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  1. I believe what you see with the cut off windshield, is actually Kinney's right side of his black jacket.. The white directly next to it (left as we view) would be the middle top of the front seat. The white all along the top would be the chrome strip and raised sun-visors. For about 3 frames, it does look like a white car turning.
  2. Jean Hill reported that a secret service agent told her that a bullet kicked up dust right by her feet; Mrs. HILL - Then, he asked me I was asked did I know that a bullet struck at my feet and I said, "No; I didn't." And he said, "What do you think that dust was?" And I said, "I didn't see any dust." Jean Hill's feet bullet is almost certainly the Ellis missile; On August 5, 1978, the committee received information from former Dallas policeman Starvis Ellis that Ellis had also seen a missile hit the ground in the area of the motorcade at the time of the assassination. Ellis said
  3. 1. During his employment at the TSBD 2. Prior to his employment at the TSBD but after he arrived in Dallas 3. While he was in New Orleans
  4. Brehm: "the car then took off in a zig-zag motion" Mr. GREER. I was following the contour of the road, the center of the contour of the road as it goes. Mr. SPECTER. When you accelerated your automobile, did you at any time come alongside of or pass the police car in front of you? Mr. GREER. No, sir; I never passed it. Which person above was not telling the truth?
  5. Brehm's 2nd shot "absolutely destroyed the President's head". Anything after that may well relate to extra shots heard by Jean Hill. and may not concern the sequence of shots related to JFK. If Brehm said the shots were evenly spaced, it follows he heard the flurry as one shot, and then you would have to add many seconds to any 3rd shot. Brehm's 2nd shot is the same as Landis' 2nd shot; Landis: "It was at this moment that I heard a second report and it appeared that the President's head split open with a muffled exploding sound." They both heard the flurry as one shot
  6. Hickey: The first shot of the second two seemed as if it missed because the hair on the right side of his head flew forward and there didn't seem to be any impact against his head Brehm: [Regarding the final shot he heard]There was the hair, seemed to go flying [When Brehm states this, he waves his right hand forward from behind the right rear of his own head] Brehm only heard 2 shots, which probably means, he, like others, heard the flurry as one shot. My take on this, is that Hickey and Brehm saw the very same thing, and that the first flurry shot mo
  7. O'Neill: .... people keep forgetting Mr. Connally, Governor Connally, denied the single-bullet theory one hundred percent. He's an eyewitness. He's right there! People overlook his testimony on that, then say, "Well, the movie shows something else." I don't give a damn about the movie! This is the man who was there. He was the one who was hit. He should know what happened. When questioned about the single-bullet theory and Arlen Specter, Sibert responded: "What a xxxx. I feel he got his orders from above—how far above I don't know." [Law - In the Eye of History] I'm with O'Neil
  8. Sibert and O'Neill were anti SBT, so I suppose without the SBT there's a few problems
  9. There's a cross on Elm St. Appears to be in front of the TSBD. Maybe thats what they meant; https://www.google.com.au/maps/@32.7792381,-96.8084955,3a,75y,7.32h,87.32t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sng3J4iVoTPsA6IBDehU6eA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en
  10. Another photo to compare is the Croft photo. I believe he was using a 35mm, unsure of shutter speed. What I did was convert the Croft photo to black & white and compared the blurred people in the background to the people in Moorman. If you find time to do likewise, let me know what you think.
  11. The two closest witnesses, Kellerman and Greer, in testimony, state they had no idea the windshield was damaged that day. Kellerman I believe, Greer not so much. At the time of this shot, a loud firecracker noise was heard and as you know, everyone was looking in different directions. I would suspect there would have been tiny glass particles that flew with the slug, possibly striking the face of the target.
  12. I was actually looking for proof that a regular 22 would not have enough power, and whether or not the video is fake, the bullet was not up to the task.
  13. Years ago we heard that Jackie shot from a gun hidden in her purse. Then we heard that Greer turned around and shot him. Then we had the spinning umbrella gun and swamp people shooting from the drain hole. I can't understand why Nellie escaped scrutiny
  14. A regular 22 bullet almost replicates the above scenario in this video. Watch till the end and you will see it penetrate the windshield, penetrate a headrest and smash into the rear window.
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