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  1. This is terrible news. It means that next week's Black Op Radio will be a "tribute" show.
  2. Not to go OT, but that was a former boss of mine. He loved to rub my nose in it when two out of 100 letters to CEOs produced results. He also made me write a letter to the actor James Franco, believing Franco would loan our company money because our boss was a misunderstood genius like the guy Franco played in The Room. (There was a resemblance, but...) Maybe we wrote to your CEO.
  3. In the Beltway world, people move from MI to lucrative private intelligence jobs. How out-of-it do you have to be to move into the USPS ranks?* *With no slur intended toward our diligent letter carriers with their colorful tattoos and stretched ear piercings.
  4. Man killed by Minnesota police for dangling air freshener on mirror: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/mom-minnesota-cops-killed-son-after-stopping-him-on-an-air-freshener-violation/ar-BB1fz0kZ?li=BBnb7Kz I hope it was a nice, piney scent, because you bastards never learn...
  5. Calvin - I was right contextually but wrong textually: Nagell uses "Mother Rusher" for "Mother Russia," but - as you point out - does name a character "Big Mother Busher." It's not a typo. I was confused. "Big Mother Busher" seems to refer to Fidel Castro and his beard. Before visit to Little D, Young Regent also thinking of effecting rapprochement with Isle of Cuber, establishing nicer rapport with Isle of Cuber's Big Mother Busher. Strange! [...] Meanwhile, Single-Man named "Snerd" gets wind of Xmas Present Caper and going-on at Bravo Club. Snerd is Isle of Cuber's Big Moth
  6. Well, I'm reverse-engineering from Nagell's self-designation as "Triple-Man Zero," seen as referring to Nagell being a US operative who was forcibly doubled by accepting a mission from the infamous double, "Bob," but who then acted against the Russians for the US. Under this logic, there might be some connection between "Bob" and the "Double-Man," or not.
  7. Calvin, I think "Big Mother Busher" is a misspelling/mistransliteration of Nagell's frequent "Mother Rusher" description of Russia. "Mother Russia" (a common Russian phrase) turned into a euphemism for "mother******." "Double Man" = double-agent, just as "Triple Man Zero" = triple-agent Nagell. So, can we peg Tracy Barnes as a double-agent? What do you make of the letter's strange subplot involving silver coinage? A reference to JFK's silver-backed currency that challenged the Fed?
  8. Salon rips Burns-Novick on political omissions in the upcoming Hemingway series. I've heard variants on the FBI persecution reality over the years, without even researching them. Why were the creators of a Hemingway film ignorant? If I recall correctly, some of this made it into the once-definitive Carlos Baker biography of EH. https://www.salon.com/2021/04/11/ken-burns-vicious-hemingway-smear-pbs-series-totally-ignores-writers-lifelong-leftist-politics/
  9. Trump attacks McConnell, Chao, Fauci at $400K/plate GOP donor dinner: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/apr/11/donald-trump-mitch-mcconnell-dumb-son-of-a-bitch-republicans-fauci-chao-mar-a-lago
  10. Then there's this 2010 NASA projection of global issues c. 2025: https://archive.org/details/FutureStrategicIssuesFutureWarfareCirca2025/mode/2up Did someone on the Forum already post this link? I'm doing so much 9/11 research that I've forgotten how I was lead to this document last week - apologies if I'm repeating something shared here already. (Truthfully, I don't know if this doc is fraudulent or not.) But...This just in: China v Russia v America: is 2021 the year Orwell’s 1984 comes true? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/apr/11/china-v-russia-v-amer
  11. Col. Jose Rivera to Adele Edisen, spring 1963: "Remember, the first time it [the assassination] happens, it isn't real." Anecdote begins c. 2:33:00 in Len Osanic interview podcast with Adele Edisen on BlackOp Radio (older show, repeated in new show #1037): http://blackopradio.com/archives2021.html If interested, you'll need to listen to Edisen's story in context to see if this remark is applicable to a false-flag, near-miss scenario, perhaps in a city other than Dallas. https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKrivera.htm
  12. Unfortunately, Rothstein's 2013 and 2017 interviews for the podcast The Power Hour have disappeared from the net. Any leads?
  13. Anti-Castro Cuban guerilla Nestor Izquierdo (of African descent) has been suggested here before, though he was only about 27 at the time, and apparently not naturally balding. The Miami Cuban-American community erected a statue to him in Little Havana, and whispers allege that it's because... https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKizquierdo.htm Gerry Hemming put him as as spotter in the Dal-Tex, but others have speculated TSBD. It would seem a waste to use him as a mere spotter, though he might have been trained in that role. But then, how lethal was a shot from the TSBD intende
  14. Alternately, Oz could have gone to the TT just to get off the street, and the 'contact" legend could have been planted later, or just inferred by researchers from one witness statement. Still...he needed to get off the street for some reason...
  15. One point of speculation: if Oswald wasn't involved in the plot, how would he know to meet a contact at Texas Theater? Would that contact have been there if Oswald hadn't needed to beat it out of town? The timing - only about an hour and ten minutes after the assassination - speaks of premeditation.
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