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  1. I couldn't understand why Donald Trump, who had zero respect for the intelligence community, listened to the intelligence community on JFK and didn't release documents. One almost has to believe there's some kind of dynamite in those documents.
  2. Former librarian here too. Want to hear a good library story? My last job was running a prison library. We had a small world globe on a table in the library, and this inmate was searching for something on the globe. He said, "Mr. Ecker, can you help me find the North Pole on this globe?" I pointed out where it was, saying, "It's right here on top." And he said, "Oh, no wonder I couldn't find it."
  3. Mantik: "The (superficial) back wound was likely caused by metallic shrapnel." Shrapnel from what?
  4. While LBJ may have been informed in advance if he wasn't actually in on the planning, I've always felt that too much is made of his "smile" and the wink from Thomas in the photo of the swearing in. We don't see LBJ's face, just a raised cheek, which could be from a grimace or a smile. A grimace would be perfectly understandable at such a solemn moment, even if just put on for effect. But a smile? What fool would smile at that time with all eyes upon him? As for the wink, it could have been just a gesture of encouragement ("You're the man" or "Go get 'em" or whatever), and not something more nefarious. In any case I just don't buy that LBJ is smiling.
  5. Either it's just my imagination or I have a vague memory of reading that there was a steam pipe that ran along the top of the GK fence. True or false? It sounds like something a lone nutter might come up with in a pipe dream. I don't recall any pipe along the fence when I visited there in 1990.
  6. This is the only news account on the parole that I've seen or heard that even hints at the possibility that Sirhan didn't do it. It quotes Robert Jr. referring to "evidence that was not presented to the court during his trial.” (No details, of course.) It irked me tonight when Lester Holt, whom I usually watch, flatly stated that Sirhan murdered RFK. I checked the ABC News and CBS News websites, and the same thing. Sirhan did it, period. Same at CNN. What a free press we have in this country.
  7. Here's the story that requires no subscription. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/sirhan-sirhan-convicted-of-robert-f-kennedy-assassination-seeks-parole-with-no-opposition-from-prosecutors/ar-AANJS2S BTW I didn't know that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is opposed to vaccines. How wonderful.
  8. In the photo on the left It looks like there's some kind of glare on the side of Ruby's face that hides part of the sideburn. But what such a glare could be I don't know, unless it's from some kind of lighting in the basement.
  9. We should fear the cult leader who sent him there. I believe the number of Americans who voted for this narcissistic would-be autocrat was 70 million, and they don't wear buffalo horns. At the state level they are presently busy passing laws to suppress the vote across the land for their leader. And he has turned one of our two major parties on Capitol Hill into a band of cowardly sycophants. We had better fear him and his "rabble."
  10. I fail to see how being "hit by a small flattened piece of metal," penetrating the body and coming close to the heart, wouldn't hurt immediately. But then I've never been hit by one.
  11. The official story is that Reagan didn't know he was shot until he was inside the car. The first pain he felt was when the Secret Service agent fell on him ("I think you broke my rib!")
  12. I had the identical problem with Donald Trump.
  13. I wonder what Gaetz's fiance Ginger Luckey thinks of her future Florida governor and U.S. president now? What are the odds of her actually marrying the creep? And will she visit him in prison?
  14. I still remember the opening sentences of the book. "Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul." Pretty good writing, I thought, for a Russian writing in English. I never read the book but I remember that opening from looking at it in a bookstore. Back in those days I couldn't afford to be buying novels. I saw the movie, in which Sue Lyon as Lolita was necessarily older than the girl in the book. Saw where Sue died a couple of years ago at the age of 73. How time flies.
  15. There's a lot to like in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, but for me the best thing in it is Janet Leigh. I'll always be in love with her. My favorite sequence in PSYCHO is when she's driving a car and just stares into the camera for like five minutes (while there's voice-over narration). As Roy Orbison said, "Oh, Pretty Woman."
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