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  1. Watch this Maverick News special presentation marking the 55th anniversary of Sirhan’s murder trial. We welcome back as our guest once again the always interesting author/assassination historian Jim DiEugenio! Tune in at 9 PM Eastern!
  2. My thanks to Jim DiEugenio for such a wide-ranging and informative 2 hours & 40 minute interview. We covered the JFK60 anniversary, the Cyril Wecht conference, the Dallas gathering this year, medical evidence, the autopsy, Roger Stone’s LBJ-Did-It Book, Richard Nixon’s role in the conspiracy, and much more. Jim’s been a pretty regular guest on Maverick News, and it’s always a pleasure. This latest show was our best interview yet. Enjoy, friends…
  3. We will remedy that on the 25th. super excited to talk with Jim about this new book, and much more as part of our JFK60 month on Maverick News. See ya then, Jim!
  4. So now I’m covering 2 trials involving 2 individuals who are stalking RFK in Los Angeles. It’s getting weird, folks… Here’s what we know about the guy arrested at Bobby’s house last night: Jonathan Macht. I will post updates in this Twitter thread below as new information becomes available:
  5. I’ve released the Twitter Space as a podcast episode so anyone who doesn’t use Twitter can listen. Here ya go:
  6. Well here we go again. Another weird incident involving Bobby happened yesterday in L.A., when an intruder climbed the fence at his house twice on the same day!
  7. I’m covering the trial of Adrian Paul Aispuro and have some new information that will knock you out, guys! Will be hosting a Twitter Space tonight reporting on these new developments and a lot more details we didn’t know before. Please tune in at 8:30 PM Eastern, 5:30 Pacific. There will be a Q&A portion in the last hour if anyone has questions or wants to speak. The Space is being recorded so if you miss it live, you can catch the replay later. You will not want to miss this. The information I’ve gathered is SHOCKING. We will also be talking about Bobby’s big announcement coming up Oct. 9th, and plans to divorce the Democratic Party. link to join the Space: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1mrxmyqqzQwxy
  8. I clipped the segment of our discussion with Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease about the possibility of brainwashing into a shorter video here. Lot of evidence so far seems to point in that direction with Aispuro.
  9. Thanks, Jim. It seems I’m the only reporter following his trial, which is inexplicable. 🤷‍♀️ If he can raise $1000, Aispuro could walk free on bail tomorrow. Keeping an eye on this very closely…
  10. Great questions. Unfortunately, we still have more questions than answers from LAPD. They’re not commenting further citing “ongoing investigation.” Aispuro had a bail hearing today. For reasons no one understands his bail was reduced from $35k to $10k. He’s still in jail tonight. Weirder still, no federal charges have been filed, even though impersonating a US Marshal is a federal felony. Latest on his case in this thread:
  11. It’s rather an interesting coincidence (?) that the night before a heavily armed man was arrested at RFK’s Los Angeles speech, Kennedy gave a major TV interview about the Paul Landis revelations, called for a real investigation of the JFK Assassination and the release of all JFK Records Act files.
  12. I have the same question, Paul. How the heck did he get his hands on a federal ID? Or is it a fake ID? LAPD gave me a “no comment,” on that one. Citing “ongoing investigation.” I presume they will not present their evidence until trial. He has not been charged with a federal crime yet, which seems strange. Impersonating a federal officer is a federal offense. As of now he’s only facing local firearms violations, a felony. While I live in a state with open carry laws where what Adrian did was legal, that is not the case in Los Angeles, as Jim and Lisa pointed out on the show Saturday night. Very strict gun control laws in L.A. Anyone walking down the street in L.A. — much less barge in to an RFK event demanding to be taken to Mr. Kennedy immediately — while displaying two pistols is ASKING to get arrested. And he was, thank heavens. As of tonight, Aispuro is still in jail, hasn’t seen a judge yet, hasn’t posted bail.
  13. Lisa Pease and I spent the weekend researching the suspect, Adrian Paul Aispuro. Here’s what we know so far.
  14. Karl, we played the last 7 minutes of Kennedy’s Los Angeles speech on the show last night. Jim’s right — it’s well worth a listen. Our thanks to Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease for joining us on Strange Bedfellows. It was indeed a strange 32 hours, and a very strange incident! 🤷‍♀️ https://rumble.com/v3iabiy-special-report-gunman-arrested-at-rfk-event-in-l.a.-with-lisa-pease-and-jim.html
  15. Strange coincidence but the Wilshire Ebell Theatre was where Judy Garland was discovered by MGM’s Joseph Mankiewicz in the early 1930’s. Joe’s nephew Frank was Robert F. Kennedy’s press Secretary and announced the news of his death on June 6, 1968. The Wilshire Ebell was also where Amelia Earhart made her last public appearance before her ill fated final flight ✈️…
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