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  1. Thanks John... COINTELPRO has been around a while... and the info is easily found.... before the internet, organizations still communicated via newsletter and meetings.... the techniques work regardless of delivery method.... COINTELPRO (syllabic abbreviation derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) (1956–1979, and beyond) is a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting American political organizations....
  2. Nothing is “self-authenticating” Jon.... especially in the FBI’s grab bag of bs evidence... How does the zfilm accomplish this Jon? When we know for a fact it was heavily altered....? In fact, use whatever image or film u like and please explain SELF AUTHENTICATING.... And then look up what evidence authentication means... I can’t speak for JB... he and I have had our disagreements over what he sees in photos, films..... But I have truly never seen or heard something so oxymoronic.... as self/authentication.... in evidence. Authenticating a photo usually doesn’t require a chain of custody because usually the FBI isn’t trying to frame an innocent man... In this case Jon, nothing is real or authentic until proven so.... hope that’s not news to you.... In this case.. Zapruder claiming the film’s authenticity in no way authenticates his film... we must look at chain of possession and the testimony of those who saw it before and after.... And on and on with all the evidence... then there’s the number of times FBI reports find a certain conclusion from the evidence they offer does not work... so that evidence is simply dropped for evidence that works.... case in point... Please read this... It shows the FBI confronting a conclusion which doesn’t work... La Frontera.... and showing how improbable it was.... no matter, just replace, rinse and repeat... Take care DJ ===== A photograph of a crime scene would be considered “documentary evidence.” The ultimate purpose of a “chain of custody” with evidence is to provide “authentication” of that evidence so that it is admissible in court. The Federal Rules of Evidence state, “the requirement of authentication or identification as a condition precedent to admissibility is satisfied by evidence sufficient to support a finding that the matter in question is what its proponent claims.” (USCS Fed. Rules Evid. R 901). This means that the person introducing the evidence must provide sufficient proof that the evidence is what that person claims. Thus, the chain of custody is typically used to ensure that evidence is not tampered with or altered and that the “identity and integrity” of the evidence remains intact. This “authenticates” the evidence in court so that it is admissible. Photographs are typically authenticated by a person who is familiar with the scene that was photographed providing testimony that the image in the photograph “fairly and accurately depicts the scene as it was at the time in question.” Anyone familiar with the scene can authenticate a photograph and it does not necessarily have to be the photographer. That being said, the “chain of custody” is not usually part of “authenticating” a photograph, rather, authentication of a photograph leans more towards a person being able to testify that the photograph “fairly and accurately depicts the scene as it was at the time in question.”
  3. Standard COINTELPRO techniques for disrupting forums... google them... it makes an interesting read.... 1954, concentrate.... why don’t the records match boys?
  4. Bill is in another league altogether.... I am still working on a easier to digest version of the info... all in good time. I really spent my time on the journey and the dates before and after... Like 1954, ...the FBI went the extra mile piling on the BS.... Like the discovery of the 12:20pm bus to Houston... not part of a ticket to Laredo or Mexico City... just Houston ...and the details tell us he was headed for the Greyhound Terminal in New Orleans (Del Norte in Mexico)... not Continental which becomes Flecha Rojas from there it only gets worse... btw... currently digesting a 20 page Weisberg analysis of the trip I came across in his files... he always seems to spark a new line of thinking... amazing really. DJ The first interview with Green on the 10th, no bus for Ozzie On "Dec 16" we now have a bus... but for some reason we have a virtually identical report but in September 1964... at the moment of the WCR publishing... Ballsy.
  5. But what about that 24fps speed? Was he watching a 48fps original or a 16fps?
  6. One last tidbit for the fearsome foursome.... y'all act as if this kind of thing didn't happen with virtually all of Oswald's "records" when we see duplicity everywhere we look. Below are pages from the Tarrant county permanent school records of all the children who attended school in Tarrant... they're online where with a little patience and some skill you can find most anything you look for... Where is Lee (who hated to be called Harvey) and who is 7 year old Nancy Lee Oswald with Lee's Bday plus a day and why do we not see a LEE OSWALD thru 6th grade? Furthermore, Marge was divorced in MAY 1947 and requested her name revert to Oswald. Wonder where they got EKDAHL for 48-49...??? It sure would be great if people could do just a little research before challenging what they obviously know so little about... Thanks James 49-50 50-51 51-52
  7. Sorry Bill... this is the way I answer questions... I found what you were referencing and would like to address it. I believe her and Azcue that it was not the man Ruby killed... in this reference I am specifically talking about the applications... I will copy the Q I ask at the end of this post: At what point does DURAN repeating it was our Oswald to every HSCA question cross the line into lying about it Bill? The AMMUG/1 described application process / applicant scrutiny was still completely ignored.... Why wouldn't AZCUE be interested in this American wanting to go to Cuba/Russia as a potential double agent? Wasn't that a big part of his job? The way LITAMIL/9 describes Duran after she returns from interrogation also seems to me she was playing a part..."Happy with her performance" is how L/9 put it, and may have been bullied to agree it was Oswald... Furthermore, Lit/9 and LIT/7 are repeatedly asked about Oswald at the Embassy and all answers are negative... L/9 was a close friend to AZCUE yet he is unaware of the American causing all the commotion? The LITAMIL/9 references have been redacted for over 50 years... and we come to find he does not support the story... and he was CIA!?! While Sylvia was in Mexican police custody.... L/9 story doesn't change... not a single one of his October '63 and forward summary reports contain info on this Oswald visit.... https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10262-10355.pdf https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32389430.pdf is another L/9 report saying that as DURAN spoke of her arrest. Below, a note to Win Scott to use CIA assets, who in turn informs WS of what happened... sure looks like the CIA/DFS making sure everyone's story is properly "motivated." Again, if it wasn't Oswald - as I think most are starting to fully understand - then DURAN is indeed complicit when finally questioned 15 years later... She tells Lopez he was barely 5'4" and very slight... Azcue confirms... The WCR et al has him 5'11" 165.... Even our guy was 5'9" 135.... Marina was 5'4" At what point does DURAN repeating it was our Oswald to every HSCA question cross the line into lying about it Bill? DJ
  8. So you think this was half speed or 50% too fast? When did this occur?
  9. Oswald wasn't there. Not trying to be flip here Bill... both Azcue and Duran say it wasn't him... plus, how do you address what AMMUG/1 tells us about how those not "with us" are interrogated when submitting a Visa app? Azcue supposedly just yells at this person for a bit and throws him out... Isn't that the opposite of his job? I believe her when she says he didn't come back... I believe her that she typed up an application... With the assets we had in that Embassy/Consulate... why does it take until Aug 28th to get it to the WC? How could so much detail have been written about the Mexico trip when the book was being printed at the time they get the info? Is there evidence the WC sees this application prior to August 64? CIA says the WC decides not to show DURAN the application and by default the photo so it is not until HSCA... the photos of the application are in many cases just crap without the ability to tell who is in the photo... so I doubt there'd be a reason for her to comment... I realize this is 15 years later.... but her job was to process these applications and she doesn't know how many copies there were or if she gave a copy to the man before her.... You feel this is truthful - all the instances of forgetfulness on key items? CORNWELL - Would it have been consistent with the procedures in the consulate or you to have allowed him to take one or both of the applications typed up outside the Consulate?TIRADO - I don't remember very well if uh, there were only two copies. I mean, one original and one copy, but uh, it could have happened, but I don't remember.CORNWELL - Okay. To the best of your memory then, the person who made the application was not permitted to have a copy.TIRADO - I don't know. I don't remember. and the fact anyone can take with them a blank version of this application.. she talks as if she'd done many of these applications yet still does not rmember the most basic things about them, the processes or the photos.... CORNWELL - Would you have ever allowed a person to take all of the applications outside and attach the photos or sign them themselves?TIRADO - Yes, because you may come, ask for the application and you may keep it. So, assuming an impostor is there on Friday the 27th (Since Ozzie was on a different journey in TX) we have no idea whether what we see today was the application taken at the time... Why do you think it took until Aug 64 to get the carbon if the trip down there was discussed immediately after the assassination? Cheer Bill... hope you and yours are well DJ
  10. Nice tactic Mark.... But nothing to do with why the FBI included in evidence just about every possible worthless item they could get their hands on and then offer no index while spreading the information around so haphazardly as to make it virtually impossible to follow.... I'm sorry you do not see the glaring conflicts with the year 1954 and Oswald's life... As I don't remember seeing an answer, or if I even asked you, Also not sure how a MOLE HUNT thread gets to Stripling... which is why I may have used info used previously.... I'll take some time now and read back to find your questions... I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything here... simply to point out the evidence from which conclusions are rendered... What's most sad is someone, anyone, taking the time to question but not the time to research.... this conversation can be picked up on a new thread... We should leave this thread for its intended purpose.... DJ
  11. HSCA conclusion from: HSCA VISITS CUBA RELATED TO OSWALD VISA APPLICATION docid-32272523 https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32272523.pdf
  12. Why is it "you guys" can't follow a logical argument? Stripling's attendance occurs when the WC is supposed to know where he was... 8th grade at BJHS New Orleans. The physical evidence of his attending BJHS in 54-55 conflicts with itself... The pattern is followed 3 years in a row We already have in evidence the conflict with his leaving the marines in March 59 and Sept 59.... There is evidence of 2 different people in a multitude of places... and we've already proven via the dental records that the man buried did not have LEE Oswald's teeth. Is it truly that much of a mental stretch for you to see this duplicity running rampant thru his life starting as early as 1947. If so, again... no skin off me buddy, we're all entitled to conclude what we want... be nice though if you took some time to address the many anomalies I pointed out already like why the 1954/55 BJHS grade cards don't match the permanent record? or the housing location order from Lillian to Myrtle to Exchange Place? The photo from 1954 and 1956 not being the same Marge? The reason why Kudlaty would lie or embellish such a vivid memory (you saying you cannot think of any other occasions where the FBI takes something without record or the altering the record? - Minox Camera remind you of anything? I'm glad you got the brick and wall reference... but you are still microscopically looking at the brick... you can't see a wall... understand? Take a step back and compare what the WCR offers for those years and what independent research does... if you feel BJHS evidence precludes a boy named Harvey Oswald from attending Stripling for 6 weeks in the fall of 1954... so be it... move on already Robert... this inability to see the big picture and then argue the brick's molecular composition as a way of disproving there is a wall... can be seen as a tactic to derail the discussion... what answer would satisfy? The FBI destroyed evidence... Is that a surprise to you? WHY do you think his 7th, 8th and 9th grades are so important? Did they do this deep dive on James Earl Ray? Sirhan? I've looked, no, they didn't. They couldn't have cared less..... But not with the man accused here... the FBI created a thud weight report that said everything BUT Oswald could have done it... As with so much of the "contrary to the gov't report" evidence found by researchers, are you just bothered by molecules or do you actually care about the H&L journey? Peace, DJ
  13. Well John, that would fit in with a pet theory that no one was actually there impersonating Oswald... and it was all an Intelligence Operation... with the key players told what they needed to say... kinda like McFarlands and the Aussie girls, Bledsoe and Whaley in their time and place, etc.... I'm not sure we can say much with certainty about the origination of the 2 applications. How much of DURAN do we believe? Seems she has little clue what the processes are.... AZCUE would interview anyone trying to do what "Oswald" was trying to do.... he was a Cuban Intel agent This info from AMMUG/1 suggests that none of the SOPs were followed with this person... it suggests to me that a real american trying to get to Cuba was not there... As LITAMIL/9 confirmed.... ....or Duran and Azcue are part of the lie/project going on at that embassy. Not a single thing is "right" with Mexico... not one. DJ CORNWELL - Would it have been consistent with the procedures in the consulate or you to have allowed him to take one or both of the applications typed up outside the Consulate?TIRADO - I don't remember very well if uh, there were only two copies. I mean, one original and one copy, but uh, it could have happened, but I don't remember.CORNWELL - Okay. To the best of your memory then, the person who made the application was not permitted to have a copy.TIRADO - I don't know. I don't remember.
  14. The miss at 152 - of which I am in total agreement as to timing - seems to have created a spark or ricochet to the left of the limo... I thought for sure I had read about a woman who saw those "sparks" fly up off the street.... Anyway, the low trajectory from the bottom floor or even van top seems too shallow to have missed and hit so close to Dal-Tex.... The 2nd, 3rd and roof locations seems to make more sense for this shot.... Mr. SHANEYFELT. Yes; because we were able to determine the speed of the camera, and thereby accurately determine the length of time it takes for a specific number of frames to run through the camera at this 18.3 frames per second, and having located these frame positions in the street, we took the farthest distance point we had in the Zapruder film which was frame 161 through frame 313.This was found to run elapsed time from the film standpoint which runs at 18.3 frames a second, runs for a total of 8.3 seconds.This distance is 136.1 feet, and this can be calculated then to 11.2 miles per hour. === At the actual speed of 16fps there are 528 frames in 33 seconds... less 486 = 42 frames... or just enough time for a limo stop removal...?? === Much more importantly... they kept referring to frame 161 as the start of the 8.3 second shooting span to frame 313... 33 seconds - 8.3 seconds = 24.7 = seconds from frame 0 to 161 plus frame 314 to 486. 161 + 172 = 333 frames / 24.7 seconds = 13.48 frames per second film speed for the non-shooting sequences Isn't that a problem that directly suggests frame removal? As long as they held to those 8.3 seconds for 161-313, 152 frames (18.3fps) they should have had only 18.2 more seconds of film, not 24.7 6.5 more seconds of film... 119 frames at 18.3fps and 104 frames at 16fps Removal of the turn?
  15. The notes at the top of the 2 images from the HSCA claim so... as does the WCR exhibit of the app. Might be hard to read but it’s there... the wonderful world of JFK Assn evidence... DJ Sadly the interpretation is colored with the fraud perpetrated by the investigation. Most are unaware of RAFAEL OCHOA.. who handled every item of Mexico side evidence...
  16. Mr. Stevens..... how familiar are you with the data? Curious mostly... you've read the book, seen the notebooks at Baylor and been thru the CD? If not, no worries.... again, I'm curious as to where you get your opinions and the data from which you derive them... Sorry for not rereading the entire thread... I may know more about H&L across the entire spectrum than anyone other than John Armstrong himself. All due respect to Jim Hargrove who admins the H&L website.... You may have read some of my posts here on the subject. I've taken topics JA introduced in the book much further down the road, which was his hope all along. I spent 2 years talking thru the entire book with John a number of years back and we've helped each other on numerous projects.... The purpose of John's book was 2-fold.... 1 - it was a place to start from where a researcher could continue down a chosen path or all the paths as I have... and 2 - to take on the totality of the evidence. Topics like Oswald at Stripling deserves this kind of discussion... what I don't see you asking is why it's important at all that in the fall of 1954 Oswald is in Fort Worth when the WCR tells us he was living with Myrtle Evans at 1454 St. Mary's in New Orleans attending Beauregard in the 9th grade. I am now going to attempt to piece together for you the anomalies surrounding the fall of 1954. In May 1953 NYC Oswald was finishing 7th grade. September 1953 he enters 8th grade at PS44 (Manhattan, Bronx or Staten Island?) and gets the progress report mentioned by Carro from the call with Marge. Harvey is placed in YOUTH HOUSE during April/May 1953... this school record has been doctored... from March 1953 to June 1953 there are not 109+15 days of school to attend or miss.. Another story for another time - what we see above is a combined record of both Lee and Harvey This is dated just after he returns back to school after Youth House.... he entered April 21... but please notice he is returning to "PS 117 Jr H" just under the name CLAVERIE We also see the same 2 addresses as the NYC perm record... but no mention of PS 44.... Which ultimately leads to conflicts: J. CARRO was involved with Oswald in NYC as his parole officer... kinda. Lee cannot be entering 8th and 9th grade at the same time... PS 44 is in the Bronx and there's one on the west side of Manhattan... Robert Oswald wrote he started 8th grade in Sept 1953 at PS 44 on Columbus & 76th. on the west side of Manhattan...10 days before the 9/24 court date and call from Marge below... In January 1954 Marge and Ozzie move back to New Orleans and in with Marge's sister Lillian Murret. And this is where I have a difference of interpretation from John/Jim... I do not see the Beauregard cumulative record as evidence he attended BJHS in the fall of 1953... He very well may have... as The Beauregard records have many, many other conflicts and problems which stand on their own (grade cards do not match the info on the perm record - do a search and I'm sure you'll find my posts on the subject). Other evidence is available for the Fall of 1953 for a Harvey Oswald and nurse mother living on Exchange and his attending 8th grade at BJHS. For now though let's start with Jan 1954... March 1954: Myra DaRouse takes HARVEY TO MONTE LEPRE CLINIC AND THEN home to 126 Exchange after piano falls on him Here we have a letter, below, from Mother to J Edward Pic... June 14 1954 New Orleans Return address 1454 St. Mary's is Myrtle Evan's place... they had returned from NYC in January and lived with Lillian thru February 1954 when they moved to Myrtles and remained there until August 1954 when they supposedly moved to Exchange Place Mr. JENNER - Do you know how it was that she went to live at 126 Exchange Place in New Orleans?Mrs. MURRET - Yes.Mr. JENNER - Was that 1954 or 1955?Mrs. MURRET - I don't know--whatever you have down there probably is the right year, but they lived at Myrtle's house first. So here we are in June 1954... they should be at Myrtle's Mr. JENNER - How long did they stay at your house?Mrs. MURRET - At my house?Mr. JENNER - Yes.Mrs. MURRET - Well, like I said, 2 weeks or 3 weeks at the most, somewhere in there.Mr. JENNER - And you are pretty sure that they moved directly from your house into this place on Exchange Alley?Mrs. MURRET - Well, either there or to Myrtle's apartment. I don't know which, to be truthful with you. Well... they didn't move from Lillian to Exchange but to Myrtle's Mr. JENNER - You did see Lee after they returned from New York?Mrs. EVANS - Oh, yes; they lived at my house for, oh, I guess about 6 months.Mr. JENNER - Including Lee?Mrs. EVANS - Oh, yes. We have a photo from 1954 of Marge Oswald at Exchange Place... we also have a 1956 photo of Marge from Exchange Place yet they hardly appear like the same person. Her own sister was amazed and Mr. Murret had the exact same comments about her.... in the spring of 1954 Harvey attended BJHS and was even taken back to Exchange by Myra DaRouse... HARVEY. But in terms of the Fall 1953/54 school year semester Lee is in NYC while Harvey/Marge are in New Orleans at Exchange Place Stripling attendance is assumed to be Sept-Oct 1954 while Lee Oswald attends BJHS in New Orleans... please read the WCR note inset below "BJHS in 1954" then jumps to Sept 1955. Evidence shows him at BJHS in Louisiana from Jan 54 thru June 55... quite a lot of evidence in fact. "1954"... well a school year is either 9/53-6/54, or 9/54-6/55...we know Lee starts at BJHS in January 1954 With the WCR question seemingly skipping his 9th grade year (remember 9th grade from above?) and going straight to 10th at Warren Easton thru Oct 1955. In the summer of 1955 Lee starts work at Tujagues import/export and works all thru 10th grade - he drops out of 10th in Oct 1955 Summer of 1956 they move to 3830 W 6th #3 in Ft Worth - this is LEE and mother The note asks for school data for Louisiana, not Fort Worth. The 1954-55 school year was entirely in Louisiana yet it appears the question does not know this... H&L via Kudlaty say September - October 1954 at Stripling ...and it appears we also have him attending only Sept-Oct 1955 at Easton... yet another item of evidence which shows Oswald in school in Louisiana and dropping out Oct 1955. He appears to have also been at Arlington only from 9/5 - 9/28 1956. 3 schools 3 years in a row during the same months our man Oswald barely makes it 6 weeks... or 2 schools and our discussion about 1954. The WCR question projects ignorance of the BJHS 54/55 school year despite all the evidence... Grade cards all marked "session 1954 - 1955" Why is it - do you suppose Mark, that the WCR steered clear of the 54-55 school year? Why is it we see the same pattern for 1955 and 1956 where the boy starts school yet leaves before the end of October? Why would Kudlaty lie? This certainly doesn't "make" the book... it is simply another brick in the wall.... Well, maybe this is why he is telling us the truth... the grade cards from 54-55 at BJHS do not match the perm record on which these grade cards are recorded 12 absences does not match any of them... even the grades are off... Just seems there is much more to the 54-55 school year than Kudlaty telling us what he did.... While I do appreciate these deep dives into the molecular composition of the brick... you gotta step back a bit - and every once in a while - to see the wall before you. I look forward to your reply DJ
  17. Sometimes you just need a break... Not really a "passport" application" but I get you... I'm simply not sure if the application sent to Cuba, is the same as the one we see first in the WCR without a STAMP or the second one at the HSCA - fully stamped - yet with a different signature and completely askew to the "original".... But like all things from that time period, the evidence was created to fit the situation... standard FBI MO. And that everything goes thru OCHOA, #2 at Gobernacion behind the CIA asset Echeverria. There is no authenticated evidence available that puts Oswald in Mexico.... and those who were there and were our assets were not able to place him there. We find it was Phillips and his assets who created much of the Oswald fallacy in Mexico... every BS story and bit of evidence traces back to him or OCHOA who was basically helping cover Hoover's butt by offering (creating) evidence for Mexico when Hoover knew Oswald was doing his job traveling from New Orleans thru Austin to Dallas. Hoover had no choice but to back the CIA's play, even if he had no idea what happened down there If our man Ozzie wasn't there... how "real" can those applications be? Here are the 2 items and superimposed using the #779 as the anchor. Is it possible the captions are backward in the HSCA? the one on the right looks like the original based on the thinness of the lettering yet that is the one they claim was photographed when HSCA staff met with Fidel. If the fixed writing on these 2 sheets of this form line up for the carbon... the text would also line up.
  18. Well... i sure appreciate the vote of confidence... and I retire in a couple years. If there are still beaches in Atlantic City I'll be editing my essays for such a book. Is there a way to get a download of ALL my posts and content here? I wonder.... And if one was to do something like that... a book? a website? Slide show? maybe all three.... That a some Day Trading and I'll be busy... got a nice pension as well as a few other income flows... It's just a matter of focus and effort... and that passion which hits us and drives us to do those kind of projects.. Your kind words are most motivational I must say...
  19. First off - thanks for the open mind.... and second, thx for reading the work. I've written about those photos quite a bit.... this is the WCR official photo of the application as supposedly received from CUBA. The version with staples is from the HSCA. This version has no CUBAN Stamp by the signature and an obviously different signature. Kinda like the signatures in Helsinki ... below those is the signature of the man Ruby killed... Long post.... take your time... DJ First, Duran was never shown the application of photos AFTER 11/22 2nd, the supposed CARBON COPY has no staple in it Third - AZCUE's statement has him there by 9/26 and as early as 9/25... Azcue also said it was not the man Ruby killed. 4th... the signatures are not the same on the 2 copies 5th... the CIA dispatch confirming the WC was not going to show DURAN that application or photo 6th - there were multiple copies and different sizes of the famed photo.. The WC didn't know from where the photo originated? 6 7th there is DURAN herself testifying at the HSCA....her job was to assist applicants... she recommended a few places for these photos... probably within walking distance for convenience? CORNWELL - So, from all the circumstances, did it appear to your that he just went somewhere locally and had the pictures made?TIRADO - Yeah. I think that I already explained (to) him where he could take the photographs.CORNWELL - You told him some locations in town where ge could go? Were there some right in the neighborhood of the Consulate there?TIRADO - That I don't remember. CORNWELL - Did you have it twice or did you type one and make two copies?TIRADO - Only one.CORNWELL - And made two?TIRADO - Yes. And finally, the applications themselves reveal an interesting anomaly, DURAN says above that one typing made 2 copies... a carbon copy yet when you superimpose them and line up the form's lettering and lines, the applications are horribly askew And when you line up the Application # at the top: the further down you go, the more offset it gets.... and those signatures....
  20. For the entire month of Nov the FBI looked for any sign of Oswald. (see composite of reports at bottom of post) And when a list of FBI reports is compiled... these PECK & CRAWFORD reports are not listed... Seems to me the FBI is deferring to the CIA transcripts as the only evidence of Oswald's trip... while hiding the facts as they learned them. So why perform this CI activity the same weekend Oswald is with Cubans in Dallas, is seen by Odio and is at a shooting range also in Dallas? Leaves Hoover very little room to wiggle if Ozzie is acting the informant/agent, getting paid and traveling with Cubans... Libeler: The Commission had information to the effect that sometime during November 1963, you saw a gentleman at the rifle range whom you subsequently came to believe was LEE HARVEY OSWALD? Price: That's right. The first time I saw this person was in September, the last week, the last Saturday of September, and that was the afternoon they opened the rifle range. Libeler: On the last Saturday of September? That would be Saturday, September 28, 1963? Price: Yes.
  21. What a spectacularly rich thread we have here... and I do not wish to derail it.... I simply would like to add that placing our Oswald in Mexico is akin to placing him in the Sniper's Nest.... Makes for a good legend and conviction, but is simply not the fact. Thank you all for voicing yourselves on both sides of the discussion. While I choose not to comment on the details of the mole-hunt or any other operation not specific to connecting Oswald to Cuba/Russia... there are a few key points along the way which convince me Oswald was nowhere near Mexico... Hoover himself wrote it in a note: As you may know, I've tried to stay away from this area since so many are doing such great work following the leads. I've concentrated on the constructed trips to and from... and the mountains of FBI evidence trying to convince you he took the trip and was actually there... when there simply is no evidence beyond the transcripts, the listened to tape, and the physical evidence created by an FBI asset at the GOBERNACION. In the discussions above I see little about Phillip's arrival on the 8th of Oct after having spent time at JMWAVE. Quite a lot happens between Oct 8 and the 15th.... with Phillips and Goodpasture in the middle of it. Here is the Oct 8th Summary report for LIENVOY. I added some parts of the report which explain what they did with LIENVOY info and did you mention LEVISTER? I'd have to go back and look again.... Those dates for LEVISTER - CIA HQ officer is at the Mexico City CIA station at the perfect time to discuss the writing of a report "as an example". The numerous calls on the 27th and 28th of Sept are nowhere to be found. The calls of Sept 27 and 28 are not reported on any summary of activity report from Mexico city The October Summary reports of surveillance do not mention Oswald despite previous months mentioning Americans specifically. The Oct/Nov summary reports on the taps on Russian consulate officer's homes turns up not one conversation about this mysterious AMERICAN visitor trying to get into a compound closed on Saturdays. The Nov reports do not come out until January 64 The Houston evidence is TWIFORD and the Houston bus terminal ticket salesman... the problem here, like at every stop along the way... instead of buying the cheaper 2-3- or 4-part ticket to Mexico and Back... a ticket is supposedly purchased at every single stop... without record. The initial FBI investigation turns up only 2 buses from New Orleans to Mexico City and neither gets him to the destination when he needs to... So the go back to Continental and find a bus to HOUSTON which can get him there for the TWIFORD 10pm call .... cause it's the only one... not cause Oswald was found to be on it. Then there is the entire episode in Austin and the handful of witnesses who claim Oswald was there... "To avoid corroborating her story we find the FBI once again trying to discredit witnesses. While they all give Mrs. Dannelly (and Jesse Skrivanek) the benefit of the doubt, they determine that two more people could not be right. One of these witnesses, a waitress who claims to have served Oswald stated she has Wednesdays off. Sept 25th was a Wednesday and the day Mrs. Dannelly sees Oswald, so by process of elimination Mrs. Norman could not have seen Oswald. When shown a photo of HARVEY, both Ronnie Dugger and Mrs. Stella Norman claim the person they met was “identical with Oswald”. " https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-evidence-is-the-conspiracy-index (There are a number of chapters... and initially I felt LEE may have come down from Dallas on his way to Mexico... but I do not find that the case. In fact, it is possible that no Oswald existed in this story at all... consider those who claim to have SEEN him and their validity... MANN at State was in bed with and pushing the CASTRO angle from the start with Phillips and the CIA.... whereas the I&NS/FBI were not so easily convinced. All I am getting at here is that the time has come to stop even pretending that the man Ruby killed went to Mexico in Sept/Oct Case in point.... When the alphabetized FM-11 is provided by our FBI man OCHOA... Mr. H.O. LEE is mysteriously set under "O" and not "L" (We can also prove Oswald was not at the Mexican Consulate with GAUDET on Sept 17) I will continue to read with great interest as y'all unravel what was happening down there... I spent a few years and wandered thru thousands of docs seeing the same thing... the FBI/CIA finding virtually every single person via the records available... and many of them tell easily proven falsehoods about the trip and meeting this man.... yet not Oswald. For a second take Oswald completely out of the picture... other than in the knowledge of David Atlee Phillips... (Teresa Proenza even claims that Oswald bumps into her and talks to her before anyone!) Making a phone call appear it is coming from one place when it comes from another... intelligence agency capability you think? What if the calls where all faked from JMWAVE... I don't believe DURAN ever listened to her voice on those tapes... right? LITAMIL-9 and -7 both support there not being any Oswald in Mexico - at ANY time.... And then of course.... where was E H Hunt at the time? and what do you supposed he was doing?
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