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  1. If they were holding a camera it was not up to their face during the Croft photo. The point at which JFK is the closest and not one of them is taking a picture. Sometimes when people want a really good view of a very special moment they hold the camera down and try to aim without the viewfinder. Other people just don't want to waste the moment fiddling with the camera.
  2. I love that photo because it is so clear. You don't have to strain your eyes like much of the photographic evidence. I think the limo was going around 15mph. It would travel one inch at a shutter speed of 1/250th. The antenna on the back looks perfect. That leaves one inch of blur That matches the people in the background pretty well. One inch is 1/15th the width of the hub cap or slightly more than the side of Nellie's window frame.
  3. It's hard to evaluate because I don't know the speed of that car. At 25 miles an hour it would be going 3 times the speed of the limo.
  4. EDIT: I just found the shutter speed could have been closer to 1/100th of a second after basing the example below on 1/50th. So the motion blur I thought should be 2 inches is more like an inch. And if you split that between background and foreground it would only be a half inch which it plausible. I deleted the post below
  5. She did say she thought the limo may have momentarily halted. From other reports I think the limo may have halted just prior to the head shot and would be moving very slow at 315. FYI for anyone interested. I just found that in the motorcycle photo she had stepped into the middle of the south lane near Brehms position for that photo.
  6. I have my doubts about the Z film too. But for what it's worth Mary Ann Moorman's location is consistent in the different films to within a couple inches. It rules out the possibility of using film from any different location other than where she was. The bushes right over Jean Hill are are barely visible as you noted. My thinking is matching the size of the bushes by aligning all the markers to the left of Hill creates an accurate representation of the bushes and peristyle above Hill and Moorman. Using the markers to match the size of the bushes also overcomes any prospective difference
  7. The top part of this comp is from the Hughes film when he was standing about 20 feet East of Z' pedestal after the shooting. Because it shows the shrubs and the peristyle behind it a comparison with the shrubs in Z can be used to find her location relative to the peristyle from Z's perspective. The shrubs above Moorman disappear from Z's view but once the two images are sized to match you can project just a few feet ahead of Jean Hill to determine Moorman's location. NOTE: There is a tiny bit of parallax between Z's and Hughes positions that creates misalignment of the shrubs to the peris
  8. first I relied on the Moorman photo itself for those two lines of sight. I've compared her location in all the other images of her. That would be the Nix film and Muchmore and the Z film. They all matched. Using lines of sight to verify the location of Nixs and muchmore before using lines of sight to find Mary Ann Moorman within the frame. The Z film is difficult because you have to rely on the limo position to find her because there isn't anything else in the frame. But there is a way to use the shrubs in the top of the frames prior to frame 315 to pin down her location. I'm going to fre
  9. I thought about the bushka lady and she is the closest. But the Moorman photo shows two lines of sight that mark her position to within a few inches. Where the corner of the grassy knoll fence lines up behind and above the stairs is one line of sight. Where the right side of zapruder's pedestal lines up with the front of the pergola is the second line of sight. There is only one location where you could see both of those alignments and that is Moorman's location.
  10. There is no other known film from Dealey Plaza that day that has the exact same perspective as the Mary Ann Moorman photo. You can calculate multiple lines of sight to her position and it matches the West/Roberdeau map to within just a few inches.
  11. Yes thanks. There is still things to unravel there. I did just find that they also put the limo crooked on Elm but by 3 or 4 degrees. So the shot still might work, although the Franzen Family are so damn close to the trajectory that it gives me pause.
  12. Yes i agree. I think they didn't bother creating a leaning JFK and just shoved him over to where they assume his head was. And the jump seats are too far out. I did lines of sight from Muchmore and Moorman and it put him right in the middle. But his forward lean throws it off a bit and it will make him look like he is a more to his left. Interesting though they do put the limo 3 or 4 degrees to the right. And when they show a comp of Muchmore's and Z's lines of sight they have Z at a 9 degree angle to JFK's head. According to their direction of travel it should be 3 or 4 degrees so I am con
  13. The limo being misaligned on Elm St by 6 degrees has some implications for the possible shot from the West end of the knoll fence and for the theory about the head shot coming from the South knoll. In the diagram of the limo below the black line shows the 35 degree angle to JFK from the West end of the knoll fence(It doesn't seem to clear the side window but I may just be a bit off). The blue line represents the 29 degree angle corrected trajectory to account for the 6 degree misalignment of the limo to that portion of Elm St. At 29 degrees is does not clear the window. If JFK's head was
  14. THIS IS A NUTSO THEORY JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. Lets say Oswald did the deed. To have a way out if caught he devises a plan. He creates the backyard photos but takes a copy of his head from the photo and pastes it onto another copy of the same photo. All elements of the background and Oswald would be a perfect match except for where the edge of his pasted head meets the background. He places the photo in the Paine garage and goes to work planning to do the deed. If he gets clean away with it he just destroys the photo the next day. But if the cops get onto him he will be arrested and the gara
  15. It is an interesting puzzle. I think the young black kid may be standing behind the women in the coat to the right of the white shirt/ dark pants guy. I don't know where the cop is but he is larger than the people behind him in Alt5 so he would be right of ws/dp guy in Z. The only solid fact is ws/dp guy in Alt5 and in Z are standing within 1 or 2 feet of the same location. more to come.
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