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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. Hundreds of years ago the Church censored scientists who turned out to be right. Because of that we are rightfully wary of censorship. Today’s religion is the one pushing climate science denial. So shall we censor today’s ‘church’? As much as I agree with Mr. Niederhut, I don’t think censoring the voices of climate deniers will change anything. However, the lack of concerted action here and globally in the face of incontrovertible evidence is a disgrace and a global catastrophe. Are those that argue against censorship here also in doubt that climate change is human caused?
  2. Maybe Stone could be convinced to release two 2 hour movies instead, the second focussing on who did it rather than on Oswald.
  3. Couple of thoughts. I have little doubt that major and minor media outlets are still assets of the ‘deep state’ when needed. It’s also true that negative coverage of real conspiracy fact is self perpetuating, because journalists are protecting their employment. I heard an hour long show on Project Censored (KPFA) yesterday looking at the increasingly popular blogs, and in particular ‘left’ or ‘prog’ blogs. I recalled how uncomfortable I was listening to Jimmy Dore, during the Trump presidency, criticizing Democrats. After all we had a monster in the WH, and we needed to get him out. What possible good could come from examining the marginalizing of Bernie Sanders? Well, that’s where we are now. Major media is completely partisan, and I simply cannot watch CNN or MSNBC anymore. I can barely read The NY Times. The only place where there is anything resembling freedom of the press is in the ‘1% of the news produced by the marginalized ….. Mockingbird assets were (are) simply individuals who will write a slanted story on CIA request.
  4. Can’t help you Gayle, but it sure is an interesting story. If you had to speculate, what do you think happened to Silvia on April 10, 1963?
  5. Pamela - I don’t like the Judyth thing either but I don’t doubt his sincerity. Seems to claim - a spurious phrase. The wider cause is obvious, though apparently not to this reviewer. Failure to hold the guilty to account for the cold blooded murders of the 1960’s is part of a larger failure of government to live up to being of, by, and for the people. Trumpism is just the latest symptom, not the first, of disillusionment with our elected officials. I just love the latest complaints that people aren’t going back to work because they are getting too much unemployment. True that, but why not look at how little they get paid when they do work. Our whole system is controlled by the rich and powerful, and that’s the connection to JFK RFK MLK X, all of whom shared the courage to confront the Power structures.
  6. Jim - do you agree with this reviewers opinion that the soundtrack is jarring? Curious. Many years ago I worked for Jeff Beale before he hit the big time.
  7. Doug - I loved this collection of quotes, which I saw a few days ago when a friend posted them on FB. He didn’t fact check it, and neither did I. He just reposted something from a friend, and I did likewise. I’d like to believe Einstein said all these things, but did he?
  8. So I presume Lee was never taken into custody. Did harvey and Lee know each other? btw I’m not too keen on H&L theory, though I know there are lots of discrepancies in LHO life that make one wonder what the heck was going on.
  9. May I ask a question? Do the H&L theory supporters think either of both Harvey and Lee were involved in a conspiracy to kill JFK?
  10. I’m feeling dense. Could you write about what you see and it’s significance?
  11. Yet you post here. Is there still room for you to change your mind?
  12. I have a limited edition of the Cigarette smoking alien sitting in his prison cell. And I remember fondly the episode where Mulder and Scully watch real 10 ft tall aliens interrupt a staged human abduction by grays, who start talking in English at that point.
  13. It strikes me that we are kind of back at project bluebook. I mean, what does the unclassified report really say? I assume there is a classified version too. Back when, the sighting were clustered around nuclear sites. Today, it’s still military sites. The report says that there has been a large increase lately, but that perhaps there has been an effort to discourage personnel from reporting sightings over the decades, and that now they are being encouraged to reports these incidents. So maybe there is no increase in actual phenomena, just in the reporting. It’s a little frustrating to read this report.
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