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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. I guess we can add Carone to the list of Army Colonels with possible ties to the assassination.
  2. Thank you. William, whose contributions are good and with whom I agree so often, doesn’t seem to get that point. I welcome an in depth discussion about Bush and his family. Focus on whether he was in DP for what reason? If he was we have a suspect? If he wasn’t we don’t? It doesn’t matter if it was him or not him.
  3. Carone’s info is second hand. Isnt it someone else’s deposition? And what was his first name? I want to look him up.
  4. That’s exactly it. You see how one conflates Bush at Dealey Plaza with Bush being part of the assassination plot. By putting his presence there front and center one creates an easy target, an avenue with which to dismiss the many other cogent facts pointing at George Bush.
  5. Other possible avenues for hiring dirty work exist. William Harvey/QJWIN, and Lemnitzer/Gladio. the connection between DeMohrenschildt and George Bush of the CIA is undeniable. Can someone point me to source documents showing Ruth Paine inquiring with the Navy about Oswald ? I’m unfamiliar with Carone. In any case, this has nothing to do with Bush or DeM. And if Dulles was asking Paine to inquire about Oswald it had nothing to do with Assassinations.
  6. Leslie says indexing is very complicated and it’s taking a long time. I’m as frustrated as anyone.
  7. I like Talbot’s books a lot, and in no way would I characterize them as limited hangouts. But about Morley I’m less certain. He pulls his punches way too much.
  8. Actually Unz does mention Nasser and JFK. Again, I’m not sure why everyone reads Skorzeny and rolls their eyes and moves on. Skorzeny was hired by Mossad to destroy Nasser’s nuclear program. That seems relevant.
  9. William - I read both Unz articles you reference and another as well. I’d forgotten that Nixon was quoted as saying that Ruby, who he had met in 1946, was one of Johnson’s boys. Unz does not seem to be aware of the Mossad/Skorzeny link. Has anyone but me read that material? It’s easy to google. There seems to be an undercurrent of anti-semitism in some of the articles Unz pens. It’s one thing to criticize Israel, and Zionism, and quite another to claim that there is something inherent in Orthodox Judaism that makes assassination their chosen tool. Yeah, the Old Testament is full of ext
  10. I’m not so sure that Angleton didn’t report to Jerusalem, and perhaps to the KGB. I found JFK’s ‘private’ communications with Kruschchev quite revealing. Both were worried about their own military hardliners. The Cold War was Big Business. As for Mossad, don’t you find it shocking that they hired Otto Skorzeny to carry out their mission against the Egyptian nuclear program? Skorzeny was a businessman, and a killer, with deep connections to fascists in Spain and elsewhere, and a major player in the ‘Fourth Reich’. I think he was part of the CIA’s QJWIN operation. LHO was not a Mossad agent, but
  11. I think this was part of the framing of LHO. The story makes little sense, no matter what Marina and DeMohrenschilt said. They simply can’t be trusted.
  12. Come on Cliff. You’re blinded by your adherence to the shot in the back that you dismiss the rest. Do you think there were three shots? Do you think the head shot came from the rear?
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