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  1. Agree 100% This is where I am; There was in fact film from the pedestal of the entire Elm/Houston turn. The first frames of the limo coming down Elm leaves one with the impression that the car had just completed turning left. This is a deception, seeing is believing. The close-up filming of the limo further down Elm where the car is low on the screen is not how the scene was originally filmed. It is simply a post-zoomed film to conceal activity between the camera and the car. Please read Zapruder's testimony where he himself is surprised that the car is "buried" low on the film.
  2. Some here would point to the Z film and say Barnett was wrong, he had to be, for it clearly shows at least 20 feet distance between the limo and the line of people Barnett was "holding". Could Barnett distinguish between a "few feet" and 20 feet? I'd say yes; Mr. BARNETT - I went 20 foot past the building still on Houston, looking up. I could see the whole back of the building and also the east side of the building.
  3. I have found more indications of the wide turn at Elm/Houston; Mr. BARNETT - Yes, sir; the car passed within a few feet of me, and I was holding some people, or seeing that they stayed back, and one small boy started. I was afraid he was going to get too close, and I stopped him The limo, passing within a few feet of Officer Barnett, would validate Truly's claims; Mr. BELIN. He came too far to the north before he made his curve, and as he curved--as he made his left turn from Houston onto the street leading to the expressway, he almost hit this north curb? Mr. TRULY. That is ri
  4. Barnett may have been concentrating on looking up towards the top floors as he ran north on Houston, and missed seeing Worrell as he crossed the street. One person that probably saw Barnett was Baker as he rode north on Houston. Seeing a fellow uniformed officer start to run north was probably why Baker ran past the TSBD entrance and took a look north himself before returning to the front door.
  5. Reality; Moorman had been waiting to take a photo of the Kennedys. She had a Polaroid camera and she had one crack at getting a single photo that captured their faces as they were coming toward her position. She took that photo, and that photo was confiscated by Featherstone. What is known as the Moorman photo is more than likely a Polaroid photo of a single frame of a moving film. Mr. SPECTER. Have you seen any other films of the assassination? Mr. KELLERMAN. Yes;..... I saw a black-and-white film.
  6. Beckley resident Hugh Slough re Oswald: "I'd call him a fidgety-type person, very nervous and very high-strung." The Oswald I saw after his arrest was a very cool cat ...
  7. Mr. SPECTER - Were you able to form any opinion as to the age of that man? Mr. ROWLAND - This is again just my estimation. He was--I think I remember telling my wife that he appeared in his early thirties. The count is now 3 witnesses for a suspicious man about 30 Baker - 30 Rowland - 30+ Sawyer's witness -30
  8. Isn't it interesting that this is a witness no one can name, or provide any identifying details for, but at the same time we're to believe Sawyer sent this man with an escort to the Sheriff's Office "to give fuller or more complete detail." You would think this would have produced a detailed written account or record. I'm suggesting that the witness was indeed escorted to the Sheriff's Office and an affidavit was written up. But if that witness saw a man "carrying" a rifle outside the building, that affidavit would not work with a rifle having been discovered on the 6th floor. In ot
  9. I like Bill Simpich's conclusion in State Secret: Sawyer's witness was part of the conspiracy, he was a nondescript white man whose job was to go tell the police Oswald's description to get it on the radio, and that this description probably came from the files on Oswald. Then you have to deal with you're planted witness attending the Sheriff's Office under escort; Mr. BELIN. Inspector, do you remember anything else about this person who you say gave you the primary description? Mr. SAWYER. No, I do not, except that I did send him with an escort to the Sheriff's Office
  10. Either that, or after telling the story for 30 years he got good at telling it. I'd say that is more likely. While Oswald was sitting in the theatre, the weapon used on 10th, was heading in his direction.
  11. I definitely walked away feeling like Oswald tried to murder him and he was lucky to be alive. Why would Oswald attempt to shoot a police officer in the theatre?
  12. Baker was close with his affidavit, he said 30 years old, 165 pounds and 5'9" Except the guy was wearing a brown jacket, and was on the 3rd or 4th floor Sawyer, who after speaking to Baker at the freight elevators on the 4th floor, announced on Channel 2 a few minutes after speaking to Baker, that the guy they want is 30 years old, 165 pounds and 5'10". This was at 12:43 Where it gets interesting, is that Sawyer said that the witness described the rifle that the suspect was "carrying" as a possibly a Winchester. In other words, it was not just a barrel that was seen, but enough
  13. I think what this suggests is that two different guns fired by two different people killed officer Tippit. Correct. The 10th Street shooter with the revolver fired Western Cartridges. That revolver ended up in the hands of McDonald for the "struggle" to relieve Oswald of a weapon he didn't possess. The blunder was the later incorrect mix of cartridges.
  14. Mr. FRITZ. The only thing he said he had done wrong, "The only law I violated was in the show; I hit the officer in the show; he hit me in the eye and I guess I deserved it." He said, "That is the only law I violated." He said, "That is the only thing I have done wrong." At that point, you'd expect the Homicide Captain to explain to the suspect that attempting to shoot a police officer was also in violation of the law
  15. You guys jumped a little too quick, the bullet was right where she said it was.
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