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  1. I'm now on board with the Mainstream water cooler guys, Ben Please stop making redundant threads!
  2. Greg, I'd recommend you read @James DiEugenio's Dentiny Betrayed Second Addition it would anwser your questions here, and you would learn alot about the case since you are saying things like NO Evidence instead of Circumstancial Evidence
  3. Imagine thinking Al-Queda and not Al-CIAda did 911!!! Lol Same people believe in Russia Collusion Hoax and J6 Narrative both perpetrated by the Deep State.
  4. Happy IXXI Today is the Anniversary of a very Deep State Event
  5. JFK's President and the Press describes the Soviet Deep State
  6. He is making a comparison to Gnosticism that part clearly went over your head...
  7. There are people who think that the "planted bullet" may be from the lawn strike that ER Buddy Walters picked up.
  8. Here is a great example of Globalist Deep State PNAC Partnership for a New American Century. The term comes from Henry Luce's American Century which was a reference to post WWII America. This document says that a Catalyzing like a New Pearl Harbor is needed for America to defend it's strategic resources abroad, alot of the people in PNAC will later join the W Bush administration and the "New Pearl Harbor Event" happened, coincidence?? I think NOT! https://archive.org/details/RebuildingAmericasDefenses What do you think the odds of a hijacked terrorist plane hitting the section of the pentagon that was having renovations done, which also housed the records to the 2.3 trillion missing?
  9. Greg what you are doing is fighting terminology because you subscribe to Marxist beliefs and thus have a problem with the semantics being used. James Lindsay said this the other day and it's very relevant. You worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls so I'm assuming I don't have to define Gnosticism for you....
  10. Look it up? Cite it why won't you if it's real? Being a grammar Nazi instead of citing the info tells me you are not being fully honest! Why is this so hard for you to do? You allegedly read the report, it shouldn't be this hard... if you are telling the truth.
  11. Here is a decent description of Globalists. Which are part of the Global "Deep State" like David Rockefellar types that are attending Global Organizations like Builderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council Of Foreign Relations, etc. The People you list are 1960 American Deep State, if you used an La Contra Nostra context Globalists are the Head of The Family and the Deep State People are the Soldiers, Capo's etc
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