President John F. Kennedy was assassinated... The testimony of the people who watched the motorcade was much more confusing than either the press or the Warren Commission seemed to indicate.... Arnold Rowland had looked up to the Book Depository window and noticed two men standing together in the window....No statement about the second man or mention of an accomplice appeared in the FBI report. In a 1969 interv
  3. so explain to me where the opportunity was to do this? the coffin/body was under constant observation from Parkland until AF1 landed. even during LBJ's the swearing in, there was somebody with the coffin according to JFK's own staff.
  4. it likely is a bogus document-part of disinformation campaign but if Jim cited it in his book, presumably he saw it?
  5. is this the follow-up to Voices from the Shadows? there were some interesting stories in that book but the authors did not record their conversations so it is hard to evaluate the veracity of some of the accounts. I have followed-up with some of the people they interviewed and some did not hold up too well under scrutiny.
  6. and of course, there were the interviews in Dallas before witnesses were called to DC. when the Parkland doctors were interviewed, they were first given a copy of the autospy report which contradicted their own recollections. this was designed to poison their memories or make them susceptible to believing their recollections were mistaken. and the black witnesses were all asked by Ford or Dulles if they had ever been in trouble with the law before. in 1964, this was a subtle message to stay in line.
  7. have you guys emailed him with your thoughts or contacted his publisher?
  8. Great work! Dr. Jones is still working but he has declined to make any further statements. he said the last piece he wrote in 2014 in American College of Surgeons publication is his final statement on the matter. he consistently declined to participate in any further conferenes or respond to any more questions. We have been trying to contact Dr.Porto who has moved back to his native country. I had an extensive interview with Dr. Curtis who said his supervisor Dr. Walker saw a temple wound. He also said the Dr. Kemp lifted up the JFK's head to show the senior doctors who had come into
  9. Cliff Spiegelman who wrote papers refuting the comparative bullet lead analysis and participated in several mock trials as a witness for the defense.
  10. No documents should be "sold". We have too many paper silos that are inaccessible to researchers. Everyone should scan their docs and make them publicly available. There may researchers focusing on issues that an "owned " document might be relevant that the owner might not realize. These docs have no inherent value. They aren't like an autographed baseball or a letter written by a president. They should be part of the " commons"
  11. we are doing enhancements to the background to make the animation more photo-realistic. hopefully will be available next spring...
  12. I didnt realize Photon was exposed. Thanks for this article. he claimed to have expertise in all kinds of disciplines. In the end, he was just a pretender.
  13. Not sure where you are finding the alignment of the bodies. The 3D animation video project that John Orr and I have financed is the only accurate recreation of Dealey Plaza as it existed on 11/22/63 (Dale Myers model was a cartoon that distorted the size and spacial relationships of the bodies to support the SBT). We used laser-scan and photogrammetry and match-moving technology. We scanned the extant photos, exact replica of the presidential limo, the street and buildings comprising Dealey Plaza -- even taking into account that Elm Street was paved several times since 1963 so it is several ce
  14. I completed a comprehensive interview with Dr. Donald Curtis and he went into detail on Specter's interrogation tactics. very important to show how WC intimidated the Parkland Doctors and other witnesses. I have transcribed the recorded interview and will be turning it into an article.
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