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  1. I had a look at Moorman & at Z312 -- i think u are referring to Kellerman's left arm/hand which is shielding Kellerman's eyes from the Sun.
  2. The Bermuda Triangle stuff is interesting. I suspect that the navigator of Flight 19 was a relative of Hickey.
  3. Back on 23 Oct 1976 i was fishing on the end of the Mordialloc pier in Melbourne, all alone, when the Sun went out. I did not even know that we were going to have an eclipse. The seagulls got a fright & went quiet. Most of them roost on an island at night, & they thort that they had missed the boat. I think i caught a few small gars. Melbourne will see another eclipse on 26 December 2038 (ie 62 years after the 1976 eclipse). I will post some pix.
  4. Which reminds me that an eclipse in 1919 was the start of our present Einsteinian dark age of science. The fake 1919 measurement of the bending of starlight passing near the Sun supposedly confirmed Einstein's predicted bending of light, & gave impetus to the Einsteinist cult, the cult is still active today. Cultists will adore Einstein on the anniversary of his death (14 march 1979 -- 18 april 1955). I have shown that Einstein's prediction was correct, ie his postulates (re what we might call the bending of time)(plus what we might call the bending of space) do indeed lead to a doubled bending, ie doubled compared to the old simple calculation for Newtonian bending. And i have shown that Einstein's prediction is based on faulty reasoning & faulty postulates. And, after being No1 re Einsteinian krapp, i got bored & came to the jfk forums, where i am now No1 re jfk krapp. It took me 2 years to solve the dark age of jfk. Solving the dark age of Einsteinian krapp took me 8 years.
  5. I think that the AR15 had a right hand twist. If the nose of the hollow-point slug contacts JFK's skull at 6 o'c on the slug then the hollow point will i think suffer more initial damage at that 6 o'c sector of the nose. During the slug's say 6 inch trajekt through the brain the slug partly disintegrates to say less than a half of its original 55 grain, & slows to less than a half of its initial 3200 fps, & veers upwards, & tumbles upwards. The more damaged sector of the slug twists from say 6 o'c at entry to say 12 o'c at exit, rotating clockwise (right hand twist) a half twist. Then after exit the slug tumbles some more & hits & cracks the windshield just left of the rear vision mirror, having veered 6 deg in JFK's head. The slug then ricochets back & down & up off the front seat (or up off the dash)(or the floor) & then out into Elm St. I mention all of this koz i am thinking about how the twist of the remnant slug during its trajekt through the head might aid the 6 deg veer, ie based on the orientation of the more damaged sector magnifying the veer in some way. That there 6 deg of veer is a big ask (for a hollow-point) in only 6 inches, & needs all the help it can get. Still thinking.
  6. The left vizor aint vizible in my copy of the Moorman polaroid?? I double checked & i could not find any copy of the Moorman polaroid that showed any part of the left vizor. U kan see (one side of) the right vizor only, & this (photo) is very blurry. The right vizor has a few white dots (on the face facing jfk during the shots) & these dots might be bits of jfk. But, the Moorman polaroid has 100s of white dots all over the pix, i guess that such white dots are found on all such polaroids in that era.
  7. The left vizor aint vizible in my copy of the Moorman polaroid?? I double checked & i could not find any copy of the Moorman polaroid that showed any part of the left vizor. U kan see the right vizor only, very blurry. The right vizor has a few white dots which might be bits of jfk. But, the Moorman polaroid has 100s of white dots all over the pix, which must be i guess found on all such polaroids in that era.
  8. Dear Michael, please advise me as to what witnesses & evidence exists that Oswald (or anyone else) shot jfk or Connally. I mean witnesses that saw a shot being shot. I suppose that Holland & others saw gunsmoke, which is i suppose evidence, but all such gunsmoke evidence is evidence of Hickey firing. No one saw any gunsmoke near the TSBD. I suspect that u do not have a witness of a shot being shot. If u do, then u have something that (i think) has not yet existed in the history of this forum (ignoring gunsmoke)
  9. Ron there are 3 Hickey did it books. U kan get Mortal Error & The Smoking Gun for about $25 each. The Secret Killer of President John F. Kennedy is over $100 (i will have another search, i want it). But my comments on mainly my threads keep going where the above books stop. Not sure about Secret Killer.
  10. Contrare. I have shown that Hickey did the dirty deed. Do u see any errors/mistakes/wrongs in my wordages? 33. Michael Crane ----------- The dictabelt or whatever they used to hear gunshots didn't even pick it up. That would be a big no from me Dog. That's right up there with Greer shooting JFK. Those dogs don't hunt. In your above wordage, i see that u have not yet learnt about the problem with the dictabelt, that it did not hear anything in Dealey Plaza (it heard near the Trade Mart), &, it heard a long time after Hickey killed jfk.
  11. The Secret Killer of President John F. Kennedy By Ashley Machtig, Brett Machtig · 2020 & 2019 We believe it could not have been Lee Harvey Oswald who killed JFK. It was (1) an assassination team who tried to kill JFK, as well as? (2) It could have been Secret Service Agent George Hickey who could have accidentally shot President Kennedy in the head with his cocked-and-loaded Colt AR-15 using a unique six millimeter fragmenting bullet shot from the Secret Service chase car directly following the presidential limousine while swinging his rifle around to engage an active shooter thought to be in the Texas Book Depository. Possibly, while Hickey was swinging his rifle, he accidentally shot the man he was sworn to protect, JFK in the back of the head where the bullet exploded and blew the far side of JFK's head open, killing him dead.This work is dedicated to Truth, Justice and the American Way. Ashley Machtig is a student attending Normandale Community College where she is finishing up her Associate's degree. Ashley plans on furthering her education at the University of Minnesota where she plans on pursuing a career in law. Brett Machtig serves on the Normandale College Business Advisory Committee as well as The National Security Forum for the United States Department of Defense. Brett is the founding partner of The Capital Advisory Group and has written more than 21 books on finance, negotiation, and art. His hobbies include history, collecting antique books, and a lifetime of study. www.brettmachtig.com
  12. JFK dysmorphic disorder (JDD), also known as dysmorphophobia, is a severe psychiatric disorder that occurs around the world. Sufferers refuse to believe that SSA Hickey accidentally shot JFK. However, the diagnosis is usually missed in clinical settings. It is important to recognize and diagnose JDD, because this disorder is relatively common and causes significant distress and impairment in functioning. It is also associated with markedly poor quality of life. Although research on effective treatment is still limited, a low carb diet is currently considered the medication treatment of choice. For symptoms to improve, a relatively high dose of fat & protein is needed, at least 12 weeks of carnivore diet. The psychosocial treatment of choice is cognitive behavioral therapy, consisting of elements such as exposure, response prevention, behavioral experiments, and cognitive restructuring. Although knowledge of JDD is rapidly increasing, further research is needed on all aspects of this disorder, including treatment studies, epidemiology studies, and investigation of its cross-cultural features and pathogenesis. Patients with JDD believe they look ugly or deformed (thinking, for example, that they have a large and 'repulsive' nose, or severely scarred skin), when in reality they look normal. As a result of their appearance concerns, they may stop working and socializing, become housebound, and even commit suicide.
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