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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. While this may be quite literally true, I have to say I think the focus on Oswald, mainly seeking to prove his innocence, has subsumed the research into the possible perpetrators. It looks like Newman is finally focusing on the US Military.
  2. How does anyone know what actions are what faction of Antifa? I’m all for holding Capitalism accountable but the window breakers are doing something counterproductive. Antifa can mean anything anyone wants, including those who self identify as such. There are so many good and well meaning people demonstrating in Seattle and Portland for whom the destruction of property is a negative and a serious distraction.
  3. According to Wiki, Lemnitzer was appointed to head NATO in Nov 1962, after the Missile crisis, yet it’s clear that he was no longer head of the Joint Chiefs during the crisis. I have never seen this Atlantic article, or the Granma article, so thank you both for posting them. The Atlantic article takes the viewpoint, which I agree with, that JFK’s most important task was to restore the president’s role as the civilian controller of the military. I guess he failed. His cooperation and encouragement in the making of Seven Days in May and filming it partly in the WH has always seemed significan
  4. This is so weird. The AF 1 transmissions definitely show LeMay’s adjutant trying to contact LeMay, and from what I can tell, and I really tried to get this, these were overheard by AF 1 and not present in the initial and quite edited version of AF 1 tapes but revealed in the newer longer,still incomplete, version. No way was LeMay on AF 1. But I’m convinced that as a result of his adjutant’s efforts he did make it to the autopsy, specifically to the right hospital, which I think was part of the adjutant’s message. As for Lemnitzer and NATO, I’m glad that Jim pointed out Lemnitzer’s access t
  5. This story is very interesting - thanks Doug
  6. David - when will Final Charade be released? I must have missed something. Didn’t you start a thread a few years ago saying you were coming out with a new book? Perhaps Final Charade isn’t the title, or it’s an update. What’s the story!
  7. David - when will Final Charade be released?
  8. Hard to imagine it could have been cheating or hacking machines. So if it’s not divided govt philosophy it’s probably that she is somewhat popular, hard as that is to believe.
  9. Like it or not there is a sizable swath of the electorate, mostly more well off, who believe in divided government.
  10. What, dear moderators, is the point of the ban on the N word?
  11. I have a very close friend who lives in downtown Sacramento very close to the Capitol, and he was afraid to go out due to the noisy ‘demonstration’. Helicopters, what sounded to him like explosions, etc. Don’t fool yourself. There have been noisy Trump supporters outside the Capitol for a month.
  12. Again Doug - and thanks for posting - someone hacked. How they did it is of course important. Who did it even more so. The article addresses how, but just saying it was the Russians who did it isn’t enough. Maybe they did - I’m not saying they didn’t.
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