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  1. The witness statement is clear, it was either Wednesday or Thursday BEFORE the football game. If it was me in front of those ladies, I'm quite sure I wouldn't correct them and state, no, it was Monday AFTER the football game. The advantage they have, is they were there. As far as Ruth goes, well, there was no apparent reason for her to get all upset when Jean confronted her about the Furniture Mart. Why the reaction? Why declare Oswald could not drive? Of course he could drive, you know that, the Murret's know that. Who cares if if he's a crap driver, the fact is he could get behind the wheel and drive.
  2. Then if both ladies were there on the Monday, the memory would be clear. It would have been very usual for Hunter to be there, being a Monday, plus it was Veterans Day.
  3. Gertrude Hunter only went to visit Whitworth at the Furniture Mart on a Wednesday or Thursday, or if there was a charter bus for football, she would be there Friday morning. Unless someone can show that the Furniture Mart was open for business on the public holiday (Mon 11th Nov), one must assume it was closed for the day.
  4. Actually, no, not in relation to her phone conversation with Truly. I'm suggesting there was no job "opening" conveyed to Ruth. Frazier: Mr. Shelley informed me that anyone wanting a job could come in and fill out an application. "I came home and told Linnie what Mr. Shelley had said. Therefore what Frazier told Linnie is this: "anyone wanting a job could come in and fill out an application". There's nothing about an opening. The instructions to Frazier were clear, Oswald, or anyone, was free to turn up at the TSBD and make an application for work. That message could have been passed on to Oswald, there was no need for anyone to phone Truly.
  5. In the above I don't see where Shelley indicates a job opening. I see a courteous response from Shelley stating that "anyone" looking for work is welcome to apply. So if the above account is true, Frazier told Linnie that "anyone" is welcome to fill out an application. It follows that Linnie passed that information onto Ruth at the coffee meet on the 14th. At this point, a simple phone call to Oswald from Ruth or Marina could have been made suggesting he make his way to the TSBD to apply. I don't see how Linnie directly told Ruth there was an opening; Mrs. PAINE. Through my neighbor, we heard there was an opening at the Texas School Book Depository.
  6. Was the WC aware that during the week of Oct 7-11, that enquires were made at the TSBD, prompted by the knowledge that Oswald was looking for work?
  7. Mr. TRULY. She said, "Mr. Truly,"---words to this effect---you understand---" Mr. Truly, you don't know who I am but I have a neighbor whose brother works for you. I don't know what his name is. But he tells his sister that you are very busy. And I am just wondering if you can use another man," Why would you be "wondering if you can use another man" if you knew definitely they were looking for someone.
  8. Take your pick; Mrs. RANDLE. Well, we didn't say that he might get a job, because I didn't know there was a job open. Mrs. PAINE. Through my neighbor, we heard there was an opening at the Texas School Book Depository.
  9. That's right. According to LNers, Oswald was by that point a desperate killing machine. He even had extra ammo in his top pocket. He could have gone down with a few more scalps in his quest to become "famous". McDonald especially would have been easy meat, a lot closer than Tippit.
  10. If Oswald was armed when confronted by Baker, do you think he would have shot him too?
  11. Appears to me he's entering the car, not exiting. Normally you wouldn't back out of a car into any potential traffic hazard.
  12. Curry, Chaney and Jackson all saying the same thing; https://jacks.forumotion.com/t50-chaney-talks-to-curry
  13. Solved! https://jacks.forumotion.com/t48-zapruder-working-side-by-side-with-jeanne-legon-debunked#426
  14. Mr. CURRY - I said what was that, was that a firecracker, or someone said this, I don't recall whether it was me or someone else, and from the report I couldn't tell whether it was coming from the railroad yard or whether it was coming from behind but I said over the radio, I said, "Get someone up in the railroad yard and check." And then about this time, I believe it was motorcycle Officer Chaney rode up beside of me and looking back in the rear view mirror I could see some commotion in the President's car and after this there had been two more reports, but these other two reports I could tell were coming behind instead of from the railroad yards. I imagine Curry slowed down somewhat after hearing shots and checking the rear view. The Limo actually drew ahead of Curry's car just after the underpass. The Limo itself was not going as fast after the final shot as they portrayed, in fact years ago, I worked out that Usain Bolt would have beaten the limo to the underpass from the final shot mark. Which made sense in the end, as Jackie would have slid straight off the rear of the waxed trunk if the limo accelerated too much.
  15. The Texas Instruments people, in particular, William Walsh, a few days later, asked Dallas Cowboy's coach Tom Landry, about the big guy that showed up to help Jada minutes after the accident. Landry told Walsh he knew the guy, so there's no doubt they had his name on the day. The reason Walsh asked him was because the man was talking pro-football at the scene. A few days following this, all of a sudden, the name is not recalled, and Tortoriello becomes the "unknown man" in reports. As for the "function" to have that Cadillac at Parkland, that's the interesting part. The FBI actually suspected Tortoriello was the man with Jada, and she has stated she was with her friend at Parkland as the Limo pulled in.
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