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  1. well, he's passed now, here's the obit: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/southofboston-enterprise/obituary.aspx?n=stephen-j-roy&pid=180013738&fhid=15237 ya might want to do a search or two under the name of David Blackburst, it was an alias Roy used for years, especially when he posted to John McAdams's alt.assassination.jfk USENET board (a board still active, btw). A search there may prove fruitful. Some of the AAJ academic old-timers will certainly remember Blackburst...
  2. "NATO's essential and enduring purpose is to safeguard the freedom and security of all its members by political and military means. Collective defence is at the heart of the Alliance and creates a spirit of solidarity and cohesion among its members." Wanna pay for it, or not? These "objective-subjective" arguments/excuses are BS. Ya don't want to, perhaps *isolation* is the game of your hour.
  3. and if McConnell is put to pasture after the Atlanta runoff, the GOP goes the way the Whig party went in the 1850's, KAPUT, FINI, TOAST, DONE... Nope, the Dem's will lose the Senate debacle, McConnell will remain in his perch (after all, whose going to defend his wife and her probable communist Chinese ties?), the media ORACLE'S have spoken-decreed (they, the Fortune 500 and the Tech's cleaned up this cycle). And besides, with 120+. House members who probably committed sedition, the house will have its non-legislative work cut out for it... put 120+ GOP House members in prison or o
  4. of course he doesn't believe what he writes. His job is to simply write, the Ed From is his assignment, right Roberto?
  5. a PR disaster awaits your GOP repair. The Oval Office *Loser* is a pathological xxxx 20,000+ at last count. It's very simple to dismiss any, ANY allegation the Tub of Lard makes. In fact, is displays wisdom to in fact, do just that... pssst, long about 1995 .John mcmadman rejected my membership at AAJ. Some silly reason or other, might of had to do with a comment attributed to me about the Jesuits being back to their political mischief again. I've been ruining their Wheaties ever since...
  6. well, it's nice to know there's a conspiracy theory for every little thing that ails us. Submit what and to whom? Remember we're the generation that understood the conservatives thought JFK was a commie sympathizer and we the USofA were going to become an appeasement juggernaught. So they murdered JFK in broad daylight to die in the arms of his wife and the entire world to watch. Are you saying or implying here that that Tub of Lard in the Oval Office is/was going to expose Big Pharma? Perhaps it's you that is a little short of political-psychological conditioning to actually grasp t
  7. of course it doesn't matter, Sherlock... why? 250,000 lives is why. Every time Donaldo the Tubby opens his yap he's threatening. It's the absolute best the GOP has. Is it any wonder why many now think the GOP time is up, Ya shook the dice, ya lost, man up, Wheeler.
  8. Be interesting to ask Mr. Wagenvoord who LIFE contracted to make 8mm dupes of the in-camera original Z-film (once it arrived in Chicago) and who did the 16/35mm b&w-color blowups of same. From what I heard moons ago, there were dupes of the 8mm Z-film just laying around in New Orleans during the Garrison trial. A few ended up with "private" collector's? Rumor also has it, that the Garrison trial was the last time the in-camera original Z-film was laced up in a projector and projected.
  9. reviewing some of the footage of the 17yr old, it's not a stretch that the kid thought there's some here that are gonna shoot back, maybe? -- or, in this case swing a skateboard at least--and he'd best get the hell out of there before a real *medic* in body armor remove him in pieces. I, don't think the kid expected resistance of any type. After all, he had an (non auto AR15?) assault weapon. If, he had a plan to protect civilian property, it went to **** when the trigger, was pulled. Ending up on his ass, in the middle of a well lit street didn't help his cause either, nor his pursuers
  10. a question and comment: do you think they see what they want to see? What is a one-dimensional signal?
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