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  1. I agree, Pete, that Kinney's behavior was not part of a plot. I suspect he realized upon his discovery of the bullet that his cleaning up of the limo even a little bit was problematic, and that he sought to avoid this by planting the bullet on what he assumed was Kennedy's stretcher.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, Vince, Kinney never told you about his cleaning out the limo, either. And yet... A Secret Service agent was observed cleaning out the limo... and news footage proves that the man with the bucket was...Kinney. So...how big a step is it, really, to believe Kinney took a bullet he found in the limo...and planted it on a stretcher? Not much, I'm afraid.
  3. I'm pretty sure the Army General who said he was in charge of the autopsy was General Philip Wehle. To my understanding Wehle was tasked with getting the body autopsied and prepared for burial. That was why his assistant Richard Lipsey was present throughout. Here is a picture of Wehle pinning a medal on Lipsey.
  4. Pat, can I post the EducationForum document on FB?

  5. Hey, Vince. I was thinking that the bulk of that footage came from The Men Who Killed Kennedy, but I realize now that was incorrect. Can you relate when those interviews were filmed, and by whom? Thanks, Pat.
  6. The back wound photo in the previous posts is a photo and not a tracing of a photo. The Dox tracing of that photo was printed in the HSCA's volumes, and is replicated on this slide from my website.
  7. Joe, California history tells me that this is not that unusual. Up until recent times, California would regularly swing back and forth between the Repubs and the Dems. Back when the state was voting for Republican icons Nixon and Reagan, it would simultaneously vote for Democratic Sen. Alan Cranston. Why? At the time, I was told Cranston was pro-defense industry and that this had endeared him to many in the business world, who would otherwise favor a Republican. That Cranston was a high-ranking member of the Senate was also a factor, in that the veteran Senators get to run the more impor
  8. My understanding is that the room she was about to enter was the house chamber and that there were dozens of reps still in the room at the time. I think some of those in the Capitol were drunk on the idea they'd reclaimed the house from the "deep state" and were just running around having fun, not realizing how their actions looked to the outside world. I mean, what was she gonna do once she got in the room? Have a quiet conversation with some elected officials? Whatever she was doing, it wasn't protest.
  9. It may not be as bad as you think. One of the things that gives your website credibility, if I recall, is the number of links from other websites. So...when you and your readers promote your website on forums like this, it adds to your google credibility score, or whatever they call it. Every now and then I get an email from some company telling me that that for such and such amount, they would go through my website and add all sorts of links etc and thereby increase the visibility of my website on google, and, cha-thing, sales. They don't seem to get that I'm not trying to sell anything, and
  10. When I first created my website, it would show up on the first page of most google searches related to the assassination. Then one day--roughly 10 years ago--John Simkin warned me that everything was about to change, and that google was going to start arbitrarily assigning "credibility" ratings to every website, which would serve to handicap websites from lone-wolves like.myself. I soon saw that he was right, and that a google search for "Kennedy autopsy" or some such thing would go to McAdams' website etc pages and pages before it would go to mine. I then spotted a loophole: that this wa
  11. Thanks, Vince. I'm assuming the the 3-9-63 is a typo and that the author meant 3-9-78. I mean, that only makes sense. About that author...can anyone read that signature? Zilier Dinneer? Was this an assistant to Blakey?
  12. Hey, Vince. Can you post an image of the full contact sheet on Moore? I'm curious as to the date, and who he called. I'm also curious as to who wrote the snarky comment about boxing gloves. That's classic. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks, David. I was able to find the report in the FBI's files. Intriguingly, it was not in the files where you would expect it--near the beginning, along with CD1 and other materials prepared in November and December 1963. It was in their files with materials prepared in June. Apparently, Ambassador Mann told the WC's staff he'd received a "dossier" on Oswald from the FBI a few days after the assassination, and Rankin wrote the FBI in April asking them what this was, and why it had never been shown the WC. This, then led to the FBI's coughing up the report, with the explanation that it
  14. Thanks, Doug Cason was the journalist with whom I communicated, and Gallegly was my congressman. Rogge lived maybe 15 minutes away. As stated, I was looking for Rogge's report within the FBI's JFK files, or within any files ever provided the Warren Commission. I could have sworn I found it within those files years ago. But I haven't been able to find it in those files recently. I did find it, or a version of it, however, within the FBI's Mexico City files, now available on the Mary Ferrell site. Evidently the report was provided Ambassador Mann on the 27th, and he left it beh
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