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  1. Col. Jose Rivera to Adele Edisen, spring 1963: "Remember, the first time it [the assassination] happens, it isn't real." Anecdote begins c. 2:33:00 in Len Osanic interview podcast with Adele Edisen on BlackOp Radio (older show, repeated in new show #1037): http://blackopradio.com/archives2021.html If interested, you'll need to listen to Edisen's story in context to see if this remark is applicable to a false-flag, near-miss scenario, perhaps in a city other than Dallas. https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKrivera.htm
  2. Unfortunately, Rothstein's 2013 and 2017 interviews for the podcast The Power Hour have disappeared from the net. Any leads?
  3. Anti-Castro Cuban guerilla Nestor Izquierdo (of African descent) has been suggested here before, though he was only about 27 at the time, and apparently not naturally balding. The Miami Cuban-American community erected a statue to him in Little Havana, and whispers allege that it's because... https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKizquierdo.htm Gerry Hemming put him as as spotter in the Dal-Tex, but others have speculated TSBD. It would seem a waste to use him as a mere spotter, though he might have been trained in that role. But then, how lethal was a shot from the TSBD intende
  4. Alternately, Oz could have gone to the TT just to get off the street, and the 'contact" legend could have been planted later, or just inferred by researchers from one witness statement. Still...he needed to get off the street for some reason...
  5. One point of speculation: if Oswald wasn't involved in the plot, how would he know to meet a contact at Texas Theater? Would that contact have been there if Oswald hadn't needed to beat it out of town? The timing - only about an hour and ten minutes after the assassination - speaks of premeditation.
  6. The man who would pass on Lolita would pass on his own life -- Arab proverb https://www.amazon.com/Annotated-Lolita-Revised-Updated/dp/0679727299/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=annotated+Lolita&link_code=qs&qid=1617206419&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-1
  7. Lodge wouldn't send another plane, and in interviews afterward hemmed and hawed about the reasons, when he had Clark Airbase (Manila) at his disposal.
  8. Buddhists weren't Diem's only issue, but they were his most visible issue worldwide. It's that antipathy, plus Diem's other sins, that estranged him from the SVN military, and eventually the American military, with the predictable result that Kennedy dropped him and gave the Military and CIA a greenlight. Diem was chiefly embarrassing to the US because he could not govern, couldn't build coalitions. Cliff shows Diem was anxious to follow American dictates at the end, so who's to say that that truce wasn't one of them. Ask the Native Americans how much stock we put in truces.
  9. The more I look at the old films, and the interview comments of people like Lodge and Hilsman, the more it seems that Diem and Nhu (and Madane Nhu) were an embarrassment to the US establishment. Diem picked up Catholic anti-communism at Notre Dame but not the graces of a pluralistic society. Lodge was too embarrassed, or too disgusted, to send a US plane to take Diem and Nhu out of the country, which would seem to be his job as ambassador. That's the extremity of the new "It's their war" principal. I'd like to know more about what we were doing to create a free market economy in South
  10. Ruth Paine's penchant for languages and folk dancing is starting to remind me of Ed Lansdale's love of Filipino and Vietnamese folk cultures. Excellent cover, and it probably assuages the soul to keep a culture alive while selling out a people.
  11. Diem and Nhu essentially did it to themselves. They divided South Vietnam between Buddhists and non-Buddhists, and persecuted the traditional faith, making it look like the US was supporting the Christianization/secularization of a newly reformed and unstable society. To Kennedy it might have seemed like unasked for neocolonialism. I'm surprised the US right-wing press didn't call it a JFK plot to "Catholicize" SVN.
  12. Oath Keepers leader told followers during riot, 'Trump better do his damn duty': Feds https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/oath-keepers-leader-told-followers-during-riot-trump-better-do-his-damn-duty-feds/ar-BB1eYt00?li=BBnb7Kz
  13. JFK on the Diem government @43:40 in the Vietnam: A Television History doc -- "...With changes in policy, and perhaps personnel..." When people hear that in a meeting at work, they start sending out resumes.
  14. Delete, becuase I'm an idiot who can't find the Edit button.
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