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  1. Kinda like the mobs of vaccinated people harassing non vaccinated people currently?
  2. Does anyone even use DVD's anymore? I need digital download. I don't even own a device to watch a DVD anymore.
  3. That would be Whoopi Goldberg. From the small clip, I don't think it was "bad".
  4. I believe this is what you are looking for. https://kennedysandking.com/news-items/castro-figured-out-the-jfk-case-in-five-days-speech-of-november-27th-1963
  5. I found the Reddit post I was talking about. Certainly thought provoking. Enjoy!
  6. I saw something earlier that a guy said 7 years ago on a Reddit post that aliens would be making contact or making their presence known to earth in July of 2021. He mentioned either the 8th or 18th of July. The guy claims to have been abducted every two years since 1988 with the exception of a 5 year period in that span where no abductions took place. He mentions the abductions are not really abductions but that you kind of willingly go with them. He believes they are not evil and do not wish to do us harm. Is all of this recent talk just the PTB preparing us for what they know is imminent? I usually don't believe these sort of claims, but this will be in the back of my mind this July.
  7. I am amazed at his slides. I can't fathom how much time must have been spent on them. I am also reading along and have not seen one typo either. Truly magnificent.
  8. I emailed with Jacob Hornberger of the FFF which is putting on the series. He said Doug's original presentation was two hours long but they had problems with the recording. They re-did the presentation and it is now much longer. I recommend going to their YouTube page and watching all presentations. This series as far as I can tell has not received much publicity but it is a treasure trove. Mr. Hornbergers presentation was last night and should be uploaded soon. The final installment will be a Q&A with from what I understand all presenters.
  9. Here is Mr. Horne's presentation, just uploaded coming in at 5 hours!
  10. Wouldn't that be a pic of the jump seat where Governor Connally was sitting?
  11. Chuck, You are the only person I see here speaking about these recent talks. I have watched all of them and they are great. Everyone interested in the JFKA should take some time to view these.
  12. Tony, That is the heart of my question. It appears to me, there is a blowout in the front of the head in the Z Film, but yet no one at Parkland mentions that. Do you propose the Z Film was altered to show that?
  13. In the Z Film I see an obvious blowout in the front of the Presidents head. Forget the back and to the left for a minute which there may be other valid explanations for. Then, compare what is seen in the film to countless medical witnesses stating they saw a blowout in the back of the head. How do we explain this discrepancy away? Must it be believed that the film was altered? I apologize if this has been covered before. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or could you point me to anything previously written on this apparent incongruity?
  14. This post comes from genuine curiosity and is not meant to devolve into any sort of argument. My question is: Why do LN'ers stay up on the case and participate in discussion of "conspiracy" theories on the case? From your point of view, if you believe LHO committed the crime on his own and believe the WC as gospel, what more is there for you to learn by staying up on current case events? Isn't the science settled in your view? As another example, I am a firm believer that the earth is round. There are those who think it is flat and argue that point. I don't feel the need to go to flat earth message boards and tell them how they are wrong or refute the latest flat earth theory. The science on that is settled in my opinion.
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