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  1. The chief of Capitol Police resigned today, not the DC Metro Police chief.
  2. I've always thought decently of and have tolerated mitch until now, but the swamp creatures are outing themselves. It should be abundantly clear to all, that absolutely no one in Washington gives a flying fart about any of us. The government is out of control and is there to serve only themselves. I think of them as some sort of mafia organization but then remember even the mob has redeeming qualities at times. These rats do not. Our forefathers revolted for much less!
  3. You get the option of not going to your mother in law's? That is a pretty good deal.
  4. Looking at the side by side photo of a known GHWB and the Dealey Plaza pic it is obvious to me that the DP guy has much softer features than GHWB. More specifically the nose and chin are not as pointy or abrupt as known GHWB photos.
  5. I also want to add that I think we could be extremely effective if we could join together with the Bernie Bro's. Don't get me wrong, I despise socialism and their economic policies but I have a feeling both sides want to see the entire current governmental structure burnt to the ground. I think we could make some decent headway towards that goal. We could figure out our disagreements after we get this thing back on the right course.
  6. Thanks for the analysis Kirk. I have a feeling this whole thing is just us Trump guys not wanting to let go. I have made peace with whatever comes and frankly am glad I can move on. Politics and the election was eating my brain. I am ready to focus on other things. I don't know where my politics go from here. I have always been a strong conservative but the GOP does nothing for me. The entire government is in cahoots one way or another and they seem to thrive off of gridlock. The only answer is term limits. There is no reason any politician on any level should serve more than 8 years.
  7. So I hope all of this fraud stuff is true and Trump is re-elected. But, in the last 4 years we have seen quite a few promises/theories that have not came to fruition. What level of confidence do you have that there was massive fraud and Trump will get the second term/these efforts will be successful?
  8. How do you turn a post about the passing of an actor into a bitchfest about the Trump administration? Generally curious how one links those two together.
  9. Sorry to hear that and good luck with your recovery. Any idea how you may have picked up the virus?
  10. So the rally did or did not happen and Eric Trump took a 1.5 billion dollar bribe from the Ukraine?
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