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  1. I found very little on the Browns and Newall. I'm interested in all things ARAMCO. Another significant Texas thread.
  2. Newman has told others that his office was broken into and his Cobb file(s?) was stolen; apparently he had filed one particular document or group of documents in another area and planned to release them to the public at some point. To my knowledge that has yet to happen. Also, my understanding is that June handed over those files to John with the understanding they would be returned; for some reason she failed to make photocopies so the originals were invaluable. He never returned the originals to June. Why would anyone break into John's office and not steal additional research, or did they? Are we to understand the break-in was specific to June's files? If so, why wasn't Albarelli's place broken into as well?
  3. C/PW Seymour Bolten/Trouchard? (actually, Trouchard may be Kent) (62-63) (64 - SAS/SO/SB) C/PW George Joannides/Newby (63-64) aka Henry Boysen Ops Officer - Deputy COS - August 61 Frederick Inghurst - deputy COS (re Joannides personnel file) - field contracting officer Shackley's chief of operations Raymond L. Pochron (?) was C/CI/JMWAVE during 1962 Winfred Jimerson (Sforza?) was C/CI/JMWAVE from late 1962 to mid-1963 CI officers Lewis Nicklas, George Watts, Here's the CIA flowchart for JMWAVE: COS and DCOS, w/secretaries and communicators Branches: Support, Ops Branch of FI and Special Ops, CA Branch, External Ops Branch, Reports Section, Technical Services Section C/Miami, chief of operations, Morales (Ult Sac, p. 57) Bill, do you read anything into his recruitment of Augustin Guitart in context of the Odio incident? Pure coincidence?
  4. I've never seen evidence that he was. He was reposted to Cordoba Argentina in I believe late '64/ early '65. He passed away only recently. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/readingeagle/name/carl-trettin-obituary?id=54013075
  5. Thanks, John. I'm sensitive to the fact that a number of sources claiming Louis Mortimer Bloomfield was attorney to the Bronfman dynasty are controversial, e.g. the Torbitt Doc, EIR, and (for some) Mae Brussell so I just pulled together several benign links to establish that 1) Bloomfield was in law practice with the Montreal-based Phillips & Vineberg from 1930-1970, and 2) the firm's founding partner Philip Vineberg was both a friend and attorney for the patriarch Sam Bronfman as well as a number of members of the family according to additional sources. [ArchiviaNet] CAIN No. 264041 TITLE: Louis M. Bloomfield fonds [textual record, graphic material] PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5.87 m of textual records. 14 photographs : b&w. DATES: 1883-1984. ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY/BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Louis M. Bloomfield, born in Montreal in 1906, received his B.A. from McGill University in 1927 and his L.L.M. from the University of Montreal in 1930. He was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1930 and created a K.C. in 1948. Bloomfield practised international law with Phillips, Bloomfield, Vineberg and Goodman, 1930-1970. I am still surprised that Father, surrounded as he was by the ablest accountants and lawyers, could have embarked on such a poorly structured venture. The reason, of course, was that it was very difficult to tell Sam Bronfman that he was wrong. No one ever wanted to be on the receiving end of his violent, epithet-laden outbursts. Even Philip Vineberg, a brilliant lawyer whom Father trusted and respected, was a little afraid of him. "If your father wants to do it this way, who's gonna say no?" he asked me. — "Good Spirits: The Making of a Businessman" by EDGAR M. BRONFMAN G. P. Putnam's Sons (C) 1998 Edgar M. Bronfman All rights reserved. ISBN: 0-399-14374-2 https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/books/first/b/bronfman-spirits.html https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Vineberg-70 In 1971, Leo Kolber was appointed after Sam’s death, along with Philip Vineberg, who had become the Bronfman’s chief legal adviser. — "From Shirtsleeves to Shirtless”: The Bronfman Dynasty and the Seagram Empire, Graham D. Taylor, Prof History, Trent University https://thebhc.org/sites/default/files/taylor_0.pdf Setting aside controversial representations — some of which are flagrantly antisemitic — can we agree that from these innocuous citations it's reasonable to conclude Bloomfield also provided legal services to the Bronfman empire on behalf of his firm, even if only occasionally?
  6. John, if I can step in here to ask if you could clarify whether Bloomfield provided legal services to the Bronfman Dynasty regarding either their vast business investments or their personal affairs or both?
  7. Are you thinking of Admiral Arleigh Burke, or maybe General Georg Decker?
  8. @Robert Reeves RR, thanks for reminding us of Mae's deep dive into Sheffield Edwards. Her prescience is virtually unmatched and I think had elements within the community not maligned her work, we would've been further down the road in a significantly different direction much earlier. She was the embodiment of "a beautiful mind" imv. And thanks for clarification of the date of Sheffield's "retirement." I agree with you. It's puzzling those records were withheld for decades. To what end? When I read September I thought it was less relevant, but June 29 comports with a very brief note in a record maintained by Pierre Lafitte on July 9 indicating his wife was unhappy followed by the name Katie*, and the name Sheffield. Hank Albarelli was informed by Mrs. Lafitte that the Edwards and she and Pierre had developed a close friendship as confirmed by another entry on December 23, "dinner with the Edwards." We can only speculate that she had spoken with Sheffield's wife in early July and was 'unhappy' — perhaps at the news or perhaps that Sheff's wife was upset? *Sheffield's wife was Sarita Barber Edwards, not "Katie". We've yet to determine why the name appears with Sheffield, but for now we speculate it was a nickname. Notes about the relationship between Sheffield Edwards, Office of Security, and Pierre Lafitte — the elusive "special employee" of several three-letter agencies throughout the Cold War: In June 1952, according to a letter by George White, the CIA officially recruited Lafitte as a “special employee” after he was summoned to Washington, D.C. to meet with CIA officials, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and James Jesus Angleton. Wrote White: “Expecting to be at CIA only a day, Lafitte was held over for a few days. I hope to hell they know what they are in for. I suspect even to that crew that he’s one of a kind.” While at CIA headquarters, Lafitte also met Agency Security Chief, Sheffield Edwards, Frank Wisner, and Richard Helms. Subsequently, Lafitte undertook a number of covert domestic and international assignments for the CIA, including a trip to the Republic of Congo in December 1960, which, as noted, coincided with the January 1961 CIA-assisted assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Lafitte’s work for the CIA lasted until about 1978. Longtime CIA MK/ULTRA czar Dr. Gottlieb was more guarded about his words on Pierre Lafitte. “I’m not even sure he exists in the epistemology of the CIA,” said Gottlieb. “He gives whole new meaning to the label ‘spook.’” Gottlieb continued: It’s widely known that he worked with George [White] in New York and San Francisco. That’s no secret at all today. But… he did… he did a lot more than that. He traveled extensively for the Agency… I would encounter him in unexpected places, completely… I’d see him but I wasn’t privy to what he was doing. Often I would ignore his presence as he would mine. . . . These activities—and the personnel involved in them—were carefully vetted by CIA Counterintelligence head Jim Angleton. White became a “CIA consultant,” and Gottlieb was soon informed that Angleton and CIA Deputy Director of Plans Frank Wisner were very interested in retaining the services of Pierre Lafitte, for “special projects.” Lafitte’s unique skill set was understandably intriguing to these men, and soon Lafitte was engaging in meetings with officers at the top echelon of the Agency. On the evening of June 23, 1952, Lafitte’s wife Rene telephoned White at home and informed him that Pierre was being held overnight in Washington D.C. for meetings with Wisner, Office of Security head Sheffield Edwards, and Wisner’s Chief of Operations Richard Helms. Thus began Lafitte’s long-term relationship with operatives at the core of CIA’s clandestine operations. There would be dinners with Angleton who would become a close friend, coded communications, and Agency-assisted passports issued to Lafitte in the coming years. . . . The letters WIN indicate the broad program cryptonym, and often individuals were given numbers after these three letters. For example: QJ/WIN-1, QJ/WIN-2, QJ/WIN-3 and on. An October 1976 CIA memorandum concerning a “review of the ZR/RIFLE file” reveals the following: In 1959, [Harold Meltzer] furnished information to our QJ/WIN California office but has not since cooperated with us. N.B. he has the background and talent for the matter we discussed but it is not known whether he would be receptive.’ [This the review took from a December 1960 CIA document.] YAZBECK lived in Beirut and worked for QJ/WIN’s office intermittently during the past 10 years (dates not given-possibly during 51-61.) YAZBECK’s chief bodyguard from 50-58 (not named) was a convicted murderer. The bodyguard was murdered. States that YAZBECK has an available pool of assassins. Harold Meltzer first came to the attention of the CIA after mobster Johnny Rosselli had a conversation about him in 1959 with Agency Security Office chief Sheffield Edwards. Earlier the same year, according to a letter from FBN supervisory agent and CIA contractor George Hunter White to Garland Williams, also a FBN supervisor and a close friend to White, White and Charles Siragusa had discussed Meltzer with Rosselli during a meeting in Miami. It appears that Meltzer was not initially recruited by the CIA to perform assassinations, but instead was slated to help spot and recruit potential candidates for the Agency’s ZR/RIFLE and QJ/WIN programs. However, Meltzer’s skills as a hitman for Rosselli were notorious in mob circles. That the CIA, as exposed in the above quoted memorandum, maintained a “QJ/WIN California office” is intriguing and, of course, summons up all sorts of theories about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Regarding Robert Maheu's service to the agency, this document refers to "Office of Security" without naming Edwards specifically. It's significant in context of Lafitte because as early as 1957, Maheu was involved with Allen Hughes and John Joseph Frank in selling a quantity of electronic and X-ray detection equipment to the Dominicans in 1955-56. Frank would be charged with failure to register as a foreign agent. The names Hughes - Frank - Murphy (Gerald Murphy who was also named in the Frank indictment in context of the murder of a Columbia University prof purported but never confirmed to have been carried out by Trujillo's own diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa - who met with Giancana in Paris in June 1963) appear in Lafitte's January 4, 1963 datebook entry indicating that regardless of prior problems with the US government, they were still 'in play' in some capacity. Since Herbert Itkins — de Mohrenschildt's rep and known for his influence and lucrative dealings in both Haiti and the DR at the time — also appears frequently in the Lafitte datebook, we can guess Hughes-Frank-Murphy were not far behind? https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/157-10005-10159.pdf
  9. Great contribution, RR. Can you readily put your hands on the record that indicates Sheffield Edwards quit the agency September 30? His obit indicates 1963, but I'm curious about the specific date.
  10. Before Roger Stone's "LBJ Did It" consumes this thread entirely — and with the indulgence of Robert Montenegro who has generously provided the most comprehensive database of its kind to date — the influence of Clark Mollenhoff's reporting warrants review from a broader perspective than has been promoted thus far: . . . Sy Hersh notes that Clark Mollenhoff’s reporting included reference to Delaware Senator Williams’ access to an account of [Ellen] Rometsch’s life in D.C. over a period of more than two years, and that having been born in East Germany, she still had relatives on “the other side of the iron curtain.” Mollenhoff had added, either parenthetically or based on information provided him by his sources within the government, “The possibility that her activity might be connected with espionage is of some concern for security investigators because of the high rank of her male companions.” Thus, Mollenhoff revealed to the public that in July, the FBI had started investigating the possibility that Ellen was a Soviet spy, and that “with less than a week’s notice, she and her husband were sent back to Germany . . . at the request of the State Department.” Hersh observes that Mollenhoff, who had covered labor corruption during the 1950s, had been an enthusiastic supporter of Bobby Kennedy’s work as general counsel of the Senate Rackets Committee. Writes Hersh, “The two men had grown apart—the specifics of their dispute could not be learned for this book—and the increasingly conservative [emphasis added] Mollenhoff had begun to write extensively, and critically, of the Kennedy administration’s decision in late 1962 to bypass Boeing and award the TFX contract to General Dynamics. Writes Hersh, Mollenhoff’s reporting “was taken most seriously by Bobby Kennedy.” Indeed, reporter Mollenhoff’s conservative leaning was apparent in public settings when in October of 1962 when he participated on a panel, “Washington Cover-Up” at Georgetown University alongside the president of the Ukraine Congress Committee of America (UCCA) and Georgetown economics professor Lev Dobriansky, evidenced in a photo in The Ukraine Weekly, and in ensuing years Mollenhoff was not shy about his commitment to anti-communism. A brief mention in an article dated Saturday, April 20, 1974 in The Ukraine Weekly, under the headline, “Anti-communist League Holds 7th Conference In Washington,” provides a window into his public support of the World Anti-communist League (WACL). Hosted in D.C. by the American Council for World Freedom (ACWF), the conference boasted some twenty-five speakers representing both free nations and countries under Communist suppression, including autocrat General Anastazio Somoza of Nicaragua and the Hon. Jaroslav Stetsko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine and head of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) since its inception as well as leader of the Organization of Ukranian Nationalists (OUN). The US affiliate of Stetsko’s ABN, The American Friends of Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations is infamous among Kennedy researchers for its leading member Spas Raikin being tapped to meet Lee Harvey Oswald and his Russian wife Marina as they arrived from the USSR. Among the US speakers at the 1974 WACL conference were prominent Republicans including future congressman John McCain, conservative journalist William F. Buckley, and Prof. Dobriansky. The lengthy article in The Ukraine Weekly continues to describe the events, “The first reception, hosted by three members of the American press, John Chamberlain, King Features Syndicate columnist, Robert Hurleigh, Mutual Broadcasting System columnist, and Clark Mollenhoff, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and Washington Bureau Chief of the "Des Moines Register and Star" was held at the National Press Club.” Of interest to researchers in pursuit of significant domestic and foreign intrigues in the decades following the assassination implicating yet another web of ideologically aligned forces, at the time of the 1974 WACL conference attended by Mollehnhoff and Dobriansky, the Cowles Communication / Des Moines Register board included Ret. General George Olmsted, close friend to Rear Admiral Arleigh Burke who resigned from the navy before President Kennedy had served a full year as president to join Texaco, one of four Rockefeller concerns to secure exclusive drilling rights in Saudi Arabia. Olmsted was the force behind the financial empire that within the decade would be caught up in the BANK OF CREDIT AND COMMERCE (BCCI) scandal. Later in this investigation, the network of WACL and Stetsko’s ABN, tied to the assassination of Ukranian Stepan Bandera who led the OUN said to be most closely aligned with Mussolini’s fascism before his assassination, and their affiliation with General Charles Willoughby and General Edwin A. Walker — both named frequently by Lafitte — will assume greater significance. For now, in light of the Ellen Rometsch scandal widely exposed by Mollenhoff who was first to compare it to the Profumo Affair and the possibility that more than blackmail was in play, it is important to draw attention to several Lafitte entries: NYC Rest guide ad. Talk of Ella R. photographs . . . in NY at Previews —Lafitte datebook, September 17, 1963 Meet with Willoughby at (Ella R) others at 49 East 53rd St. NYC —Lafitte datebook, October 15, 1963
  11. @Roger Odisio I was just today reviewing the June 12, 1963 murder of NAACP's Medgar Evers and wondering once again why his death is seldom mentioned in context of the assassinations of the period. His assassin, Byron de la Backwith of KKK and Indignate White Citizens Council was visited in jail by Gen. Edwin A. Walker whose "Operation Alert" with evangelist Billy Hargis set a standard for Gen. Michael Flynn's ReAwken America Tour From there, a quick glance at most recent coverage of Gen. Walker provides a segue to your astute insistence that the assassination of Kennedy is perhaps more relevant than ever (particularly the forthcoming 'do or die for democracy' election cycle) and should be permitted on all JFK assassination related threads. Unless we understand fully (and call them out vociferously) the ideological forces driving the animus against Kennedy and Johnson's civil rights agenda — an animus we see today only thinly veiled in the backlash against The 1619 Project and similar — we'll continue to slouch toward all out civil war. Kennedy's assassination and cover-up reverberates within every element of the MAGA movement. March 7, 2024 OPINION: AN OLD FRIEND REVEALS A TRUTH By WYATT EMMERICH The Email from Chris Gordon stated: “Wyatt, I just picked up Peter Adams from the airport. He's speaking tomorrow for History Is Lunch about his new book on Gen. Edwin Walker. ' . . . There were so many bizarre interconnections between unlikely events involving [General Edwin A.] Walker and many other historical figures of that time. Give yourself a treat. Google History is Lunch Mississippi and listen to Peter Adams’ 40-minute talk. . . Fear and paranoia from rapid social and cultural change has now merged with the perfect vehicle to promote crazy conspiracy theories. This will not end well.' https://www.grenadastar.com/columns-local-content-opinion-state/opinion-old-friend-reveals-truth-65ea0a4228933 Peter Adams’s The Insurrectionist is the first comprehensive biography of Major General Edwin A. Walker, a figure who, in the 1950s and 1960s, became a leader of a far-right political movement known for its elaborate conspiracy theories, authoritarianism, and uncompromising white supremacy. Sixty years before the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, Edwin Walker was charged with insurrection and seditious conspiracy. He was arrested on orders from the attorney general after leading a deadly riot against federal marshals as they protected the first African American student attempting to register at the University of Mississippi. Those who flocked to Walker’s side believed an invisible government working with coconspirators in the Kremlin and United Nations would soon enslave America under a one-world dictatorship. Walker’s deep state conspiracy theory has echoed through American political culture into the age of QAnon, finding a new home among today’s far-right extremists. https://lsupress.org/9780807179925/the-insurrectionist/
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