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  1. I prefer witnesses such as Bill and Gayle Newman and Mary Ann Moorman, honest people who don't change their stories or speculate on things they don't know. I agree that earlier statements are usually more reliable than later ones, but Jean Hill was all over the map. I was going to challenge her on these inconsistencies, but she backed out of our interview after agreeing to it. There was a shot that struck the grass near the manhole cover not far from Hill, Moorman, and the Babushka Lady, as I am sure we all know.
  2. Jean Hill is an unreliable source. She constantly changed and embellished on her statements.
  3. Yes, Kenneth O'Donnell. I discuss his role in my book INTO THE NIGHTMARE.
  4. Tracy just spreads disinformation. Who pays him?
  5. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=707 The Belmont memo on the night of November 22.
  6. There were Baker and Charlie radio transmissions. Maybe he was changing from one to the other.
  7. Paul Brancato puts it well. The alleged photo of "Bush" (someone else) in DP is a red herring used to take attention away from all the other evidence about Bush and his actual activities on November 21-22 and earlier.
  8. The Belmont memo of the night of 11-22 is the smoking gun that destroys the Warren Report. And it matches eyewitness evidence, including from Secret Service agents and other witnesses, of a bullet striking JFK in the right temple. I found the memo in the 1980s and wrote a lengthy article about it but couldn't get it published. I write about it in detail in INTO THE NIGHTMARE.
  9. That image of Dallas was taken on JFK's 35th birthday, the day he became eligible to be president.
  10. The wooden ramp is often discussed as a lost option and would have worked well and have been easy to construct, barely a bump as they drove over it. But of course the Secret Service, O'Donnell, Locke, et al wanted to drive JFK down Elm Street to kill him.
  11. Bill and Gayle Newman were baffled they weren't called to testify, despite their close view of the shooting. And for a long time Gayle was overlooked because of her gender.
  12. I once met Jack Daniel in Dealey Plaza and asked why his film shot on the other side of the plaza gets all blurry and loses most of the subject as the car passes his position. He said he was holding the camera to his chest and panning without looking through the viewfinder so he could look directly at the limousine. He was also very close to the limo, which made it out of focus. It is still a valuable film even if we can't really see into the limousine.
  13. I meant to type "hold the camera steady," as Zapruder mostly did. I have heard people speculate before that something may have been reflected in the side of the car that they didn't want us to see. Maybe, as Tony Krome suggests, there was something else down there they didn't want us to see.
  14. As a former cameraman, I wonder why the extant Zapruder film almost loses JFK at the bottom of the frame at the time of the final shots, which is odd, since Zapruder did a generally good job of panning and holding the camera steady under great duress. I wonder if this oddity is one of the artifacts of alteration.
  15. Zapruder's son, Henry, was a lawyer working in the US Justice Department at the time of the asssassination. Abe Zapruder was a member of the Dallas Petroleum Club, along with George H. W. Bush, George de Mohrenschildt, D. H. Byrd, et al. Small world, eh?
  16. Senator Ralph Yarborough told me in 1988, "The first shot I heard I thought was a rifle shot. The second shot, the motorcade almost came to a halt. They said later that the president‘s car slowed to something like five miles an hour. I wondered what the hell they were stopping for when somebody is shooting. People were jumping out of the car in front of me [the Secret Service followup car] and running to the president‘s car. I thought maybe somebody had thrown a bomb in there. The third shot I heard was a rifle shot."
  17. Clint Hill's reaching the car and jumping aboard seems impossible on the extant, altered Z film.
  18. Zapruder testified to the WC that he filmed the turn onto Elm Street.
  19. Not only does the Hemingway docu mislead about the FBI surveillance of Hemingway by simplistically calling him "paranoid" and not mentioning that it was actually happening, the docu also seriously undercounts the number of American deaths in the D-Day landings. And Hemingway biographer Mary Dearborn for some reason says on the docu that she doesn't know what Ernest and Mary did in bed together during their gender-bending sessions, even though her excellent book goes into detail about that subject.
  20. My copy arrived in good shape a few days ago from Amazon, and I am finding it a gripping read. Kudos, Larry.
  21. The unbelievable sentimentality of the Nixon funeral was quickly dashed by the publication soon after that of the Haldeman diaries, which showed a nonstop parade of screw-our-enemies discussions and anti-Semitism. I took my son to the Nixon funeral to see that historic occasion. The actual location was closed, but we were on the periphery and could hear the booming cannon fire. Five other presidents were there -- Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton -- and I wanted to find a place to see them departing. There were several roads out of the closed area
  22. When de Gaulle was briefed by a reporter on the Warren Commission coming up with the single-bullet theory, he replied, "Vous me blaguez! [You're kidding me!] Cowboys and Indians!"
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