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  1. but, they were Jefferson Airplane when I saw them in U.K. @ Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music June 1970. As is often the case, it was damp and when Grace took hold of her mike she got a belt. Her language was shocking too!
  2. Greg, Again Scheim's book has two notes on the missing front teeth. CE2403 & Karen Karlin Exhibit 5318. (sic) Also, although Ruby denied to FBI & Warren that he attended the Lucas B.& B. on the morning of 22nd November, Mrs Mary Lawrence stated that Ruby, who she knew well, was there with Oswald. Crafard stated that he & Ruby had breakfast there that morning. Mrs Lawrence described the man with Ruby had 'a small but deep scar on his left cheek'. However, nothing about missing teeth.
  3. Have read this thread as well as the innocence of Oswald in Tippit case with interest. It has bugged me that someplace I read about Crafard, but couldn't remember in what book. After days of brain freeze I found it. Scheim's 'Contract on America' (p247) states that Larry 'had no front teeth', was 'creepy' and 'looked like a bum'. Maybe Jarnagin wouldn't notice the teeth in a dark club, but certainly Laura Kittrell would notice, unless he had false teeth. Another witness is quoted 'Crafard had sandy hair'.
  4. Very best wishes Robert, you'll be missed, hopefully just for the time being. My cynicism compels me to think we'll all be denied any truth of JFK's assassination. What would all the Forum members do if the truth emerged? As for the future of your country, and mine, and the rest of the planet...political and environmental, my thoughts are just as dark. It's the same old rock!
  5. Correct, soon after Joe Kennedy arrived in Britain he promulgated an initiative, through Helmut Wohlthat, the architect of Goering's five-year economic plan, to distribute Germany's Jews around the British Empire and the U.S. Hitler imposed a billion mark ransom. However, the shooting of a Paris Embassy staff member by a Polish Jew spiked Kennedy's proposals, and then followed Kristallnacht! Kennedy also worked on Count Ciano to ease back on anti-Semitic measures coming into force in Italy. Perhaps the anti-Semitic charges in the U.S. may originate from statements that Joe made in '39 that "Roosevelt is run by the Jews and all the anti-fascist sentiment in the United States is largely created by the Jews who run the press."
  6. Yes, Matt, Lane states that Prouty obtained two ships for Operation Zapata for the Bay of Pigs invasion that were re-named Barbara & Houston. Later Russ Baker added info in his 'Family of Secrets'.
  7. Paul, There is a short bio of Joe Kennedy in Burton Hersh's 'Bobby and J. Edgar'. "By 1920 not only was Patrick Joseph Kennedy connected to the trade, two of Honey Fitz's younger brothers were running booze. Early evidence that the stockbroker was branching out appeared during the Harvard Tenth Reunion of the class of '12. "Joe was our chief bootlegger," one classmate laughed afterward. "Of course, he didn't touch a drop himself, but he arranged with his agents to have the stuff sent in right on the beach at Plymouth. It came ashore the way the Pilgrims did." Days before he died, the sleek, faux-genteel paymaster for the New York Families, Frank Costello, told Peter Maas that his decades of partnership with Kennedy began when the financier sought him out to make sure Scotch got to the Cape Cod reunion. Kennedy kept the liquor business at arms length. A 1926 Canadian government Royal Commission on Customs and Excise investigation revealed that Kennedy had all along been purchasing whiskey from the Hiram Walker distillery in shipload lots. Kennedy was also a major customer for the Seagram product from the Bronfmans. While Joe Kennedy personally was very rarely in evidence, the rum fleets he underwrote offloaded the contraband Scotch and Gin onto secluded inlets up and down the lower Massachusetts coast, where, along with Kennedy's employees, Costello's minions would see after distribution throughout the major Eastern markets. Throughout the twenties, boats chartered by the enterprising banker came across the water. California took on booze via Catalina Island. Kennedy serviced the Caribbean from the Bahamas to Palm Beach County, unloading the high grade stuff from international waters just beyond the reach of the U.S. Treasury Department and its hard-bitten Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms operatives. A lot came in over the Great Lakes." Burton Hersh covers the decade of the 1920's in this book over pages 23-34 stating links between Joe Kennedy and such characters as Capone, Costello, Murray Llewellyn (The Camel) Humphreys, Diamond Jim Esposito, Johnny Roselli, Jack Dragna, Abner Zwillman etc. Also documented is how Kennedy got the stock price of Greek Alex Pantage's chain of West Coast movie houses to fall, allowing RKO to acquire the Pantages holdings at less than half the price. "On her deathbed, Eunice Pringle confessed that it had been Kennedy who masterminded the frameup." Having read Jim's piece on K's & K I would be interested on his take on Hersh's book, or the author, or both....as this is one of the more detailed coverages of Joe Kennedy's early years that I have read.
  8. Nice one Anthony. Lesley Sharp contacted me last year asking about John Howard Bowen. So I am looking forward to this book too. Cheers!
  9. A first test screening of the film Dr. Strangelove was scheduled for November 22, 1963. The film was just weeks from its scheduled premiere, but because of the assassination, the release was delayed until late January 1964, as it was felt that the public was in no mood for such a film any sooner.
  10. Ben, no cognitive bias with me BUT I did like Greg's piece on that wallet at the Tippit scene. The wallet at the Tippit scene: a simpler solution? - JFK Assassination Debate - The Education Forum (ipbhost.com) I also consider the amount of setting up/sheep dipping of LHO in NOLA & Dallas as a patsy, with rifle & sniper's nest accoutrements etc necessitated preventing his day in court, hence Ruby. If Ossie knew or suspected anything prior to 22nd Nov is anyone's guess.
  11. Joe, according to Mellon, Wallace was hired by Ling Electronics in Anaheim, California in February '61 & he was living in Orange County, having left son Michael and daughter Meredithe with his ex wife Andre in Texas. "On that June weekend when Marshall was murdered, Mac entertained his brother Harold David Wallace and his family. It was the weekend after the Dallas public schools had recessed for summer vacation. David, as he was known, brought along not only his own children, but Mac's son, Michael, who had not seen his father since he had moved to California. Michael was to celebrate his thirteenth birthday at the end of the month, and welcomed this oppertunity to celebrate with his father. The weekend was memorable for another reason. He was being taken to Disneyland by his father and uncle. Harold David Wallace, his family, and Michael arrived in Anaheim on June 2, the day before Henry Marshall was murdered. Later Harold recounted that they had spent June 3 at the beach. "We were there all day long, along with Mac, until evening," he said." I believe that Billie Sol Estes stated at one time that there were two killers of Henry Marshall. Perhaps Mr Caddy knows more of this.
  12. I recently obtained a copy of Joan Mellon's 'Faustian Bargains' (2016) from Malcolm Blunt's collection. In that publication she covers LBJ & Mac Wallace's biographies and associations. The book also covers the so called Wallace fingerprint discovered on a box on the 6th floor of the TSBD. Originally investigated by DPD Officer J. Harrison with Walt Brown. It was these two that had Nathan Darby examine a photocopy of the TSBD print with a copy of Wallace's prints from Austin taken at the time of the Kinser case. Darby declared matching points. Harrison & Brown also employed E. Hoffmeister to confirm Darby's findings. After agreeing with Darby's verdict, Hoffmeister retracted. Mellon re-investigated the so called Wallace print & discovered that Darby's fingerprint examiner accreditation had expired at the time of working for Harrison & Brown. She employed a Robert Garrett a certified latent print examiner from Denver. After seeing the copies of the prints that Darby had worked with, he declared them too poor quality to obtain certain results, so Mellon got high quality copy of the Wallace print from NARA and better quality Wallace prints from U.S. Marine Corp that Wallace had submitted during WWII. According to Garrett there was no match from Wallace's prints to the TSBD print. Mellon also obtained a statement from Wallace's son who was just a schoolboy in Nov. '63. He recalls JFK's assassination & states that he was living with his father in California at that time. Mac Wallace was employed at Ling Electronics and son Michael remembers his father returning home from work that day. The above calls into serious question statements of Madeleine Brown of Wallace on a shooting range in Dallas days prior to events in Dealey Plaza. Also, many link LBJ to the plot with the Wallace fingerprint link. Then there is the man seen with horn-rim glasses on the 6th floor & walking along Houston St., that many suspect to be Mac Wallace. 'The Men on the Sixth Floor' by Sample & Collom also include Wallace as a shooter. It appears, if Joan Mellon's work is kosher, that the fingerprint remains unidentified.
  13. Steve, that's Robert Webster, working on plastics for Rand. Gary Hill reports that Marina had Hill's address in Leningrad prior to her meet up with Oswald in Minsk!
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