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  1. The Z Film is like a Black Hole for witnesses. Many researchers dismiss witness statements in favour of the "seeing is believing" Z Film. Like the current conversation about what frame Connally was shot. Waste of time. Shanklin viewed the film before it was sent to Washington and made it clear that he could see the shot that hit Connally. Not so clear now.
  2. That scenario, if just a co-incidence, would have been a great news story that weekend; "Cops toot horn outside Oswald residence as he fetched his pistol"
  3. Connally said he did see the president. He said he saw the president slumped.
  4. Re: Marina secret agent, spy, operative, sleeper; We can safely say that Hollywood's version of glamorous international spies is out the window. Marina was sent over with rotting teeth and had to borrow money for urgent dental treatment.
  5. Hudson described one of them; Mr. HUDSON - Well there was a young fellow, oh, I would judge his age about in his late twenties. He said he had been looking for a place to park and he walked up there and he said he finally just taken a place over there in one of them parking lots, and he come on down there and said he worked over there on Industrial and me and him both just sat there first on those steps. Paul Landis (Secret Service) possibly described the other; The only person I recall seeing clearly was a Negro male in light green slacks and a beige colored shirt running from my left to right, up the slope, across a grassy section, along a sidewalk, towards some steps and what appeared to be a low stone wall . He was bent over while running and I started to point towards him
  6. I have no problem with Fritz showing the backyard photos to Oswald at 12:35pm on Saturday. The final rendition of the backyard photos certainly existed before the 2nd search of the Paine household was instigated.
  7. That is absolutely NOT my contention. I am saying the backyard photos existed before Oswald was arrested. My contention is that Oswald may be correct when he claimed that someone captured his image "in the hall" at the DPD and superimposed his face/head onto the already existing backyard photos.
  8. I've been in the printing industry for 40 years, so it might be easier for me to pick the differences. Below is when a camera flash reveals Oswald's true jawline. Same news reel footage.
  9. I was referring to issues in relation to uploading to an internet platform. Below is the same scene on different uploads. On the left we see more overall definition which would be closer to the original news reel footage. On the right we see loss of overall definition due to pixel/compression/sharpness issues. Some people alter the overall original footage to reflect what they believe to better quality, then they upload. That's the result on the right.
  10. Try using the same film as Chris used for his gif. The film you have selected has what looks like compression issues.
  11. I can see the regular chin and black eye more clearly with your gif. Obviously the squarish chin seen on the original footage can be attributed to camera contrast issues. Thanks for that.
  12. Regarding Midnight Oswald on the right, did you only apply a lighting effect? I'm now seeing the regular Oswald chin on one of the frames.
  13. Marina said that $10 of that $180 was given to her by a newspaperman
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