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  1. Not only does the Hemingway docu mislead about the FBI surveillance of Hemingway by simplistically calling him "paranoid" and not mentioning that it was actually happening, the docu also seriously undercounts the number of American deaths in the D-Day landings. And Hemingway biographer Mary Dearborn for some reason says on the docu that she doesn't know what Ernest and Mary did in bed together during their gender-bending sessions, even though her excellent book goes into detail about that subject.
  2. My copy arrived in good shape a few days ago from Amazon, and I am finding it a gripping read. Kudos, Larry.
  3. The unbelievable sentimentality of the Nixon funeral was quickly dashed by the publication soon after that of the Haldeman diaries, which showed a nonstop parade of screw-our-enemies discussions and anti-Semitism. I took my son to the Nixon funeral to see that historic occasion. The actual location was closed, but we were on the periphery and could hear the booming cannon fire. Five other presidents were there -- Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton -- and I wanted to find a place to see them departing. There were several roads out of the closed area
  4. When de Gaulle was briefed by a reporter on the Warren Commission coming up with the single-bullet theory, he replied, "Vous me blaguez! [You're kidding me!] Cowboys and Indians!"
  5. The police sent Tippit and Mentzel out looking for Lee Oswald in Oak Cliff shortly after the assassination. Probably before 12:45 p.m. They knew his identity already and knew where he lived. He was an FBI informant.
  6. It's possible, though it doesn't entirely pass my smell test as a reporter, partly because it seems too convenient (and Myers as a source is dubious). I tried to check every claim against other evidence. Tippit's last two transmssions to the dispatcher was at 1:08, so it is unlikely he was shot at 1:06. The likelihood is that he was shot at 1:08 or within the next minute. Larry Ray Harris and Greg Lowery, two very thorough Tippit researchers, agreed with me.
  7. Thanks much for the kind words on my book, Richard. I did not say much about Mrs. Higgins because I could not verify her claim about that time being mentioned on local TV. I tried to include verifiable information. What she said about the TV station seemed possible but perhaps unlikely. Meanwhile, run, do not walk to get your copy of Condon's novel. Nabokov's LOLITA is a great novel, by the way. Graham Greene championed it past the censors and helped it get published in both the UK and the US.
  8. Oddly credible, not "incredible" is how I would describe THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. We know about MK-ULTRA.
  9. I read that Richard Condon was supposedly influenced in part by Roy Cohn in creating the monstrous mother figure who controls the Joe McCarthy character in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, my favorite novel.
  10. All that harassment is appalling, Vince. It is a backhanded tribute to how powerful and influential your investigation of Secret Service complicity in the assassination has been.
  11. They ban reviewers because of "bias"? How do they define "bias"? Isn't all reviewing opinionated by nature? Legally there is no such thing as a right or wrong opinion; it has to be backed up by facts to mean anything.
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