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  1. There's some beautiful stuff on the Bootleg Series set that covers Dylan's gospel phase. I think that the previously unreleased "Making A xxxx Out Of Me" is a gem.
  2. I don't believe that Bob Dylan ever worried much about being popular, given his penchant for alienating large segments of his audience (i.e. by "going electric" in 1965 or by converting to Christianity in 1979.) I also believe that Dylan was well aware of the potential of becoming a victim of the mindless menace of the violence.
  3. Who decides which textbooks are used in classrooms? I don't disagree with your premise, in a few generations the majority of Americans will believe that Oswald acted alone. Consensus is shaped over time, and time has always been on the side of the forces that murdered JFK. But consensus doesn't equal truth. Tragically, History is written by the victorious.
  4. Consensus does not equal truth. And please define "legitimate".
  5. I find it difficult to respect a man who worked tirelessly to continue to spread the big lie: that JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald alone. That he was "brilliant" only compounds my contempt. His passing doesn't change my feelings. However, condolences to his family.
  6. The only "dead soul" is the author of this anti Dylan hit piece. It reads as if were written by Mark David Chatman.
  7. Somewhere in the video record of Oswald's interactions with the press during his three days of captivity he says something that I've always construed as a limited admission of involvement: "I have committed no acts of violence."
  8. The film is worth checking out. Not to give away the ending, but it's tragic that the killers of JFK will never face similar justice.
  9. An excellent film. Some parallels to the JFK assassination.
  10. During Finck's testimony to the Warren Commission regarding C.E. 399 the following exchange transpired: Mr. SPECTER. And could it have been the bullet which inflicted the wound on Governor Connally's right wrist? Colonel FINCK. No; for the reason that there are too many fragments described in that wrist.
  11. As far as I can tell it looks like it'll only be available as an e-book.
  12. This is somewhat off topic, but I've often wondered if the motorcycle officer who peels off from the other riders and continues straight onto the Elm St. extension (this can be seen in Zapruder frames 17 to 27) has ever been identified.
  13. Albarelli's book (Kindle only) is available (pre-order) on Amazon and slated for release on 3/30/21.
  14. I can't remember what network I was watching, or who said it, but I do remember feeling nauseous when someone suggested,with a straight face, that the events of January 6th needed to be looked at by a Warren Commission or 9/11 Commission type body.
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