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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. Did this presentation make you reconsider Phillips connection to Oswald? There is Mexico City evidence that Phillips was part of incriminating LHO as a Cuban or Soviet agent, possibly setting him up as a patsy. But there is no reason to think he met Oswald or ran him. That was a somewhat logical conclusion until Newman got down in the weeds and dug up a wealth of documents (he and a few other intrepid researchers like Malcom Blunt have been figuring out how to actually read Intelligence documents, which are notoriously difficult to parse because of multiple pseudonyms and aliases and obscured
  2. Thank you. It’s about time someone mentioned Lemnitzer’s access to the Gladio network. I’m very glad that he is firmly on Newman’s radar.
  3. Benjamin - I appreciate your thoughtful and serious presence here. Yes the nitrate test is not foolproof. But accounting for LHO in the sniper’s nest requires a lot of belief. Was the MC his rifle? How strong is the evidence that he brought it to work? How was he able to extricate himself from the building so quickly? I could keep going. Two main points - Oswald doesn’t have to be involved in any way except as a convenient patsy in order for your theory to work. If you need another shooter missing on purpose fill in the blank. As for Phillips, you are aware that the evidence placing him wi
  4. Why do you think Oswald shot at anything that day? What would have motivated him to do so?
  5. Good point. Oswald did not have to be in the loop, and probably wasn’t. He makes a better patsy that way, especially a dead one.
  6. Benjamin - I guess I don’t see Oswald as that much of a CIA insider. I’m more sure that he was expendable. If he did have a clue he didn’t live to tell the tale.
  7. I’ve thought along these lines for quite a while. If plotters wanted to influence Cuba policy and gain JFK’s support for taking Castro out, an attempted assassination blamed on Cuban or Russian agents would have been enough. Killing the President was not necessary. As you point out, Oswald was a perfect choice in that scenario, but a lousy one for an actual assassination.
  8. Chris - that is quite an essay. Thank you for sharing it. I was sitting here thinking about all that is going on in the world and trying to fit the pieces together. There are so many conspiracy theories floating around now - it’s become a business. A friend sent me a link today, saying for one day only I could access all the conspiracy stuff on the website for free. Golly gee, you mean you are paying to watch 2 hour videos by experts telling you what to believe? The worst part of what is going on now is the deep rift being hammered into the heart of what we call the Left. Surely that is intent
  9. Good work Chris. And thanks for the earlier quotes from JFK and RFK. I had never seen the second paragraph in the JFK speech - how incredibly prescient. I always knew why their deaths mattered, and I’ve never lost my idealism, and never will. Perhaps you have previously done this, but how would you look at today’s events - Pandemic, The Great Reset, conspiracy theories involving Bill Gates and vaccines, the environmental movement and those that think it’s all a big lie foisted on us by Big Oil, etc etc, in the light of your current beliefs? I struggle all the time with this. Trusted sources
  10. That is indeed interesting. The website seems to be identifying the well known tramp photo as a French assassin, someone other than Souetre. Is that your take?
  11. I’m only faintly amused by the arguments passing back and forth about who was the worst president. It is instructive to read all the comments, because they clearly show how difficult it is for the ‘left’, a word concept I increasingly dislike, to agree on anything. Honestly I don’t see a lot of disagreement, but I do see a lack of definitions. Kirk makes a good point - things have changed internationally. It’s no longer the world of the Dulles Brothers. Benjamin makes the point that global elites have an agenda we need to pay attention to. It’s like ships passing in the night. Both are true, b
  12. Jim - very good article. You of course make yourself a target by saying that Trump wasn’t the all time worst. I gather that your reference to Johnstone isn’t because she mentioned anything about JfK, but rather because she downplayed the seriousness of the DC event. If I’m reading this right, she wrote the article on Jan 7. I’d love to know what she thinks now. I’d also like to know her take on the JFK hit. You think she is more in the Chomsky camp?
  13. Agree. Mighty weird. And we all know that ‘suicide’ can be murder.
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