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  1. As usual, literally everything in the above paragraph written by John Butler is at best pure speculation with no direct evidence to support it, and at worst, laughably, provably wrong.
  2. You are the one who made the claim that Marina Oswald was a Russian spy before and after the assassination. I asked you to support it with evidence. Clearly you cannot, or you would. So since you appear to be punting on this one, I will open the question up to anybody else on this forum to provide evidence to support the notion that Marina Oswald was a Russian spy before and after the assassination.
  3. Please provide a single shred of evidence to support either of these two claims (hint: there isn't any, and no serious researcher of this case believes it).
  4. As if your prior insistence that every Dealey Plaza image has been altered wasn't bad enough, It is laughable that you now claim the film footage from Oswald's time in Dallas Police custody has been altered too. Is there ANY outlandish JFK assassination conspiracy theory you DON'T believe? When does it end?
  5. None of them are Harvey Oswald, because Harvey Oswald never existed. All three of those photos are of the same person. Also, to suggest that one person never in his or her life would wear trousers at a different level on their hips is rather absurd...
  6. I don't want to further sidetrack this thread (which at this point clearly demonstrates that H&L proponents do not have a shred of evidence to support the claim that Edwin Ekdahl was involved with U.S. intelligence), but I cannot let Sandy Larsen's latest post go without comment. Let's just break this down a bit, shall we? Is Sandy claiming that, "after the Marines switcheroo," the original Lee Harvey Oswald was just off somewhere living his normal life, while his doppelganger "Harvey" was doing all the things we would normally have associated with the birth Oswald? Is Sandy actually claiming that there was some baseball team bullpen of lookalike imposters from which the CIA simply chose at their leisure to perform such missions as killing Officer Tippit? Would this then also mean that Marina Oswald was actually married to "Harvey" and never even met or knew the original Lee Harvey Oswald? And that Marina's children were fathered by "Harvey," and not Lee? And that Marguerite Oswald was unable to realize that her son Lee had been replaced by the doppelganger "Harvey" upon "his" return from the Soviet Union?
  7. I'd love to know how you reconcile the notion that someone "painted" fingernails onto this photo when, as Steve Roe has pointed out, the original negative exists?
  8. Here you go trotting out Jack White again - a man whose HSCA testimony clearly demonstrates his lack of actual expertise in photographic analysis (to say nothing of his preposterous faked moon landing and 9/11 hoax punditry). Can you point to any professional photographic analysis -- not amateur, armchair sleuthing the likes of which is done on this forum -- that supports your claim the backyard photographs are fakes?
  9. This is not in any way what the John Martin film shows, but OK...
  10. This doesn't answer Jeremy's question. Just because the "talents" of Eastern European refugees were "exploited" after World War II, how does that in any way support the specific implementation of a long-term doppelganger project involving the variables Jeremy outlined above (two boys who maybe, just maybe, would grow up to look identical, two identical mothers, etc.) ?
  11. John, stop for a second and think about what you're saying. Are you suggesting that during the assassination, one "Oswald" was inside the Texas School Book Depository, and the other "Oswald" was standing in the doorway of the building? If so, what measures were in place to make sure the two "Oswalds" didn't accidentally run right smack into one another, thus foiling the entire decades-long doppelganger project? Why on earth would the conspirators risk that happening at the absolute most important moment of the conspiracy? Considering that "Harvey and Lee" theorists still can't get their stories straight on which "Oswald" was which some 57 years after the crime, the rhetorical question of whether Roger Craig could "have identified one Oswald from the other" seems particularly moot...
  12. As has been covered on this forum over and over again, the Moorman photos were never altered. Just for fun, I'd love for you to explain to us how and when the evil plotters painted trees onto a Polaroid a few inches in size -- an alteration that apparently went undetected until you discovered it?
  13. The answer, quite simply, is that nobody really knows what this memo was all about, but it appears to be a rather benign mix of paranoia on the part of Marguerite Oswald and imprecise language on the part of Hoover. This article offers a clear-eyed analysis and provides valuable background information. Tracy Parnell has also covered this subject extensively on his own site. Again, the larger point is that EVEN IF someone was (or was attempting to) impersonate Oswald as far back as 1960, there is ZERO evidence it was connected to some larger, decades-long conspiracy to pass off two distinct people (and their mothers) as one.
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