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  1. Yes that is the official location. But when McClelland talks about the scalp being pulled over the defect he demonstrates the location which of course does not agree with the official story. The Warren Commission testimony of the Parkland doctors and nurses with subsequent interviews photographs and diagrams puts about 14 of the Parkland staff at odds with the official results. With only four of the Parkland staff supporting the official story I think there's enough circumstantial evidence to have valid doubts about the legitimacy of the autopsy.
  2. Thanks for the link. I had not been able to find this particular clip on Youtube in a long time. It is clear which portion of the head McClellend was talking about when he placed his hand there a second time at 2:44. In another version on Youtube McClellend's statement about the scalp being pulled over the wound is not there. Skeptics will often claim that in the Nova doc all the doctors from Parkland agreed with the autopsy. I don't remember exactly which doctors were in the doc except for Jenkins, Peters, Dulany and McClellend. I would love to know if anyone has the full documentary.
  3. I think it's harder to see the limo slow down in the Z film because it is zoomed in. There's a panorama version of the Z film that follows the limo in the current frame as it passes along the panorama. The Slowdown of the limo is much more apparent in that video. I think that might be why it's more obvious in the Nix film because we can see the background slow down as the camera pans slower to follow the limo. The limos position in the Nix film matches the Z film frame for frame so the difference must be an illusion. The YouTube clip below is interesting because of the way Hargis pre
  4. I am updating a previous post, it should be less confusing and makes a new point. The shooter possible locations for a 313 shot would have been limited by Greer and the window behind him. The red lines show the window of opportunity for a 313 shot from the South knoll. The shooter would have to be located where the yellow bar is between the red lines. The shooter is further limited by the Franzens and the couple to their left because the bullet would be less than five feet off the ground when it passed them. The blue lines and bar represent the location at which the shooters line of sigh
  5. John, Bowers building is visible in the Stemmons photo directly above Greer's head. Directly above that is The Annex Building. The center of Bowers building/Tower lines up with the third set of Windows from the left on the Annex Building. Draw line of sight from that third set of windows and through the center of Bowers Tower. That will give you the completely accurate line of sight that leads to Continental Street a couple blocks north of the point that you have now.
  6. John, check out the image on the right. The position of the 3 Pullman cars are marked by the 3 long red lines. Based on all the different photos and films(Nix too) that is where they sat. All the images of passenger cars in Hughes, MC2, Bond, Nix, Allen are of these 3 cars. The image in your last post that shows the line of sight back to the Stemmons & continental Ave lands a couple blocks short of Continental ave. Continental is the next major street North.
  7. John. the 'ghost train in MC2 is part of the the same three Pullman cars you see in the Hughes film, and you can see the back end of the 1st of those three cars in the Allen photo. The policeman on the Pullman car photo has him on top of the same Pullman's as in the other photos. I have measured the location of those cars for Hughes, Allen and MC2 and the location for the back end we see in Allen is the same location in all those photos. The photo from the Stemmons freeway shows different train cars. On the left there is a boxcar behind a flatbed with some stacked pyramid shapes cargo, the
  8. I have found one problem that complicates or limits the possible shooter locations for the 313 head shot from the south Knoll. NOTE: I have deleted the content and image in this post and creating a new updated post today 12/10.
  9. As I recall O'connor said he noticed most of the brain missing as soon as he unwrapped JFk's head.
  10. It does seem like a shocking contradiction. I don't know if he was implying the defect was both oc and temporal or just the laceration, but either way there was no laceration of skin near the oc area in the autopsy photos. I suppose the temporal laceration could be associated with the temple flap. He never uses the word parietal to describe the laceration and saying oc/temp puts it very low on the side of the head. So the laceration revealed the skull defect and that limits the skull defect location to a low place on the side of the head. That was his recollection within hours of workin
  11. It took some effort to get JFK hooked up and to test and see if the heart massage was creating a pulse. But prior to that their first concern was the airway. After the airway they did take a close look at the head wound. Doctors Clark and Jenkins examined it together and concluded that it was fatal. At that point Clark decided not to initiate open heart massage. But as I recall he was not really DOA on arrival. I assume even with no pulse you may be resuscitated.
  12. I have found that when I try to judge distance by the relative size of objects it's easy to make mistakes. Like in the Allen picture the relative size of the Pullman versus The Boxcar can be misleading because we don't see both objects in their entirety. Because the Allen photo doesn't allow us to see the bottom of the Box Car or the Pullman it may be giving a false perspective. If we can see both in their entirety I think we would see that the bottom of the Box Car is higher than the bottom of the Pullman because it's farther away. The Boxcar is not as tall as the Pullman in the picture so I
  13. It's really a mystery to me how Paul O'Connor unwrapped the president's head and immediately saw that there was hardly any brain left. Yet Jenkins was somehow handed an almost complete brain. I think he said Boswell or Humes handed it to him.
  14. I just found a letter Dr Jenkins wrote to the Dean of a medical college on the day of the assassination. In it he describes the wound in JFK's head as "Temporal and occipital". That's a surprise! Being that the temporal occipital area is is even lower than the occipital parietal area it is harder to explain this away as an error. The letter is in vol 20 of the WC on page 252.
  15. John, the tower is visible in the Hughes and Bell films. The lines of sight for both put the tower on the Stemmons overpass tracks, the most Westward tracks of the RR yard. The lines of sight for Bell and Hughes do pass over the East tracks on the way to the Stemmons overpass tracks, but Bell and Hughes cross the East tracks in different places and about 120 feet South of where the line of sight in Mcintyre 2 leads to. So the tower cannot be on the East tracks. If it was the tower in the Bell film would line up next to the pergola rather than the Forth Worth sign. You cannot see the b
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