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  1. There is one good thing in the Biden memo- the commitment to digitalize the JFK Collection. According to our backchannel discussions, NARA thinks this is a big win. That being said, the Biden Memo along with the prior two Trump memos did not comply with the JFK Act. It is clear that the Executive Branch is incapable of complying with the JFK Act. We will not take this sitting down. Mark Zaid is filing a lawsuit on my behalf on Monday. It is clear that Congress needs to act and re-constitute an ARRB to finish compliance with the JFK Act. The House Oversight Committee and the Senate Homeland Committee have continuing jurisdiction over the JFK Act. I urge all readers to contact the chairs of these committees and demand they hold oversight hearings. Flood their emails and leave emails with their offices. I intend to prove Earl Warren wrong and have these records released during my lifetime...
  2. @jonpickering- unlike 2017 or 2018, we have a team of lawyers prepared to file a lawsuit if Biden does not comply with the law. If he withholds any records, he has to identify the specific national security concern and explain how it outweighs the public interest. if he fails to do this, we will file a lawsuit.
  3. Here is the link to the press advisory on the UVA website. -- https://centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/articles/wednesday-the-hidden-jfk-files-what-secrets-remain-and-did-biden-comply-with-the-law/
  4. we've had lots of communications with Congress over the past six months so pleased that Rep Eshoo sent this to the President. we're still working on leadership to make a public stand... though they are a bit distracted right now with the reconciliation bill.
  5. and check out this press advisory for the upcoming news conference i organized with UVA: -- https://centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/articles/wednesday-the-hidden-jfk-files-what-secrets-remain-and-did-biden-comply-with-the-law/
  6. Pursuant to President Trump's April 26, 2018 order that postponed release of JFK assassination records required by the JFK Assassination Records Act, President Biden is supposed to issue a decision on October 26th whether to release the postponed records. I organized a group of lawyers earlier this year to press the President to fully comply with the law. As part of this effort, I have arranged with the University of Virginia's Center for Politics to hold a press conference on October 27th that will discuss President Biden's action on the JFK Records. Here is the livestream link for the press conference next week. https://livestream.com/tavco/thesecretjfkfiles
  7. A good contribution to the body of work how Oswald was unconvictable which why he had to be killed. This also demonstrates why 6 of 7 mock trials held by law schools and bar associations since 1967 with different sets of lawyers and mock juries have resulted in either hung jury or acquittals. I discussed these mock trials in a piece on Kennedy & Kings.
  8. Two updates: I also sent the letter to Biden to the House Oversight Committee asking to have them request the Archivist to testify about how the agencies are requesting further postponements The Public Interest Declassification Board will be sending a letter to the President asking that he release the balance of the records.
  9. he has been asked about the temple wound. Jones said that Dr. Porto told him that he (Dr. Porto) had seen a temple wound and put a finger in it. But Jones said he did not see the wound. Jones also said that after his deposition, Spector told him that they had witnesses who said they thought there was a gunman on the grassy knoll but that the WC did not believe them. Spector then asked Jones not to mention it.
  10. you can see something slithering across the trunk of the car. moreover, look closely at her left hand (white glove). it is pressing on JFK's head where the explosive wound was observed as if she is trying to keep his head together.
  11. He was a classic curmudgeon but his persistence helped change the Freedom of Information Act.
  12. I did an electronic search for Mexico. nothing about April 1963.
  13. Thanks for posting Jim! The 9/11 statement seemed to mirror some of the language from our letter. Perhaps they actually read it. Everyone who follows the Education Forum should call the White House. Unlike voting, you can call often. Share this letter on other JFK forums. Ask your friends to call. Let the President know this is important to you. This is how we got the JFK Act enacted back in 1991. Congress and the President were deluged with thousands of calls. Let's do it again!! What better way for him to get Afghanistan off the front pages of the news than by releasing the rest of the JFK Records.
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