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  1. Doug, With all due respect, I have been practising law for 42 years in Ontario. I have been a UFO buff since 1968 (drove by the Michigan "swamp gas" outbreak in March that year.) I have seen a couple of unidentified flying things. I had a step dad whose surname was Cameron. Grant Cameron is not well known here. He has apparently written some books selling online on topics such as alien music. There are claims that he won research awards but no sources are cited to prove same. There are no academic credentials listed for him. Something may be out there, but the Canadian government is not searching for an answer. The stories about the Transport Ministry staff activities in the 1950s were food for fodder by UFO authors several decades ago.
  2. That is news to me, a Canadian since 1952.
  3. The mob must be super powerful to carry out and cover up the hit for almost 60 years. Wow. But those Kennedys killed Marilyn, wow. ( How low can some authors go?)😢 Does he tell who killed Amelia Earhart, Elvis, and King Tut? If not, then I can write my book! ☺️
  4. Fifty three years on and there is still a need to assassinate RFK's character. Sad.
  5. But Rick, Oswald was using a magic gun that fired magic bullets, that lead to the WC magic show😢 I do not think that Oswald, he of the most unordinary life, would have been convicted, had there been a fair trial. No one could place him in the alleged shooter's lair with the magical rifle in hand at the time of the shooting. The holes with the chain of evidence in regard to the rifle, shells, and CE 399 are larger than Texas!
  6. Congratulations Mr. Caddy ! To paraphrase from the movie: "You are Spartacus !"
  7. Does that mean that you don't believe Anthony Summers?😢 I enjoyed your book, Mr. McBride, and I enjoy your comments. Keep up the good work.👍
  8. Would this be a Griswald type casino, with games like rock/paper/Trump; craps (on the democrats); covid roulette; non NFL sports betting; MAGA million slots etc?
  9. Mr. DiEugenio has killed and buried this canard. (French for duck, as well). If we want to continue the character assassination, and tinfoil hat speculation, then Jackie, Joe Dimaggio, Arthur Miller, and all groups opposed to nude photos should be suspects. (And include Hoover because she looked better than he did in the sane evening gown). May this topic sink to the bottom and remain there.
  10. And and by few million others who can think!
  11. Will Trump announce the letter that Mr. Caddy says Nixon hid in the White House verifying the alien presence, claim that they are attacking next week, and then fly to Florida? Independence Day 3 ?
  12. Democracy is alive and well. Trump is a disgrace to the office. Sedition 2021. Trump incites riot to overthrow election and Congress. Let's use 25th Amendment, impeachment, and tell the Joint Chiefs to safeguard/override the launch codes. Sedition 1963. Kennedy proposes disarmament, raproachment with Cuba, and shattering CIA. Let's execute him inpublic and give LBJ the launch codes.
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