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  1. On Wednesday night Dan Rather was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. Fallon asked Rather if he'd ever seen anything like the insurrection that had taken place earlier in the day. Rather then listed the major events that he had witnessed over the course of his long life: "...I've seen a few things over the years, including the Great Depression, World War Two, Watergate, 9/11, so many things..." I find it rather interesting that he omitted the event that made his career in journalism, especially since he was actually on the scene of that event on 11/22/63.
  2. Some among America's military allies believe Trump deliberately attempted a coup and may have had help from federal law-enforcement officials https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-attempted-coup-federal-law-enforcement-capitol-police-2021-1?amp
  3. This interview with Harvey's widow speaks volumes about the mindset of William Harvey and his ilk. Her last statement could be the most revealing Freudian slip ever caught on film.
  4. Mr. Montenegro, thank you for your passionate and illuminating posts. For many years I have firmly believed that, in the 1960's, the most reactionary forces of the right succeeded in crippling the progressive movement in the United States by murdering the three most charismatic leaders of the left. I also believe that the perpetrators have continued over the last six decades to pursue their fascistic goals. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
  5. A second mention of this testimony is found on page 288 of the new edition of Murder Most Foul, under question number 714. "The Commission’s 'sensibilities' did not extend to prevent a man to abuse the president for 132 pages!" Does anyone know who Marks is referring to?
  6. My apologies if you mistook my comments for a personal attack. I merely was trying to make a point to the moderators about what I perceived as a double standard in censoring a perfectly good English word. As to your argument, I have always believed that if the assassination was the work of organized crime the ensuing 57 year cover-up would have been unnecessary. Why would the government and the corporate media invest so much energy in protecting Carlos Marcello?
  7. Mr. Hagger, with all due respect, I'm not inferring anything. The below quote is from your response to Chuck Schwartz, it was posted on Tuesday, December 15 at 12:41 PM. "JFK and his brother were lying war mongers."
  8. A recent post of mine got edited by a moderator because I called Gerald Ford a xxxx, a prevaricator, who admitted his dishonesty in moving the location of JFK's back wound. Why are the moderators allowing Mr. Hagger's post to stand when he calls JFK and RFK "lying war mongers" ?
  9. I recently received my copy of Stanley Marks Murder Most Foul. On page 175, under question 54, ("Is there any evidence in the 'Report' to show an anti-Kennedy tinge?") Marks mentions a witness, "...a man from the Birch Society..." who was allowed to "...abuse the memory of President Kennedy". Can anyone tell me who Marks is referring to?
  10. This video doesn't prove or disprove Bush's presence in Dealey Plaza, but it does prove what a horrible human being GHWB was. The grin on Bush's face when he says "deluded gunman" is truly nauseating. His defense of the Warren Commission and of Commission member Gerald Ford, a self admitted xxxx in regard to the location of the back wound is risible .
  11. I cloned the face of the man in the color photo, changed it to black and white, then superimposed it onto the photo on the left. The result:
  12. 🤔🤣 Thanks for the laugh, and for the inspiration... Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall Humpty Trumpty had a great fall All Rupert's horses And all Rupert's men Couldn’t put Trumpty together again
  13. I pray that I'm wrong, but I'm afraid that the stage is being set for a December surprise, a Christmas gift for all of Trump's fanatical messianic supporters. First, Trump installed some extremely hawkish sycophants in key positions at the Pentagon. Second, Trump lackey Mike Pompano consulted with allies in the middle east. Third, a military buildup has been going on in the Persian Gulf. Forth, the brazen assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist by the Israeli intelligence apparatus. Fifth... Beware of a "retaliatory" attack that will be pinned on the Ira
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