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  1. Trump should not be impeached, he should be removed by the 25th Amendment, to get him out now. Has Pence or anyone around him considered the fact that if he's not removed now, Trump will pardon, along with Don Jr., Rudy, et al, the entire mob that attacked the Capitol Building? Trump is on tape saying he loves the insurrectionists they are "special." So when the pardons come, turning all the arrests and investigations into a joke, thank spineless Mike Pence.
  2. Destroying the Republican Party is not Trump's first destructive accomplishment. He helped destroy the United States Football League, in which he was a team owner. At his urging, Trump being the brilliant businessman that he is, the league decided to switch from playing in the summer to playing in the fall to compete directly with the NFL. It was a quick death. Everything that Trump touches...
  3. Anything that keeps down my high blood pressure, mainly my prescriptions, I consider good. Which is one reason I hate Donald Trump so much. Thank God for my blood-pressure medicine.
  4. Who would ever have thought that it was doctors and other medical professionals who would plot to destroy America? Till we get to the bottom of this mind-boggling conspiracy and its complicit corporate media, I think every medical license in the country should be suspended, but of course that's impractical. I would quit going to my doctor at all, but how would I get my prescriptions refilled? And is he trying to kill me with the ones he's given me?
  5. It makes sense to me that Ted wasn't even in the car when it went off the bridge. For one thing, he didn't drown.
  6. Explosion in downtown Nashville. So it begins? Militia attacks in cities so Trump can declare martial law? It's predictable. Nashville PD is saying it was "intentional." https://apnews.com/article/us-news-explosions-52708bfd05e4f6ff433cc404443c65d4 https://www.the-sun.com/news/2028982/nashville-explosion-intentional-act-christmas/
  7. Merry Christmas, and will there be a New Year?
  8. In 1990 Willie Nelson's assets were seized by the IRS because he owed them more than $16 million due to a tax shelter that was illegal. He was eventually able to pay off the debt (negotiated down to $6 million) by the auction of his assets and his release of "The IRS Tapes: Who'll Buy My Memories?"
  9. There's a silver lining for Trump in his Supreme Court defeat. He now knows who all the Republicans are on the hill who didn't sign on to the lawsuit, so he can proceed to crucify them on Twitter. Ah, the sweet taste of revenge! Some solace for his final days in office, and of course he will continue to pound in the nails thereafter.
  10. Elvis Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker took more than half of Elvis's earnings. How he got away with it I have no idea unless Elvis was (as a high-school classmate of mine described him with his onstage gyrations) just a "plain idiot." Not only that, but Parker deprived Elvis of millions that he could have earned in overseas tours because Parker was an illegal Dutch immigrant and was afraid that if he left the country with Elvis he might not be allowed to come back. Someone should make a movie about this master criminal who controlled Elvis's life including the making of all those awful mo
  11. Unfortunately for Melania, Trump can't live at Mar-a-Lago when he leaves the White House. He can do so illegally, of course, since doing illegal things is nothing new to him. But the place could then lose its license, meaning no members, no more income. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-maralago-permanent-residence-after-he-leaves-office-175100408.html
  12. Dylan wrote some great songs but many are half a century old. I'm not knowledgeable on today's music scene, but I'm curious as to how many artists today are covering Dylan songs or performing them in movies or on TV. I don't see how there could possibly be enough new royalties to cover an investment of $300 million. It seems to me about as likely as the U.S. paying off its national debt.
  13. Not to worry, India's prime minister Narendra Modi has stated that this disease will just disappear.
  14. Statement from Giuliani: "They may have to overthrow the government without me."
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