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  1. There appears to be what looks like a number "9" at the start and end of the word. This makes me wonder if these two "9"s are possibly some form of framing mechanism, like inverted commas etc, to frame the word in the middle.
  2. That's an interesting explanation as to why he choose Fensterwald. Though Fensterwald was against the CIA, and McCord was pro CIA. So there is a degree of cognitive dissonance there imo.
  3. Thanks for that insight. I guess Washington DC can be a small place.
  4. Was Fensterwald seen as such a good lawyer that the fact he engaged in controversial topics was overlooked by people looking to hire him? Such as McCord?
  5. Why would James McCord hire someone so controversial? Especially someone so outspoken in as controversial a topic as the JFK assassination?
  6. He said it in some one of his interviews over the last year or two. Not sure which interview that was though.
  7. RIP Cyril Wecht. A significant portion of the history of JFKA research has left us.
  8. Oliver Stone himself has now distanced himself from the Mr. X scene in that it's central focus being on Lansdale is incorrect.
  9. I thought humes only found out after the autopsy, after he had phoned perry, that there had been any wound on the throat prior to the tracheostomy?
  10. Do we know who Pompeos lawyer is? Is he referring to his own personal lawyer or does he still retain the CIA's legal offices head lawyer?
  11. Or perhaps testimony from other CIA officials, hsca testimony for example, which accidentally linked Angleton to the assassination without those CIA officials realising what they were saying while testifying?
  12. If Angleton was involved, how come he didn't destroy any files linking him to the JFK assassination? Could these be NSA files etc which Angleton did not have access to to destroy?
  13. Do we know what is the first CIA document which states/realizes that Oswald had been to cuban consulate and CIA hq realize "Oh crap, Oswald was at the cuban consulate too in Mexico City"? The above document i linked to above gives no appearance of surprise that Oswald had been to the cuban consulate too, and that he had actually made a phonecall from there to the soviet embassy on the Saturday. On the Friday, after Oswald had come back from the soviet embassy to the cuban embassy, Silvia Duran phoned the soviet embassy to discuss the guy she had just sent over to them. This would appear to set up quiet a history of this guy Oswald going back and forth from the cuban to the soviet embassy for the telephone surveillance crew.
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