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  1. Hi Paul. yes… th full write up is on k&k in one of the Mexico chapters… the couple decided/reported on were the Brill’s but their entry papers had the name transposed, if I remember correctly, so I remember a search for the “Allen’s” Then again, they were looking at just getting him there by any means possible.. the “card” is provided by OCHOA.
  2. Bravo buddy…. Ur work remains personally inspiring. and just for pure speculation… the film to Rowley that disappears into history… 0184? very few other explanations given that Max Phillips memo sent with the “third print”. … oh, and automatic counters punching numbers into films don’t just skip one. 0184 had to exist. The Rowley film Friday night is the only film where a number is not offered. IMO, this is what then goes to Hawkeyeworks and then onto Dino Sat eve. Only Speculation, a hypothesis if u will…. Gotta start somewhere with the evidence available … Again.. Thx. DJ
  3. Of course my friend…. And don’t forget Holmes… you just keep rocking it. Question remains, how impossible is impossible in 1963? When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
  4. Spouting off yet again. Is that all u do here Jon… try and bandwagon with others to nsult other researchers and posters? Do you ever offer anything from your POV or too ashamed you have no original analysis or hypotheses that can increase understanding? (yawn)
  5. Uh, how about the extant film is spliced in 6 places and has more total film than a single side should have. Here is Chris’ 2’7” of Black Film. Yknow, maybe do a little homework before u pull guns blazing. Nothing worse than someone who only knows enough to ask repetitive and previously answered questions…. Try preparing for this forum bud… we’re not amateurs here…
  6. So Jon…. How many films do you count? Zap had 2 films, not 1… Original and best copy… that’s 2. 2 to Sorrels… and another, the third print, fowarded to Rowley. 0183, 0185 let’s say to zap…. 0186, 0187 to Sorrells. Which film # went to Rowley and where did THAT print copy go after that as far as I can see, that film’s journey ends at Rowleys desk. whatchya got big guy?
  7. Would u be so kind as to provide the proof Sitzman did not film anything? Do you have any image of her on the pedestal clear enough to see her face? I don’t. ”debunked anomalies”? Jon, throwing out big words to impress no one nay adds to your limited knowledge of the events. Rather than shooting the messenger, offer proofs for the anomalies from some other source. Have you ever seen the Robert West diagrams? You been here like 15 mins and already ur opinion debunks scientific fact? I think Trump has a cabinet position for u
  8. Do you see it being Crawford led out the back of the theater to waiting DPD cops and a running pickup truck as seen by the store owner… name escapes me. and that would suggest those at the back of the theater… Baggett, Westbrook, Hawkins, etc MUST be aware of this charade to frame Ozzie and remove Crawford from the scene…. Excellent write up.. deep and meaningful. How do you see Vaganov involved? he only lived down the road from all this action and was loaded with the same weapon types that did the killings… Magen was also mistaken for Oswald by ATF ELLSWORTH. Personally I see a strong chance that Vaganov was Tippit’s contract killer. And btw, NAGY was also in town at this time… fwiw.
  9. As we discussed many moons ago…. It all hinges on the frame numbers assigned by Shaneyfelt becoming the 2nd legend and the arbitrary assigning of frame numbers starting with 133, which if I understand you was actually frame 207 in the contiguous film. moving 208 back to where it was actually filmed at extent 133 at 48fps effectively removed the wide turn and that virtual stop with 207 renumbered to 133 and in pops the limo. At this point, z133, the counter at 18.3 FPS on Zap should be 2’7” from the start of the film and represents frame 208… or am I mucking this all up… lol
  10. Sorry to bother Chris…. Wouldn’t a camera back by the fence need a difference focal length to match the image size of the closer Zap camera at a higher zoom… OMG… Does that account for the zoom in after the 207 splice? The switch to the other film taken at 48 fps as well?
  11. “Thru temporal lobe, cutting brain stem (sounds familiar) severing cerebral peduncles (in pink)exiting brain at at “calcarino gyrum” to the left of midline John, discovered and posted a while back, in agreement. The face sheet changes the Tippit course possibly NOT to look so much like JFK’s head shot. Read Humes’ description of the wound in his testimony, WCR. If u look carefully u can see numbers on the colored brain… 1, 3, 4 are the locations of the wounds as described by Humes. I don’t see how the bullet can enter by the temple coursing downward to hit those internal brain parts and then exit the TOP of his head… the entry is really on the line between Middle and Anterior fosse just under the right eyebrow. And whose coat is covering Tippit when the ambulance driver arrives? 1. Why make it up, 2. No one else sees this. Was this large white man Croy claiming to have been there first? Sorry that I don’t have that person’s name on the top of my head…
  12. Here are a couple other witnesses including the ambulance driver who adds detail. If he was lying on his face how did he get that last shot to the temple?
  13. Which does not include the frames before 133.. the turn… about 85 more frames… If I remember correctly. The color motorcycle is placed in front of the Pos A B&W stand-in car in the bottom image. And the angle of departure from the curb of the still images of Pos A seems to require that leftward adjustment Truly describes of them almost hitting the curb. This was my best guess at the actual turn…. Love ur work Chris… great ongoing job with this… DJ
  14. The 4 lots: 6000-6003 with a 5th very small lot represented the order from the USMC (CIA) for ammo which did not fit any USMC weapons. Total order was 4 million rounds w/20 cartridges to a box. Below that is where D-79 mentions 2 Empty boxes of "6.5 Italian Ammunition". I think this is to prove he was practicing... but then one wonders where the picked up shells are, as the Oswald at Sports Drome never left his shells. FWIW DJ
  15. My pleasure, will be reading your new book on my plane trip coming up... can't hardly wait. Here's that memo from Hoover to Rankin on Masen's hollow-point... interesting how they have to explain around the C399 intact versus the headshot bullet which acts much like a hollow-point bullet.... so like the pistol, the rifle now is supposed to have had 2 types of rounds loaded? Kinda doubt they'd mention that.
  16. In addition, how come zero 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle ammunition was ever found by the FBI? John Armstrong writes: "the ammunition clip had been loaded with only four cartridges instead of six .... but why load only 4 bullets into a rifle if you are going to kill the President? No other 6.5 mm cartridges were found in the Book Depository, nor on Oswald's person, nor among his possessions, nor at his rooming house, nor in Ruth Paine's garage, nor anywhere. Neither the Dallas Police nor FBI ever located an ammunition box or a receipt for the purchase of 6.5 mm ammunition." This shows that some aspects of this plot were not well thought out. Had this been well thought out, that clip would have had two bullets still in it. Had this been well thought out, a box of ammo would have been recovered from Ruth Paine's garage. This entire thing was a sloppy mess, starting with the murder weapon. Going back to the original post's question.... which I highlighted above... the answer remains "No One does. That rifle and those bullet/hulls were props... Evidence used to incriminate Oswald and only Oswald. There were 3 shells on the floor and one in the rifle as there would be 3 shots and only 3 shots hitting JFK, then JC, then JFK again as the FBI virtually immediately concluded... Then along came Tague. The photo of DAY taking the rifle from the building shows it's not the same rifle in WCR evidence.. An literally nothing else supports the official story of his "weapons". The WCR on the right with the rifle DAY takes on the left... those "CAL.XXXX" letters should be easily seen on the image at left. the photo on the right is the only one in all of existence which shows the caliber Comparing to a 7.35mm FC - an almost identical rifle - That CAL mark does not appear to be "6.5".. FWIW As Ruth repeatedly insisted, there was no rifle loaded into her car or unloaded with Marina in Irving... she says 11 times NO RIFLE WAS SEEN or even hinted at. Michael Paine draws it up as a shovel. If you accept he has a rifle when Marina and Ruth leave, there is nothing to suggest he was able to transport this rifle from Magazine St in two fairly small suitcases on a bus to and from Mexico? I've already proven that to be wrong... So did he take it on his trip winding up at the Dallas YMCA on Oct 3rd? No. So before you keep associating that rifle with Oswald or why he would do this or that, I think it important to accept and understand that rifle and those bullets had nothing at all to do with the killing of JFK beyond acting as incriminating props. Thru my research it appears that Century International Arms (CIA) in Montreal had the June 1962 shipment of FC rifles, one with seriel # 2766... in fact 6 or 7 rifles had the same numbers in the 700 rifle Century shipment as where in the 100 rifle Klein's shipment of Feb 63. The FBI had concluded the night of the 22nd and 23rd that the records did NOT show a C2766 rifle shipped to Klein's but a N2766 in June 1962 and C2746 in March 63... https://www.kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-evidence-is-the-conspiracy-the-carbine-on-the-6th-floor is in much greater detail as to the steps the FBI took to insure C2766 was associated with Klein's regardless of the fact the evidence strongly suggested otherwise. There was no cartridge found on the 6th floor as the loading of the final bullet releases the clip... if a clip was even used when the hulls were fired from this rifle as evidence... No clip and no paper bag in the SE corner of the TSBD... yet both turn up between the sixth floor and the ground floor Nothing connects the clip to the rifle except this note from DAY. And no, there is no clip in the rifle, nor was there one jammed into the rifle after the fact... much like Westbrook and the dual pistols, 4 shells in a clip of a rifle that was supposedly disassembled at some point and reassembled that day. No clip was ever purchased when the only place to get 6.5mm Carcano supplies was at Thomas Masen's gun shop... hmmmmm... Boxes of Ammo were found: FBI D-79, and they also found the 4 lots of 6.5mm ammo... the CIA ordered the 4 production runs (Lots 6000-6004) yet as the memo (12/2/63 JEVONS to CONRAD) states, they do not fit any USMC weapons... FBI speculates it was a CIA order under cover of USMC. These are the WESTERN shells. There remains so many red herrings in every area of the case... the rifle and everything related is just such a red herring. At least those are the conclusions to which my research has led me... Take care DJ
  17. Hi Eddy, Look at the image of the wide turning black car in my mock-up above. As well as the other images which combines 133 and the B&W image of a car in Position A. How does the limo pass thru both of these points virtually simultaneously... one being quite a bit north/east while the follow up SS car in 133 remains tight to the bumper. So yes, Truly is talking about the curb facing ELM on the little Elm extension... that he had to slow to avoid not hitting this curb (which I point out in red on the bottom image) and pull sharply back to the left to get back into position... If the limo passes thru Pos. A, it has to have gotten there somehow... the Position C is the key as it is an approximation of where the turn onto Elm from Houston began... It was only approximated. Hope that helps DJ
  18. Yes Dan it has... Roy Truly's testimony calls it out Mr. TRULY. That is right.And the President's car following close behind came along at an average speed of 10 or 15 miles an hour. It wasn't that much, because they were getting ready to turn. And the driver of the Presidential car swung out too far to the right, and he came almost within an inch of running into this little abutment here, between Elm and the Parkway. And he slowed down perceptibly and pulled back to the left to get over into the middle lane of the parkway. Not being familiar with the street, he came too far out this way when he made his turn.Mr. BELIN. He came too far to the north before he made his curve, and as he curved--as he made his left turn from Houston onto the street leading to the expressway, he almost hit this north curb?Mr. TRULY. That is right. Just before he got to it, he had to almost stop, to pull over to the left.If he had maintained his speed, he would probably have hit this little section here. In the reenactment they put the "limo stand-in" on Postion A claiming that while not on the Zfilm, the limo did pass thru this spot at this time.... What I found additionally strange about images of that turn is the TOWNER film and how as the limo moves away and gets small, the images (especially the column) in the background gets larger If you have a quicktime version you can move back and forth and see the effect. Somehow the limo growns and slides to the left.. pretty amazing really. Here are 2 of the films showing the limo turn and subsequent turn of another car seemingly headed straight to the curb. This is also the infamous area where BAKER was supposed to have parked his bike and run toward the TSBD. Little if any other evidence I could find mentions this turn.. but Position A doesn't lie.
  19. I don't see how we can know that - if that in reality ever happened. the "extra" typing at the bottom reiterating how OSWALD was a communist, etc... was supposedly DURAN. Personally I do not see how those documents can be authentic... One of the things I've discussed in the past is the job AZCUE had. Turning Americans against America and getting them to "double" for Cuba was AZCUE's main purpose there. We have AMMUG-1 to thank for what OP should be when a disgruntled American enters the Cuban Embassy. The very LAST THING Azcue would have done was chase him away. As AZCUE was targeted for doubling (as were so many within the Cuban Compound) OSWALD if he was there should have been a prime target for a doubling attempt at least... not an argument and expulsion. So few if any activities align with OSWALD being our OSWALD, if in fact a real person was down there at all. I will also reintroduce the efforts the FBI made in Nov 63 trying to find any trace of OSWALD having been in Mexico... At that point, still weeks before the assassination, the FBI asset at Gobernacion also DID NOT HAVE ANY INFO ON OSWALD having been to Mexico. Kinda hard to believe the Mexican Dept of Interior - Gobernacion - goes from having no records to having all of them. Rafael OCHOA.
  20. Thanks Ron.... Well according to DURAN they are sent once a week on Friday's yet the first Cuban stamped date we see is October 10th 1963. See specifically claims not to remember when her OSWALD's application was sent. The Warren Commission, from what I can tell never did get a copy of that application with requests from the highest levels to Cuba asking for documents specific to OSWALD's in-transit visa application. (179-40003-10312 is a scan from Malcom's NARA collection of a draft where Earl Warren is requesting Rusk to try State Dept channels to get these docs from Cuba. The versions were finally do get to see during the HSCA are supposedly carbons of each other but they are terribly misaligned as well as the 2 signatures not matching. Full circle - if a shabbily dressed man is directed to a forgotten photographer by DURAN (she can't remember where she sent him) and there was no evidence to be found of a photographic shop that MAY have been available (WCD1170)... the photos of a neatly dressed man in white shirt, tie and pullover cannot possibly be the same person. It was for this main reason - I believe - DURAN was never shown the application (104-10005-10248 from Sept 10 1964) Whether this means they did not yet have the application, or they did and knew it would not be the same person DURAN or AZCUE saw, it was shelved until the HSCA. As my main focus has always been the period before and after the events in Mexico City, we can use many of these supposed events to unravel the conspiracy. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1142#relPageId=213 is CE2788 described as CE 2788 - Photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald taken after his return from Russia in late September 1963 (FBI item 451-4) Two more versions of this same photo are found in Oswald's possessions after begin returned from the FBI on Nov 26th.
  21. Seems to have been staring us in the face.... If Duran's description supported by AZCUE is correct... these photos further betray it NOT being our Oswald in Mexico City....
  22. Hi Chris.... The only "Margaret" versus "Marguerite" is Keating whose family was meshed with the Oswald's... The thought for some time was that maybe Keating becomes Marguerite yet I don't think that had any legs... When Married to Ekdahl and then divorced, she supposedly requested to restore OSWALD back.... yet the records over those next few years are a jumble going from Ekdahl to Oswald on a variety of different land documents. I believe Ekdahl and EBASCO/GE was very involved in the fight for control of Electricity in growing Dallas-Ft Worth... Ekdahl was in NY when Marge and little Harvey were there... FWIW That our CDR is in the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans is too much of a coincidence (Nice find!) Pull one thread and 9 take it's place... I need to read thru the thread as it's been a while... Take care DJ
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