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  1. For some reason, Safari will not open this site for me, but Chrome will.
  2. I was surprised Thompson's new book largely ignores the topic of the authenticity of the Zapruder film, since so much of his earlier book is based around that film being authentic and the "clock" of the assassination. Thompson has been a vocal opponent of alterationists, so I wonder why he shied away from that topic in his supposed last word. Since he is so engrossed in the acoustics, one would think he would find the "so-called evidence" of the Z film worth reconsidering (thanks and a tip of the Hatlo Hat to Oswald for the phrase in quotes).
  3. Oswald met with the FBI in Dallas at least two and possibly three times in November before the assassination. He was an FBI informant. He had infiltrated the plot for the FBI without realizing he was being set up as the patsy. See my book INTO THE NIGHTMARE.
  4. From "Gems from the 26 Volumes": by Vince Palamara SETH KANTOR ON THE "DEAD" SECRET SERVICE AGENT 20 H 410: "A Western Union man who had been with us since we came down from Andrews Air Force Base came into the [Parkland Hospital] office. A nurse asked him about a report that a Secret Service agent had been killed out on the street. HE SAID THAT IT WAS TRUE. This was one of the immediate rumors which sprung up. It took several days for this particular rumor not to be believed in Dallas itself (FELLOW IN JAGGARS-CHILES-STOVALL who got it from a friend who got it from a POSTMAN* supposed to have been at the death scene that the shot and bleeding SS man was in on the plot to kill the President.)" [emphasis added]
  5. The term "political correctness" was popularized by George H. W. Bush in the 1980s to mock liberals. Then some liberals foolishly adopted it as their way of seriously describing their belief system. It metastasized from there.
  6. I see they misspell Tippit (which still happens) and use the 1952 photo (his original DPD photo; they carefully avoided showing the public later, more recognizable photos of Tippit). I wonder if the shootout in the theater was a fallback plan if Oswald escaped the Oak Cliff manhunt by Tippit and Mentzel that I discuss in INTO THE NIGHTMARE and my followup article on the Kennedysandking site (the manhunt was underway at least 12:45, indicating complicity in the plot, since Oswald officially was not identified by the DPD as the suspect until 2:10). There was also an early report that a policeman was killed on the street near downtown. And the persistent reports of a dead Secret Service agent should not be discounted. That might fit into some of these scenarios. From INTO THE NIGHTMARE: "All three television networks reported the agent’s death as fact, and the Associated Press was quoted on Dallas’s WFAA-TV reporting, 'A Secret Service agent and a Dallas policeman were shot and killed some distance from where the President was shot.' The story was dropped by the news media after received a carefully worded 'denial' (with significant holes in it) at 3:40 p.m. by Robert A. Wallace, assistant secretary of the Treasury (the department that included the Secret Service): 'No Secret Service man was injured in the attack on President Kennedy.' Note that this non-denial denial would not cover an agent’s death in another location that day in Dallas."
  7. Mary Ferrell urged me to study John Lattimer's book on Kennedy and Lincoln as what she claimed was the best medical analysis of the JFK murder. That was one of the alarm bells that made me realize she was not the benign helpful mentor to researchers she made herself out to be and that some delusional people still think she is. Lattimer, in addition to being a urologist, was a collector who had such items as (so he claimed) Lincoln's bloody collar from the night of the assassination, drawings by Hitler, the glass ampoule that had contained the cyanide Goering used to kill himself . . . and Napoleon's penis.
  8. The 11/22/63 DPD HOMICIDE REPORT against in the Tippit shooting says, "Suspect ran south on Patton from location toward Jefferson. Suspect was later arrested in the balcony of the Texas Theatre at 231 W. Jefferson." Armstrong did a lot of great research, but I disagree with his claim that Oswald (either one) killed Tippit.
  9. The authoritative male voice of Ed Herlihy expounds on what happened in Dallas:
  10. Here's the authoritative male voice of Ed Herlihy expounding what happened in Dallas:
  11. Needing a male "voice of authority" to narrate a documentary is, to put it diplomatically, old-fashioned. We are not living in the 1950s anymore. And for those who think Whoopi Goldberg is "just" a comedian, she speaks out on social issues and gave a great dramatic performance in Spielberg's THE COLOR PURPLE. That and Ben Kingsley's performance in SCHINDLER'S LIST are the best in Spielberg's work.
  12. Gil, as another veteran researcher, I always learn from you. Thanks for your careful and diligent research.
  13. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/M Disk/McMillan Priscilla Johnson/Item 07.pdf Does someone have the original Nov. 24, 1963, FBI memo to post?
  14. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/cannes-2021-oliver-stone-interview-jfk-1234977892/
  15. That was Daryl Gates. He played a role in the RFK assassination on the way up the ladder to LA police chief. He deliberately absented himself at a cocktail party during the crucial early hours of the clearly anticipated uprising over the acquittal of the police officers who beat Rodney King. I was recording a radio interview about my Frank Capra biography in an LA station when the verdict came down, and someone burst into the studio saying, "We're shifting into riot mode." Gates wasn't.
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