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  1. and the wuzzy media continues.... back to manufacturing noise when they simply can't cover the news -- they need to invent news... The 24 hour news cycle created 5 billion wannabe commentators and about 10 reporters.... most are worthless pukes...
  2. awwww, Greg's shoeshine specialist is back... tough selling' pineapple's Eddy? Oh, and Gil is a big boy... Your PR skills have been found wanting...
  3. ahhh, my old USENET/forum bud Bill Kelly... I miss his participation, it's been a while now...
  4. thanks Ron, after all these years that's the first I heard of that Daniel's song... many familiar scenes and equipment... take care bud and yea, we're getting up there...
  5. No, not that I know of. I did some freelance research for an author years back. His topic: Early Wall Street Bonds. Fascinating subject. Thought it would be dry as hell. I'd like to say pure Americana but, the Brit's had their slice of the international bond pie too. Our's gold, their's silver... I am familiar with most of the names above. Not that interested in sidebar assassination stories or possible cast of assassination characters, It goes round and round and round -- most if not all would or should be dead, anyway. The Z-film and its tech aspects and more than one shooter (conspiracy) in DP capture my interest. Almost made it to NARA to view the original Zap film, but it never happened... good old Harry Livingstone was gonna get me in... Then the 6th floor caught wind, poof!
  6. Started back in the 20's-30's when Wall Street Banks got caught doing all sorts of "challenging" stuff with Gold $ bonds... Merchant Banks, the largest in America, some still exist. Dulles Bros sound familiar? Some of those Wall Street folks went under the wing of USGov't (OSS, later the CIA) these very bankers knew more about the financial dealings of every country around the globe, they had too, individual countries applied to Wall Street for loans (country specific gold dollar bond issues...hell, the NY exec's were our first international spies...America wrote the text book for this stuff... the gold bond debacle did create the SEC, which Joe Kennedy first headed up. Lot's and lots of money to be made by loaning (Wall St. gold bond banks) and USG awarding friends ridiculous amounts of money all at taxpayer expense. It's called foreign aid now... non-legalese: bribery. Which is a great, strategic idea if you're a US citizen, but not such a great idea if you're a US citizen *bondholder* Wall St. in bed with USG selling wares to unsuspecting American stock/bond holders... I wonder if Princeton and Yale have classes in this? Most of those Gold $ bonds in the 20-30's went into default, billions upon billions of gold dollars. And....the US taxpayer picked up the tab. Some of those very bonds helped finance Hitler's war machine... Hello Europa, hello WW2! And we sold millions upon millions to Japan, China and the Ruskies (the bonds faces belong in museums, absolutely great works off art... And ALL defaulted... For the financially caring, a defaulted bond commission was established for the ripped off American investor (meaning those who guaranteed these financial instruments) the commission died a painfuly, slow death... A 20 year $1000 gold bond (expl's: German 1928 Dawes Bond/1930 Young Plan Bond) Allegedly guaranteed no less, value 1935: $5.00-$15.00 total on a *good* day, most days: $0.00 (on most bonds bi-annual bond redeemable coupons were $25 per coupon twice a year for 20 years. The banks who sold these bonds lost not one, red cent. And some banks had branch offices around the country who were forced to sell these bonds to the US depositor's . The bank branches enjoyed on hell of a discount..... and the guys sitting at the top came fully equipped in the black arts... Frankly, it's a great story if you can plumb the depths... was there enough gold in Fort Knox to cover the damn things? Great question, it wasn't long thereafter the gold standard went bye-bye. It's been game on ever since... No sweat, the little guy will take it in the shorts, shorts with the deepest pockets known to a banker. The unending stream of prefabricated *fool's* gold... Didn't Kennedy fire one of those bankers. And threaten to bring back the gold standard? The entire story is in the record, ya just got to put the pieces together...
  7. about as high as Donald the Orange ever got, yes? Of course it will go lower, the military-industrial complex has yet to rewind their collective spring. They will, soon. Till then the media still carries the Donny TORCH. Today, one of my regular USnews sources landing page, has 14 stories on it, 8 were regarding Donald the Orange with picture, 3 regarding Biden (2 with picture), 1 story regarding Pelosi with Gym Jordan picture (he may be playing hardball soon), and most Taliban related...and heavy emphasis on Dem guilt, as if Trump (and that great military mind of our who knows beloved ex-Sect'y of State) didn't negotiate the fall of Kabul... So who is next? Wonder if the Pakistanii's are getting nervous. Donald owns MSM. I hope the old fart isn't wandering dementia halls. If so, why is the media throwing him to the political wolves? Simple, because it can! Why has the media become THE story? Great this 24 hour news cycle!
  8. JFK look at this? Sounds like an Oliver Stone project...
  9. I was in Saigon on 11/22/63, I finally called for full disclosure in '92! Where's my credit? And, they FAUX don't "report", they comment on other's theorizing, commentary and reporting... so enjoy their "reporting," as far as saluting FAUX: nah! Have a good one!
  10. I suspect FAUX has some guilt re: 500,000 (at least) USofA Covid deaths, and how they've shaped their coverage of same. They're looking for any low hanging fruit to get behind. They'll never cover for the sins of Tuck Carlson, etal., but they sure know distraction to the nth degree. Full disclosure is a pipe dream, just like we found out about subpoena's and executive priledge for Executive Branch Denziens... FAUX is BS, always will be... Haven't liked Red's and Fascist's since 1962 and here we are surrounded by them...
  11. CIA budget cut? Does anyone know their total yearly budget, for any year?
  12. 2 would be normal, 3 well, they'll be one on Oliver covering every breath he takes. they'll be looking for more than streaming. Stone is not your average JFK researcher doing something for the upcoming Dallas charade... He sells, and now, so do you... I suspect they have additional plans....
  13. might try this link (?) re parismatch article: https://milmina.com/kennedy-assassination-the-mystery-relaunched/
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