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  1. Steven, can you supply any evidence to support your speculation that the Zapruder film underwent massive editing and alteration at the Jamison facility within hours of the assassination -- editing so technically accomplished that it is only being uncovered nearly 60 years later by amateur researchers on an Internet forum?
  2. Greg, you are not alone in failing to follow John Butler's logic when it comes to his claims that virtually every piece of evidence in this case is fake.
  3. So? Are you implying that your theories are more valid because other people agree with them? As usual with the type of “everything is fake” speculation you routinely post here, there is absolutely zero hard evidence to support the widespread alteration of the Dealey Plaza film and photo record. And there is certainly no evidence to support your posts in this thread that Marilyn Sitzman filmed the assassination, that her imaginary film was somehow combined with others taken that day to create some kind of impossible-to-detect “composite” or that Abraham Zapruder was a “co-conspirator.” What is the point of this kind of conjecture without anything to back it up other than your own oft-debunked hypothesizing about photographic anomalies?
  4. Except for the fact that there is absolutely ZERO evidence Marilyn Sitzman filmed anything in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963, to say nothing of the fact that your "built from the ground up" hypothesis is ludicrous based on the known timetable of when the first frames from the film were published, much less the available film technology of the era... And really.. Abraham Zapruder as a "co-conspirator" ? It boggles the mind that people like you actually believe this.
  5. No vehicle was "added" to the Altgens 6 photo, which, as has been pointed out to you umpteen times, was sent out over the Associated Press wire within 30 minutes of the assassination.
  6. There’s nothing to bury. Tracy has already offered a perfectly plausible and logical alternative to Wilcott’s completely unsubstantiated claims: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/03/james-wilcott.html?m=1
  7. Once again John Butler is just spectacularly wrong with his theorizing. The wound he claims is "manufactured" and "fraudulent" is in fact verified not only by the Zapruder film but by Dealey Plaza witnesses who were mere feet away from President Kennedy during the shooting. There are ample reasons why this wound was not seen in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital and they do not require a preposterous level of alteration of the Zapruder film.
  8. How about.. simply because they needed more space?
  9. That is correct, and supports the notion that because she was pressing down on the right side of JFK's head during the trip to Parkland, the wound near the right ear that is clearly seen in the Zapruder film was not seen by the doctors in trauma room 1.
  10. Well, John, you've managed to utterly astonish me with your theories twice in the same thread. This one really takes the cake: that the evil alterationists had so much time on their hands and their work was so humdrum that they INSERTED FAKE PEOPLE into Dealey Plaza films and photos just for a laugh. It's breathtaking, truly.
  11. And so the photo of Bothun's grave that you posted earlier in this thread is ... also fake? Or are you claiming Bothun was a real person but never was actually in Dealey Plaza? And just so I'm clear, what possible purpose could there have been on the part of the conspirators and film alterationists to insert this specific fake human presence a la Bothun in the Zapruder film?
  12. So now you've decided Altgens is real? Does that mean you still think Bothun is not real and is actually just a duplicate version of Altgens pasted into films and photos?
  13. Congratulations to John Butler for coming up with yet another "conclusion" that not even the zestiest of JFK conspiracy theorists had previously brought forth: that Dealey Plaza photographers James Altgens and Dick Bothun are actually the same person, who have been magically pasted into various Dealey Plaza films and photos, including the Zapruder film. Major points for imagination!
  14. Chris, thank you for this sensible analysis and for not starting with a pre-determined conclusion on the issue. What you've shown here is that like it or not, the Dealey Plaza photo record is self-authenticating.
  15. Not only is it believable, it is supported by a wealth of primary source, documentary evidence and numerous witness statements from people who knew the Oswalds well during this period of time. That's more than can be said for your conjecture about Oswald's lucrative career as a spy.
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