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  1. The Swan Song of Donald J. Trump By T. S. Eliot Sì, era bello, Che cosa con i criminale, le puttane, le pistole... L'Oceano Atlantico era qualcosa allora. Sì, avresti dovuto vedere l'Oceano Atlantico In quei giorni.* I am a jealous god. I’m not kidding – Yod Hey Vav Hey? Got nothin’ on me, Though I chose His people, too – To do my accounting. I had to run for president, They wouldn’t elect me sewer inspector in New York: Rudy told me, setting down his fork – I had not known so many were so smart. You g
  2. Calvin, can you give a URL for this affadavit?
  3. From the grave, Lou Reed predicts the Capitol riot: I've declared a truce, so stop your fighting The marshall is in town I won't put up with no big mouth yapping At least not while I'm around This is my friend Ace, he's from the 8th precinct Nothing goes on that he don't know And we've been sent ‘cause your arguments Have been going on for too long And before one of you hurts the other one of you I'm declaring martial law I came, I saw, I declared martial law I'm the marshall in the city The jails are filled with people like you You oughta listen to
  4. We know he wasn't well. We've heard the stories for years. That's why they put him away. Wheeler?
  5. Former Raspberries singer and "All By Myself" hitmaker Eric Carmen has a tough love message for you: Trump's not a narcissist con-man, he's a Nationalist. Bob Seger, on the other hand, has yet to be heard from... Don't let Eric be all by himself.
  6. Interesting article on Capitol riots as false flag action intended to destroy civil liberties. Is Peoples' Hero Trump possibly in on this, a tool of the Deep State? CAVEAT: Website posting this was called "Russian propaganda" by a 9/11 researcher I know. https://www.globalresearch.ca/operation-lipstick-pig-violent-insurrection-capitol-911-retread/5734655 "In effect, the Biden administration...will use this...PR as a sweet syrup to help Americans swallow down the launch of the most repressive regime in American history. As Naomi Klein famously stated, bringing about such a s
  7. It's happening all over, like in War of the Worlds: https://nypost.com/2021/01/14/wife-of-queens-proud-boy-arrested-in-capitol-plot-wants-a-divorce/
  8. Stich is entitled to his opinions, but writing at great and repetitive length across several books about how FAA and airline incompetence and corruption alone led to 9/11, in acceptance of the official 19-hijackers story, obfuscates a lot of other evidence, and is the equivalent of promoting a lone-nut scenario in the JFKA. Plus, there's very little new information on anything he complains about from book to successive book, unless you count the details of Rodney's legal battles. Sherman Skolnick was every bit as annoying, but you could get a lot more useful material out of his works, when t
  9. I have seen two internet articles debunking the Al Carone legend. Here is one of them, from a site that, in turn, I have not made up my mind about: https://isgp-studies.com/DL_1990-01-07-albert-v-carone-death The Carone legend fits in with the tales of Gene Wheaton and Chip Tatum on Iran-Contra, which are, like suspect jigsaw puzzle pieces, squeaked into the facts presented by better established accounts by writers such as Joe Trento. Rodney Stich is in the Wheaton-Tatum universe as well, and I wouldn't take his repetitious, faux-encylopedic touchings on corruption topics for
  10. Phil Spector dead, ostensibly Covid. https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/news/phil-spector-music-producer-and-convicted-killer-dead-at-81/ar-BB1cPGEg
  11. I do not support the views in this video. But people ought to listen to this just to see how nuts things are out there, and how nuts some entities are trying to make them. A "warning" about Trump's shutdown of the inauguration between today and the 20th: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Kwp0JVsGkjyD/ See also the viewer comments on this guy's previous videos on YouTube, to size up his following.
  12. The New Yorker article that supports this footage goes out of its way to heap blame for the riot on Alex Jones...but probably didn't have to go far out of its way... https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/01/25/among-the-insurrectionists?currentPage=all
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