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  1. I guess I agree with Armstrong then. When I went back and looked at this a few years back, it became quite clear that Adams and Styles raced downstairs and came across Shelley and Lovelady entering from the west side. Her saying her testimony was changed was, in my opinion, a defense mechanism begun as a reaction to the actions of Ball and Belin, who told her Shelley and Lovelady failed to return for 5 minutes or so after the shooting. This was a lie. I firmly believe, moreover, that Ball and Belin knew this was a lie. They never asked Shelley and Lovelady if they saw Truly and Bak
  2. The woman describing the short-barreled weapon was Carolyn Walther. From patspeer.com, chapter 5a: Mrs. Carolyn Walther (12-5-63 FBI report, 24H522) "Mrs. ERIC (CAROLYN) WALTHER...and another employee, Mrs. Pearl Stringer, ate lunch at 12:00 noon and left the lunch room at about 12:20 PM to go down on the street to see President KENNEDY ride by. They walked out of the front door of the building, crossed the street, and stopped at a point on the east side of Houston Street, about fifty or sixty feet south of the south curb of Elm Street. They stopped next to the curb
  3. I looked into this a bunch a couple of years back, and present what I discovered in Chapter 4: Pinning the Tale on the Oswald. While Worrell claimed he saw someone run out of the back of the building, the WC countered this with the testimony of James Romack, who said he watched the back of the building for minutes after the shots. There was huge hole in Romack's testimony, however. He didn't recall seeing Vickie Adams and Sandy Styles run out of the back of the building. Well, if he missed two cute chicks running out of the building within a minute or two of the shooting, it follows
  4. 1. I received something like 3 vaccinations as a child. My son received as I recall 15 by the time he was 5. It was clear by that time, moreover, that he was on the autism spectrum. This led me to read dozens of reports and articles on vaccinations, and conclude that yes, all the evidence isn't in, but what we do know suggests they are beneficial, and that there's a whole heap of other explanations for the autism explosion. 2. The vaccine I was referring to was the coronavirus vaccine/vaccines. My friend who's been sucked under the tide believes the libs exaggerated the negative effects o
  5. That makes sense. I thought Oliver was the producer as well. FWIW, when I worked in the record business my boss stole millions out of the company to impress his new wife--who wanted be an actress. She wrote a musical (starring her) about how she came to fall in love with him (my boss) and hired some C-level Hollywood types to film it. It turned out to be one of the worst films ever made. And yet they still took it to Cannes and rented a Palais to give it a Cannes premiere. As I recall they got like one distribution deal--from Mongolia or some such thing. In any event, I
  6. Let's be clear. While there are a number of crap documentaries on the assassination available for rental or viewing on Amazon Prime, Netflix is much more conservative as to what they make available. I assume this comes as a result of their business models. In any event, I suspect what's holding up the release of Oliver's film is not that neither Netflix nor Amazon will make his film available for rental (where he gets paid per rental) but that neither of them is interested in buying the exclusive rights to his film, for which I suspect he is asking a pretty penny. Thus, the sh
  7. Yep. I have a friend who got sucked under the tide, and has come to believe the vaccines are a hoax, etc. The irony is that she now showers me with praise, seeing as I was onto this deep-state stuff long before anyone else she knows. Screw that.
  8. Just thinking out loud... Are Horne's and Mantik's theories on the medical evidence central to the documentary? Because, no matter how one feels about their theories, it's easy to see how a major network or distributor would shy away from a program claiming that JFK's body was altered, etc. And there's a simple reason for this. One phone call from a network or distributor to a Baden or wanna-be Baden would lead them to back off. Guaranteed. I mean, I've read a couple of dozen books on forensic pathology. And probably half of these have a reference to the Kennedy assassination. And n
  9. The three-wheeler in Paschall was driven by D.V. Harkness, as I recall. He was stationed at Houston and Main. started to run across the plaza after the shots, ran back to his trike, and then raced down Main under the overpass. He then drove back the wrong way on Elm to the knoll (as I recall it was on the sidewalk). In any event, he was then approached by Amos Euins, after which he gave Euins a ride on the trike down to the depository, where Euins was questioned further, and then later escorted to the Sheriff's office. Here is a shot of Harkness with Euins, as they turned north on Housto
  10. I don't remember all the details, but I remember that several DPD sources claimed the three-wheeler was not even in Dealey Plaza at the time of the shooting, As I recall, moreover, they said one could hear the President's limo and accompanying sirens pass by the three-wheeler on one part of the tape, which would make no sense should the tape have been recorded off McLain's bike, which was following the limo at a distance.
  11. I was hoping Tink or someone else would make that argument, but, as of yet, no one has. To be clear, the acoustics experts didn't just match up recorded impulses to gunshots, they matched them up to gunshots as recorded at specific locations. They then claimed there was a pattern to these impulses, in that they indicated the mike recording these impulses captured the first impulse 20 feet south of Houston and Elm and traveled across the plaza at 10-11 mph. Now, seeing as McLain wasn't where they needed him to be, one might take from this that the mike was a mike in the Cabell car, or som
  12. If I had to sum it up in one image, David, it's this one...known as Bond 4. The motorcyclist on the far left is H.B. McLain. The acoustics evidence holds that he was 20 feet short of the corner of Houston and Elm when the first shot was fired and that he traveled at 10-11 mph afterwards. And yet here he is in a photo taken more than 30 seconds after the first shot. Note the officer on foot in front of Hill and Moorman. That's Bobby Hargis. In the seconds after the shooting, he has 1) parked his bike, 2) dismounted his bike, 3) run over to the white wall across the street, 4) loo
  13. I love the writing, and that Tink is telling his story. I am saddened, however, by the fact so much of the book is devoted to the dictabelt evidence, and that none of it is devoted to the photographic evidence debunking the dictabelt evidence.
  14. I went through all the statements a few years ago and it was clear to me that Ruth Paine gave the DPD Oswald's phone number and that they looked up the address in a reverse directory. This fits in with the 2:40 time. The confusion for some comes from the error in the DPD report claiming they spoke to Ruth Paine after 3:30. This was not so. It seems possible, moreover, that that error was a deliberate lie designed to disguise that they found out about the "bag" before they found one, as opposed to the truth--that they were told about the bag by Randle, and then shortly thereafter "found" a bag.
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