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  1. I replied to Parnell, stating that what McAdams was doing is identity theft
  2. Tracy, it is called identity theft because Patrick Nolan is an name of forensic scientist who authored an book on JFK assassination and John McAdams ended up using Patrick's name
  3. I disagree with you. It is obvious you are a loyalist of McAdams
  4. https://kennedysandking.com/component/search/?searchword=John McAdams, JFK Assassination Logic: How to Think about Claims of Conspiracy – Three Reviews&ordering=newest&searchphrase=all&limit=20
  5. I disagree with you. Many people are convinced that there was a conspiracy that killed JFK. John McAdams was no good man. He was an bad man who promoted lies about the JFK assassination. The problem is that mainstream media can not be trusted with the truth
  6. Richard, I debated McAdams on his own forum before and he has proven himself to be very dumb and naive.
  7. Tracy Parnell is a McAdams loyalist who is spreading disinformation and misinformation
  8. McAdams's death is an win for the JFK research community
  9. McAdams was too naive to thnk that one person kill the president when the evidence points to the president's enemies as the culprits
  10. Matt, Howard Hunt stated in his deathbed confession that Cord Meyer, William Harvey, David Morales, and others were involved in the assassination
  11. Tom, this image came from a website that claimed to decode Nagell's letter:
  12. I believe the letter is giving out clues and referencing things
  13. I looked into this right now and I believe that "Snerd crawls back inside Big Mother Busher's womb, dies" is reference to one of the Anti Castro Cubans who tried to assassinated Castro ended up failing
  14. I highly recommend you read the book The empire of high finance https://www.marxists.org/subject/economy/authors/perlo/1957/empire-high-finance.pdf
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