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  1. Wow Denis! That's a massive collection, could easily cost me a lot of money! Too dangerous though, my other half is still giving me grief for spending a grand on the W.C. set.
  2. Away from the Plaza, back in D.C. from Andrews AFB to Bethesda, Roy Kellerman & Bill Greer stuck close to the Dallas casket in the grey navy ambulance. Arriving at Bethesda after Dennis David's cadets had delivered the plain shipping casket into the anti-room of the morgue, which David stated to me personally in 2003 had arrived in a black hearse by 'men in suits' eta 18:40. The grey navy ambulance arrived around 19:00, delivering JBK & RFK which David witnessed along with x-ray techs., Custer/Reed. The navy ambulance then drives away from the honour guard and re-appears later to deliver the Dallas casket carried by Kellerman, Greer, Sibert and O'Neil into the morgue! It was Kellerman who told the two FBI men about JFK saying "I've been hit" and or "Get me to the hospital", which nobody else in the limo heard. It seems Kellerman was acting as some sort of 'master of ceremonies' of the comings and goings of personnel in and out of the Bethesda morgue and collecting and destroying autopsy photographs shot by Stringer, Riebe and Knudsen, taken before, during and after autopsy. (All this from memory, correct me if incorrect.) At some time later, wasn't it Kellerman who passed a set of autopsy photographs to James Fox, who eventually just happened to facilitate us all with the bootleg images of JFK's autopsy that otherwise the world would never see? Images of course that show the intact back of the head, to support shots from behind. I've always considered the S.S. magic trick shenanigans at Bethesda to be more than just cover-up, but very early, same day actions to frame the accused assassin and eliminate evidence of conspiracy.
  3. 🤣Ha! I saw Airplane @ Bath Festival in U.K. 1970. Course it was wet, & Grace got a belt off the mic....won't type what she came out with.
  4. Comprehensive bios of a dedicated searcher for truth in the JFKA medical quagmire. Met him in 2013 at Lancer when he visited with Doug Horne, got his 'Cause of Death' book signed. Will be sadly missed, but he attained a good age.
  5. Yet LBJ & Connally were at Kennedy for months to tour Texas. Connally was a major player in the tour organisation, selecting the Trade Mart against S.S. security concerns, leading to the Elm St., dogleg. LBJ & Connally's feud with Yarborough caused press reports in Texas of Democratic party disunity, forcing JFK to tour with all three men. Always been suspicious to me.
  6. Kevin, there is no 'perhaps' regarding the seating arrangements in the V.P. car or the V.P. follow-up. The LBJ/Youngblood 'heroic leaping into the back seat story' is a total lie. The only person in that vehicle that I feel I could trust to speak the truth would be Ralph Yarborough. He stated that LBJ was hunched forward listening to Youngblood's radio. He also observed Gordon Arnold having hit the ground on the knoll & said he could smell gunpowder when the car was level with the knoll, adding, "he didn't think that possible if the shot came from the 6th floor of the TSBD." Sure, there was no love lost between LBJ, Connally and Yarborough and LBJ was hassling JFK that morning in the Hotel Texas to not travel with Yarborough. Was he trying to have Yarborough in the presidential limousine?
  7. LBJ's aide Cliff Carter was the man who collected Connally's clothing from TR2 nurse Hinchcliffe. He told her that he was Connally's agent. We know what happened to those articles of vital evidence, or rather what didn't happen. It's also interesting that Arlen Specter kept Carter away from any testimony to the W.C.
  8. My distant memory tells me there were only 5 in the V.P.'s car, Jacks the Highway Patrol driver, Youngblood the S.S. agent in the front seat, Yarborough behind Jacks, Lady Bird centre back seat & LBJ behind Youngblood. Carter & Johns were in the car behind, seen in the Altgens photo with rear passenger door partly open. Varsity (Secret Service code name), a yellow 1963 Ford Mercury hardtop: Joe H. Rich of the Texas Highway Patrol (driver), Vice Presidential aide Cliff Carter (front middle), Secret Service agents Jerry Kivett (right front), Warren W. "Woody" Taylor (left rear), and Thomas L. "Len" Johns (right rear).
  9. Christian, Firstly I must state that I have no knowledge of photographic enhancement techniques whatsoever. Neither would I denigrate or discourage efforts to extract information from blow-ups of existing assassination related film. Unfortunately I can never discern anything remotely conclusive from these kind of images, except coloured blobs. As for police uniforms in the 'sniper's nest' window, I wonder why the many reports made by witnesses in the plaza did not spot any blue uniforms on the persons seen in that building prior to the arrival of the motorcade. Mr & Mrs Rowland's two men with rifle & scope gunman wearing white shirt and having dark hair. Admittedly seen on the 6th floor west window. Or Richard Carr's observation of a heavyset man wearing horn-rimmed glasses & brown jacket on the 6th floor. Carolyn Walther reported two men in a corner window, though she was not sure if they were on the 4th or 5th floor, but again one in white shirt with blond hair & 2nd man in brown jacket. Around 20 inmates in a holding cell on the 6th floor of the County Jail reportedly observed two men in brown clothing, one with rifle & scope. Obviously these sightings do not exclude the possibility of a gunman in police uniform on the 6th floor, but if there, he wasn't spotted by any observers. So, I will await more conclusive/convincing results.
  10. I agree Keven. In view of operatives not recognising autopsy photos as the ones that they recall taking, or on different film type than they recall using, or operatives questioning the morgue furniture, i.e. stirrup head rests, or tiles, phones. In addition to the body arrivals in shipping caskets, body bags and such. I lean strongly to not just pre-autopsy autopsy, but also to pre-morgue morgue, and perhaps pre-pathologists. With so much ambiguity and nefarious actions that night a pre-autopsy hospital is not out of the question. Pre Humes & Boswell did we have Osborne & Lipsey? The mind boggles.
  11. Once again, Greg, utilising the McMahon probe, throws a highly logical alternate spanner into the workings of the Tippit case.
  12. I find Angleton's inferences in relation to 'Executive Action' that the Soviets term 'wet jobs' being a bit rich. When he related the killing of Tom Mboya I was waiting for the interviewer to jump in with questions on Dag Hammarskjold, Patrice Lumumba, Allende in Chile, or Sukarno in Indonesia etc., etc. Angleton speaking of a 'Wilderness of Mirrors' is a subject which he was an expert with. Long time since I've heard those chimes of Thames T.V., now defunct.
  13. Yes, I include this photograph when I give my presentations to U3A groups in the U.K. (I am speaking at another tomorrow, Monday 8th April). So, If the pathologists at Bethesda were instructed in the morgue by higher ranks in the gallery, as per Fink's under oath testimony at the Shaw trial, to not investigate/dissect the throat area, then...who, what, when and where caused 'the butcher job'?
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