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  1. For the LNers... "Oswald did it" pack up, go home For the Conspiracy Realists, "you need to read 10 million pages to learn how he didn't do it and was set up" get to work as the evidence is literally strewn all over the Report, Hearings, Exhibits and WC Documents, of which there are over 1500 files with evidence that never saw the light of day (excuse the pun) Tommy, you've nailed it... which is also the reason "why would he do that" questions from LNers are so useless as we are now discussing the merits of an action that never occurred as opposed to the subject at hand...
  2. Did you know it was ODUM who drove him there with the rifle? Mr. McCLOY. There was never any doubt in your mind what the rifle was from the minute you saw it?Mr. DAY. No, sir; It was stamped right on there, 6.5, and when en route to the office with Mr. Odum, the FBI agent who drove me in, he radioed it in, he radioed in what it was to the FBI over the air. The image on the right with 7.35 above it is the one and ONLY photograph of the caliber of some weapon they claimed was C2766 I have to admit in some versions it resembles a 5... yet we are to remember the William Harvey sourced report from Italy about which the CIA kept quiet. I also have a report from PINKSTON from 11/22 stating exactly what Jim said... he had lifted a latent print, location unidentified, and was told to get back to the TSBD (he had to rearrange boxes to take photos and such) leaving the rifle in his office, supposedly in a safe.... Pinkston claims years later (below) it was him who found Crescent and ultimately Kleins.... yet his reports say he spoke with AL YEARGAN of HL GREEN ( not Titche-Goettinger) who said they were the only ones selling Carcanos in Dallas, and they get their stock from Crescent/Adams/Louis Feldsott.... EVERYBODY gets to put their 2 cents in on that rifle... and it had nothing to do with the assassination but to incriminate Oswald... and ultimately make the SS, FBI, and Postal Inspectors look incredibly foolish....
  3. Great stuff Richard... The County Records Building is also in perfect alignment..
  4. I had considered that this was the real reason behind Roger Craig getting the treatment he did.... Nothing else he said would be a problem, at the time, until his getting into a Rambler - co-conspirators - would not be allowed. And for sure, Ruth Paine would not be allowed to suffer as a result of some random blurt out by the accused.... FWIW.... Talk about location no one would be looking toward as the limo drives away on Elm... https://www.google.com/maps/search/court+house+near+Dealey+Plaza,+Dallas,+TX/@32.7797486,-96.8071057,60a,35y,251.39h,69.65t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  5. Mr. JENNER - There is a young fellow in the foreground-everybody else is facing the other way. He is in a pantomime, or grimace. Do you recognize that as Lee Harvey Oswald? Mr. PIC - No, sir; looking at that picture and I have looked at it several times--that looks more like Robert than it does Lee, to my recollection. Mr. JENNER - All right. On Exhibit No. 286, the lower right-hand corner, there is another picture. Do you recognize that as your brother Lee in that picture? Mr. PIC - Yes, sir; that is about how he looked when I seen him in 1962, his profile. Mr. JENNER - Do you recognize the person, the lady to the right who is pointing her finger at him? Mr. PIC - No, sir; I don't. Mr. JENNER - Exhibit No. 287 is two figures, taking them from top to bottom and in the lower right-hand corner, do you recognize those? Mr. PIC - No, sir; I don't. Mr. JENNER - Neither one of them? Mr. PIC - No, sir. The lower one appears to me to look like Robert rather than Lee. The upper one, unless they tell me that, I would never guess that that would be Lee, sir.
  6. Hadn’t looked a it that way... TSBD is also 7 stories... you think the man he sees is in the Easternmost window on the 6th floor Dal Tex? he is talking about the Dal Tex fire escape but that’s on the West side of DalTex... So ur talking 3rd window over, 6th or 7th floor Dal Tex was his original location for a shooter? Due North from Brennan runs right into west side fire escape Of Dal Tex.... that link I posted... Interesting.... That image reminded me.... Harry Weatherford Was on the Court house roof with a Rifle....
  7. The photo is Lee John.... Robert had nothing to do with the March 59 date...that was Gorsky or did you find something referring to that? Maybe Harvey was there in Feb '58... yet that was the time they lived at the Senator Hotel and he worked for Pfisterers.... Robert's in this up to his eyeballs.... or at least he has some amazing inside knowledge.... well at least Sept is closer than Feb Mr. OSWALD. I would say in between the leave in 1958, and his letter received, postmarked in June 1959, I would not have received over two or three letters.Mr. JENNER. His leave in '58 was when, again, please?Mr. OSWALD. I recall this to be in the early fall of the year-perhaps September.
  8. Richard... a bit confused now. South eastern side of DAL-TEX... ? From what do you reach that conclusion? I think when he says "on the east side of the TBS" he is referencing the side of the TSBD facing the DAL TEX fire escape, not that he can see the east side fire escape on the TSBD.... I include a link to a Google Maps page showing the LOS due north from behind Brennan's location... plus he does say TSBD, but that hardly holds any weight at this point. Thanks.... ttps://www.google.com/maps/place/Dealey+Plaza/@32.7779395,-96.8080973,53a,35y,69.38t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x864e9915d508f639:0xcfa47bf25b709fe0!8m2!3d32.7788184!4d-96.8082993?hl=en Mr. BRENNAN. Well, I was more or less observing the crowd and the people in different building windows, including the fire escape across from the Texas Book Store on the east side of the Texas Book Store, and also the Texas Book Store Building windows. I observed quite a few people in different windows. In particular, I saw this one man on the sixth floor which left the window to my knowledge a couple of times.Mr. BELIN. Now, you say the window on the sixth floor. What building are you referring to there?Mr. BRENNAN. That is the Texas Book Store. I was facing in a northerly direction looking across the street from where I was sitting. I take this building across the street to be about 7 stories anyway in the east endof [sic] the building and the second row of windows from the top I saw a man in this window. This is positioned with due North straight up...
  9. So when Lee is treated for STD in Atsugi while Harvey is pulling guard duty in the Philippines.... who's "pre-conceived notion" are you referring to? When a 5'4" 115 lb 8th grade boy is described as barely 4'8" and scrawny a year later.... did the streets teach you that puberty makes boys smaller? Mark - your myopic take on the subject... your iceberg view... is tiresome. Declare victory... do a little dance... pretend you don't see.... or just stay blind to anything you can't grasp... If this and the Brennan threads are you at your best.... As to your compliment... that's very gracious of you. I'd prefer we drop this little Tet-a-Tet and move forward on subjects where we have some common ground.... John Butler and Jim will keep sparring with you I think... but i for one am done. Any other topics pique your interest?
  10. Jim's initial post deals with where he SAYS he was and where he really was.... not that he was in different places according to different people here... He moved himself over a few feet... didn't matter anyway, if you looked at that graphic with his testimony, the rifle and his line-up result he might as well been at 10th and Patton at the time... More importantly and the rest of the thread is why did he say what he did and whether it was fed to him like so many other witness statement details. There was NEVER a question as to where he was... you can read Weisberg and still, he's right there. Maybe this is just a matter of you trying to jump in before you've had a chance to recognize the direction of the discussion.... So... why do you think the WC moved him and he allowed to be moved so far from his photographed position?
  11. Lee Oswald visited his brother Robert in November 1958 after returning from Japan but before going to California. Just above the 1Jul58 accrued Correction... 19Nov58 - 18Dec58 Hunting during Thanksgiving... possibly wearing the medium sized whitish-grey jacket left to incriminate Harvey
  12. Mark, what does that actually mean? He was right there... he's right there in Dorman (colorized), in Bell, in Zapruder... the different angles and focal lengths and lens sizes will distort depth of field every time... the link is to a large version of the Bell frame you posted (or you could have just read an earlier post on this page) and corroborates the Dorman frame. you write as if he could have been somewhere else... you also wrote: I've spent some considerable time trying to determine where Brennan was and what his line of sight was. I forget if you mentioned whether you've sat in that spot... I have. Sadly the Eastern fire escape is gone... your collage... 3rd row image on the right seems to be fairly close to that spot.... Is there something you are adding to the equation that suggests where he is in this frame was not where he was?
  13. Hey there Tommy... I think you have to give Day a break.... the FBI, Fritz and Decker thru Fritz applied a lot of pressure to make sure things went a certain way. It was the FBI who FUBAR'd the evidence while the Secret Service had their had in a few items themselves.... All this happening while DAY is trying to do his job... Also remember that Studebaker was on the job 2 months with no experience at all (testimony bottom of post), and Roscoe White was transferred to DPD in mid October, just after Oswald starts work. Roscoe was supposedly very competent around photographic equipment, developing and photographic manipulation. I feel that DAY was the Victim of Circumstance... and just did his best. He knew the FBI took all the evidence Friday night and made note of it - I just don't have it handy.... Interference from White, Westbrook, Croy, Hill (also recently transferred to Westbrook's personnel group) Boone, Mooney and on and on... The biggest event in Dallas history and this is who they send to take photos.... Mr. STUDEBAKER. I believe we got the call about 1:05 - we was down there about 1:15Mr. BALL. And whom did you go with?Mr. STUDEBAKER. Lieutenant Day and I answered the call. Mr. BALL. Then, were you directed to some place on the sixth floor, as soon as you arrived there?Mr. STUDEBAKER. No; they hadn't found anything when we got there. Mr. BELIN. Is there any particular building at that particular location?Mr. DAY. The Texas School Book Depository, I believe is the correct name on it.Mr. BELIN. Did you go there?Mr. DAY. Yes, sir; I went out of my office almost straight up 1 o'clock. I arrived at the location on Elm about 1:12. Mr. DAY. I had to go up the stairs. The elevator--we couldn't figure out how to run it. When I got to the head of the stairs, I believe it was the patrolman standing there, I am not sure, stated they had found some hulls over in the northeast corner of the building, and I proceeded to that area excuse me, southeast corner of the building. (DJ: they're there less than 5 minutes and already there are contradictions... how could they tell them were to go if they had not found anything yet? ) Mr. BALL. Each one of you had a camera, did you?Mr. STUDEBAKER. No, sir; we just had one camera.Mr. BALL. What kind of camera was it?Mr. STUDEBAKER. It's a Graflex, a 4 by 5 Speed Graflex.Mr. BALL. Have you had some experience in operating a camera?Mr. STUDEBAKER. Yes.Mr. BALL. How much?Mr. STUDEBAKER. Well, on this certain camera?Mr. BALL. Yes.Mr. STUDEBAKER. About 2 months.Mr. BALL. But you have had photography in your crime lab work?Mr. STUDEBAKER. Yes.Mr. BALL. For how long?Mr. STUDEBAKER. Was about 2 months.Mr. BALL. How long have you done photography altogether?Mr. STUDEBAKER. In my lifetime?Mr. BALL. No, as one of the assistants in the crime lab, what period of years?Mr. STUDEBAKER. 2 months. I went to the crime lab in October, the 1st of October.Mr. BALL. You did - had you done any photography before that?Mr. STUDEBAKER. Just home photography.
  14. No surprise any time context is brought into the equation you start off on some half page rant.... "Common knowledge" among who are you referring, those at El Toro knowing one man, or at Santa Ana knowing the other? Isn't time you learned to cut your food up yourself instead of repeatedly feigning ignorance and asking for smaller and smaller bite sizes? You see Mark, you come at this with so little knowledge of anything outside your little box that your question are juvenile and these attempts at dismissal are only amusing making you look like no matter what is offered... your little knowledge trumps all... (pun intended) Here's a thought... do some research BEFORE you reply. That you need me or Jim to explain who John Ely was in tiny bite sized pieces so YOU get it, and why what I posted by Jenner to Rankin is so important.... Blanks? you need examples... "we can't change the fact that a little bit more of "Harvey & Lee" dies every day. Regardless of anyone's obstination, and refusal to release grasp on the necrotic limbs which are the Stripling and Beauregard tales, evidence continues to come to light which seriously questions and negates the "facts" as presented by Armstrong and team." Boy oh boy you like those big words..... we have a 1000 page book, thousands of images and hundreds of notebooks with documents you never knew existed... you hang your entire argument on 2 tiny limbs which sprang up from much larger, very healthy branches.... No "evidence" is offered other than your interpretations of the repetition of the same story over many years and from multiple sources. In this thread you posted: "Even if I believed "Harvey & Lee" I would dismiss everything related to Stripling because it doesn't add up." To YOU, it doesn't add up. To YOU Kudlaty is somehow not reliable and trustworthy in his commentary, ...to YOU Mark... no one but you reaches these conclusions from the evidence available to us.... or this: It's not within me where it is dying. It is just dying. It died within me the first hour I spent researching the claims. And we're supposed to believe you approach the subject, the context and the detail with any level of open-mindedness as you post over and over and over about something that DIED within you... I've spent 10 years with H&L.... Spent 2 years with Armstrong going thru footnotes and sources... We don't agree on 100% of the details... but there is no arguing with the context or the mountain of evidence supporting the existence of these two men... So no, I'm not going to cut your food into little bite sizes so you can fit them into you brain.... That you can't admit to yourself or to this forum that you simply don't have enough of a handle on the subject matter to arrive at any conclusions... I don't believe the evidence proves that Harvey was at BJHS in the Fall semester of 1953-54 school year.... Harvey and Ma left NYC after the infamous Zoo photo while Lee finished 8th grade. We know Lee went to BJHS starting in mid-January.... we also know that Harvey was attending BJHS based on witness testimony only... not the best evidence by far, but obviously in stark contrast to who Lee was pre-, during and post-..... a much larger, stronger, physical boy versus the much smaller Harvey... I've already posted the info on 120 N Telemachus in New Orleans and the one phone book anomaly during all those years Margaret Keating lived there. In March 1954, a piano (schools had those little uprights if I remember correctly... not some huge piano) fell on him.... Myra took him to a clinic and then home to EXCHANGE ALLEY... John wrote: Myra stopped her car at 126 Exchange and asked Harvey if his mother was home. He replied, "No, she's working at the bar." NOTE: According to employment records, Marguerite Oswald was then working at Burt's Shoe Store. There is no indication in the Warren Volumes, or anywhere else, that she ever worked in a bar. We will soon learn that several people remembered the short, dumpy, heavy-set "Marguerite Oswald" imposter worked at a bar in the French Quarter and lived at 126 Exchange Place, while at the same time the tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald worked at Burt's Shoe Store and lived in Myrtle Evans' building on St. Mary’s Street. So you see Mark, in the Spring of 1954 LEE was assigned to homeroom 303 while Harvey was with Myra... Commission Ex 1413 has all these grade cards for 53-54 and 54-55. More from H&L which you didn't read yet provides the context leading into the Fall of 1954.... how you could have found all this in one hour AND come to your conclusions related to Stripling is yet another great mystery of the JFK saga. Room 303 is on the third floor of Beauregard Junior High School, while Myra's homeroom was in the basement cafeteria. It appears that Lee Oswald was assigned homeroom 303, on the 3rd floor, while Harvey was assigned to Myra DaRouse's homeroom in the basement cafeteria. Now I understood why the FBI report of a 2 -hour interview with Myra disappeared, and I also understood why Myra was never asked to testify before the Warren Commission. Myra would have told the Commission that Harvey Oswald was in her homeroom in the basement cafeteria, and not in homeroom "303" as listed on school records published in the Warren Volumes. In addition Myra would have refused to identify the student in the "classroom photo" as Oswald, if she were shown the photo. And imagine if Myra told the Commission that she drove Harvey Oswald to his apartment at 126 Exchange Place in early 1954, when the Commission knew from Mrytle and Julian Evans that Marguerite and Lee were living at 1454 St. Marys Street. I'm terribly sorry you chose not to follow along as the context for what occurs in Sept 1954 requires more than your simplistic view of the Stripling evidence. The book establishes this context step by step... but then you wouldn't know that, would you... another brick in the wall for ya Mark.... if indeed you're taking any of this seriously as it appears each time you reply, you don't. After explaining some of this to you for the umpteenth time this is your reply: And we're suppose to take you seriously? Cool story bro. None of that though has any relation, any bearing, or any impact on Stripling and whether Oswald attending Stripling. Another Beauregard classmate who knew Harvey Oswald was Ed Collier who recalled, "We called him Yank because he had a Yankee accent."9 !t is now easy to see that Ed Collier knew Harvey Oswald, from New York, in the 8th grade at Beauregard in the spring of 1954. Lee Oswald, who was born in New Orleans and raised in Fort Worth, had a southern accent. Oswald's cousin, Marilyn Murret, also talked about Harvey's northern accent. She told the Warren Commission, "It seems that he was from the North, and so they ridiculed him in school.. After June 10, 1954 Myra no longer see her little friend Harvey. Lee attends BJHS for the 54-55 school year and the rest of the evidence we've been over so many times along with your sarcastic and flippant attitude toward anything you deem not important or necessary to form your conclusions... We've dealt with these kinds of endless "I'm not going to listen to anything that doesn't directly relate to the words in my question" attitude from the "iceberg pack" for more years than I care to remember. (all your knowledge of the subject is above the waterline combined with that "no, no, no I'm not going to look beneath the water... I've seen enough" POV of yours.... Just read that one line of yours just above in blue.... trying to convince us you're actually interested and/or serious falls flat every time you post... From 1947 thru 1959 and then thru 1963 we have hundreds of examples of evidence which made John Ely's work so hard and from which prompted Jenner's memo to Rankin. When the day comes you decide to remove the blinders and step back from this leaf to see the forest, maybe you will actually be open to a real discussion.... As long as the evidence and context are just a "cool story, bro" to you... we have nothing more to discuss.... (and I'm not you're bro... or is that yet another weak attempt at South Park humor?) And I did go over to the Brennen thread... and did see that once again your impression of things is different from everyone else, you're not quoted once in terms of adding anything to the collective knowledge presented,.. and your collage as to where Brennen was .. you even included this Bell frame: albeit a tiny version, when a full size version leaves one with no doubts or needs for personal conclusions... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wkx7S63i_NyfAFDi9WZo8yyyZat_Zdhz/view?usp=sharing (highlight, right click, click Go To: "link") Anyone with eyes can see where he is.... and the Towner film gives a decent view of what he actually saw at the time... but that's another topic for another time... I've come to the personal conclusion that Brennan was not directly facing the TSBD but was instead directly facing the Dal-Tex Pithy Mark.... http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/26636-did-even-the-warren-commission-believe-howard-brennan/?do=findComment&comment=426336
  15. Maybe he meant the Dorman film? Rosemary Willis running past him at this moment... The other is the BELL image... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wkx7S63i_NyfAFDi9WZo8yyyZat_Zdhz/view?usp=sharing
  16. You'd think so, right? Would you say he saw anything significant based on this other than a description of Robert Webster? The man they catch was 5'9" 135lbs.... Did this a number of years ago.... pretty sure a moment in time is NOT indicative of line of sight throughout... but I did find it interesting where everyone was facing and concentrating on... especially hard hat man by the lamp post who never seems to turn to his right to follow the motorcade... he only looks up Elm... to name one. Below, where he was sitting seems to force him to look at the Dal-Tex and down what he could see of Houston as it goes N past the TSBD... we don't see him turn his body - only his head... I have all the frames he's in in a z140-z203 gif but having a difficult time with attachments right now.... You can still see here that he was far enough around the Elm side of the corner to see the motorcade without turning his body... maybe I see a sight shoulder turn? Amazing stuff about him and the SS agent... Take care Richard... DJ
  17. Keep firing blanks buddy... "ain't never gonna learn what you don't wanna know"..... You know John Ely's role, right? And the difference between El Toro and Santa Ana in 1959....
  18. Other way around Jim.... palm on barrel and finger on trigger.... that musta been right before you and Stone walked in.... All a print would tell us is that at some point in time Oswald came in contact with that rifle... 1) if the print was actually his and 2) WHEN is just as important as where on the rifle.... your point is spot on tho... it adds to the legend of his practicing and maintaining that rifle... which of course he didn't. They also did not test the barrel for it having been fired. If it was clean then you know the rifle was fired recently and there was no time for the barrel to soil again... if soiled... then it was not fired recently at all... In all likelihood, the rifle was part of a shipment of 700 rifles in June 1962 thru EMPIRE in Canada 700 6.5 cal Italian Carbines from Italy to Empire Wholesale Montreal Canada, to Century Arms, Inc. then to Alden’s on 6/29/62 These rifles are the EXACT SAME Total Length, Stock length, Barrel and action, Barrel only, Rear to Receiver as the rifle claimed to have killed JFK: CE139 Only none of the 700 has a letter prefix despite half dozen of them having the same serial # as 6 of the rifles on the 10 "packing slips" Sorry for the tangents... yet this is important I feel.... this is the only piece of evidence that validates the pencil written "V836" being C2766 If you go thru the presentation of the essays you'll find that both on Friday and Sat, 22nd/23rd, the FBI has the orders and knows that C2766 was not in either of the orders to which FELDSOTT in NY refers.... in classic FBI style they have a "rethink" and on the 23rd they issue a statement that the rifle came from Italy and is consistent with a newly found February 22, 1963 order received for 100 rifles... Amazing! Notice please that this recap kept by Michael Scribor/Scibor (spelling keeps changing) actually has 2 order #'s on it, not just the "correct" on 1243... That it says 1259 at the top right suggested to me that this was a real order, but all the serial #'s were changed.... I realize it is just a copy of a copy ad nauseum ...but something stood out to me The copy noise appears everywhere except behind the serial numbers... as if they were whited out or erased and replaced... multiple copying would degrade the image to what we now see... The rifle charade, like Mexico, remains one of the more interesting to examine... Where else do we get the likes of Harry Holmes and Nat Pinkston each telling stories about how THEY found the source for the rifle... Cheers DJ
  19. just grabbed a quote so you'd get the message... didn't make the connection... I find if you post them to the Drive/Photos and then do a search for that file's name it comes up a lot of the times... Then you just open the image in its own window and you have an image link that produces and image from a URL FWIW DJ
  20. If I had to guess it would be in the Angleton camp... probably Angleton himself... ultimately the Oswald case was Russian Counter-Intelligence, JJA the man, myth and legend To create a ironclad backstory allowing us to put US Intel observer in the Soviet Union. It's not said much, but we were getting our butts kicked by the KGB post WWII and our own intel operations inside Russia were pathetic. Other intel agencies in Europe and USSR had been using doubles as their intel services were much more inventive than we were. Until JJA came along. One of them was with his killer.... the other, the natural born Lee Oswald, we've had ideas... I think if you search on Donald Norton here, you'll find some discussion on it. The real Lee may have become as elusive as George Joannides - "disposing" of Lee may have been as simple as stationing him out of the US. Atsugi ? Notice something please Robert... Lee wrote his mother often while in the Marines.. weekly in some cases... yet in all of the WC we do not have any of these letters... only the letters after he leaves the marines... from HARVEY. Why? the addresses of letters from Lee to Marge would not have the correct addresses... These are all addresses for short, fat Marge... Lee's mother only lived in 3 places in Ft Worth... 7408 Ewing, 3300 Willing and 1505 8th street... Oooops. Below is a WCR H&E list of all letters from Lee Harvey... nothing from Lee between 1956 and 1959.... curious right? Hope that addresses you questions Robert... DJ
  21. Hey there Tommy... Oswald wasn't on the 6th floor shooting either... but there are enough threads here alone to fill up years of reading... Here are some of the slides I had referred to
  22. Is there any way to get a Google Drive image to show as an image insert rather than a link?
  23. Truly also had to wait until 1pm when Fritz returned... Truly was telling Lumpkin who was telling him to wait, then finally they went up to the 6th floor... it seemed all along Truly had Oswald in Mind... Mr. BELIN. Did you ask for the name and addresses of any other employees who might have been missing? Mr. TRULY. No, sir. Mr. BELIN. Why didn't you ask for any other employees? Mr. TRULY. That is the only one that I could be certain right then was missing. Mr. BELIN. Then what did you do after you got that information? Mr. TRULY. Chief Lumpkin of the Dallas Police Department was standing a few feet from me. I told Chief Lumpkin that I had a boy missing over here "I don't know whether it amounts to anything or not." And I gave him his description. And he says, "Just a moment. We will go tell Captain Fritz." Mr. BELIN. All right. And then what happened? Mr. TRULY. So Chief Lumpkin had several officers there that he was talking to, and I assumed that he gave him some instructions of some nature I didn't hear it. And then he turned to me and says, "Now we will go upstairs".So we got on one of the elevators, I don't know which, and rode up to the sixth floor. I didn't know Captain Fritz was on the sixth floor. And he was over in the northwest corner of the building. Mr. BELIN. By the stairs there? Mr. TRULY. Yes; by the stairs. Mr. BELIN. All right. Mr. TRULY. And there were other officers with him. Chief Lumpkin stepped over and told Captain Fritz that I had something that I wanted to tell him. Mr. BELIN. All right. And then what happened Mr. TRULY. So Captain Fritz left the men he was with and walked over about 8 or 10 feet and said, "What is it, Mr. Truly," or words to that effect.And I told him about this boy missing and gave him his address and telephone number and general description. And he says, "Thank you, Mr. Truly. We will take care of it.
  24. from your link... Below could be more likely because the .3ft per frame limo speed is what was used regarding alteration calculations. z280-z313 = 23.73ft 21 x 2 = 42 frames 12 x 2 = 24 frames 66 frames / (23.73-3.93) = 19.8ft = .3ft per frame Stopping distance @ 9.7mph = 3.93ft Z280 (441.57)-z301(458.1) = 16.53ft After instantaneous stop 16.53 - 3.93 = 12.6ft left 4.85mph = .39ft per frame 12.6ft/.39ft per frame = 32.3 frames 42 total - 32.3 + (10 frames car stop or something to this effect) ======== I get the 21 frames = 23.73ft... question.. 21 x 2 equates to 18.3 x 2 or 36fps cut in half... or am I reading that wrong?
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