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  1. The King of the Bankrupt, Donald J.Trump, has triggered an avalanche of moral bankruptcy. "Everything Trump Touches Dies" -Rick Wilson
  2. Perhaps, after almost 60 years, the MSM is now successfully conditioned into perpetuating the objectives of Operation Mockingbird.
  3. Assuming that the account is accurate, I have a newfound respect for Mike Pence. It's a shame that he doesn't have the courage to condemn the former guy.
  4. I agree 100%. If you look closely you can see that Landslide Lyndon appears to be smiling back at Albert Thomas. Truly sick...
  5. After listening to JFK's effusive praise for Thomas, on the night before JFK's murder, (https://www.jfklibrary.org/asset-viewer/archives/JFKWHA/1963/JFKWHA-244-001/JFKWHA-244-001) I find Thomas's smirking demanor even more inappropriate and disgusting.
  6. When the first sentence of an article reads: "In high school in the late 1980s, we had a visiting “JFK scholar.” (By day, he was a janitor at another local school.)" it's the last sentence that I'll bother reading...
  7. Has the media conspired with the National Security State to equate the word "conspiracy" with the concept of falsehood? This quote is shown before the film Borat's American Lockdown & Debunking Borat. "The program you are about to see is filled with conspiracy theories and other falsehoods."
  8. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/07/09/metro/she-knew-jfk-oswald-wrote-about-both-author-priscilla-johnson-mcmillan-dies-92/
  9. I've often wondered if RFK was, indirectly, accusing Johnson of leading a violent coup against JFK in this phone call... Thoughts? ROBERT KENNEDY: Well, I had understood that he had had some report about me. PRESIDENT JOHNSON: No, no. ROBERT KENNEDY: About the overthrow of the government by force and violence. PRESIDENT JOHNSON: No, no. ROBERT KENNEDY: Leading a coup. PRESIDENT JOHNSON: No. That's an error. He never said that or indicated or given any indication of it.
  10. I'd say that RFK sized up LBJ pretty accurately. I've always found RFK's reference to planning and plotting a coup and overthrowing the government using violence very interesting.
  11. As Major General Smedley Darlington Butler said: war is a racket.
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