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  1. Very interesting book. I got a signed copy from Dr. Marcades. For me, Rose's statement to Fruge that Ruby & Oswald knew each other & were 'bedfellows' was one of the most profound of her revelations. I asked J. Gary Shaw during a recent DPUK Zoom seminar what he thought of Cherami's disclosure & he was certain it was true, although with the proviso of 'which Oswald'.
  2. Wasn't the bullet behind JFK's right ear mentioned in this Belmont memo supposedly collected in the Bethesda morgue by a Navy Cpt.,David P. Osborne, who stated that he worked on Kennedy's head wounds? Another disappearing bullet along with the one collected by the FBI man with Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers on the south side of Elm on 11/22/63.
  3. Not sure if this has been pointed out on this thread, but the photograph on Zimmy's MMF release is the same one from the Warren Report.
  4. $10! Amazon U.K. prices start at £30 & more than double that price for new hardback.
  5. Cheers James! D.P.U.K. had a meeting on Zoom yesterday & I put the info to our members. My letter will be in the post tomorrow...it's the least I can do. Thanks to Lisa for the e-mail notification on this matter.
  6. Jeff Morley has organised a petition on JFKFacts and requested people to write in with support for release of files/docs etc.
  7. I have been informed that due to Covid, Sirhan's March 2021 parole hearing has had a short delay. Therefore supporters of this man have an opportunity to send a letter of support for his release. Letters should be sent to:- Board of Parole Hearings, 1515 K St., Sacremento, CA 95814. Please DO NOT write of any conspiracy in his case, but letters can include the fact that he was only 24 years old in 1968, and Californian legislation has since been passed that asks for leniency for people under 26 at the time of their lifetime conviction. It can be stated
  8. Lawrence, The original manuscript, according to Wiki, is held at Wesleyan University...but has extremely restricted access.
  9. In addition to above, I believe HSCA further investigated these Cubans, and the name of Julio Cesar Fernandes Jr. may relate to this. Escalante lists the name in an Appendix in his 'JFK:The Cuba Files'. Gaeton Fonzi also has information on Fernandes in 'The Last Investigation' linking him with Oswald in N.O. Any info on this too appreciated.
  10. The case of Mrs. L.E. Hoover from the very small town of Martinsburg in central Pennsylvania. She had found a piece of paper a week before the assassination with the names "Lee Oswald" "Jack Rubenstein" "Ruby" and "Silver Slipper". The reference to "Silver Slipper" may not be the Ruby owned nightclub, but the one in Las Vegas later known for money laundering between organized crime and CIA. Mrs Hoover believed that the paper had accidentally come out of a trash can that belonged to a Cuban family with high level connections to the Batista government in Cuba. The FBI climbed all over
  11. No problem Ron. I transcribed Jenkins' Lancer presentation which I sent to William Law when he and Jim J. were putting together their book, 'At the Cold Shoulder of History' (2018). As for my own thoughts on Jenkins' memoir, & the points raised by Joe in his post above....many points are as 'mushy' as JFK's brain. I also concur with Micah above that there are many additions in that presentation that were not disclosed in earlier interviews with DSL decades before, and I seem to recall Mr Lifton expressing those opinions in previous posts on this Forum. It would be great if DSL
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