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  1. Capitol Police suicides now right-wing conspiracy fodder: https://www.salon.com/2021/08/04/new-right-wing-conspiracy-jan-6-officer-suicides-appear-suspicious/
  2. My high school Social Studies class saw Mark Lane speak on the JFKA at Niagara University in New York State, c. winter 1974.
  3. Let's all trust this guy on evictions and vaccines. He seems disinterested: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/john-kennedy-knocks-biden-for-unconstitutional-new-eviction-ban-urges-supreme-court-to-strike-it-down/vi-AAMW8ST
  4. Four suicides so far in police ranks since Jan 6: https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/02/politics/dc-metropolitan-police-officer-suicide-january-6-capitol-riot/index.html https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/03/kyle-defreytag-us-capitol-attack-police-officer-dies But none in Congress, where blood rolls off a duck's back.
  5. Second Capitol Police officer suicide: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/02/gunther-hashida-officer-dies-us-capitol-attack
  6. You or I could probably write that review without even reading the book. We've missed our calling.
  7. "Our true enemy has yet to reveal himself" -- The Godfather, Part III
  8. One of the progenitors of the current Fair Use law was a move to outlaw sale of course packs by for-profit colleges and universities. Instructors would photocopy and collect copyrighted material that was too time-consuming and costly for students to find and purchase (standalone book chapters, journal articles, etc.), and college bookstores would sell these course packs alongside assigned textbooks for the courses. In my senior year, 1982-1983, publishers sued my university in a test case to change the law, which worked. So if the Forum is not-for-profit, that gives it a legal edge. I would argue we sell books by posting excerpts.
  9. Excellent, very useful interview, Larry, as was your last foray into Bayo-Pawley on Dallas Action.
  10. Here's a graphic response to propaganda journalism by Gen. Benton Partin, the former Air Force ordnance expert who lent opinions on the explosions in the OKC bombing and in the 9/11 WTC attacks. The backstory: Partin appeared at a June 1995 OKC skeptic event and participated in its press conference. His explosives commentary was useful. Then he veered off to claim that media coverage since the April bombing had encouraged attacks on the Christian Right. Regardless his political bias, his propaganda effect characterization has a certain unsubtle, visceral appeal, if perhaps an uneasy fit with the terms of other psychological study. And it does play off the the cognitive dissonance theory: PARTIN: Well, that 's the propaganda, you see. That's the disinformation program. Let me make one ... you all need to know one thing. How many of you know about Pavlov and his dog? You ring the bell, you feed the dog, you ring the bell, you feed the dog, and the saliva flows whether you feed the dog or not. There are two other levels of that experiment that most people are not aware of. He took the same dog. He put him in a bare room with a light bulb. And he would take a stick. He would turn the light out and he would beat the dog. Turn the light out and beat the dog. With a long stick he couldn't hit the dog in the corner. The dog's only defense mechanism was dive to the corner. So you turned the light off, beat the dog, turn the light off, the dog dives to the corner. So you have him conditioned to two things: the bell and the food , which is good; and the light going off and being beaten with the cane, which is bad. Now, you take the same dog and put him in a bare room and you simultaneously ring the bell and turn off the light. So what does the dog do? He stands there and quivers. He does nothing. You have induced what the psychiatric world calls a catatonic state. And the media providing the truth with the lie compounded pro· duces a catatonic state in your own reactions. You don't know whether to believe this or whether to believe that. You have the truth compounding with the lie coming from the media, which you 'd like to believe. So what's your reaction? Do nothing. Half the people in this country don't even vote. MEDIA #13: General, with all due respect, I'd like to come back for just a minute to the bombing.
  11. Well, when I answered the teacher, I did assume she wanted me to grow up to be a good and circumspect president. My bad. Good presidents go to heaven But bad presidents go everywhere...
  12. In 1964 I started kindergarten. One day, the teacher was extolling us on how anyone could grow up to be president. I wasn't paying much attention. She asked me suddenly (probably because I had come in with good reading skills), "David, wouldn't you like to grow up to be president?" "No!" I blurted. "I might get shot." A call was made to my mother, asking what values they were teaching me at home. My mother took it philosophically, educating me to watch my tongue around well-meaning assholes. Thankfully, no authorities explored my potential trauma, as would happen today. That would have made it all worse.
  13. My two cents, having fired an old, not spectacularly kept bolt-action rifle: If the dent in one of the exhibit cartridge casings was made in the act of ejecting it from the receiver, the mechanical malfunction that caused that dent could have resulted in a "hang-up" for the shooter, costing firing time and aiming accuracy. A malfunction that could dent a cartridge lip would not go unnoticed by any shooter. Myself, I'd curse, and if I were an assassin I'd have anxiety about further malfunction. An ordinary shooter wouldn't fire the damn thing again without making some maintenance effort. So that dent could have disrupted the firing timeline created for Oswald in the WR. Of course, nobody tested the exhibit Carcano for repeating this kind of dent-producing "hang up," or factored the "hang-up" time into the shot timing, did they? Or did they?
  14. Richard, I got a message to your mailbox, and included my e-mail address. THANKS
  15. In case you missed it on the 56 thread. In living color for your old Philco or Stromberg-Carlson:
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