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  1. If there had been a real investigation by the DOJ everyone on this forum would know about it. Laughable!
  2. Understand. But how did you decide what was background in the image?
  3. Frank Sidebottom? Sounds like a real hoot! The Brits own a patent on great humor.
  4. Regarding the media, you can see in real time how their stories changed dramatically as the day and the weekend unfolded. Its like they "got the word" sometime after the prez died.
  5. I can't make out any separation from the figures that you say are men and their surroundings in your April 4 4:23 PM post. Maybe its just me.
  6. This makes a lot of sense. Maybe contract with somebody local to Dallas to take the control photo.
  7. I'm with you but I will keep an eye on future GIFs and decide if he really has anything.
  8. Some of us aren't as good as you at seeing hidden things. Do you have a way of highlighting or pointing to the "goggles"?
  9. I did taxes for a young secret service agent today. Naturally I had to get in a word about the JFKA and of course mentioned the names Abraham Bolden and Clint Hill. He seemed to know about them but if he knew something about SS actions on that day, he wasn't saying. (Probably thinking who is this guy? Maybe we should put him on a list lol!)
  10. Actually he devotes a lot of discussion to the blood spatter on the two motorcycle cops (Hargis was one of them) who trailed on the left and how it points to a shot coming from.. the direction of the GK. Here is the link.
  11. Just saw a YouTube video of author and former P.I. Tink Thompson talking about the findings that he goes into detail about in his book "Last Second in Dallas". I can't find a link to the video to post here. A couple interesting things he said: The location where railyard worker Sam Holland placed a shooter behind the picket fence, about 6 feet from the bend in the fence, is almost exactly where a nefarious shape can be seen in the Moorman photo. The increase in velocity Thompson calculated JFK's head moved forward in the second after the fatal head shot can only be explained by another shot which TT believes was from behind. Thats all I can remember at the moment. Maybe there has been a post about LSID already. I would be interested in comments from those who have read the book or seen the talk.
  12. Yes Time magazine is a rag but I loved it back in the seventies. Still can't get access to the youtube video even though I play youtube music videos all the time. I will try to find it on my TV. Thanks Ben!
  13. I can't get access to this video (actually that's the case for most videos on this site). What's the Cliff Notes version?
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