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  1. Wouldn't that be a pic of the jump seat where Governor Connally was sitting?
  2. Chuck, You are the only person I see here speaking about these recent talks. I have watched all of them and they are great. Everyone interested in the JFKA should take some time to view these.
  3. Tony, That is the heart of my question. It appears to me, there is a blowout in the front of the head in the Z Film, but yet no one at Parkland mentions that. Do you propose the Z Film was altered to show that?
  4. In the Z Film I see an obvious blowout in the front of the Presidents head. Forget the back and to the left for a minute which there may be other valid explanations for. Then, compare what is seen in the film to countless medical witnesses stating they saw a blowout in the back of the head. How do we explain this discrepancy away? Must it be believed that the film was altered? I apologize if this has been covered before. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or could you point me to anything previously written on this apparent incongruity?
  5. This post comes from genuine curiosity and is not meant to devolve into any sort of argument. My question is: Why do LN'ers stay up on the case and participate in discussion of "conspiracy" theories on the case? From your point of view, if you believe LHO committed the crime on his own and believe the WC as gospel, what more is there for you to learn by staying up on current case events? Isn't the science settled in your view? As another example, I am a firm believer that the earth is round. There are those who think it is flat and argue that point. I don't feel the need to go to flat ear
  6. Matt, That is a valid criticism, but who is to say how long it takes these vehicles to arrive here? Meaning we could be seeing their 20 year old (or older) technology by the time it arrives here. Just a thought.
  7. This is a pretty interesting interview: https://www.disclose.tv/t/us-has-secret-evidence-of-ufos-breaking-the-sound-barrier-without-a-sonic-boom/26823
  8. Thanks for the response, Joe. I am 100% in agreement with your statement and believe you nailed it!
  9. I like the Stone's and all but a serious question: Did anyone ever think Mick Jaggers dancing was cool? It just looks silly to me.
  10. Thanks for this Ron. Heck of a way to start off my Friday morning, ending up down the CCR rabbit hole. I don't think there is another band that has as many instantly recognizable and timeless hits.
  11. So Biden is killing as many people statistically in one month as it took Trump 3 months to do? I did see yesterday that one of our local major hospital systems announced that they have zero inpatient Covid cases for the first time since the start of the pandemic.
  12. The all time low in Houston was recorded in 1930. Was that "climate change" too? It was funny to see them deicing the turbine blades with a helicopter that runs on fossil fuels using chemicals derived from fossil fuels.
  13. Agreed and good find. Would there have been a performance at noon or 1 on a Friday in 1963?
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