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  1. The below link is to a very detailed presentation I gave in Dallas last Nov... the fingerprints discussion begins on slide 47... https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-evidence-is-the-conspiracy-the-carbine-on-the-6th-floor I was able to find a video of the dismantling and reassembly of the Carcano... as well as an Italian site with everything you'd ever want to know about Carcano... Many, many images as well showing where that palm print was found according to Day... I hope this helps... There are a couple other articles I've written about the rifle and the timelines involved... among other things... you can find my full list of articles once you're there... I'd also recommend harveyandlee.net as John Armstrong did an amazing job tracking down the information related to that rifle... I took his work even further. http://harveyandlee.net/Guns/Guns.html We don't see eye to eye on everything rifle related or all the ancillary activities... but the skeleton and muscle is there... Take care and welcome to the Forum! DJ
  2. Got it all up to here... really fantastic how this works.... 7.47 mph x 1.47 = 10.98 feet per second but... Where does 7.47 mph come from?
  3. The only other back wound mentioned was the Lipsey back of neck location... His testimony is quite amazing... What is never revealed is how or when JFK's body was removed from the large casket and placed in the shipping casket... but he is basically opening the door to that occurring. According to Dennis David JFK's metal casket arrived on a helicopter at about 6:30... when the "decoy" doesn't get there for another hour.... The hearse carrying Kennedy’s body arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital’s rear entrance, a loading dock. Lipsey and Wehle had hopped from Air Force One to the hospital in a helicopter. A “decoy” hearse, accompanied by Jacqueline Kennedy and presidential aides, had arrived at the front of the hospital a few minutes earlier. As expected, it drew a mob of awaiting reporters, photographers and onlookers. As to the extra holes you point out.... There truly is no other evidence suggesting that those are indeed holes of any kind.... the Embalmer's notes seems like a fairly reliable version of the wounds needing addressing... only the 1 back wound. but acknowledgement of the "smaller wound" right temple hole and 3" flap.
  4. no claim needed... we have the fragments... Virtually every bit of evidence disproves the SBT... Did, did you reach a conclusion as to the number of hits that you thought President Kennedy had ? [unclear---several words too indistinct to be made out]? McMahon (45:13): Ah, my guess was 6 or 8, but the, the consensus of opinion was 2 or 3. Gunn: Hits on Kennedy? McMahon: Yeah. Mr. SPECTER. At that time you looked back and saw Special Agent Hill across the trunk of the car, had your automobile accelerated by that time?Mr. KELLERMAN. Tremendously so; yes.Mr. SPECTER. Now, to the best of your ability to recollect, exactly when did your automobile first accelerate?Mr. KELLERMAN. Our car accelerated immediately on the time-at the time--this flurry of shots came into it.Mr. SPECTER. Would you say the acceleration--Mr. KELLERMAN. Between the second and third shot Mr. SPECTER. Mr. Kellerman, you said earlier that there were at least two additional shots. Is there any area in your mind or possibility, as you recollect that situation, that there could have been more than two shots, or are you able to say with any certainty?Mr. KELLERMAN. I am going to say that I have, from the firecracker report and the two other shots that I know, those were three shots. But, Mr. Specter, if President Kennedy had from all reports four wounds, Governor Connally three, there have got to be more than three shots, gentlemen.Senator COOPER. What is that answer? What did he say?Mr. SPECTER. Will you repeat that, Mr. Kellerman?Mr. KELLERMAN. President Kennedy had four wounds, two in the head and shoulder and the neck. Governor Connally, from our reports, had three. There have got to be more than three shots.
  5. Sept 1954 while Lee and mom are in New Orleans, Harvey and mom are at 2220 Thomas attending Stripling... 4029 Byers is on the other side of the school but just as close so it is possible the house Marge was taken to in 1947 while living at 101 San Saba was BYERS and not THOMAS... The notion had been brought forth than Kudlaty was lying... or that there is not enough reason to believe him... in more than one thread now we've made our points yet as usual there is always a few who will not accept any rationale regardless... Tony has done an amazing job clearing the roadblocks and showing it was easily possible they were on Thomas with Harvey attending 9th grade for 6-8 weeks before heading off again. Dolly Shoe and Tujagues represent another impossible situation were it only 1 person...... If you or anyone wants the H&L timeline in excel - I've been updating as need be... send me a note and your email and I'll send it out... Side by side I try and reconcile H&L from the beginning... Take care... hope that helps DJ
  6. couldn't have said it any better.... the ENTIRE point... You might try 120 N Telemachus in New Orleans as to where they went in Nov 1954... since Harvey (and Marge) worked for DOLLY SHOES in 1955 yet Marge didn't get too far as she would not fill out the personal information on the insurance paperwork... In the summer of 55, Robert visits and he's already working for TUJAGUES... Sept 1955 he attends a couple months at Warren Easton HS in New Orleans and is gone again... this time to San Diego... all the while still working at TUJAGUES and his mother at Gold Ring's Dept Store... Coming together.... piece by piece...
  7. btw - it would be nice if you stopped treating everything written about H&L as gospel, written permanently into stone... This was where John left off... he has them there thru Dec I'd suppose because where they went after Stripling is hard to prove beyond what was listed in the 1956 phone book: While not in the book it makes contextual sense that they'd be in town... it was in the image I posted showing Marge in 54 and again in 56... both on Exchange Alley. In the same book listing 120 N Telemachus is Marguerite Oswald 126 Exchange Place... Margaret Keating Oswald was the first wife of Robert E. L. Oswald (father of Robert and Lee Harvey Oswald), whom she divorced in 1933. The court restored her last name to Keating, her maiden name, which she kept for the remainder of her life (she apparently never remarried). The name Margaret Keating and her address, 120 N. Telemachus Street, appear in New Orleans City Directories, telephone books, voter registration records, etc., from 1933 thru the early 1960's. In the 1956 New Orleans City Directory, which records listings for the last half of 1955, the directory listed her as "Margt. Oswald," 120 N. Telemachus Street, New Orleans. 55-21 This is the only occasion where the name "Margaret Keating" appears as Margt. Oswald - a name she had not used for the past 23 years
  8. I've been looking and coming up empty prior to 1962 when the Jones' buy it... As to the ongoing ad for renting the room... if Stripling was what we think, "Sorry, it's been rented" makes an easy way out while Marge is living there. as it appears they simply didn't want to rent it for a while, from Sept 1954 thru Nov at least.... Do you find it strange that Oswald was able to run out and find places to live within days, yet this apartment across from a school in a great area stays unrented for so long... hmmmm.... 4029 Byers is in the QUEENSBOROUGH ADDITION FIRST FILING.... but while I can access the parcel cards for any subdivision in Tarrant Cty, the name of the subdivision remains elusive. It's not QUEENSBOROUGH.... which was an addition to Arlington Heights... but that's as far as I can find to this point. Hope you find something... DJ
  9. IDK Mark... but one man looks like one boy... while the other looks like the other... Can't make things much more simple than this.... do with it what you may... it's fairly obvious those 2 marines are not the same person...
  10. Forget the BS, how about the simple truth? FBI is claiming his home room teacher for 2 years (or at least 1 year) described Oswald as "physically small" yet every one who knew LEE knew him to be as large as the largest kids in school as well as the toughest in a fight.... He enters 7th grade in 1952 at 5'4" and 115 lbs.... that sounds about the size of Myra who tells us little Harvey barely came to her shoulders NOTE: Myra DaRouse, who last saw Harvey at Beauregard in June, 1954, said he was 4-foot-6 to 4-foot-8. Even when the contradiction smacks them in the face... they'd have none of it. Fall 1951 on the left... Aug 1953 on the right... does puberty SHRINK boys? The boy at the zoo is not 5'4" 115.... as the record suggests...
  11. Occupant Apt "B" decides to move out and sell her fridge Apr "B" goes up for rent Sept 14th.... (are there ads each week thru the 30th? and ads after the 30th of Sept?) Marge and Harvey arrive saying they will rent Apt "B".... yet within a couple weeks she is telling Jessie Mae that she'll be leaving (where did you get "thru Dec 1954")? H&L: The 1st school Harvey returned to was Stripling Junior High in Fort Worth ( 1954) where he dropped out after two months. I haven't seen anything which suggests they stayed into Nov... So Marge says they'd leave before the end of Oct... the ads for Apt B continue yet obviously if the ads were still running in Nov they bought 3 months worth... or the room had not rented... does not exclude Marge and Harvey from spending 6 weeks there... Isn't that what you're saying?
  12. Tony... this has to do with the other house next to Stripling where Marge lived at some point... if she was at 2220 Thomas on 11/22/63... it was not long until she is moved to the other side of Stripling... 4029 Byers... and was there for at least 10 years. So as you say Sandy... "NEXT TO STRIPLING" could only mean 1 of 2 places.... yet I am still tracking down earlier records... at that time Ft Worth was subdividing and building like crazy... (the reason Ekdahl came down for Ebasco - FWIW) yet these transactions in April 1965 appear to all happen at the same time which is the case with a lot of the real estate evidence related to Harvey's "mom". The search is on the name Marge C OSWALD... The Jones' sold their house to RANCHERO HOMES who in turn sells to Marge in '65 with a correction to the property name from Queensborough Heights to just Queensborough. These are the only 2 records I have found for that specific lot in that specific block. https://tcrecordsonline.com/?linklocation=supermenu&linkname=Real Estate Search#everything D166031794 WARRANTY DEED 4/28/1966 2 RANCHERO HOMES INC OSWALD MARGUERITE C D166031793 WARRANTY DEED 4/28/1966 2 JONES HENRY N RANCHERO HOMES INC
  13. As do I.... The address of 2220 Thomas Place, behind Stripling Junior High, caused me to remember my interview with Georgia Bell. In the fall of 1947 Georgia's neighbor, Lucille Hubbard, drove the short, dumpy, heavy-set Marguerite to a house to pick up some clothes after she got a job as a nurse. The house, according to Mrs. Hubbard, "was next to the Stripling School." Officially, Marge did not live at 2220 Thomas until 1963. The BIRCHMAN address discussed below is not next to the school..but a 5 min drive down the road. But 4029 BYERS is right across from STRIPLING - Marge does not show up on Deed until 1965 having bought from M/M Jones. Given she was not on deed at Thomas as a renter, technically it could have been either house... I need to know more about the history of the BYERS street address... it appears that Marge is there for the next 10 years. Mention on more thing about the BIRCHMAN address... All thru 1951 the Oswald's lived at 7408 Ewing as shown in CE1963 No mention of BIRCHMAN 1951... yet the evidence is right there... even to the point where she sells BIRCHMAN in May 1951 to a "Robt E POWELL" Yet none of the deeds have Marge's signature on them... not one related to this house... and IDA had only bought the house in May, to turn around and sell in Nov. Wonder why they neglected to include BIRCHMAN....?? As for Byers being the only option other than Thomas... I'll dig into Byers today. DJ On November 1, Marguerite transferred the title to 101 San Saba, the Benbrook property, to Otis R. Carleton for $2750, and apparently lost $1200 on the sale (she paid $3950). Two weeks later, on November 15, Marguerite purchased a small house (only 664 sq. ft) at 4833 Birchman from Ida M. Bunting that was 6 blocks southwest of W. C. Stripling Junior High. The purchase price is not listed in Tarrant County land records, but the deed stated that Marguerite Oswald assumed two mortgages-one in the original amount of$3500 (dated May 7, 1951) and one in the original amount of$690. This ($4190) was a tremendous amount of money to pay for a 664 square foot house in 1951 and makes little sense. After recording, the deed to the property was mailed to Marguerite at 4833 Birchman, an address at which she supposedly never lived.
  14. No Greg, I'm not "sure"... given what I know of the bus trips and Mexico city days... I do know our man Oswald was not down there.. (Maybe I'm wrong but aren't there usually a few weekends for Turkey Shoots?) IDK. and While it very well may have been an imposter, we know that our Oswald was not in Mexico on Sept 28th... but had just recently been in Dallas... Could this Oswald be the one driving all over south Texas with a wife and 2 babies in tow looking for a radio job that week? the entire week he is supposedly in Mexico and traveling from Mexico... (Google: Oswald Alice TX) It would make more sense that the Sports Drome Oswalds were all the same person, Lee possibly or Igor Vaganov (Google him if you really want to go down the rabbit hole) Here are some names and faces of those considered possible impostors depending on the circumstance... This image represents an enormous amount of history related to LHO and the many strange happenings in Dallas/Ft. Worth/Oak Cliff. And now one final leap into the abyss... Ferenc NAGY of Permindex fame asks the CIA if Permindex can be of help (part of the World Trade Org which brings SHAW into the game at the NOITM) At the time of the assassination, NAGY is living at 600 Ft Worth Ave... if you take N Beckley north almost to the end and turn left... he's right there. NAGY was a cleared contact for the CIA's International Organizations Div with file #201-11893... NAGY and VAGANOV are in Dallas, in Oak Cliff on Nov 22.... Steve Wilson next to Harvey is also an amazing story worth knowing about.... as well as H. LEE in room O at Beckley... You can see the number of silken threads going into this spider's web. Take the time to learn about these people and your understanding of the possibilities for who did what will drastically increase. I hope this helps with what was going on out there in '63... a mindset - I dare say which is virtually impossible to replicate in one's own 2020 mind's eye.... DJ
  15. When you strip away 50+ years and one's inability to think as if it were 1963... this post is fantastically pure and simple... Oswald was a fairly common name along with its variations... and the two "Boys" Ed sees couldn't have been more different in size, shape or demeanor... The time frame is early 1954 versus late 1954.... the little 14-year old boy Ed knows in Feb '54 who had a piano fall on him, is not the much later almost 15 year old Lee he meets 10 months later... The FBI reports are a mess as usual... mixing 54-55 with 55-56 as they never can seem to understand the difference between a school year and a calendar year. Yeah, "what Voebel said".... no he didn't say those words but did mention the differences in the two boys.. he didn't have to... they were obvious and Jenner was avoiding the subject... H&L p121: The person Albert Jenner had in mind when questioning Voebel was the accused assassin, Harvey Oswald. The pattern of conduct for Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald was very different from that of Lee Oswald. Harvey continuously criticized the US government, continuously discussed and promoted communism, continuously supported Russia and Cuba, and threatened the life of US Presidents. Harvey Oswald carried Marxist pamphlets in his back pocket at age 13 in North Dakota, allegedly read communist books at age 14, ·wrote to The Worker at age 15, discussed communism with high school classmates in Fort Worth at age 16, promoted communism and tried to join a communist cell in New Orleans at age 17, supported Cuba and read Russian literature while in the Marines in California at age 18, defected to Russia at age 19, worked in Russia at age 20, married a Russian woman at age 21, passed out Fair Play for Cuba literature at age 23, and was accused of assassinating President Kennedy at age 24. Russianspeaking Harvey Oswald had a life-long interest in communism, and was was very different from New Orleans born Lee Oswald. Jon, were ever aware that there are a couple hundred of Armstrong's notebooks at the Baylor archives... The recent reorg there tho makes them virtually impossible to search, sadly. Before that happened I downloaded a large number of these notebooks as there are documents contained within that are not available anywhere else... John and Malcolm spent years copying everything they could from the archives... - what was it YOU have done to forward your understanding other than denounce that which you fail to understand? There really is so much you simply have not even looked at let alone dig into and understand... In these notebooks we find the FBI repeatedly writing "55-56" when they meant "54-55"... not a huge deal but the different between New Orleans and Ft Worth in his life... Memorandum TO SAC (89-69) DATE: 11/25/63 FROM SA NATHAN 0. BROWN SUBJECT: ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY, 11/22/63, DALLAS, TEXAS EDWARD VOEBEL, who resides at 4916 Canal (location of Quality Florist Company) advised he knew OSWALD at Beauregard Junior High School during 1955 and 1956 Having graduated in June 1955... Oswald got a job at TUJAGUES H&L p.120 Voebel, who was Oswald's best friend in New Orleans and visited his home on many occasions, knew these stories were not true. Voebel told the Commission, "I have read things about Lee having developed ideas as to Marxism and communism way back when he was a child, but I believe that's a lot of baloney ..... .! am sure he had no interest in those things at that time." Commission attorney Jenner asked, "You heard the rumor, or read about them at any rate, that Lee Oswald was studying communism when he was 14 years of age, did you not? ... Did you see any evidence of that when you were going around and associating with Lee Oswald?" Voebel replied, "No; none whatever. As far as I know, I was the only one who would enter his home, around that age, so I would be the only one to know􀁇 and I can say for certain that the only things Lee would be reading when I would be at his home would be comic books and the normal things that kids read."24
  16. And there will always be 2, 3 or 50 sides to the JFK related "events"... in fact, I bet you can't name 3 things that does NOT have conflicting evidence... So what? That H&L dies within you every day is no real surprise Mark.. you like to place events on their own islands and refuse to consider them in context... please prove me wrong. As to BJHS in the Fall of 1953... I believe I have mentioned that I am not in agreement with the conclusion that those records prove a student was there the entire Fall semester... what I see is the boy starting in January as mentioned yet the Fall semester would not have ended until end of Jan, early Feb giving the student enough time to attend a few classes... with the last line of that NYC transcript at PS44 being one of the only pieces of truth on that document.... LEE's records are complete for the 53-54 school year... Harvey and Marge are on another track entirely... so... can you explain the student records at the bottom of this post or not? Why do we not have a First Name LEE Oswald in Ft Worth all thru grade school? And who is Nancy Lee Oswald? Answer these and we bring context back into the discussion... don't and it's SSDD... PS - here's something for you to ponder... It was claimed that LEE goes to 1st grade fall semester at Benbrook Common school... but that would be Fall 1947, not '45. Furthermore, the supposed evidence for this enrollment (which is only mentioned and not shown) is claimed to have info from years in the future... the 1945 letter is shown below. Given your vast H&L knowledge... please locate the address Marge writes on Grandbury Rd.... H&L is a narrative, not a single document... if you ever get around to accepting that, these discussions may get more productive... 49 - 50 & 50 - 51 are virtually the same this is 51-52....
  17. Appreciated Tony... was just offering some background on 2220 Thomas and how one Oswald family is at one location while the real family is on 8th street... That Marge would go there in 1947 creates some thread and connection to 1954... how did her belongings get there in the first place? When up to March of 1948 when they divorce... she is living at 3300 Willing. In August 1947 John and Robert are home from Chamberlain with PIC working at an Ice Cream parlor at 1905 8th Ave. There are 2 families leading separate lives as early as July 1947.... with 2220 Thomas squarely in the picture... by 1954, September thru early Nov... if the plan was indeed to create a doppelganger to infiltrate USSR to gain much needed intel, there SHOULD be little to no evidence remaining that would put them there beside the faded memories of eye witnesses, and the ongoing strange events tied to that address... DJ edit: but if it's out there seems you'll find it... again.. well done
  18. Joan Mellen, Key West Citizen (2nd September, 2005) (Spartacus) Angelo Murgado and a fellow veteran of the Bay of Pigs, in September, were the men who traveled with Oswald from New Orleans to Dallas where they visited Sylvia Odio. (Mrs. Odio testified that the three traveled together although Angelo says that when he and Leopoldo, who drove from New Orleans together, arrived at Sylvia Odio's, Oswald was already there, sitting in the apartment. That "Leopoldo" and Angelo both knew Oswald, there is no doubt). Their objective, or so Angelo thought, was to search for help in their anti-Castro efforts; they talked to Mrs. Odio about buying arms to overthrow Castro. Angelo believed he could trust his companion, referred to in the Warren Report as "Leopoldo," because not only was he a fellow veteran of the Bay of Pigs, but his brother was running for mayor of Miami. He was respectable. In this image, the man on the right is Ed Collins... the other option for Angelo....
  19. Tony... in 1947 marge’s neighbors at 101 San Saba are Georgia Bell and Lucille Hubbard, if I remember correctly. Bell and Hubbard talk of the time Hubbard drove Marge to 2220 Thomas to pick up some things for the San Saba house. This would be between July 1947 and Dec 1947.... when the newly divorced Marge Ekdahl Oswald was at 1505 8th street. How is that reconciled in your research Tony? Great job btw... thanks for the deeper dive into 2220 Thomas... u are aware that FBI SA Fain lived nearby at 1721 Thomas? Here is the purchase history for 101 San Saba and a photo of Lee and dog when they visited That house in ‘49. The car in this photo is not the same as the one in the Ekdahl marriage photo... Finally to bing it full circle, below we see that Korth (Who is related to 2220 Thomas by 1 degree of separation) and Ekdahl stayed involved with each other buying land in and around Ft. Worth.... Korth represented Ekdahl in the divorce... As well was his Trustee in death... A Mrs. Mary McCarthy Jr. owned Thomas at the time of the assassination, a close Fried of Korth.
  20. Hi Greg, (Oswald did not get to Houston for a bus to Laredo the night of the 25th as I will show below) The link does say “said the range was opened Oct 26” But that didn’t imply this was the first day opened... Same man telling us about Oswald.... and that the “first time” He saw him was end of Sept.... Mr. LIEBELER. The Commission has information to the effect that sometime during November 1963, you saw a gentleman at the rifle range whom you subsequently came to believe was Lee Harvey Oswald; is that correct? Mr. PRICE. That's right. The first time that I saw this person was in September, the last week--the last Saturday of September, and that was the afternoon that they opened the rifle range. Mr. LIEBELER. On the last Saturday of September? Mr. PRICE. Yes. Mr. LIEBELER. That would be September 28? Mr. PRICE. Yes. Mr. LIEBELER. Did you see this fellow again? Mr. PRICE. On two other occasions--one was 2 weeks later and at turkey shoot. It was Sunday, though, it was on a Sunday. Mr. LIEBELER. It would have been in October sometime, then, is that right? Mr. PRICE. Yes, it would. Mr. LIEBELER. The last Saturday in September, which is the day you indicated was the first time you saw him was the 28th of September? Mr. PRICE. Yes; that was the day they opened. They opened in the afternoon. Mr. LIEBELER. And 2 weeks later would have been the 12th of October, and the Sunday following would be the 13th of October; is that right? Mr. PRICE. Yes, somewhere around there. They had a turkey shoot and I went down to participate in a turkey shoot and he was sitting in Booth 6 or 8 and was firing on a 100-yard line with a heavy bore rifle and I didn't talk to him then, but the third time that I saw him there I did. According to the source you quoted, Price says they open for business Sept 28th... Consider this timeline.... The FBI has no idea where he is on 9/24... and he doesn’t take a bus on the 25th... He leaves with 2 men Going first to Austin, then Dallas. It’s a 10 hr drive to Austin... After driving all night, they arrive in Austin, hit a “safe” house, and Oswald goes to SSS at 1pm The 25th, a Wednesday, they stay in Austin... on the 26th Oswald has his coffee and leaves his impression (L &B Day testified as friends of Stella that they remember him too.. they said he kept looking into the kitchen...) It is possible that only 1 man drove with Oswald and they picked the other man up in Austin... Odio remembers it being Thursday as the call which followed occurred after she got home from work... Austin to Dallas is only 5 hours... more than enough time to do whatever work he was doing and be at her door that evening... Other evidence comes from Father Machann, and the Janet Leigh event on 9/27. It all leads to the Odio visit on the 26th. There were numerous locations in and around Dallas where Oswald could have stayed and worked with his group doing his FBI job... until the following weekend.... when we find the return bus trip even more poorly conceived than the way down... I went back and reread the 8/28 bit... in late August Oswald is with Ferrie and Shaw in Jackson and Clinton.... and then Houston... I don’t see how that has to do with this trip... The bus trip was a concoction to CYA the FBI.... The real deal is that Oswald was an informant for the FBI, or believed he was...and was infiltrating Cuban groups... The CIA simply boxed Hoover into doing its bidding... as was the case in many areas... Dj
  21. I assume you meant Sept 28... a Saturday.... would not be related to an Austin SSS visit... he was in Dallas and offices for business are closed... just like Mexico. Odio sisters prove that Oswald as we knew him was there on Thursday the 27th... There are reports of him in Dallas Sat the 28th at the Sports Drome... Start in New Orleans... we are told that the thrifty Oswald would buy a round trip ticket since it was cheaper than 2, 1 ways... yet as u are reading, Major Green tells us the only 2 buses destined for Mexico would not work on the timeline... so they find a bus to Houston that kinda works... this man literally has to buy a 1 way ticket 4 to 6 times to get there and back to Dallas... At least that’s what the FBI’s evidence shows... after trying and ditching a number of alternatives... because the timing didn’t work.. bottom memo is a great example... that and it’s provable that Oswald was not on any Flecha Rojas bus coming south... as he could never meet the 3:30 bus out of Monterrey leaving at 2pm from Laredo... it’s a 3-4 hr drive.... And since the Aussie girls say they took del Norte bus... they are lying about seeing Bowen and the MacFarlands... Bowen traveled with a Companion? one small tidbit... when Hoover wrote that the CIA double dealt him re Oswald’s trip to Mexico, it was Jan 14th... 1 week later at exec session it is brought up that Oswald was an FBI asset.... the FBI has no choice which is why so much of the documentation is from March-May ‘64. Hope that addresses your concerns... DJ
  22. Comparing the caliber stamp on the sight in WCR to the sight on the rifle Day carries out of the TSBD
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