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  1. Thank you for posting this, Mr. Cole, I missed the news about David Talbot's "severe stroke." Prayers for his recovery, and for his family. IMHO one of the best authors on the JFK assassination.
  2. I'm interested in what you're discussing, but none of your photographs are visible.
  3. RFK Jr. was nine years old when his uncle was murdered, and 14 years old when his father was killed. I'm sure that the loss of both men caused enormous psychological damage to the young man. But psychological damage doesn't explain or excuse his maturation into a science denying, fascist supporting presidential candidate. Somewhere, his father is extremely disappointed.
  4. Agreed. JFK was considered an existential threat and was dealt with accordingly.
  5. A couple of interesting quotes: "There is always a question whether a democratic country is capable of having an intelligence service of any great merit simply because of the built in inhibitions..." "But you don't have to be a great or large or wealthy country to have a to have a good intelligence service as long as you have the norms, as long as you have the disciplines, as long as you have the motivation, the singleness of purpose, you can be a small service and have one great penetration (long pause) and you can move the world. " https://youtu.be/vTgneJQxCts?si=V8QpaSGNtlBeIZJM
  6. It's also being used for military purposes by Israel, with horrifying results. https://www.972mag.com/lavender-ai-israeli-army-gaza/
  7. Yes, it's true, JFK died like Marvin in Pulp Fiction. When later confronted by the driver of the Queen Mary, Sam Kinney, agent Hickey defensively responded "...you went over a bump..."
  8. "W. Neandertall..." No member is allowed to make personal insults with regard to another member OR with respect to fellow members opinions. Moderators?
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