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  1. I realize HEMMING isn't the perfect source... but some interesting info in here including BUCHANAN... From one of Armstrong's notebooks.... the thing about BRADLEY/BRADEN being TED SLACK... DJ
  2. Hey Steve... Obviously when we here of Oswald being in two places at once my ears perk up.... I went back to my timeline and found a statement from McKowen (the guy who claims Oswald tried to buy rifles from him in early September 1963) who talks about finding LEE HARVEY OSWALD at an address we've never seen.... If this is Lee and he is living elsewhere, there's every reason to think he would travel in the same circles as we thought Harvey did... The other time you mention - Oct 1962 - also had one strange entry in my timeline which puts an Oswald near Florida in November '62 FBI Agent FAIN who watched Oswald in TX retires October 29th. Had you considered that Buchanan was lying about Oswald being there or being the American.... Didn't the FPCC have its own members in Miami? FWIW... DJ Lynn Davis Curry lived in Augusta, Georgia and drove a cab for the Dixie Cab Company in the early 1960's. During the month of November 1962 Curry picked up a white male at the intersection of 8th Street and Broad who was about twenty five years old and wearing a black jacket. The young man introduced himself as "Lee Oswald" and then began to talk about himself. Oswald told Curry that he served in the Marine Corps, traveled to Russia, married a Russian girl, supported Fidel Castro , and was traveling to New Orleans. Curry let the man off at the corner of 5th and Watkins Street where his car was parked. Before leaving the cab the young man insisted that Curry write down his name, "Lee Oswald," and said that Curry would be hearing his name again in the future. Curry wrote the name "Lee Oswald" on his daily trip sheet and remembered his name on November 22, 1963. NOTE: In late March 1963, while Lee Harvey Oswald was living in an apartment at 1106 Diceman Avenue, Harvey Oswald and Marina were living several miles away at 214 W. Neely. " I found I was very close to Diceman Street. I thought I might drop by and see if Lee Oswald was related to my friend and also see if she was an applicant for a performing strip-tease artist. I found the address which was a typical newly constructed apartment, having entrances along one side with a balcony walk for the second floor. The mail box directory was close to the street and when I found the Oswald box I discovered the name 'Harvey' was included-so, I had misinterpreted the name on the letter as being female-I left immediately and did not attempt to make a call." 12 (McGowen)
  3. I had that image annotated... I did not add anything. I did do a close-up analysis of the Oswald behind Sturgis and the resemblance is surely there... the next few frames has this person walk across screen to our right... not sure if all the names are correctly attached to the right person... it appears so... btw, Doyle, Gedney and Abrams were the names of the actually arrested 3 tramps, they are not the ones in the DP photos... they’re the ones in jail all weekend... DPD WISE tells the whole story... fwiw
  4. Does this somehow explain the visual phenomenon we see just as they complete the turn in Towner? The 108%? Somehow the background objects grow by 8%(?) while the foreground objects receded as they're should. Yet it appears the spectators remain the same size... Extremely well done Chris... tying it all together like that is brilliant. I had never seen where Myers said Zapruder was filmed at 48fps and cut down to 22.89. (50%, 5.375%, then 20% to get to 18.3) What's the added .09 to 22.8 do?
  5. One of the most important pieces of evidence offered related to REILLY is her Copy B of her W-2 from 1963. Literally a form never used by Federal or State Tax offices. The Federal form was changed in 1963 by swapping the boxes above the name and address There are no forms where the Name and address are ABOVE the amounts earned and with held. Above her 1963 REILLY Copy B is the appropriate Copy C from 1963, as well as her state W-2 from LA for 1963. If you can't even get the simple fake evidence right.....
  6. Ditto.... http://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/poking-more-holes-in-judyth-baker in fact, Jim D and I explain as much as necessary... he helped a great deal with this article... Be well Vince... all... DJ
  7. Then there’s Tosh’s account and drawing... I cobbled together a panorama of the west end of DP below Mark... the Parkland group did discuss this with each other... plus we have photos of that wound... I mean if we believe the Boswell Drawing compared to McC... all the skull was gone.... Between Parkland And Bethesda, any evidence of “original” wounds were gone, IMO...
  8. Understood Chris... where else is there a gap that large and conflict so deep but that corner... in which to hide most any and all evils... ”where the limo would have turned” Great work... enjoying every second..
  9. I think this also proves the wide limo turn, if the turn only starts at Station C
  10. Just to be clear... The limo stop/pause is removed as are 50% then 25% of a 48fps shot film to get us to 18fps with a mathematical adjustment to 18.3 fps to make moving about the 1:18.3 rise:run of Elm. The complete removal of all this "time" is incorporated into the edit at 132/133 and by the specific movement of Station C to the desired location.... here is a quick map to scale... and to understand this: How can the hypotenuse of the 2 25' sides (2+00 to 2+25 to 2+50) be 50 feet?
  11. Dr. PERRY: This was situated in the lower anterior one-third of the neck, approximately 5 mm. in diameter. (3H372) Dr. CARRICO: This was probably a 4-7 mm. wound, almost in the midline, maybe a little to the right of the midline, and below the thyroid cartilage. (6H3) DR. CARRICO: There was a small wound, 5- to 8-mm. in size, located in the lower third of the neck, below the thyroid cartilage, the Adams apple. (3H361) Dr. PERRY: I determined only the fact that there was a wound there, roughly 5 mm. in size or so. (6H9) Dr. JONES: The wound in the throat was probably no larger than a quarter of an inch in diameter. . . . [I]t was a very small, smooth wound. (6H54) Nurse HENCHLIFFE: It was just a little hole in the middle of his neck. . . . About as big around as the end of my little finger. (6H141) Ian... I was sure some of the Drs and Nurses mentioned this hole. In fact I know I recently got a report explaining that the hole was actually more over to the anatomical right than center.... Can't seem to put my hands on it this second... So I guess I'm not DIS proving but providing more compelling evidence that it may very well have come from the south knoll... I think McClellen's drawing and the above testimonies put an exit wound to rest... What I did do when I investigated this was to find that CE394 WAS the tie yet it changed to the shirt https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1134#relPageId=52&tab=page but the original CE394 showed the tie cut in two with a focus on the only "hole" on the entire length of the tie... https://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/jfkinfo/jfk7/ce395.htm this actually shows CE394 as the tie, not shirt along with a close-up in color of the only hole in the tie.... As Ian said, a bullet would need to penetrate the knot which would leave holes in multiple places on the tie - OR just graze it as it appears, on the anatomical left side of JFK... giving even more credibility to the South knoll shot.... grazing the left side of the tie and entering the shirt behind the tie and lodged in the right side.... can't imagine this is the "FBI bullet behind the ear" mentioned in the Tolson/Belmont memo... but it might be. (that is if it wasn't an ice flechette ala CV) Then we look at the button/hole vs the tear: and they appear to line up.... so from the SOUTH KNOLL a shot grazes the left side of his tie and enters BEHIND the tie... I don't think we can tell from the bare thread whether it extends out or in... McAdams provides the Parkland references to the wound.... and then I just came across this:
  12. In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  13. This is supposedly the same guy who picks up all the Carcano shells from the Shooting range each and every time... what puzzles me are the different makes of bullets... I mean if this is a setup then why confuse the issue? 1 box of ammo does the job... as opposed to a dozen loose bullets of different make. Any thoughts on that inconsistency?
  14. Hadn't even considered that Richard... great point. {applause} Now that you mention it, McD and the others seem pretty casual after supposedly having a murder suspect with a gun try to shoot one of them... Amazing the things that can be overlooked.... that I can overlook thanks for this Richard... DJ
  15. You might enjoy "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" which is where I got my exposure to that time period..... it's a free pdf online and a quick read... amazing stuff. A theory I've had for a while is that the Military helped to create the CIA to act as a buffer between Military intelligence (ONI and MID - the oldest of US intel agencies) and what the public saw. The CIA did their stonewalling while the Military proceeded with their intel activities virtually untouched... Hoover had the SIS doing the Eastern Hemisphere and was pitching to take over all foreign intel work... but FDR said no and the Truman went his own way - with guidance of course... Look at the first 4 Directors.... Navy, AF, Navy, Army..... then Allen Dulles. So maybe I see it more as an added layer of insulation for Military Intelligence... Interesting about Hamilton, didn't know that about him. And I don't know if you'd call it a coup from the inside but didn't Lincoln have the Treasury print money rather than borrow from the "banks" of the time...?? Yes, here it is.... a kind of a coup in that without that change the North might have had a lot more trouble.... History is great - Truth stranger than fiction Take care Chris DJ During the Civil War (1861-1865), President Lincoln needed money to finance the War from the North. The Bankers were going to charge him 24% to 36% interest. Lincoln was horrified and went away greatly distressed, for he was a man of principle and would not think of plunging his beloved country into a debt that the country would find impossible to pay back. Eventually President Lincoln was advised to get Congress to pass a law authorizing the printing of full legal tender Treasury notes to pay for the War effort. Lincoln recognized the great benefits of this issue. At one point he wrote: “... (we) gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they have ever had – their own paper money to pay their own debts...”
  16. I honestly thought I had done that Richard. In posts on this thread and articles posted/linked at K&K. Here is mine again with John's as well. http://harveyandlee.net/Guns/Pistol.html is a short piece by Armstrong, a mentor and friend who has spent countless hours discussing these topics https://kennedysandking.com/images/pdf/JosephsPistol.pdf this is mine and takes things a bit further... Richard, It is not my intention to argue with you... trying to determine if there is something I was not aware of that led you to conclude he had a pistol on him when he entered the theater. DPD statements saying he did are, IMO, not enough. Their credibility is dodgy at best with regards to items that incriminate Oswald - I'd think we agree on that. You see I do know about the pistol... I do know what happened in Westbrook's office and did trace the travels of 2 pistols that day... and I agree with you on most of the points related to the Tippit murder and the staged reloading of the pistol in order to leave evidence... We agree it was not Oswald killing Tippit. So there would be little reason to go against all the evidence showing he never got a pistol, to put one in his hands now as he enters the theater. I am saying that the DPD planted "A" pistol on the man that surfaces during this scuffle which becomes "THE" pistol back at DPD in Westbrook's office. Everybody agrees on the "click" (like Baker claiming he climbed the stairs with Truly... ) so it must have happened. I am also saying that WESTBROOK planted a wallet at the Tippit crime scene to add the name HIDELL to the evidence which connects Oswald to the rifle and pistol orders... I am saying there is no evidence that Oswald had a pistol at any point in time after his return in June 1962. (Note: June 1962 is the month 700 Carcano FC rifles including 2766 arrive at Century Arms / Empire Wholesale and is the month on FELDSOTT's affidavit as to when that rifle was sold to Klein's - the connections are pervasive) On a previous post I discuss the Postcard that never existed, a shipment that never happened and the existence of a pistol that isn't here, there or anywhere to be found prior to 11/22. So that is why I see it highly unlikely that Oswald entered the Texas Theater with any pistol... It has even been postulated that the pistol is given to the DPD in the balcony of the theater (where the DPD was first directed and where a number of reports still place the arrest).. and then becomes part of the main floor scuffle... a pistol that supposedly just fired off 4 rounds killing a man - that now doesn't work. How convenient for the DPD is that? And finally the large number of loose bullets.... he shoots 4 times, reloads with 4-6 shells and still has 5 more shells in his pants pocket at the DPD.... he's walking around with 9 to 11 live shells and a pistol with 4-6 shells... Another thing to find "odd" considering he was searched 2 or 3 times before these bullets were found.... oh and the magic bus transfer but that's another article for another day.... Mr. BELIN. How many did you find?Mr. HILL. There were six in the chambers of the gun No offense intended at all Richard.... I'm sorry it came off that way. I learn new things about old subjects all the time... the main reason I come here... it's just that some things taken for granted, like honest police reports, can't be in this case... the pistol is no different than the paper bag or the rifle or the tramps... all props, at least as I see it. Take care DJ
  17. Richard... sorry if it came across as "snarky" - If the only evidence comes from the DPD - and the pistol could not possibly have come to Oswald via REA... Why do you accept he entered the theater with it on him? ======= I am sincerely asking as I know the provenance of that pistol... it came from SEAPORT who got if from Century International Arms (CIA)/Empire Wholesale both owned at the time by William Sucher of Canada. Sucher had also received in June 1962 a rifle with serial No. "2766". All 700 rifles were listed without a leading letter, and there were 5 more rifles in his shipment that had the same serial "numbers" as Klein's 100 rifle order. Anyway, from what I can tell no one ever got an REA postcard, and there's no record of anyone ever picking up that pistol. and finally, bottom image, the COD charges were never paid to REA who I do believe was in the business to charge for shipping... not ship things free... So once again without the assumptions and attitude - when he walked into the Theater, what proves to you he had a weapon? Fritz saying he says he did? "y'know, like how boys do".... Or maybe look into explaining why every shell casing in evidence looks as if they were recently pulled from a police belt that holds bullets... and the pistol itself is the exact same as used by the DPD.... The conspiracy to implicate Oswald extends to every item of evidence, if it didn't implicate, it wasn't important. and then there's that nasty BALCONY business.... I'm simply looking for the sources that lead you to your conclusion.... when the preponderance of Authentic evidence shows Oswald and that pistol never came in contact.... DJ ps... we have no records from REA showing a deposit, no postcard like those shown below, and nothing to document the journey it needs to take to wind up - supposedly - at 1026 Beckley... Mr. JENNER - You didn't see any kind of weapon? Mrs. PAINE - No. Mr. JENNER - Firearm, rifle, pistol, or otherwise? Mrs. PAINE - No; I saw nothing of that nature. Mr. JENNER - Did you drive them to your home? Mrs. PAINE - Yes. Mr. JENNER - Were the materials and things in your station wagon unpacked and placed in your home? Mrs. PAINE - Yes; immediately. Mr. JENNER - Did you see that being done, were you present? Mrs. PAINE - I helped do it; yes. Mr. JENNER - Did you see any weapon on that occasion? Mrs. PAINE - No. Mr. JENNER - Whether a rifle, pistol or-- Mrs. PAINE - No. Mr. JENNER - Or any covering, any package, that looked as though it might have a weapon, pistol, or firearm? Mrs. PAINE - No.
  18. For reference here is that Film Map done by Horne.... Still amazes me how anyone can say a film with 6 splices and too many feet is not "altered"
  19. Going thru FONZI's HSCA notes and even he is starting to seriously wonder: I believe the person being referred to as stating the Cubans did not think it was our Oswald visiting in Mexico... is LITAMIL-9... bottom image. He also can't understand how the FBI could have heard tapes of Oswald when the CIA insists the tapes were destroyed... the photo is Mystery Man... So of course Hoover says there's a 2nd man down there... even though his agents spent all of November looking for any trace of Oswald being in Mexico... no luck. DJ
  20. I wouldn't go that far... I think the white cap is McDonald yet there were plenty of other DPD on the scene... I thought I had read an account or two which said the pistol attributed to Oswald appears from somewhere else... I'll go check the reports... I'd suggest reading the Arrest reports of the men listed in this photo... DJ
  21. Welcome to the forum John.... seems you've been here enough to chime in... hope you're enjoying your stay here.... What gets me about the whole jam thing.... far right image and others showed nothing protruding from the bottom and as you can see, the bolt is opened already The other 2 images show that protrusion... Below that is an overlay I just did showing the diagram of the clip system and a better image of the clip area of the rifle... Sure looks like it's in the right place.... but when does it go from not being there - as in this image to being there?
  22. And I am, without sarcasm stating there is no definitive way to show he had a pistol on him when entering that theater. The subsequent finding of a holster supposedly hanging on a doorknob is absurd, and as many have shown, our Oswald didn't actually live at Beckley (some great thread here on that) The only reports placing a gun in his possession are those of the DPD, of course. Yet the pistol in evidence as well as the shells and extra ammo are all standard issue for police forces... this was no ordinary pistol with ordinary ammo.... What we do know is at some point Carroll gives a pistol to Hill... all of the identification markings for that pistol are engraved AFTER they all meet in WESTBROOK's office.... At the linked article in a previous post I trace the two different paths of the "pistol".... After all I've read and seen with DPD/FBI reports that are simply lies, there is no reason they would not report "Oswald with a pistol trying to kill a cop".... If you could help me understand what non-DPD evidence suggests to you he had a pistol of that type EVER in his possession, I sure would appreciate it. (I mean you got Bentley claiming he sees Oswald pull the pistol just as he entered the theater and 3-6 men are fighting with Oswald - Bentley had been in the BALCONY where most every DPD report places the location of the suspect - "as they were told" "we heard he was in the balcony".... etc. We've all seen STRINGFELLOW's report about the suspect being captured in the Balcony..... along with the boy taken out the back.... So, no... I do not believe the reports he had a pistol on him at any time.
  23. IDK... we might consider what Colonel House did to Woodrow Wilson via the Wall Street/Banking Syndicate of the Rothschilds to get the Rederal Reserve Act of 1913 passed giving a private entity the forever contract to regulate our money supply and charge us trillions in the process... Kinda depends on how you define coup d'etat.... while so many include "violent overthrow" the "change in government" I believe is the essence of a coup... the change in where the power resides... With the Fed Res Act of 1917.... The US becomes part of the world-wide Rothschilds banking empire.... one of the last few hold outs as our history had warned us over and over to stay away from Central Banks... (side note: Aaron Burr kills Hamilton over whose banking interests would prevail and become the first attempt at a national bank.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Company “This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President (Woodrow Wilson) signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized....the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.” ― Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., And before that, VP Johnson and Sec of State Seward among others were in on the killing of Lincoln conspiracy.... Before that, I wouldn't doubt it...
  24. Great image... can you please post 1-2 frames before and after?
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